"I really love it, god i missed you guys" i sighed then hugged Edward really tight,
"We missed you too" he smiled into my hair, before Tanya came and ripped us apart, i rolled my eyes and giddily admired my house. I examined every room with my carefully eyes, picking out the amazing detail of the decoration.
"I'm going back to the house, i'll see you later Bella. Tanya" Edward said, being poliet and left the house.
"I love it so much" i sighed to myself,
"Esme thought you would, i don't understand why you'd want a house though" Tanya's voice said from behind me. The voice I'd already grown to hate, in a matter of seconds.
"It's the thought and how much work they put into it... i love oldy worldy things" i smiled to myself ingore Tanya's attempts to annoy me.
"Look, Bella" Tanya said suddenly appearing in front of me, she sneered my name. "Stay away from Edward, got it... he's mine" she growled quietly so only i could hear her threatening words.
"Erm, no" i shrugged bored, walking around her to examine more of the house.
"What do you mean no!? Edward is mine, not yours!" she screeched,
"Considering Edward is my boyfriend i don't find that highly believable" i said stroking the the wooden beams that stood along the wall. Tanya screeched in a pitch that hurt my ears and ran from the my house. I chuckled to myself and followed after her. Only when she ran upstairs to her 'room' i ran straight to Esme and enveloped her in a hug.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I love it so much!" i beamed, she giggled and smiled back.
"I'm glad you like it, it was my idea... but without the help of Emmett and Alice i would've never have gotten it done it time" she smiled, being modest.
"Thank you Esme" i kissed her cheek and went to go find Emmett and Alice. After thanking them in the same giddy manor i thanked Esme with every seemed to fall into place. Like i had always been there. I sat on the bench of Edward's piano and watched him play for hours. Tanya had come in at one point and tried taking my place and tried to distract Edward, but she left after a while seeing it was getting her nowhere.
"Edward" i whisperd nevously, after he'd finished playing another melody.
"Yes love?" he said turning to me.
"Erm, Tanya isn't... anything to you, is she?" i asked, Edward looked taken back at first.
"Of course not, sweetie" he said wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my head. I smiled to myself and cuddled into Edward's side. This was going to be one amazing life.

I know its a sort chapter, but i had to finish this story, i had no interest for it anymore.
Don't worry though if i get more ideas i've left it at a place i can easily make a sequel from (: