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Chapter 14

THE PHOTOS of Itachi and Mika's wedding had arrived in yesterday's mail but Sakura hadn't had the courage to open them. She'd tossed them into her bag as she'd left her apartment that morning and now they sat on her desk, inside their padded manila envelope.

She knew what she'd find—happy pictures with smiling faces, everyone looking as if they were having the time of their lives at the wedding and the reception. She thought back to that night. Though it had been a beautiful, romantic wedding, it had also been one of the worst nights of her life, even worse than the night that Sasuke had turned down her offer.

After making love to Sasuke, Sakura had returned to Mika's room and crawled into bed, determined to finally get a few hours' sleep. But instead she'd stared at the ceiling, thinking about what had passed between them.

The words had changed everything. The fist time he'd said them, she'd brushed them off as an expression of his affection. But the second time, it had been more. It had been a promise, one she wanted desperately to return.

Until that moment, Sakura had tried to put their relationship in its proper perspective. It had been just a momentary fling, an affair that had a beginning and an end. But then Sasuke had to mess it all up. And worse yet was what she'd done in returning the sentiment. Now it was just dangling out there, unresolved.

She'd finally found a way to close the books on that night eleven years ago. She'd had sex with Sasuke, it had been wonderful. That part of her life could now be forgotten.

"Closure," she murmured, picking up the envelope. That's all she'd ever expected to get. But now, she'd have to put closure on her closure. Their affair hadn't been an ending but a whole new beginning. Sakura had found herself imagining a future with him. Not just a weekend here or there, or a vacation together when they both had time. She'd thought about something permanent, something that might last a lifetime. The only way to get closure on that was to marry Sasuke.

Sakura carefully opened the envelope and set the stack of photos in front of her. Three months had passed, but she could recall every moment of that week as if it were yesterday. There were nights when she lay in bed imagining Sasuke beside her…above her…inside her. She wondered if he was thinking about her, too, caught up in an arousing dream of them together making love.

She'd reached for the phone countless times, ready to call him and put an end to the silence. But then, she'd remember his behaviour at the wedding—polite, aloof yet properly attentive. He was giving her an out and she'd been a coward and taken it.

Sakura flipped through the pictures until she found a photo of her and Mika, sitting at a table. Sasuke was standing nearby, looking at them both, a tiny smile curling at his lips. She found another photo where he was watching her and then another. Sakura hadn't realized, but in nearly every photo he was looking at her with an odd expression of…what was it?

She shook her head and set the photos down, then glanced over at a photo of her parents that she kept on her desk. There it was. The same expression on her father's face. He was sitting next to her mother at a picnic and she was smiling at the camera and he was smiling at her. It was love, adoration and respect all mixed into one simple look.

Sakura took a deep breath and turned back to her computer screen, the media release blurring in front of her eyes. She'd been working on the copy for the entire day and had only managed to put together the first paragraph. It was due by the end of the day and she couldn't seem to come up with a creative way to announce the merger of two newspapers.

"Who cares?" she murmured to herself, sliding her mouse over the paragraph to delete it. "Yes, people are going to be upset because they'll only have one news paper instead of two. But they'll get over it. A few months from now, no one will care."

Since the moment she'd arrived back in New York, she'd had a very difficult time settling into work. She'd become increasingly annoyed by what she was asked to do, her boss acting as if the world would end if the public didn't know that the French fries at a popular fast-food restaurant were made with a new blend of spices.

She delegated everything she could to her assistants and spent her day browsing the online real-estate ads in Chicago. She wasn't sure why, but it seemed to make her feel as if she were accomplishing something. She'd also taken to flipping through some old photos she'd found from her childhood, trying to piece together when it was she'd fallen in love with Sasuke.

Sakura reached up and fingered the arrowhead necklace she wore. She'd felt silly putting it on again after all these years, but it was something else that made her feel better, that gave her a measure of contentment.

Summer was approaching and the ice would be gone on the lake. The trees all around Konoha would be green and the shallows would soon be warm enough to swim in. As if by instinct, she started to get that trembling feeling of anticipation, the same feeling she'd had as a teenager. The entire summer seemed to stretch out in front of her, filled with excitement and promise. Filled with Sasuke Uchiha.

So why not go home? She could afford to take another week once she got this project done. Sasuke would most likely be there, working on Havenwoods. She'd fantasized about the moment they'd see each other again. And in every one of her fantasies, they'd fall into each other's arms and the world would suddenly make sense.

