A Small Crack in Perfection
By eternalshiva

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Chapter 14

'I want to make love to you!'

Her exclamation still ringed in her ears. Why had she so vehemently made such a declaration? Now she was dumbfounded on what to do next.

Should she just lean forward and kiss him? Or maybe caress him a bit…?

She had to resist shaking her head, lest she draw more attention than she already was. She felt like quite the fool. Every time she and Naruto had gotten hot and heavy, he had always led the way and she had always been more than glad to sit back and enjoy the ride. Now she found herself between a rock and a hard place.

The whole thing was really ironic.

Usually she was more… cautious about the positions she placed herself in, but for once in her life, at least ever since she could remember, she found herself shooting first and asking questions later—something in the back of her mind told her Naruto's influence had something to do with such out-of-character behaviour. Nevertheless, she had wanted to control this, and now that he was ready and willing to oblige her, why did she have to pick the most complicated situation?

The realisation made her want to kick herself square in the ass. She had no experience in pleasuring a man, let alone enough to warrant setting such a high expectation for her first time with Naruto.

Regardless, she wouldn't back out now. She looked into his eyes and adverted her gaze just as quickly. She could feel her whole body unbearably heat up with nervousness. That look he was giving her… he was just lying there under her with this expectant look that practically screamed 'Come on, babe, dazzle me!'

Dazzle him?


She was in way over her head. Everyone she talked to about the whole concept of lovemaking made it sound a little too simple, but now that she was in the particulars of the situation, she knew that it was all lies. How anyone managed to be this intimate with anyone else the first time in their lives boggled her mind.

She pouted openly without realising. 'Who am I kidding? I can't do this… maybe I should let him…'

Naruto noticed her silent struggle. It wasn't too hard to miss considering she hadn't moved in the five minutes since declaring she was going to rape him.

'So… so cute,' he couldn't help to think as he watched her lower lips stick out slightly. Her eyes solely focused on her hands, as though she was trying to convince them to do something. Perhaps he could nudge her in the right direction, he decided, and reached out to her, his fingers brushing her cheek.

The tenderness of his action brought unexpected comfort and silenced the butterflies in her belly. She closed her eyes for a moment, leaning into his touch, hoping that—with that gesture—he'd keep his hand there. However, once she shyly met his eyes, the restless butterflies resumed their anxious fluttering.

Naruto didn't say anything, but… the small loving smile that played on his lips told her almost everything that she needed to know 'It's alright…'

Hinata took in a slow, deep breath. He had accepted all of her strange behaviour to date; there was no reason to worry about whether or not he realised she didn't have a clue on what she was doing. Actually, she was pretty sure he knew that, and the fact that he was still there with her had was pretty significant.

Naruto's gaze softened when Hinata smiled. All the while he had been watching her, her lips had been trembling and the shaking of her hands was noticeable, but as soon as he touched her, something had changed in her. She was still quite nervous, but now she seemed a little bit more at ease and more determined… determined to do what she claimed she would do no matter what. Still, though, that didn't mean he couldn't help her relax a bit more if he could. He grasped her fingers with his own and brought her hand to his chest, pressing her palm against the middle of his torso.

"Hinata," he whispered.

Her eyes met with his—her blush was burning the skin.

"I'm just as nervous."

Her eyes widened a fraction. Her head shook slightly and a small smile played on her lips.

"T-that's hard to believe," she said playfully, but she could tell he wasn't lying. She could feel it under her touch, the excessive beating of his heart against his ribcage.

"I'm serious." He pressed her hand harder; the beat was erratic. "Just anticipating your touch, your kisses… it always makes me nervous."

"You… you're always so calm," she whispered.

Naruto took in a shaky breath instead, trying to calm a heart that refused to slow down.

"I'm just very good at keeping a straight face." He tried to smile, but he decided to keep himself honest and the smile that adorned his lips wasn't the confident, impish stretch that normally greeted her. For the first time, Hinata was exposed to his shy expression.

He chuckled shyly when she brought her free hand to his lips; her touch was that of a ghost on them.

Despite his assurance that he was just as much of a wreck as she was, she envied the steady confident touch of his hand against her nervous one when he squeezed her hand again in encouragement. Why couldn't her own hands be like that? She wanted them to be like that. She held a frown in check and resisted the urge to stare her hands into submission. This wasn't the time to focus on everything that was going wrong, she needed to see the positives.

