Title: Super Ultra Transdimensional Battle Wizard Hero Force
Author: Mistress Nika
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Harry Potter, in SPACE!!, and elsewhere. Harry must travel through different worlds, putting right what once went wrong and hoping that his next leap will be the leap home, and generally screwing around in various cannon worlds while using villains (and heroes) as punching bags when things get too much for him. D'oh!
Pairings: Ever-changing, probably minor and not involving Harry.
Warnings: Multi-AU and Crossovers, het, slash, femslash, language, violence, dimension traveling, SlightlyCrazyHarry, SuperHarry at times (possibly literally, if I can get him into the spandex)
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor another other previously copywrited...written...(?)... work featured herein.
Notes: The fic title is supposed to be an ode to the overblown and sometimes senseless names given to some anime.
Prologue Notes: This entire idea was based on a plot bunny involving a cynical, drunken and painfully logical Harry in the semi-idealic Pokemon world. Unfortunately, I don't really know enough about the Pokemon anime to write a fic where Harry accompanies the main characters on their "journey". So, my plans to have Harry convince half the cast that they're gay (whether they are or not), ruminate on the consequences of "blasting off" and point out how many times the cast has been fooled into obvious traps by a trap (a guy in girls clothes) were derailed. However, I didn't give up and this fic was born. Due to its somewhat chaotic nature, the prologue can easily be considered part of the main fic, even though I probably won't be writing anymore Pokemon scenes. The prologue is really just the idea which spawned the fic.

As they entered the town, his companions made a beeline for the hideous pink and yellow building with a large P. Harry assumed they were taking a bathroom break. After all, they'd been on the road for at least a week and had yet to duck behind a tree or anything. They must have been holding it for quite some time.

"Hey," he said friendly-like, stopping the nearest innocent townsperson. "Where's your pub?"

The man looked helpful, but confused. "What's a pub?" he asked innocently, as innocent bystanders are apt to do.

Harry's eye twitched menacingly. "Tavern?" he inquired patiently.

The man still looked confused.

"Bar?" An expectant pause. "Alcoholic beverage dispensing station?" he tried once more.

"Alk-ka-haal-lic?" the man asked.

"AAARRRG!!" Harry yelled. A vein was pulsing dangerously on his forehead and he'd begun to foam at the mouth.

The man slowly backed away from the strange and seemingly rabid boy.

"Rassel frassel!! RARG!!" Harry leaped at the poor man, intent on releasing all the stress, anger, frustration, hostility, annoyance, indignation, infuriation, vexation and various other nouns that had accumulated within him during his time in this world.

Ten minutes later, he entered the Pee Building looking a little mussed, but much more relaxed. He was even smiling. Ash, Misty and Brock became very frightened.

"Hi, guys!" he greeted, walking over to them and leaning against the counter casually.

"Please don't kill me," Ash whimpered.

AN: And then there were quotes such as these. Cookies to you if you can guess who says them (PSST! Five of the six are Harry winkwink) and/or to whom.

"You're a guy dressed like a girl. That doesn't make you a girl. That makes you a crossdresser."

"What the-!? Why are you just standing there yelling? Don't you have a small army of strange and powerful creatures at your disposal? Kick their asses quick-like! I'm missing "All My Wizards"!"

"Oh, for the love of-! Accio shiny-yellow-mouse-thing!"

"Are you gay or do you just like to dress in women's clothes?"

"Oh my god! I'm GAY!"

"You're all walking talking cliches! Misty, you're the spunky female sidekick who is rebelling against her family and is in love with the hero, but refuses to admit it! Brock, you're the humorous pervert who's always trying to get into every girl's pants. Ash, you're the energetic and overly confident leader. Mostly incompetent, yet you somehow always pull through in the end, with a massive ability to get into trouble and completely clueless in just about every way. You've even got a cute yet annoying mascot!"