James had bitten me. The pain in my wrist was unbearable. I wanted to scream. I wanted to move. I wanted to speak, I wanted to do anything that let them know I was here. That I was alive. Edward dry sobbed over me 'corpse' as did Carlisle, Emmett and Alice. Esme and Rosalie were out protecting my father and Jasper was disposing James's ashes. They thought I was dead. Alice was too hysterical to look into my future and Jasper was too busy burning bodies and disposing the ashes. My only hope was upon them. I supposed that my heart was beating so quietly that not even a vampire could hear it. Soon I'll become one. But in the meantime all there is to do is be in agony. Complete and shear agony.

"I'm so sorry, son. She meant a lot to all of us." Carlisle told Edward.

"She's gone. She's dead. And I couldn't do anything!" Screamed Edward.

I wish I could hug him, tell him I'm alright. Kiss away the pain and hold him until his pain is gone. But life doesn't work like that. Apparently nor does death. Undead. Whatever you want to call it. It's cruel.

"Jasper, you should leave. There's blood everywhere. Even though she's dead the blood is still fresh." I heard someone say in a bell like voice. Alice.

I was on fire. Well, I thought I was on fire. It felt like my skin had been ripped off and I was thrown of a cliff into the ocean. No. that would be heaven compared to this. This is like being unable to die and being burnt alive with someone constantly throwing more oil on your body. It felt like my skin was blistering. I wanted to scratch all my skin off and beg for death. I felt my body grow weaker as exhaustion took over. Edward


No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead. No, she's not dead.


She can't be! No! I can't, I wont believe it! Oh, my Bella! My beautiful Isabella! What have I done? I haven't made it in time for you. You must have been so scared and confused! Wondering why we weren't there to save you! No. Bella. I wont. I refuse to live without you. You are my life. Without your life on this earth; I don't want mine. Italy here I come. I bolted before Alice could break from her tears to stop me.


"Edward! How lovely to see you!" said a cheerily Aro.

"I'm not here for a social call, Aro. This is strict business!" hollowed Edward.

Aro seemed unimpressed by Edward but motioned with his hand for Edward to continue.

"I want you to kill me."

Aro's eyes went wide. He wasn't expecting that.

"Would you rather not join us?" he asked hopefully.

Edward sighed and walked up towards Aro and placed his hand on top of his own. Aro's eyes widened more if possible. Aro released Edwards hand and sighed.

"I see your reasons as to why you want death. Very well. Is you were not the son and companion of Carlisle I would have killed you painfully for allowing a human to know the secret. In respect for Carlisle, I will make sure it is painless." Aro shook his head. "Carlisle is going to kill me for this."

Aro clicked his figures and Demetri and Felix walked in. they looked sad but had a sense of understanding of their face.

"I would do the same it were my mate." said Demetri.

"we'll make it as painless as possible." Felix said remorsefully.

Edward nodded and walked towards them. They quickly built a fire right there in the throne room and ripped Edward apart and tossed his remains into the fire.

"NO!" I screamed, zoning out of my vision. I searched desperately for Edward. But he was nowhere to be found. Emmett and Carlisle looked at me concerned.

"Ed---Edward!" I managed to speak out. They looked at each other then at me quickly.

"What is it Alice?" Carlisle asked but he seemed to already know the answer.

I started dry sobbing hysterically. Edward. My brother! How could he be so selfish! We need him more then ever and he's gone to off himself?! I screamed in agony. Carlisle spoke.

"Emmett take Bella to the hospital, now! Alice and I are going to Italy!"

We both nodded and rushed in different directions. Edward. Bella. My family has fallen apart all in a matter of minutes.


Emmett and Jasper came home quickly carrying a limp Bella. No, a dead Bella. Esme flew to Bella's side and wept uncontrollably. Trying to shed tears that would never fall. she held Bella's corpse in her arms as she rocked them both back and forth. I knew something like this would happen. I just didn't want to believe it myself. I walked over to the emotionless Emmett and wrapped my arms around him. We fell to the floor with his head buried in my chest sobbing tearlessly. I hushed him quietly though I didn't believe my own words.

"Everything will be alright. Our family is still together and we will help each other. Family will overcome all."


She's gone. He's going. They're all going. We had broken the news about Edward and Bella over the phone to them but they both refused to believe it. That is, until they got proof.


No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! not again! I can't lose my son again! No. no. my sons! My daughters! I continued to cry dryly as I rocked my daughter in my arms. Jaspers hand landed on my shoulder and we all looked up into his tearful eyes. Even he loved Bella. We all did. And she was dead.

"We need to tell Charlie. We need a funeral."

That's all it took for this seemly horrible nightmare to become 100% real.


2 days later: The funeral.

They wept, they cried, they mourned and they broke down. I could hear everything about the funeral from the woods near by. Being here I could still feel their hurt. But it wasn't as bad. There was sadness, remorse, pity, guilt, hurt, love, denial, loss, sorrow and even pure agony which I assumed was from Renee and Charlie. Renee flew over immediately after she learned the news of her daughters death. She looked horrible. Not that I blame her. Charlie, he broke down. No one knew whether or not he'll survive this but they're all hoping for the best. Angela is the only one who seems entirely sad of Bella's death. Although all cried rivers, the feelings that gave off was that of the death of an acquaintance. I guess that's all she really was to them. All her time was with us; the Cullen's and Hale's. she will be forever missed. We had a privet ceremony for Edward back at the house. Alice and Carlisle had failed. Edward's ashes were an hour old before they got there. His ashes were thrown over his and Bella's meadow. It seemed appropriate.

Now it's time to leave. We only wanted to stay for Bella's funeral and then we were to leave. Which we did. Off to Denali never to return to Forks, Washington for another 70 years… if at all.


"Alice, please! Don't leave we need you here! I need you!" begged Jasper.

It was killing me to do this to him but I had to. I needed to mourn and I needed to mourn in peace.

"I'm sorry, Jasper. I love you don't think otherwise. But I don't know how long I'll be gone for. It'll be selfish if I asked you to wait for me. Because I'm not sure I'll come back." I said, my voice barely cracking.

I took my wedding ring off and placed it on the nightstand. I left a broken Jazz in the room sitting on the bed curled in a ball. It killed me to do this. As I made it down the stairs I was hugged by Carlisle and Esme. I was given a kiss on the cheek by Rose and was completely ignored by Em. He didn't approve and I saw that if I asked him to understand he'd only yell at me saying I was tearing this family apart even more. I walked out the door without a second glance. I jumped in my car and left for my unknown destination.

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