And so, with that in mind, she leaned forward. She could see the slight parting of his lips in surprise at the unexpected movement, but she did not let that deter her. She bit her lower lip—her momentum didn't slow down—and her mouth timidly grasped his in a kiss.

'Yes. This was more like it.'

A small flicker of feminine pride swelled out of her insecurity when Naruto hummed in approval, breathing her in without reservation. Hinata's eyebrows perked up when she felt the rough stubble of his unshaven skin scratch the corner of her mouth as he twisted his head to delve further into the softness of her kiss.

It was strange how, she thought, in just a few seconds, the awkwardness she had been struggling with so much turned out to be quite easy to break.

'Typical Naruto,' she tenderly accused in her head before her tongue flicked out instinctively to moisten her lover's lips. She felt him smile before she deepened the kiss and tentatively explored his mouth. The tips of their tongues met, shyly greeting one another and extracting another hum from the blond.

Naruto's hand slid down from the nape of her neck and his fingers trailed gently down her jaw line. Hinata shifted and his nails accidently dragged against her sensitive skin. The feeling surprised her—goose bumps etching her flesh—and she arched against him as a result.

He hissed, breaking the kiss as he sucked in a breath. The feel of her body pressed tightly against him made him tingle and the curves of her breasts against his chest were tantalising.

'It's just a kiss, you dumb ass, don't lose it!' he chastised himself, but the thought was soon forgotten when Hinata's lips collided hungrily against his once more, demanding his full attention. He complied. His mouth explored hers quickly and her taste invaded his senses. She moaned into his mouth when his nails dragged again—slowly—and the sensation set her skin on fire.

Hinata's insecure thoughts drifted away with each sound he made. The heat of his skin lingered where ever she moved; it was a fleeting memory carved into her flesh. Her fingers grasped his when he cupped her cheek, and she tightened her grip on them, driving Naruto to want her more.

"Hinata…" her name was a soft sigh on his lips. There was a promise in the words, she could feel it—his breath was hot against her neck, and his lips nipped and bit at her pulse point. She felt her toes curl when his tongue slid slowly down her neck—his rough chin chased it and her skin couldn't decide if she ought to laugh or moan at the sensation. He shifted to lick her sensitive skin again and she trembled in anticipation, biting her lower lip with a nervous energy that couldn't suppress the heat increasing between them.

Her greed to monopolize him betrayed her. Her carefully controlled urges were breaking free and she was willingly free falling into the depths of her lust. Her fingers slipped from his arm to his shoulder and without thinking, Naruto lifted his hips slightly, pressing himself against her sex. The sensation of his erection pressed against her elicited a small surprised gasp from Hinata, and her hands squeezed the flesh of his shoulders. He felt her dip her face at the crook of his neck and retaliated with a quick nibble there. He squeezed his eyes tightly; a groan slipped out when she licked the abused skin.

The sound he made did something inside her. She didn't know what it was, but she wanted him to make more of them.

She nibbled again, daring herself to explore him and drag her teeth across the collarbone. Naruto's lust flared even more—he was shocked to discover this was even possible—when she abandoned his neck, pushed him back against the propped up pillows and took a moment to watch him. She had to bite her lower lip to stop herself from grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. She chastised for not trying this sooner. As a matter of fact, she had been right in her decision to lead the way in this. She she really loved this unfamiliar, yet intoxicating sense of power. Who could've thought that having such a powerful man at her mercy—watching him desperately yearn for her touch—would instigate such a powerful arousal in both of them? What made the whole experience even more thrilling and exciting was that he was so utterly exposed and vulnerable to her will, and, given her insatiable greed for him, she was determined to take full advantage of this opportunity. So help her God, she wouldn't stop watching him. The way the light from the lamp spilled down on him, exposing every detail she had ever fantasised and dreamt about in the past few weeks—it was all making her dizzy. Her hand slipped down his chest slowly and she watched the goose bumps chase her touch before she slowed at his navel. Her index traced the tattoo there; she could feel the bumps of the old scars hidden under the ink.

Her gaze met his, this time she didn't shy away. Naruto smirked.

She tilted her head sideways a little, trying to figure out his expression. His cheeks were tinged with a flush and his hands were constantly touching something that was hers—her arms, her backside—until he finally he settled on her thighs, gripping them softly to hold her in place as he pushed his erection again against her sex.

