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"What time is it?" Ziva asked sullenly. After a very short breakfast of bacon and eggs that of which were no longer in the pit of her stomach, nor did they have the chance to get that far, they had settled down silently on the couch watching whatever trivial program they could to keep themselves occupied until Ducky's arrival.

"Almost nine," he replied tiredly. "Don't worry; I've never known Ducky to miss an appointment." He was still feeling guilty about breakfast. Now, he honestly didn't know what he should do for her. Not waking her up was wrong, waking her up was wrong, putting her clothes in the wash was wrong, even making her breakfast was wrong. And even though she was trying to convince him that calling Ducky to call in was wrong, he was sure that they would both gladly welcome the distraction.

"This is ridiculous!" Ziva exclaimed unexpectedly.

Was she talking about the program or the 'them not talking'? "You know, I have quite a vast film selection if you're bored, or," he hesitated, "we could always just 'talk'".

She glared at him. Suddenly he moved closer towards her. She recoiled away from him, unaware of what he was doing. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands gently cupping her cheeks. He kept them there for a while and subtly began to caress her jaw line with his thumbs, gliding them up over her chin and towards her lips, but just as he was about to go there he swiftly raised his hand to her forehead.

"Your temperature's up again," he commented. "Maybe you should go lie down until Ducky gets here."

She slowly opened her eyes as the contact between them was served and breathed out cautiously. "I want you to," she began quickly, "I mean I don't want you to," she breathed in deeply, "treat me differently," she told him, looking down at his chest.

"You want us to go back to how things were," he stated solemnly. She wanted to go back to avoiding him, lying to each other and secrets.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "Before any of this ever happened. You, me, McGee and Gibbs: a team. I don't want to be looked after, I just want to put the past behind me," she stated firmly.

He hesitated. "I thought you were, tired of pretending," he said softly.


"Helloo…" Ducky called through the door. Right on time.

"I'll get it!" Tony and Ziva announced in unison.

"You stay," Tony said ignoring what had just happened.

"How's our patient?" Ducky asked as he wandered in.

"I'm fine, Ducky," Ziva said stubbornly. She was tired of being referred to as a patient.

"She has a fever, Duck," Tony interjected speaking on her behalf. "It began last night as far as I know."

"I was having a nightmare, Tony," Ziva argued.

"And this morning?" Tony asked.

"I had a cold shower," she said compellingly. She turned to Ducky. "My back was causing me pain," she told him. "And I stayed in for too long," she said concluding her argument with Tony.

"She seems to be fine now," Ducky stated checking her over.

"But…I checked her a minute ago," Tony began, "she-"

"I'll give you some more painkillers for your back, my dear," Ducky interrupted, picking up on the tense atmosphere they held between them. "As for this, 'fever'," Ducky began sceptically, "might I suggest you both keep the bickering to a minimum?"

"If I'm not feeling fine I will tell you, Tony," Ziva promised.

"Duck, can I speak with you for a moment?" Tony said quietly, leading him into the kitchen. "Just tell me, what should I do?" he began. "I can't wake her up, I can't wash her clothes…I can't even make her breakfast without her throwing up."

"I wouldn't expect anything less in her condition," Ducky stated casually.

"And now I'm wrong again aren't I?" Tony continued to himself.

"My boy," Ducky began firmly, "you're no doctor. All you can do is your best and Ziva knows that. I know it's a lot to ask from you, but Gibbs believes you can do it and so do I."

"What do I do, Duck?" Tony repeated warily.

"Listen to her, Tony," he replied simply. "If anyone knows how she's feeling its Ziva."

As they wandered back into the living room Ducky announced, "Alrighty then, I think it's time I should head off. Ziva, I'll get Abby to drop the painkillers by later," he called out and before either of them knew it he was gone.

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