(For a hint on what I am wearing in this adventure, I have a blue shirt with a yin-yang decal, jeans, and blue sneakers. By the way, my name is Rael. I am also wearing sturdy glasses and those motorcycle gloves which do not cover your fingers.)

I don't know how or why, but when I came to, I was on a green circular platform with a triangle with 3 circles in its edges colored red, blue, and yellow respectively. A voice then called out to me and said, "Much to do. Little time to do them. Take your time. Never fear. Now walk forward."

Though quite startled, I walked in the middle as the voice said. Then 3 pedestals appeared at the smaller circles on the floor and above them appeared a spear, a bazooka, and a pistol. The voice said, "Choose your weapon wisely."

As I decided among the 3, I chose the pistol (I disregarded the spear since I do not prefer close combat and even if the spear has more reach than a sword, I still have to approach the target. I disregarded the bazooka as well since although it is a ranged weapon, it looked too bulky for me to handle and I don't want slow.) and once I took it a shield appeared on my right hand since I had the pistol on the left. Then the green platform shattered and I fell down slowly (Weird!) and soon landed on a purple square platform with a spiral pattern. Then, Shadows appeared around me (Not the conventional, harmless sort).

Just then The voice came again and said, "Don't be afraid. You must fight at times like this to survive."

I then gripped my gun tightly and when one of the Shadows jumped towards me, I blocked with my shield, swung it off, then blasted away (The pistol had a silencer, I assume, since I heard no gunshot, which would be deafening.) at the other Shadows who disappeared after 2 shots. After busting the lot, a dark portal (I don't know what else I can call it) appeared from beneath and sucked me in. When I came to, I was on a pink triangular platform with a treasure chest in front of me. Once I opened it revealing a money munny bag transparent door in front of me. It then opened and flashed a bright light in front of me. When it faded, I was on a red octagonal platform with a Feng Shui pattern. Just then 8 Shadows appeared all around me. I fought them of course, dodging attacks, blocking them, receiving attacks from behind (I soon learned to counter those), returning them, and after that, I was suddenly on a yellow 5-point star shaped platform with another star pattern within it, then I saw Darkside appear in the center (Anyone who played Kingdom Hearts would know what I'm talking about).

At first I was intimidated by the colossal size, but then the voice said to me "At times, there will be bosses like this, so you better get brave. Besides, " with a queer sense of humor, "there is no need for any pangs of regret; these Heartless are made out of darkness and must be eliminated."
I gathered my courage, keeping what the voice had said in mind, then started firing away at Darkside (I noticed my pistol's ammunition was infinite since I never heard any click signifying "out of ammo".) and any Shadows that appear. Soon Darkside was defeated and suddenly I was sinking into the darkness and when it reached all the way to my head, I lost consciousness.