The Broken Doll
By Tress Blues

One Year after Eclipse:

Sophie Miller is like a porcelain doll: quiet, beautiful, secretive & breakable. But there's Paul who's trying to figure her out, dark secrets & all. But can Paul stop the force threatening Sophie? Or is the broken doll about to be put beyond repair? PxOC


I didn't think it would come to this. Really, I didn't. I never, ever imagined myself here of all places. I thought I would always be protected by him and part of me thought he was just angry, any moment now he would stop and be fine again.

But it wasn't looking that way right now, and as I looked into the eyes of my would-be killer, I had to accept the facts for the last time. I loved him. I was loved. I was sorry. I didn't want to die after all. And it wasn't my fault. It never was.

It's kinda sad that I only realised this small but so significant a fact in the hour of my death. What happened was an accident. Horrible, life shattering but an accident. Maybe that's why I accepted it now. Because there was nothing left to do but accept.

Is that what happens at the end of your life? It doesn't matter about the cars you own or the money you collect or the things you buy. In the end, it isn't about what you have. It ends with what you've done. It ends with the truth.

So I looked into the eyes of my would-be killer and smiled, because I knew the truth. "I love you." I whispered and listened to the crack! as I died.

Welcome, ladies and gents...