She considered letting him take over for a split second—the sensations were quite pleasantly overwhelming—but she rejected that idea and instead rolled her hips to match his demand, letting out a small Heh deviously. Naruto raised a brow and did it again and she shook her head slightly. She wouldn't give in. He, on the other hand, remembered his promise to her, and although he was very inclined to break it, he sighed, giving in… at least for the time being.

Definitely. She definitely understood now why Naruto loved overpowering her so much in this kind of play. Letting her desire run amok was exhilarating.

'Is this for real?' She frowned slightly. A part of her wanted to sit back and try to understand why she was acting this way. For a second, she became suddenly uncertain; she wondered if this was really happening or if it was a really powerful hallucination. If she were dreaming, she would be furious! As though to make sure, she reached down to his hand and squeezed the flesh there, nearly pinching him.

"Hey, now, not so hard." His hushed voice startled her.

Hinata blushed fiercely once she realised she had acted out her own impulsion. This was definitely not a dream.

"I'm ok with some kinky stuff, but not…"

His words interrupted her inner monologue and her gaze met his, interrupting his amusement.

"S-Sorry…" she apologized sheepishly. A sinful blush dusted her cheeks; the temptation to devour him was too powerful.

Naruto, on the other hand, was swept up by the fierceness of her gaze. Her lust was dripping between them and he reacted immediately. His hands reached around the nape of her neck, pulling her down to his lips. He kissed her deeply, invading her mouth, and she met his fierceness with her own. Her breath caught when she felt the velvet of his tongue lick the exposed skin of her neck. A suck, then another lick travelled towards the dip of her pulse point. His teeth nibbled the length of her exposed flesh while the tip of his nose slid itself against her white ivory skin and met the buttoned edge of her shirt. He felt himself frown. Why was she still wearing it?

Naruto took in a deep breath, ignoring the ludicrous thought that his own shirt was hell-bent on cock blocking him. She squirmed over him, snapping his attention back to her instantly.

His mouth moved along her skin. 'Another taste,' was all he could think of. She was selfishly having all the fun, and he unconsciously wanted a piece of the action. She felt hot under his touch and his tongue urged her response with another long and slow lick that teased the mounds of her breasts—that one drew out a soft delicious moan from her lips.

"Na-Naruto—st-stop!" She pushed him away. Her skin was on fire—the blood rushing madly in her ears—and she had almost let him take over.

"Wha…?" He blinked, his brain was unusually slow, or to be more precise, too focused on regaining some control.

"I said I was doing this." She was breathing heavily. Was her body really pulsing from just that? Christ, she knew she wanted him, but to be this vulnerable against him?

"Oh, right." He shook his head slightly. His hand moved across his face, pinching the bridge of his nose. He was annoyed with himself for letting his urges take over. 'Shit… if she keeps this up…'

Hinata took advantage of his distraction, dipping her head towards his chest. There was nothing shy about her touch this time—Naruto could feel her fingers everywhere on him. She explored his arms, his sides, she grabbed his hips and her nose lingered over his navel. He hissed silently; the friction was unexpected and he arched his back slightly. Hinata did not notice, however. She was entirely focused on the task at hand. She shifted again, moving further down his legs. Naruto felt her breasts slip down against his erection for a brief moment while she moved, and he closed his eyes tightly at the very thought. But then, she was still wearing far too much clothing for his liking.

'That shirt needs to go, pronto.' He reached for it, his fingers searching for the buttons but Hinata pushed his hand away, twice, before looking up.

"Naruto…" she mumbled in warning, her mouth busy with trying to find a new sensitive spot on him.

He huffed.

He wanted to see her skin, to touch her—it was a serious crime to have her clothes deny him his right as a full-blooded male. Patience wasn't something he was known for, but all thoughts of retaliation were promptly dropped when he felt her move back up his torso and her teeth surrounded his right nipple.

"Uh, Hinata…" was all he could manage before she tentatively bit down and let her tongue explore the nub.

He stilled. 'Oh…'

The taste of his skin invaded her senses. She breathed him in and licked again, this time with a bit a more confidence—her curious nature forging on. She let the nipple go for a moment, her breath cooling the damp trail she left behind before her nose brushed against it. She tried to ignore the feel of Naruto's hands sliding up her back and the way his fingers were tangling in her hair at the base of her neck.

She pulled at it between her lips. The tip of her tongue flicked across the rough skin, eliciting a groan from his lips. She had found it, the spot that gave her access to that low tone, lust-filled voice.

