The Doctor watched closely, as switches and cables moved, seemingly on their own, as the Unseen went about preparing the TARDIS for whatever grand scheme it was they had in mind. He was rather impressed that the pair had managed to not bump in to each other, or get in each other's way what so ever. The Doctor knew that when he was busy doing something clever, he was all over the place, bumping in to everything and everyone. He imagined it was all the more difficult being invisible.

He had been watching for a few minutes now, trying to work out exactly where each Unseen was before dashing over to the TARDIS.

"It appears one of our number has been detected." One of the Unseen said, no emotion in its voice. "They are back on board. However, their Reflection Bracelet has been removed and possibly commandeered by the Doctor."

The Doctor looked down at the bracelet on his wrist, noting that it didn't appear to act as a communication device. As the Unseen he had, well, seen, had no additional comms equipment, the Doctor could only presume that the Teleportation device, that he was lacking, also doubled up as a means of communication.

"In that case the Doctor is just assisting in our plan." The other Unseen stated, piquing the Doctor's interest. "This planet is so rich in energy, the portable devices are being maintained by the tiniest amount. Everything he touches is providing energy to the Mass Reflector." The Unseen stated, with, for the first time, a hint of emotion in its voice. The Doctor too felt a wave of emotion, lighting his face up with a huge grin. 'They are all connected." He thought to himself. This was going to be easier than he thought.

Seizing his chance, the Doctor moved from his hiding place, sweeping as silently as possible towards the black and white TARDIS. Luckily he had chosen just the right moment, noticing a set of buttons being pressed at the console at the back of the room, meaning he had a clear path straight to the doors the ship. Looking around the darkened console room, the Doctor had to resist saying something out loud to the TARDIS. Best to keep the element of surprise, he thought. Using the Unseen's biggest advantage against them.

"Preparations are complete." One of the Unseen stated, as an image of Earth, a view from space, appeared on the screen. The image quickly zoomed in on the UK, revealing a slowly growing back and white patch towards the South West.

"Are we not draining the energy from this planet first?" The other Unseen, a subordinate the Doctor assumed, asked.

"Negative." Came the reply. "That can be done at any time. We must first ensure that we can cloak the planet as we have theorised."

The Doctor frowned slightly as he listened, quickly scanning over the modifications to the TARDIS at the same time. They appeared rather simple, just a few sets of cables running from different parts of the main console to the control panel in the Unseen ship. From as far as he could make out, they eventually ended up in the Mass Reflector.

"Activating Mass Reflector" His thoughts were interrupted as the Unseen pulled a large lever on their console, lighting up various panels.

"Initiating access to Time Vortex." The Doctor jumped slightly as the crank like control on the TARDIS console started to move. The Unseen must have been standing right next to him. Holding his breath, the Doctor stepped back slightly, still trying to work out exactly what it was they were trying to achieve.

"Vortex link established. Energy flow at 100 per cent." The Unseen confirmed, as the TARDIS begun to hum loudly prompting the alien to raise its voce, the first time the Doctor had heard any of them to do so.

"Mass Reflector dispersion range set to maximum." The other confirmed. "Energy field set at 24,859.82 miles."

The Doctor took note of the number. The exact circumference of the Earth. Measured from the poles of course. The Unseen certainly seemed to know what they were doing.

"Estimating total cloaking of the planet in less than five Earth minutes." The Doctor peered out of the TARDIS doors, to the screens above the Unssen console. One showed a schematic like diagram of the ship, with a dome of energy emanating from it, encompassing the whole planet. The screen next to it, the one with the view of the Earth, had reverted to the zoomed out view, showing Earth as a whole. That was until part of it faded from view completely. "The process has started successfully." The Unseen said, pleased. "The planet will soon be ready to convert in to our base of operation."

So that was it. The Doctor had suspected it, after all, there wasn't really any other option. Why else would the Unseen want to make the entire planet invisible other than to use it for their own means. They probably hadn't even thought of what they were going to do with the population, other than use them for an energy source, but after draining them they would be useless to them. Granted, the Doctor had not yet seen the Unseen cause any harm to anyone, but he suspected they would. And that was enough. It was time to stop them.

Circling the TARDIS console quickly, he jabbed at a few switches, pulled at the bicycle-come-control a few times and threw a few levers. Easier than he thought, not for the first time today. Seemed like things were going his way for a change.

"What is occurring?" The Unseen asked, as Earth started to reappear fully on the screen. "The process is reversing?" The Doctor nodded to himself as the TARDIS central pillar pulsed, its hum changing pitch as it absorbed energy through the cables the Unseen had added, sending it straight back in to the vortex.

"This is most irregular." The Unseen stated, as it looked at the bank of buttons in front of it, watching as they slowly faded from grey to red, yellow or blue. Even the walls were losing their dull finished, turning to a brilliant silver. "The reflector bracelets are also failing." The creature looked to its companion, and for the first time, viewed its rather blank white form. Looking at its own hands it realized what was happening. "All energy is being siphoned from the Mass Reflector."

"What is happening?" The other alien asked, looking over various screens, all of which confirmed that the Mass Reflector, and therefore the bracelets, were being drained of their energy.

"I happened." Came a voice from behind them, prompting them to turn round and face the large blue wooden box. From it walked a tall man in a pinstriped brown suit. "I'm the Doctor." He beamed. "And it's so good to see you!"