Sakura had used her job as an excuse all along. In truth, it had been something to hide behind, a convenient reason to avoid commitment. Her career didn't matter anymore. If she wanted to work, she could find a job anywhere. She was talented and intelligent and knew the public relations business better than ninety percent of her peers.

Why not just do it? She could walk into Jeffrey Walter's office right now and quit. She could clean out her desk, take a cab home and pack up her things. In less than a day, she could make a complete turn in her life and start all over. There had been a time when a thought like that would have terrified her. But now, the idea was infinitely appealing.

The buzzer on her intercom rang, startling her out of her thoughts. She picked up her phone. "Yes?" she said.

"Sakura? There's someone here to see you."

"Who is it?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not supposed to say," her assistant replied. "It's a surprise. Can I send him in?"

"Him?" Sakura swallowed hard.

"Him. Tall, dark and handsome. Says he's related to you."

"Kind of a crooked smile? Dark onyx eyes?"

"That's right, Miss Haruno."

She drew a quick breath. "Give me two minutes, and then send him in."

Sakura jumped up from her desk and grabbed her purse, then hurried to the mirror on the back of her office door. This wasn't how this was supposed to happen! She needed more time, a different haircut, a prettier dress, nicer underwear.

Sasuke had mentioned that he sometimes got out to the East Coast on business. But why wouldn't he have called first? Sakura grabbed her lipstick and dabbed it sparingly on her lips. No need to look too obvious. Maybe he was afraid she'd refuse to see him. She pulled the rubber band out of her hair, and then moaned. She hadn't been sleeping well lately, which meant she usually did the minimum to get ready for work in the morning. Oh God, what was she going to say to him? Would he kiss her? Or would it be uncomfortable between them?

A knock sounded on the door and Sakura jumped back, dropping her lipstick in front of her. She quickly kicked it aside, and then tossed her purse onto a nearby chair. "All right," she whispered. "I can do this. He doesn't know I've been thinking about him for the past three months. For all he knows, I've moved on."

She reached for the door, steeling herself for the impact of that first glance. Sakura wasn't so silly as to think it would be anything but devastating. But when she opened the door, a flood of disappointment washed over her.

"Itachi," she said, forcing a smile.

Sasuke's brother grinned at her and held up his hands. "Surprised?"

"Of course. What are you doing here?"

"I'm on my way to see Mika in Boston. I've got a law school interview at Columbia."

"Law school? Here in New York?"

"I thought, since I was here, I'd stop and see my favourite sister-in-law." He stepped inside, taking in the luxury of her office. "Nice digs. So this is what a partner's office looks like. Maybe I should consider PR instead of law."

"It's all for show," Sakura said.

Her gaze fixed on him as he walked around the office. Sakura hadn't realized until this very moment how much Itachi looked like Sasuke. Just staring at him made her ache for the sight of Sasuke's face, for the warmth of his smile and the teasing humour that sparkled in his eyes. She shook herself out of her thoughts and stepped back from the door. "Sit down."

"I thought we might go out for some dinner," Itachi suggested as he glanced at his watch. "It's nearly seven. Aren't you hungry?"

"I have this project that we have to get done and people are in and out with questions. I really can't leave. But stay awhile and talk. I'll have my assistant go out and get us some sandwiches." She paused and smiled at Itachi as he sat down. "You seem so grown-up with that suit on. All settled and married."

He held up his hand with the wedding ring. "Thanks to you and Sasuke," Itachi said. "If it hadn't been for you two, I'm not sure if we would have made it through the first three moths of marriage."

Sakura felt a blush rise on her cheeks. "How can you say that? We almost ruined your wedding."

"You did us a favour. Mika and I were going into it all naïve and wide-eyed. You made us stop and think about what we were doing. You were better than any marriage counsellors we could have seen."

"You're only saying that because everything turned out right."

Itachi stretched his legs out in front of him and linked his hands behind his head. "Aren't you going to ask me?" he finally said.

"I'm sorry," Sakura murmured. "How is Mika?"

"Not Mika," Itachi said, meeting her gaze. "Sasuke. Aren't you going to ask me about Sasuke?"

"All right. How is Sasuke?"

"Not so great since you left," Itachi said. "He misses you."

"I miss him," Sakura admitted. "We're good friends. And it was nice to see him again after such a long time apart."