She nipped at him and suckled the skin below the nipple, ignoring his hands now pulling slightly at her hair. Her hands had slipped down to his navel, exploring the skin as her lips followed them. Her breath cooled the heat of his need and kept his thoughts scattered.

Another groan escaped him and her mind whirled. It was hard to believe that she was making him feel this way and it was unbelievably sexy. Her brows knitted together, unsure on what to do next but it wasn't long before she quickly figured it out. Her index slipped across the elastic edge of his boxers. She quickly looked up and met Naruto's gaze, his eyebrows were raised slightly, as though he wasn't expecting her to be this forward.

'This will do.' Her mouth opened and she quickly pressed her lips against his navel, sucking the skin softly. Her tongue twirled, her hair fell across his belly, and suddenly he could only feel what she was doing.

Naruto stiffened suddenly, barely managing to tell his brain to push away the feel of her velvet tongue on him. 'What is she…' He barely managed to finish the thought before he felt her hands hook on to the elastic of his boxers and pause long enough to gather her courage, and began pulling them down.

Her eyes eagerly swallowed every detail she exposed slowly. Naruto could feel every breath coming from her, his stomach contracted, twitching in anticipation of what she was doing. She stopped once the first signs of blond curls peered at her from the boxer line—her shyness instantly crawling back to the surface. This task seemed like too much bravado and she could sense a deep resentful frustration from deep within herself, why was this so hard?

"Do you want me to…?" he asked, his voice thick with lust.

"N-no." She cursed her stutter. She hadn't spent all these weeks fantasising about this particular part of his body only to deny herself the chance of a lifetime because of a little embarrassment!

She pulled down, quickly, and she was rewarded with something even more beautiful than she had anticipated. Her gaze eagerly drank every detail.

He was… large. She bit her lower lip but she couldn't decide if her feeling was anticipation or apprehension. Her cheeks warmed at the thought of touching him—'It's anticipation, definitively…'

She decided that it was time she acted on her impulses—and did just that.

Her index reached out and slid down the length tentatively. It barely brushed the skin, but she could tell by Naruto's barely quiet gasp that it was very sensitive. That, and the fact that it kept twitching more eagerly the more she explored. She wiggled further down on his thighs, her eyes never leaving her new favourite body part. Once she settled, she touched the tip curiously. Her fingers wrapped gently around the shaft, wanting to grasp his size.

His arousal was hot under her touch. It had a sweet, musky smell she couldn't seem to get enough of. She brought her face closer to him, her hand slipping down. She heard Naruto grunt and watched his hands grip the sheet next to his hips.

'Shit…!' He cursed in his head. As a matter of fact, he was having trouble keeping his thoughts clear. 'This is going to be a short display of manliness…'

Hinata, however, was completely oblivious to his struggle. She narrowed her eyes a moment, discussing her level of bravery when EroHinata decided to give her a little push—she licked the tip.

Naruto, for all it was worth, simply lost his mind at that instant. He hadn't expected her to do that.

And, well, if that was what she had in mind, then there was no way he was going to last, let alone keep his promise—but then again, how bad could it be if he thoroughly distracted her from that little fact? She was probably going to be mad about it for a bit, but it would be worth it for sure. 'It's her own fault', he justified to himself. It was taking everything in him to not flip her over onto her back and teach her what all this touching was doing to him. She cupped his balls suddenly, and without warning, he let out a guttural growl.

'That's it,' he thought. 'She's had it coming for a while now.'

Hinata looked up at him, surprised to hear him make such a sound. His face was flushed, his eyes almost molten with desire. There was something dangerous in this particular situation that had suddenly set her ablaze. His hands took her by her arms, pulled her up, and flipped her on her back in one swift motion.

"Naruto, I'm the one that's supposed to—" she protested, but he wouldn't hear any of it.

"I can't hold back anymore…" he interrupted almost desperately against her neck, sucking the flesh without mercy. There was a sudden violent tug on the shirt she wore, and the buttons popped and shot across the bed. Once the shirt lay open, exposing her breasts, Naruto pushed the offending material off her.

"Finally!" he exclaimed with such a finality that she merely blinked in surprise. Her bra met a similar fate—the clasp snapped apart in his urgency to strip her once and for all.

Hinata cried out when his index and thumb found her nipple and pinched her. He ground against her and a slow mesmerising groan escaped him again before cursing out her panties.

"Why are you still wearing these?" He quickly grabbed them, pulled them off without much of a pause before smothering her confusion with a kiss that made her toes curl.

