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Jasper and his itty bitty girlfriend met me at the airport. I resisted the urge to pinch her cheeks instead of shake her hand as Jasper introduced her as Alice Brandon. If the stewardess had given me one or two more mini bottles I probably would have pinched her cheeks, but I blew that chance when she saw me looking down her shirt. She didn't come back to my seat the whole flight. Not that it was a particularly long flight, it just would have been nice to have some alcoholic beverages for the road. Or the sky. Whatever.

Alice took Jasper's hand after she shook mine and I threw my messenger bag over my shoulder.

"You guys could have just hired me a car. This formal airport meeting was really unnecessary." I laughed, Alice laughed, and Jasper shook his head. It took a lot to shake that guy. I hadn't seen him in about eleven years when we were around 6 years old. Apparently he was thinking the same thing.

"My last memory of you was you eating lines of ants as they walked by your sandbox. I suppose that leads up to why you're here now, huh? Doing lines?" He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, smiling lightly and I punched him in the shoulder.

"They tasted like lemons. I was 6." We walked in silence for a few beats and I didn't mention his incredibly uncouth call out of my drug use in front of his girlfriend. I mean, I'm sure she already knew exactly why I was here and moving in with her boyfriend's family, but damn.

"Jas and I are going out with some friends tonight if you want to come, Edward." I had a feeling Alice was trying to lighten the mood. "I know it's your first night here, so if you just want to relax, that's fine."

I deliberately leaned around Jasper and smiled at Alice. "I might take you up on that offer, Alice. It would be nice to meet some more hospitable people." I punched Jasper's shoulder again for effect. "Douche." Everyone helped me grab a bag as it came off the belt, but Jasper took the bag from Alice and carried two. Such a gentleman. My parents had taken the liberty of either eBaying most of my shit to pay for my court cases or shipping it out ahead of me to Forks.

When we got out to the parking lot, Jasper unlocked a black Chevy Blazer and I gave him an incredulous look. "I thought you were into cars. This is a soccer mom's ride." He was throwing my bags in the back.

"Yeah, it's my mom's. She said I could take it because I couldn't fit your entire wardrobe in my 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider."

I tipped my imaginary hat at him and tossed my own bag in the back. Alice was already in the back seat of the car, but I had to be chivalrous and at least fight her a little to take the passenger seat.

"Alice, ride up front with your man. I'll nap in the back until we get to town. Seriously."

She shrugged, climbed over the middle console and I got a nice look up her skirt. I already missed my girls back home. It's not like I'd have a problem meeting any here, it would just take a week or two. And maybe I didn't want to wait that long. It'd been a long time since I waited that long. Alice and Jasper were babbling up front and fighting over the radio. I spread myself out across the back seat of the Blazer and closed my eyes.

Six months ago was my first arrest. They found my friends and me sleeping in a car in a parking lot at 4am. It was like a scene from a movie. One of the cops tapped on the glass and when we woke up there were flashlights streaming in through every window. The car was still smokey. Looking back, it probably wasn't the best place to smoke up, but you know. Your judgment is cloudy. My parents picked all of us up from jail. I was grounded for about two weeks. My friends had it much worse, but my parents were going the route of treating me like I was an adult. Let's face it. I'm not. Two months after that I was drunk and crashed my friend's new Mustang into his garage door. I'm not even sure if he gave me the keys or if I just took them, but we're not friends and his parents called the cops on me. My parents picked me up again, but they let me stay there overnight to try to let it sink in. It wasn't too bad. People were friendly enough. I guess they thought this dimpled, copper-haired kid shouldn't be in there. Just last month was the final straw. I'd been raiding Dr. Dad's medicine cabinet for quite a while, and I'd always been pretty smart about it. Well, I guess the old man labeled something wrong because I passed the fuck out in Spanish class and fell out of my desk. I remember coming to long enough to vomit on someone's shoes before passing out again. They called the ambulance, and then my dad to let him know I was on my way in. I woke up two days later with my dad and mom standing at the foot of the bed with their arms folded. They decided one kid was one kid too many and it was off to Forks for me so they could continue their perfect lives alone together.

I assume Jasper's mom felt sorry for me. I mean, her sister was giving up her only child. I didn't really have any other family I could go to. It was either this or boarding school, and I could probably get into quite a bit of shit at a school that expects you to be an adult.

A slender finger poked me in the back and I rolled my head around to see what they wanted. Alice was smiling and Jasper wasn't around. I rolled over and sat up, palming my eyes. "Are we here?"

