Dance with the Fool

"May I have this dance?" The question floated awkwardly in the air for a moment, as two people stood face-to-face, in a dimly lit gym with cheap disco lights and hand-made decorations.

Unknown to the other, one had sweaty palms and legs that shivered nervously.

The girl eyed our brave enquirer with interest. She wore a simple yet elegant dress tonight – a black, halter neck with stiletto heels.

"I thought I made myself clear about your feeling… It's just… Shizuru…" The blue haired goddess look away, eyes looking around.

"I-I know you have someone b-but I just wanted… I just wanted a dance…" Head hung is disappointment.

Emerald eyes soften at the person before her.

"Well I guess a dance wouldn't be that bad… But no funny business, you hear?!"

At the blunette's reply, eyes sparkled and spirits were lifted. A hand was offered and taken, and the two proceeded to the dance floor.

The music was slow, but still had a slight beat to it leaving our duo in a tranquil and peaceful state. The two kept a small distance between their bodies as they stepped back and forth in their little dance.

"I-is that person treating you well?"

"Er… Yeah. W-we're very happy together." A small smile accompanied with a light blush.

"Ah. That's good." A sad smile.

The song ends, and the two part awkwardly, both taking a small step back from the other.

"Look, I'm sorry I couldn't return your feelings, it's just that I can't-"

"No. No, it's ok. Its fine. You've done more than enough for me Kuga. Thank you." With a small bow, our brave enquirer left, walking into the thick crowd and soon lost from our goddess' sight.

"Natsuki? Who was that you were just dancing with?"

Emerald eyes met the eyes of her beloved. A small smile graced her face.

"It was Takeda, Shizuru. He asked for a dance while you were gone." Her hand reaches out to take hold of Shizuru's arm, pulling her close. "You're not angry, are you?"

Crimson eyes sparkled with pure adoration and love. Shizuru rested her head into the crook of Natsuki's neck and whispered. "Of course not, Natsuki is just too kind."

The two rocked back and forward to their own beat, completely ignoring their surrounding, lost in their own little world.

Not far from the two, Takeda stood in the crowd looking back to the goddess he danced with not so long ago, the sad smile returning to his face. In his hand he crushed the letter he had held, tossing it into the bin, he wondered out of the gym and beneath the night sky he saw a shooting star and at that moment he wished – the best of happiness for the two.

Author's Note: it

Sooo.... A show of hands for those who thought Takeda was Shizuru? Cos the 'It's just... Shizuru...' was supposed to throw you off MUAHAHAHA
(FYI Natsuki said it cos she had Shizuru in mind when she was contemplating whether or not to dance with Takeda)

Just to elaborate on my fic (esp for u takeda-haters), Takeda is a good guy cos I just never saw why people hated him so much, I mean yeah he's an ideal character to convert to a bad guy but seriously in the anime he never did anything bad! I mean I actually thought he was kinda cute - he sincerely liked Natsuki, he tries to be a gentleman and is really innocent (given that he fainted at Natsuki's 'panty incident'). Also, I don't think Natsuki actually hated him, he was just misfortunate to be present whenever Natsuki does sumthing embarrassing and gets a bit violent because of it.

Last note, this fic may seem similiar to the recently posted 'The First' by Jquackers, it's cos I got the plot while reading it. So Jquackers, if you're reading this and you finds this fic a bit to similar and is offended by it, just PM me or leave a review saying so and I'll remove this fic effective immediately - I don't mind at all, so no pressure. ^-^