I sighed as the maids helped me into one of the dress's my father made me wear. Well i gues i should explain why i'm a vampire and why Aro is my father figure. Well it all started after Edward left, i wonted to die, instead of sitting at home i moved away from forks, and was planning on killing myself, but luck me i ran into the Volturi gaurds, and they took me to Aro, who offerd me to join his gaurd, i said yes, what else was i suposse to do, and then they changed me, i had more powers then they'd thought and Aro started calling me his daughter. There for, equalling me being a princess of the volturi for the past 10 years.
"Princess Bella, your farther requests you in the hall" Heidi came in my room. she was my best friend, after Alice of course, i knew for a fact Alice didn't want to leave... it was all Edward. I growled at his name, i always did.
"Bella, stop thinking of Edward!" Jane said walking into my room, she was the only one who addressed me normally, she was my best friend to, she is the only one who knew.
"Come on then.." i sighed, Jane stopped me though,
"Bella, you have guest's to" she smiled, i linked my arms with her's and we walked to the main hall giggling. We got there and i took my seat next to my farther's throne. As i pulled the hood of my cloak up and sat back down the doors opened. I looked up and gasped, in pain. Everytime i thought about them i was in pain, but now i was looking at them, everyone looked at me and Jane knelt infront of me saying,
"Look at me not them, their not even here, concentrate on me" she smiled she kept chanting theese words, and my farther was confused, good thing i had my hood up so they couldn't see my face.
"Whats going on?" Aro questioned,
"Farther, it's fine, may i be excused?" i said, but it was more like a wishper,
"Of course, you'll explain later though" i nodded and Jane helped me out, but i turned back,
"May i take Alice, farther?" i asked, no doubt she knew anyway, he nodded and Alice came with me. As soon as she was out of veiw of the hall i put a sheild over all of us including people in the hall, so Edward wouldn't find out... unless Alice already told him.
"Oh god Bella, I'm so sorry!" Alice attacked me with a hug.
"Alice... quiet! Please... Edward will find out.. please don't tell him!" i cried,
"Don't worry, i had a vision a few weeks ago, i've been blocking my mind ever since " she pulled out the hug and smiled,
"Thanks" i smiled back,
"Bella, you okay now?" Jane asked,
"I'm fine" i nodded and she smiled,
"Soooo, aren't you going to tell me how you ended up Princess of the Volturi?" Alice asked clasping her hands together, i laughed and my very hyper friend and led her to my room, Jane followed, Jane seemed okay with Alice, even though she hated what Edward did to me,
"Alice, you can explore my walk-in closet while i get changed out of this dress" i smiled, she got all giddy, i walked into my closet grabbed, black skinnie jeans, a yellow top and yellow flats. Alice followed me in and started going through my cloths, i went to my changing room at the back of the closet and changed, i came out and hung my dress up.
"Alice... " i called, she was infront of me in seconds holding a bag,
"Can i borrow this?" she asked, i chuckled,
"It's yours" she got all giddy then sat down... yes i have a sofa in my closet, along with a dressing table, filled with make-up and beauty products that my father insisted i have.
"Right, well after Edward left me... i decided to get out of Forks, i couldn't stand being there, it reminded me to much of him.... anyway i moved to Spain, it was lovely there, the sun was amazing. I was out at night and Jane found me while she was on a hunting trip, she brought me back to Aro, who noticed he couldn't read my mind, and Jane's power didn't work, so he changed me, so i would be on his gaurd, but then he noticed i had other powers, and all the time he spent with me trying to help me control my powers, he started to think of me as a daughter.... then he annouced me as his adopted daughter, and waaallaaa, here i am, Princess of the Volturi." i sighed the last part, i didn't like being called Princess... i hated the attention.
"So why did Aro ask what was going on when you wanted to leave?" Alice tilted her head to the side in confussion, i giggled at my silly friend,
"Because Jane is the only one who knows about you guys, i haven't told anyone..."
"Won't your father and everyone else find it weird you knew my name though?" she questioned, Jane had joined us by this time,
"No, thats one of my powers, i can see everything about that person just by looking at them... like a label" i smiled, she nodded. We talked and talked, for hours and laughed, until Heidi came in to get us because my father requested us in the main hall, i put my cloak back on and went straight to my seat, when Aro turned to me,

"There you are, Isabella," I saw Edward shiver at the sound of my name, but he still doesn't know,
"The Cullens, have the same diet as you.." oh crap... don't go there please dont go there....
"so you'll accompainy them on there hunting trip, you'll take them to where you normally hunt" he went there... shit,
"It'll be dark in around 1 hour... so you'll leave then" he smiled,
"Yes father... " i sighed and got up...
"I'll be in my room, meet me near the entrance in an hour.." i said to the Cullens, looking down all the time, but i saw they all nodded,
"Are you coming Alice... you can help me pick out an outfit" i smiled, she jumped up and down and followed me, as did Jane. We got to my room and i broke down,
"This is going to be ...really...hard" i sighed,
"I wish i could say i have a plan... but i don't" Alice's face fell, as if she was going to cry,
"It's okay" i sighed, again
"I'll ignore him.. or do my best to..." i looked down, Jane hugged me and we got ready for the hunting trip.

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