'Am I dead?' she wondered.

Yuya felt hollow. Her body was numb and didn't feel anything, except for this emptiness.

'Why am I dead?' and, 'How the hell did I die?'

She tried to move her hands and legs unsuccessfully.

She tried opening her eyes in vain.

She tried to open her mouth, move her head but nothing.

'What is going on?'She started panicking as her head starting to hurt.

'Ouch!' Her head felt heavy with excruciating pain.

She couldn't bear the agony anymore, she couldn't think. She wanted to hold her head and squeeze it hard to make the headache go away. It spread to her neck and down her spine. She tried to take a deep breath but she couldn't as her body was not responding. It was getting unbearable now. Yuya wanted to scream, cry, whimper, but her body refused to obey her.

Then suddenly, as soon as she thought she couldn't take it anymore, she felt it. She felt a strong tug and Yuya felt herself falling.

Yuya was petrified and powerless as it felt never-ending. 'Oh Kami-Sama, what is happening to me?'

And then she hit the ground.

But now something was different. Her body was no longer numb or anesthetized. As she lay on her back, she realized that her body was in pain. Her headache spread to her body, pin pointing at her chest. She tried to move her fingers and realized that they obeyed her commands. Experimenting, Yuya clenched her hands and feet.

She felt her body back in her control. Every movement of the body made her twitch in pain, but she felt relieved. Pain is better than numbness.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to open her eyes. Even her eyelid protested in pain. Slowly she opened her eyes and tried to adjust to the sting she felt while focusing on her surroundings.

'Where am I?' she blinked twice and then again, to make sure her eyes were open, but she saw nothing. Everything was black. Feeling dread bubbling up inside her, she slightly tilted her head to her side. There was nothing, just pitch black. 'I don't understand', she could feel herself lying on solid ground, but as she shifted her body to her side, she found the 'ground' black.

Groaning in pain, she pushed her body to sit up. It was quite a feat, considering a pain running berserk in her body, but Yuya pushed herself - never the one to give in to pain. She brought her hand in front of her; she could see her hand, 'So not blind then'

Looking around, she found herself in abyss. There was nothing around her; Yuya spoke out loud for the first time, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Her voice cracked.

She took some steps, then another couple before stopping. Bewildered, she wondered how she got here; wherever she was. She sat back down, sitting on her shins, her body not taking the strain of walking. Take a deep breath; she forced herself to be reasonable before she could have a full blown panic attack,

"What happened before I ended up here?" She felt better as she heard her own voice. "Yes, come on Yuya, think; what was the last think which happened to you?"

"Did you have an accident? Or am I just sleeping of this weird dream?"

She forced herself to remember the last thing or a prominent thing happening to her. Her head and body protested, but Yuya didn't give up, she was nothing if not stubborn.


"Stop being such a stubborn person, Dogface"

Her body jerked as she remembered a certain memory,

"I'm not the one who is being stubborn; you are the one who are being difficult, Kyo"

'Kyo?' Yuya clutched the hands tight against her chest as the pain in her chest doubled, "Oh Kyo…" She murmured, as her body shivered and fell forward, her head almost touching her knees. Moving her hands to her hair, she pulled her hair, as memories of what happened rushed in.

'No...No...No...So much pain…Please…Oh Kyo!' She couldn't stop it; the memories whizzed in with so much anguish that she couldn't help but put up with the blow of the storm of emotions which spread inside her. "Why…?" She whimpered.

She cried openly now, not stopping her sobs or screams of pain. Cried and cried, till she had no more tears. She didn't try to stop herself; she didn't want to as she wanted to take in every pain, every torment her Kyo had to endure.

'How can I help him? How can I make him forget all the suffering he had to go through?'

She wanted Kyo. She wanted to hold him, crush him in her arms, so hard that they merge into one.

"Please, Kyo. Please…"