"You're more than good friends," Itachi said.

"What do you mean?"

"Sasuke and I got drunk one night watching a Bulls game and he told me everything."


"Can I give you some advice?" Itachi asked. "I mean, you don't have to take it. You know what you want more than I do. But I think you and Sasuke belong together. It's always been that way. You're like a team. You're the reason why Mika and I fell in love."

"How is that?"

"We used to watch you two and you always had such a great friendship. You were equals. We both wanted something like that and when we started dating, we found it." He paused. "Plus, Mika was really hot. Oh, and smart and funny, too. But it was the friendship that sealed the deal. A relationship like that takes years to build and you two already have it. You're ahead of the game."

"But friendship doesn't always turn into love."

"Sasuke loves you," Itachi said. "And I think you love him too. And you're both letting it slip away."

"I'm not."

"Sakura, I know my brother. And I know the only person who is going to make him happy is you. If you don't feel the same way about him, then you have to tell him straight out so he can get on with his life."

"I do love him."

"I'm throwing a graduation party for Mika on Memorial Day weekend. I'm inviting you and I expect you to come. Sasuke is going to be there. Maybe you two can…talk." Itachi stood up and smiled. "That's really all I came to say. Dinner was just an excuse. So, how far is Chinatown from here?"

Sakura walked Itachi to the elevator and gave him a hug before sending him on his way with a list of recommendations for his evening in Manhattan. Though she thought about going with him, it was difficult to look at Itachi and not think about Sasuke.

When she returned to the office, she sat down in her chair and reached for her calendar. She had two weeks to decide whether to go home for Mika's party or to put her relationship with Sasuke permanently behind her. A few days, if she hoped to get a decent airfare.

She reached for the phone and punched in the three-digit number to reach Jeffrey Walter's assistant. There were other decisions to be made, as well, decisions that would be much more difficult than which flight to take to Konoha. "Alice Ann? It's Sakura. Is he still in?" She drew a shaky breath. "I need to see him. I'll be right down."

Sakura stared at the phone for a long time, her hand resting on the receiver. She was contemplating changing the course of her life—and all for a man. Was she really ready to do this? Or was she still trying to fulfill some stupid schoolgirl fantasy?

She glanced down at the photos and smiled. "For a man who loves me," she said.

SASUKE STOOD IN THIGH-HIGH WATER, near the rotting pier at Havenwoods. "It's got to be at least fifty years old," he shouted to Itachi.

"How can you tell?"

"It looks old." He stared down at the rusted motorcycle submerged in three feet of water. Sasuke had decided to start work on the beach so that he could at least swim when the weather turned hot. But there was so much trash in the lake that he had to do a major cleanup first.

"Can you get your truck down here?" Itachi asked. "Maybe you can drag it out."

Sasuke raked his hand through his hair and stared up at the shore. "No. Maybe we can winch it out. Once we get it on shore, we can probably break it apart. It's pretty rusted."

"Or we can bring Dad's boat over and we can tow it out into the centre of the lake."

Sasuke gave Itachi a disapproving look. "That would not be very environmentally sound."

"But it would be easy," Itachi countered.

"Go up to the summer kitchen and get that rope that I bought. We'll try to drag it closer to shore and then lift it out."

Sasuke stared down at the water, then bent over and tried to dig the back wheel out of the mud and sand with his hands. But he couldn't reach without going under. Grabbing a deep breath, he ducked his head beneath the surface and began to tug on the back wheel.

When he ran out of breath, he popped out of the water, shoving his hair out of his face. He looked up on shore for Itachi, but instead, saw someone else walking down the path. "Mika," he murmured, wondering how much she'd be able to help.

Over the past few months since Sakura had left, he'd been reminded of her on a fairly regular basis each time he'd seen Mika. Mika laughed like Sakura, she moved like Sakura, she even looked a bit like her older sister, especially in the eyes and around the mouth. Sasuke had caught himself staring on occasion, picking out that one feature that brought back all the memories of Sakura.

He'd done his best to forget her, to move on with his life. But Mika was a constant reminder. This was what he'd have to look forward to for the entire summer, and at Thanksgiving and Christmas and every other major holiday that the Uchihas and the Harunos would now spend together.

Sasuke knew he ought to be grateful that Sakura would probably choose to stay in New York, though he expected he'd probably have to face her once or twice at Christmas. That was nearly seven months away. By that time, he ought to be able to see her without lapsing into some intense sexual fantasy involving condiments.