"Yep. In Forks, anyway. Jasper's getting gas." She took advantage of his absence and turned the radio from a country station to something a bit more upbeat. How the hell do they even have country stations way up here? "I can't understand how he listens to that shit."

I shrugged and glanced out the window. Moss draped trees for miles. We must be at the only gas station in town. Holy Christ, where did my parents send me? I turned back around when I heard the click of a lighter. Alice had cracked her window and was taking a drag off a half-smoked joint. My heart melted.

Leaning forward, I wrapped my fingers around her hand and pulled it towards my mouth. She laughed and glanced back at me, smoke curling out from her lips. I inhaled with my eyes closed and released her hand, leaning back against my seat. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out, blowing the smoke at Jasper. "Your girlfriend's not so bad." He didn't even look up. It really did take a lot to get a rise out of him.

"She's not too bad." He looked through the window at her and winked. She giggled and exhaled more smoke from her nose. I pulled my head back through the window and leaned forward onto the center console. "So this gathering of friends you're meeting with tonight." She cocked her eyebrow and raised the joint back to my lips. I took a drag and continued. "Are there any others there like you? I mean, minus the relationship." I jabbed my thumb out the window at Jasper.

"There are a few. Jessica's single. Rose is taken. Lauren is single this week, I think?" She tapped her chin. "There's Bella, but Bella isn't really like me."

"Well that's no good then. I think I'll take you up on your offer tonight, Alice. It'll be nice to meet your friends."

"Jesus, give you a little pot and suddenly you're more than willing to hang out with us back woods people." She grinned to show she was joking, but I felt a little bit like an ass anyway.

"I just didn't know if you were my kind of people or if I was agreeing to go play Bingo at the local retirement community, you know? Nothing personal, I just don't like Bingo or the elderly."

Jasper finished up paying for gas and slid back into his seat. He tossed a pack of cigarettes into Alice's lap and changed his station back. "Don't say I never gave you anything, Al." She smiled up at him and handed off the rest of the joint to his waiting hand. I could do with a few more hits, but I wasn't going to beg their shit off of them, so I sat back to enjoy the scenery.

It was so strange how we already felt like old friends. Maybe it was the weed, but I felt like we were getting along really well. I half expected it to be an awkward reunion with Jasper, but he treated me like we hadn't had an 11 year break between visits. And Alice was being pretty cool, too. If this was any indication of what Forks would be like, I was already okay with it.

We pulled up in front of a modern looking hillside home set far back in the woods. I wouldn't have even known the road was there if Jasper hadn't turned the Urban Warrior down it. He parked in front of the garage and looked over his shoulder. "Ready for the awkward reunion?"

My eyelids were lazy and I gave him a half smile as I slid out of the car. I grabbed my messenger bag and two of my suitcases and headed up the stone staircase to the practically all glass house. I guess it could be all glass. It was surrounded by woods. Not like anyone would be peeping in at you. They'd have a bit of a hike. There weren't even any blinds on the windows. Jasper pushed ahead of me with my last suitcase and pushed the door open. We both filed in behind him to the smell of something baking. Alice nudged me with her elbow and mouthed, "Good luck."

Mrs. Witlock came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a red towel. Before I could put my bags down, she'd pulled me into a tight hug. "It's so great to see you, Edward. I can't even believe you're tall enough for me to hug without bending down! Here." She held me away from her. "Let Jasper take you up to your room. It's sort of a blank canvas right now, but we can get you whatever you need. You look exhausted. It must have been a hard couple of weeks for you."

She actually seemed sympathetic. Did my parents even tell her why I was here? They must have. I nodded at her and hoisted my bags up again. "Thanks, Aunt Helen, I really appreciate you letting me come stay with you guys." Jasper and Alice headed up the staircase to my left and I followed. Jasper just pointed down the end of the hall and he and Alice slipped off into his bedroom on the opposite end.

I blinked as I kicked open my bedroom door. It was small, but it was on the corner of the house. Two sides were floor to ceiling glass looking out over a river and trees as far as I could see. There was a deck and one panel of glass was actually a door. I wouldn't have even noticed if I couldn't see the deck through it. What a fucking change from the matchbox lot I lived on in California. The other wall was covered in floor to ceiling bookcases. A dresser was built into one side. My bed was to the left and the sheets were turned down. My parents had told me to call them when I got there safely, but I was sure they didn't mean it. I dropped down onto the bed and kicked off my shoes before curling up for a nap. I trusted Jasper would wake me up whenever he was heading out to meet his friends.

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