The door opened with a swish, and as she was the only one the computer recognized, Nyota knew somebody had overridden the control panel. Spock moved inside and then stopped, and as the door swished shut all went dark once more. His tall silhouette, which had been visible with the glow of the hallway, vanished as the light was extinguished, and yet as she listened in the dark, there were no sounds of movement. Nyota was not surprised at his hesitation – rather she was surprised that he had actually allowed himself to come and break into her room, especially at a time when it was obvious she would be asleep. Instead of being perturbed at this intrusion however, she was relieved. As she continued to listen, she heard his breathing, strained and choked, and couldn't stand it any more.

"Computer, lights, dim." She stared at the one that she loved, and felt her heart break. Though he tried not to show any emotion, she knew how hurt he was. Spock had not only just lost his home planet, but also the only other person besides Nyota that had outwardly shown him affection and love, instead of treating him like some freak.

He stared at her, his black eyes glittering as his mind told him logically that being here with Lt. Uhura would not bring his mother back. He also found himself not paying very much attention to that part of his mind – he wished that he could finally just shut it off. It was true that he tried to follow the Vulcan way of life, constantly aiming to please his father and those that did not accept him. But she had asked him what she could do to help him, had demonstrated that she cared, had made him feel like it was safe to let down his guard. With her, it was safe to feel.

Unable to continue the silence, she spoke. "Spock?" At the sound of her voice, he came out of his reverie, and realized that although she cared, she may not appreciate him entering her quarters late at night, and standing there staring at her as she lay in bed. It wasn't proper at all.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant, forgive me, " Spock said, voice cracking as he tried unsuccessfully to bury his feelings once more. He turned to go, resolving to head back to his own quarters when he heard the sound of her quickly getting out of bed. The touch of her arm on his, stopping him, holding him, was all it took. His head hung as a tear fell from his eye, an eye that had watched his mother die in front of him. Hands wrapped around his waist as Nyota pressed into his back, her face buried into his shoulder, almost reaching his pointed ear.

She pulled him backwards until the back of her legs bumped into her bed, stopped, moved beside him and gently pushed him down onto it. To her it seemed as though he was drained of energy, finally tired of pretending to be strong and unfeeling. "Get in," she said gently, lifting up the covers after reaching down and unlacing his boots. Nyota was slightly surprised that he wasn't fighting her on this, but was relieved that he hadn't wasted energy trying, as she wouldn't have taken no for an answer.

He was flat on his back as she climbed in beside him, and as she reached to embrace him, Spock turned away. Even though it was he who had come to her, he whispered, "Nyota, I don't want you to see me like this."

She wouldn't be defeated so easily though. "Computer, lights off," she stated clearly, turning him back to her. "There, now I can't see you, but I'm still here for you. What do you need?"

What did he need? A question with limitless answers it sometimes seemed, and yet tonight he could only come up with one. As Nyota held him close, running her hands up and down his back, her forehead pressed to his, Spock knew that he could reply in a multitude of languages and she would understand him completely, but that wouldn't be good enough. Instead he pressed his lips gently to hers, and gave her the answer she had wanted to hear in the elevator, the answer she was still desperately wanting to hear now. When his lips lifted of hers, he uttered the simple statement, the one thing he had left, the one thing he wanted, needed, and loved. "You."