"Mika, tell Itachi to hurry up. I'm not going to stand in this water all day waiting for him."

Mika stood on the shore, her hand shading her eyes, watching him. Her hair was pulled back, but when she turned, he saw a glint of pink and curly ponytail. Sasuke's breath caught in his throat. "Sakura?" he called.

She took another step closer and in that moment, he knew it was her. Hell, he'd wondered exactly how he'd feel the next time he saw her and now he knew. His reaction was powerful, like a punch to the stomach, and he could barely grab a breath.

As she walked closer, he could see her face. Her gaze watched him warily and Sasuke realized that she was as nervous as he was. It had only been three moths, time that had crawled by at a snail's pace. But now, it seemed as if time had stopped dead in its tracks. Sasuke reminded himself to breathe, and then waded slowly to the shore.

"I'm here for Mika's party," Sakura said.

Sasuke took some satisfaction that their meeting was affecting her as strongly as him that she couldn't think of anything more interesting to say. "I figured that."

"I thought it would be better if we saw each other first. I—I didn't want to surprise you and just—be there."

He nodded, his gaze skimming along her beautiful body. He felt a pulsing warmth rush through his bloodstream and pool in his lap. He hadn't had sex since she'd left and for the first time in three months, he felt it. Thankfully, he was wearing baggy board shorts that hid his erection that was beginning to be uncomfortable. "Good idea," Sasuke murmured. "So, how have you been?"

"Good," Sakura said. "Busy. I've meant to call but…"

He waited for a long moment, wondering if she planned to finish the thought. When she didn't, he gave it a try. "But you were stranded on the top of a mountain without a phone? But you were in the hospital unconscious in a coma? Or you were on an assignment for the CIA? Because that's where I was."

A tiny smile quirked the corners of her lips. "But I wasn't sure what I wanted to say," Sakura finished. "I'm still not sure."

"You could tell me that you missed me," Sasuke suggested. "That would be a start."

"All right. I missed you. A lot."

Sasuke took that as his cue to stepped out of the water and walked up to her spot on the shore. "When two people meet after being away for a long time, they usually kiss. Especially if they've missed each other. It's kind of a tradition, I guess." He leaned forward and brushed his mouth against hers.

He'd intended the kiss to be simple, almost platonic. But the moment their mouths touched, a current of desire passed between them. It was as palpable as heat lightning on a humid summer night, startling and intense.

Sasuke grabbed her waist and pulled her against him, kissing her again, this time more deeply. She immediately opened to his assault, as if she were desperate to taste him, too.

His hands skimmed over her body, feeling the familiar curves. She was dressed in a thin cotton shirt and a skirt that hugged her hips and her backside and it wasn't difficult to imagine her body beneath, all soft skin and naked flesh. Without speaking, he grabbed her hand and drew her along to the summer kitchen, the two of them climbing the rise from the water's edge to the cabin.

When they got inside, Sasuke walked to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, drying his hair and chest. Then, he kicked off his wet shoes and rinsed his feet in the tub. She was standing in the middle of the room when he returned, looking even more beautiful than he'd remember.

"It's strange," he said. "I feel like I used to on that first day of summer vacation, when I'd see you after all that time apart. I was never sure of what I should say. Every summer, I'd spend hours thinking of a clever opening line."

"You should have tried kissing me," Sakura murmured.

"I can see that now." Sasuke walked across the room and slipped his hands around her waist. "How have you been? And don't tell me about work."

"I've been…confused," Sakura said. "I guess that's the best word for it. But I've begun to simplify my life."

"I've missed you, Sakura. I'm not afraid to admit that."

"I'm glad," she murmured. With a trembling hand, she reached out and smoothed her palm over his chest. Her fingers raked through the trail of hair between his collarbone and his belly and Sasuke closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her touch.

He wanted to strip her off her clothes and take her to bed, to prove that the desire they'd once shared still pulsed between them. Sasuke gazed into her eyes, knowing that she couldn't refuse him. But sex, however pleasurable between them, wouldn't solve their problems. They had to find a way to be together, and not just physically.

"How long are you staying?"

Sakura shrugged. "I haven't decided. I wasn't sure how things would go." She took a ragged breath. "I need to be back by Thursday. So, five or six days."

"We can get into a lot of trouble in five or six days," he said.