He slipped a hand between her legs, fingers easily gliding between the slick folds of her labia, and the palm of his hand pressing hard against her clit. Her eyes snapped open when he pushed two fingers inside her—his invasion was sudden but she welcomed it; it wasn't the first time he'd entered her this way. She met its intensity and gasped into his mouth when she felt his palm moving erratically against her clit. Her hand gripped his elbow, hanging on for dear life, knowing full well how effective those fingers were at extracting such delicate sensations from her.

She moaned, squirmed and squealed under his touch, but he was relentless. She broke the kiss—her hips were twitching every time he pressed against her sensitive nub.

"Don't… Don't…. st…!" she tried to finish her sentence, but he shifted his weight between her legs and felt the wet tip of his erection rub against her thigh. Naruto let out a groan at the feel of it, his voice was hoarse and strangely erotic and she fell further away from coherence.

'Fuck.' He could barely focus. He moved away from her face, his lips devouring everything in its path. He nipped the top of her breasts; there was nothing gentle about it. She let out a small blissful cry when his lips pinched down on her nipple and his tongue flicked slowly against the pink swollen flesh. Another high-pitched squeal escaped his lover's mouth when he entered her with a third finger; her vaginal walls squeezed instinctively against the intrusion.

Oh God.

Naruto looked up as he continued his slow assault on his lover's breasts. He could see Hinata's eyes tightly shut, her brows unable to decide if they wanted to frown or raise high under her bangs. Her cheeks were burning with a blush that screamed her pleasure. Without thought, he dipped his head and nipped at the bone of her collar, licking the skin at the pulse point, and worked his way up.


Hinata's low moan came when she felt his fingers slipped out of her folds and found the hood of her clit. They moved in circles she couldn't follow, couldn't anticipate, and the build in the pit of her stomach was reaching a breaking point.

"Slow down, babe," he hissed between clenched teeth, but her rocking movement was rubbing against his erection and making it very difficult to slow them down and try to subdue her unconscious humping of his hand.

The irony of him telling her to slow down wasn't lost on Naruto, but this was spiralling out of control quickly. He didn't want to fuck her like an animal; he wanted to love her.

"I…I-" Hinata tried to listen, she really did, but she was lost on the feeling that was pulsing through her. She could hear the blood rushing in her ears; her breath was heaving as her heels dug into the back of his thighs. It wasn't enough to just touch him, to kiss and taste him—she wanted him inside her, deep within her to satisfy this thirst, this lust that was completely controlling her.

"Damn…!" Naruto felt his eyes roll backwards. Her pussy was making a wet smacking sound as she tried to hump his hand faster, and the realisation that she was completely turned on made his balls tighten.

Hinata's back arched almost violently when he twisted his fingers on her clit, her thighs shook as she squeezed them together to control the tremor that was building, but Naruto's torso was in the way. She squirmed; her hands squeezed on his shoulders and pushed them up at the same time.

"Na-Naru…!" her voice was husky, heavy with lust.

It made Naruto's head spin. It wasn't rocket science; he knew what she wanted without her even having to say anything.

Naruto settled between her legs, his lips hungry for another kiss. He slipped his tongue deep, possessing her mouth. He pushed her legs further apart with his knees and broke the harsh kiss that had swollen her lips in its intensity.

The tip of his cock hit her slick entrance and Hinata froze at the sensation. This was it—this is what she had been waiting for. From all her experience with him and the constant teases over several weeks, it was no secret that his fingers had only created this strange endless void that needed to be filled with him. She could feel the tip sliding in slowly, carefully. Her hands folded behind his neck, pulling him down towards her, but he was resisting her—concentrating on getting her used to him.

'Too slow… much, much too slow,' she was far too impatient; she could almost hear EroHinata cackling in the back of her mind.

Hinata sucked in a breath as he filled her, stretching around his shaft. He kissed her lips, whispered her name between nibbles and licks on her neck to her to distract her before sliding in suddenly to the tilt. She gasped loudly, her fingers dug at his neck and she stilled.

It didn't hurt, and that surprised her, for she had expected it to. In fact she read that it would.

Naruto watched her expression. He wasn't sure if she was okay. Her eyes were closed—a frown was quite evident— but she did not move.

"Are you okay?" Naruto nuzzled her nose and kissed the tip before she opened her eyes and blinked.

"Y-yes," she stuttered..

