AN: Hi, readers of 'Three Cheers to Fatherhood'! Bet you didn't think you'd see an update in your inbox, did you? Well that's because, as I'm sure you've realized by now, this isn't an update!

This, dear people, is a notification of the fact that the promise I made (that I'd write a sequel) was not an empty one. The sequel is titled 'Three Cheers to Friendship' and chapter one will be up within the next few hours.

A few things you might want to know about Three Cheers 2:

The chapters are longer

The inclusion of drugs in the story is still a prominent plot point

Some chapters are quite unhappy. There may or may not be implied self-harm

The rating has gone up to 'M'. This is now a fully fledged yaoi story, as the boys are now old enough (and hopefully so are you) to know what goes on behind closed doors in their love lives.

If any of these things bother you, don't read the goddamned story, okay? This is me warning you in advance, so please don't come back and shout at me at a later stage. This is my story, and if I want to write about the characters having sex, or cutting themselves, or tripping on the magical equivalent of acid, then I can and will.

On a more positive note, I'm hoping that Ron and Harry can make up, as well as Harry and Draco. I haven't written that yet, but I might. I'm just going to see where the story goes. This story, as the title suggests, is centered around friendship, after all.

As I mentioned in previous updates, this version of the Potter world is accompanied by EvanescentCrimson's stories, 'If You Love Him…' and 'The Reunion Saga', the latter of which happens at the exact time as my sequel. So go read those for another perspective / explanation of some of the seemingly random occurrences.

Enough with the talking, go look for 'Three Cheers to Friendship' already! And one more time, thank you to all the people that put this story on alert and/or reviewed. I appreciate it.