"If we want to get in trouble," Sakura replied. "Maybe we should just take things a little slower." She stepped back, out of his reach, and then smoothed her hands over her skirt. "I should go. I promised my mother I'd help her do some baking for Mika's party."

"I guess I'll see you tonight, then," Sasuke said.

Sakura nodded. "Yeah. We'll see each other."

Sasuke wasn't about to let her go without just one more kiss. He grabbed her hand again and pulled her against his body. Kissing her had always been a wonderful prelude to other activities, but this time, Sasuke made sure that the kiss was enough to convey his feelings. He lingered over her mouth, softly drawing his tongue over her lower lip. When he finished, he walked outside with her and watched as she hiked back up to her car.

A few moments later, as if on cue, Itachi reappeared from around the corner of the summer kitchen. He stared off in the direction of Sakura and when she turned to wave, Itachi waved back. "She looks good," he said.

"She does," Sasuke agreed.

"I'm glad she accepted my invitation to Mika's party."

Sasuke frowned. "You invited her?"

"Yeah. I saw her when I was New York for that law school interview. I told her you missed her and that you couldn't live without her. I guess it worked, huh?"

A muttered curse slipped pass from Sasuke's lips. "Why the hell did you tell her that?"

"Because it's the truth," Itachi said, shaking his head. "Stop pretending you don't want each other." He chuckled. "Mika and I should lock you up and take away your clothes and shoes. Maybe you'd figure out you both belong together."

"Taking away our clothes would not help the problem," Sasuke muttered. "We do really well without our clothes. It's when we're fully dressed that we can't figure things out." Sasuke grabbed the rope from Itachi's hands and started towards the lake. "And just stay out of my business, will you? I can handle this on my own."

"Hey, you helped me and Mika. I'm just returning the favour."

Sasuke hefted the coil of rope over his shoulder. He wasn't really angry with Itachi. His brother's intentions were good and right now he needed all the help he could get. He had no idea how to make things right work with Sakura, but he was going to try.

And if he couldn't make things work by the time she left for New York, and then he'd be forced to sell all his stuff and move there.

MUSIC DRIFTED through the warm summer night, mixing with the rhythmic lapping of the water against the sandy shore. Sakura sat on the beach, staring out across the water at the lights from the homes on the east shore. She tried to find a light from Havenwoods, wondering exactly where the house sat on the shoreline.

She hadn't visited the lake in the summer months since that summer before college and she'd forgotten how calm and peaceful it was at night. In the distance, a motorboat crawled across the water and the sound sent a pair of ducks into flight, their wings fluttering as they skimmed along the surface of the lake.

She used to believe New York City was the most wonderful place in the world to live. But after coming back to Konoha, she'd learned to appreciate its charms. It was quiet and pretty, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And Sasuke was here, at least for a few days a week.

They'd circled around each other all night, chatting every now and then, before wandering away to talk to other party guests. Sakura was grateful for the time and buffer that her family provided. Though she'd been sorely tempted to jump back into bed with Sasuke, there were reasons not to.

"I thought I'd find you down here."

Sakura jumped, startled by the sound of his voice. A moment later, Sasuke plopped down beside her on the sand, kicking off his sandals and setting them beside him. "I like this place a lot more in the summer," he said.

Sakura took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out. Her heart pounded in her chest and her throat had gone dry. She'd come all this way to tell him and now was the perfect time. "Sasuke, I need to say something."

"So do I," he said. "I've been wanting to—"

"No," Sakura interrupted. "Me first. When I made my offer that evening of my eighteenth birthday, I thought I was grown-up enough to accept the consequences. You were right to refuse me. I've been hurt and angry with you ever since but for no good reason." She drew in another deep breath. "I'm going to make you another offer and this time, I promise I won't be angry if you refuse."

"You know what's really great about summer?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura turned to look at him. Didn't he want to hear what she had to say? "Sasuke, I'm trying to—"

"Swimming. The water's pretty warm already. Especially on the other side of the lake at Havenwoods. You see the wind usually blows from the west and it blows all the warm surface water over to that side. It's probably five or ten degrees warmer on the east shore." He stood up beside her and began to unbutton his shirt. "I don't think it's too cold for skinny-dipping, though."

Sakura gasped as Sasuke continued to strip off his clothes. His body was gorgeous in the moonlight, all hard muscle and lean limbs. A tiny shiver skittered down her spine and her fingers clenched with the need to reach out and touch him.

