I'm back! After watching the tragic outcome of season 6 I've decided I'm not going to write a sequel to 'Half Brother, Ari' (since the outcome turned out to be quite the opposite of my last fic but far more interesting i think) so instead I'm going to do what I do best and write a sort of 'continuation' to Aliyah (didn't feel the need for a long summary;) but mainly I'm writing this because I can't wait until next year for the happy ending, not that any fic would be half as good as next season.

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I hope you like it:) and thanks for your support for 'Half Brother, Ari', its probably a big part of the reason for why I'm writing this.

Two months later…

Two months had passed and not a word. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo finished writing up yet another request for permission to use mtac resources to locate Ziva. The requests had started a month ago, getting rejected by the day.

Gibbs, Abby and McGee shared the belief that Ziva would get in touch when she was ready, but Tony refused to believe in such feeble excuses. He wasn't expecting Ziva to call him, he'd come to realise he deserved the cold shoulder, but not the team. Surely she wouldn't neglect them for what he had done, even if he had driven her away.

When he thought that she had left because of Gibbs the only regret he felt was that they didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Now that he knew, after demanding from Gibbs the reason she gave him for leaving, he felt the most profound guilt he'd ever experienced. He still hoped of course, blinded by trust. Gibbs was adamant that she didn't mean what she said and that she really didn't want to leave NCIS. He assured him that he wouldn't replace Ziva until she'd had time to remember who she could trust. And Ziva hadn't been replaced. But after a confrontation with Vance, Gibbs hadn't pushed the matter either. One thing was for certain though, they were all worried.

"Is that another-" McGee asked cautiously as Tony finished his final request.

"Yep," he interjected, trying to avoid the sympathy. McGee just couldn't help himself.

"How many is that now? It has to be at least-"


McGee sighed. "This is obsession, Tony."

"Hey, you got anything new?" Tony asked sarcastically. He already knew the answer.

"Only that she was deployed early last month, but…you already knew that." It frustrated him that he couldn't find out more. Her location was classified. But Tony seemed to think that the more requests he wrote, the more Vance would get sick of him and call in a favour from 'his buddy Eli'.

"Then its necessary, Tim!" Tony snapped irritably.

"Just trying to look out for you," McGee muttered, leaving Tony to deliver his latest request.


The Next Day…

"Gibbs," Tony beckoned as he saw him clock in with his usual beverage.

"Tony," Gibbs stated warily.

"It's been two months."

"I know," Gibbs confirmed impassively.

"Well…" Tony tried to politely express his will, "doesn't it seem...odd to you that she hasn't contacted us? Any of us? Even though it was only me who pissed her off."

"You killed her boyfriend, DiNozzo," Gibbs corrected.

"Boss, she would have called by now," Tony said calmly. "She's had enough time to think it over and God knows what's happened to her in that time," just the idea stopped his breath short. "I'm worried about her," he whispered.

"We're all worried about her, DiNozzo," Gibbs replied.

"Then why aren't we doing anything about it?" he said bitterly and hurled an empty bin at the filing cabinet before collapsing into his chair and sinking his head into his hands.

"Tony's right, Boss," he heard McGee say. "I think you need to talk to Vance."

"If not for Ziva then for Tony," he whispered to make sure that Tony wouldn't hear.

Tony's head shot up as he waited for Gibbs' reply.

"I'll see what I can do."


As Gibbs left Vance's office, he noticed that along with Tony and McGee, Abby, Ducky and Palmer were also assembled in the squadroom awaiting the news.

"So…are we going to get her back?" Abby asked first, breaking the silence.

Gibbs examined the assembly. Abby and Palmer were grinning, naturally, excited about the news on Ziva, Ducky and McGee shared the same expression, one that gave little away but was evidently doubtful, and then his eyes came to rest on Tony.

"He said he'll look into it," he said, sincerely sorry that he couldn't promise him more.

More days passed. Tony stopped writing requests. Gibbs found them more cases and McGee studied cold cases when Gibbs couldn't find them a new one. Abby had her experiments and Ducky had his bodies. Tony did his job and at the end of the day he went home, and eventually he began to loose track of the days. Until one day, Vance stepped out of his office and made an announcement.

"We found her."

I'm kinda skipping through it a bit, fast-forwarding if you will, due to the fact that I'm in my last year of school and would rather finished this quickly than be a very lousy updater. So in the next chap Ziva will be back and safe from harm. I hope you don't mind that I'm doing it this way, and next chapter I promise not to write such long author's notes;)