Naruto smirked at the sight that was under him; she was unbelievably sexy. He leaned forward, nipping her ear.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, surprising his lover before he pulled back slightly, moving inside her. Her breath hitched and Naruto bit his lip before dropping his forehead against the pillow behind her.

"You feel so good, Hinata," he mumbled against the crook of her neck. He pushed forward in a slow, torturous thrust. He hissed when she let out a moan. His slow thrusts sped Hinata's heartbeat, and her hands slid down from his neck to his back. Her fingers pinched him impatiently.

He squeezed his eyes shut as his cock twitched inside her.

Her hands slid over his backside, pushing him in deeper. Naruto snapped his head up from the crook of her neck as she gasped, her eyes meeting his in surprise. There, that was the spot she had been seeking.

He raised a brow, smirking as Hinata's expression melted into one of bliss. Her hips rolled under him, catching him off-guard. He began to pump his hips, loving the way he could feel Hinata's breasts rubbing against his chest. Hinata pressed her fingers on his rear more firmly—her hips meeting his every thrust.

This wasn't going well; he had already forgotten to take his time, but such was life. He sped up—a hand slipped under her butt to bring her even closer to him. Naruto groaned, her slick pussy was swallowing him in deeper. He was barely holding on.

Hinata suddenly hissed, her hands released his ass and her fingers dragged across the muscles harshly, he could feel the skin of his back aching but it only brought him closer to losing his careful control.

"Ah…!" Naruto arched his back. Goose bumps trailed her touch and his skin felt like it was on fire.

"Stop doing that," he warned her, frowning.

She ignored him, dragging her nails again. Apparently Naruto had a thing for nails on his back and this made her smirk.

He sucked in a breath and momentarily lost control, thrusting hard and fast. Hinata's voice suddenly became loud, knocking him back into reality. His hips bucked, slowing to a crawl.

"St-stop!" he stuttered at her.

Hinata blinked, her eyes meeting his for a moment.

"We have to do this slow, or else I'm not going to be able to—"

She kissed his mouth shut. The feel of him sliding inside her was addicting and she wanted it all in again. The pulse was getting stronger every second.

Naruto grunted, his hands squeezed her hips tightly and he pushed harder into her, suddenly filling her to the tilt once more.

Hinata gasped. Her belly was pooling with a sensation she was familiar with, but it felt different at the same time. He began moving faster and her legs moved from his thighs to his hips, her fingers moving to his back to pull him closer.

Naruto openly moaned this time. Hinata's panting was back, her eyes were tightly shut and she was consumed with the feeling he was building within her. She couldn't stop the sound coming out of her mouth no matter how embarrassing it was and it only encouraged Naruto to thrust harder. He grabbed her ass, fingers digging in her flesh. Sweat began sliding down his nose.

'God damn, this is going too fast,' he thought, but before he could slow down, Hinata suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck again, and in a broken voice whispered to him "Oh… oh! Naruto, right… right… ah!"

He couldn't slow down at this point, and Hinata couldn't keep the feeling away anymore. Her hips moved even harder against Naruto, following his lead—the pulse was peaking.

"Let…" she heard him whispering something in her ear, but it was lost to her; she couldn't think anymore.

There was an explosion of white behind her eyelids. Her belly tightened, her thighs were shaking and her throat felt suddenly raw. Her walls squeezed down on Naruto's shaft as he moved hard inside her, his own groans and moans mixing in with hers. She was barely descending from her climax when she felt Naruto's body tense. His face buried against her neck as he slammed into her quickly until he finally stopped.

He groaned deeply and collapsed on top of her, their heaving breaths mixing together. He then leaned his forehead against hers, their eyes meeting once again before Naruto smiled sheepishly. Hinata grinned.

"You broke your promise," she accused breathlessly.

"True," he blew out a breath slowly, trying to slow down his heartbeat, "but you were being a horrible tease." He kissed her again, this time softly. His fingers found hers and tightly wound themselves together.

"Hinata…" he spoke with heaving breaths still, but it was difficult to sound calm when your body felt like it was on fire.

"Hmm?" Her fingers were travelling up and down his back, basking in the afterglow.

"I love you."

The heiress blinked, stunned by his revelation.

"I…I-" she stuttered.

Naruto grinned, enjoying this side of his lover. She was never one to be at a loss of words but here she was, completely dumbfounded. He kissed her again—her shock barely subsided before he distracted her with his very nimble fingers on her body.

Needless to say, the silent vibration of Naruto's cell was completely missed.

Time to disappear!

TBC When? Only time will tell~