When he was completely naked, he stood next to her and waited. "Skinny-dipping doesn't work with clothes on," he said.

"I'm not jumping in that water," Sakura said.

"Come on. We can talk while we swim."

She shook her head, laughing at his audacious request. "No. I'll freeze."

A moment later, Sasuke ran in, executing a perfect shallow dive, his body slicing into the water with barely a sound. He surfaced ten feet from the shore, standing on his tiptoes on the bottom. "Come on, Sakura. I'll keep you warm."

"There are guests still up at the house. What if they walk down here?"

"We can hide under the pier," he said.

"It sounds like you've done this before."

Sasuke laughed, and then swam up to the pier. "No. but I used to think about it all the time. It was the stuff of my teenage fantasies. I used to think about you and me, doing this. Taking off all our clothes and playing around in the water. And then, we'd just swim together and I'd be able to touch you. I loved that fantasy. I still do." He dunked his head under the water, and then slicked his hair back. "Come on, Sakura. You can say everything you want to say once we're in the water."

"You're crazy," she said.

"I'm in love with this smart, sexy woman," Sasuke countered. "I'm supposed to be crazy. What about you?"

Sakura smiled, and then shook her head. "Is it really cold?"

"No." He paused. "Well, maybe a little. But if you keep moving it's not bad. Come on, Sakura Haruno. You used to rise to any challenge, accept any dare. You're turning into a wimp."

She got to her feet, staring out as he bobbed in the water. Then, Sakura reached for the hem of her shirt and tugged it over her head. She kicked off her sandals and then skimmed her skirt down over her hips. When she stood in her underwear, Sasuke swam backward. But instead of running into the water, she walked slowly across the beach.

"It's not skinny-dipping unless you take everything off."

Groaning softly, she reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders. "Satisfied?"

"Not quite."

Grudgingly, Sakura slid her panties down and kicked them aside. Then, holding her breath, she stepped in. She wasn't prepared for the temperature of the water. It wasn't cold; it was frigid, stealing her breath from her chest. When the water reached her knees, she pushed forward, submerging for a second before she surfaced, gasping and sputtering.

A moment later, his hands were on her body, holding on to her waist and pulling her farther from the shore until she could just barely touch the bottom. "Oh my God. A few degrees colder and we could play hockey."

They bobbed around for a while and to Sakura's surprise, she did adjust. Before long, the air seemed colder than the water.

"See, it's not so bad," Sasuke said. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Sasuke slid his hands over her hips to cup her backside. "This is much better. Now, tell me what you wanted to say."

"Why did I have to come in the water to do that?"

"Because you can't tell me that you never want to see me again while we're swimming naked together."

Sakura kicked away from him, and then splashed water in his face. "I want to see you," she said. "I don't want to be apart anymore." She shivered, her teeth chattering. "I quit my job. And sublet my apartment. In a few days, I'm not going to have anywhere to live. I was thinking, maybe you might need a roommate at Havenwoods. I could help you out with the renovation."

"Are we talking about forever here?"

"Yes. I think that might be nice."

"I could do forever," Sasuke said.

"Really?" Sakura asked. "You're sure?"

"I haven't been happy since you left. And I was getting ready to move to New York."

"Don't do that." She stared up at the stars. "This is where we belong."

Sasuke pulled her body against his, wrapping her legs around his waist and rubbing her back. "So, I guess we're going to be together," he murmured, brushing his lips against hers.

"We are," Sakura said. Raking her fingers through his hair, she pulled him into a long, deep kiss, their warm mouths meeting and melding.

Suddenly, she wasn't afraid anymore. Loving Sasuke was the most natural thing in the world. It always had been from the time she'd first really seen him as the boy of her dreams. Whether it was fate or circumstance or just good luck, she'd found a man whom she could love. He'd been standing in front of her for so long that all she'd had to do was reach out and touch him.

"How much longer do we have to stay in this water?" she asked, her teeth still chattering.

"We could make a run for the boathouse. No one would find us there."

Sakura thought about the warm blankets and the soft bed in the boathouse, and then nodded. She wanted to crawl beneath the covers with Sasuke and to let him warm her body and arouse her desire. "I suppose it would be all right if someone did found us. We're going to have to tell our families sometime, don't you think?"

"Maybe we should do what Itachi and Mika did. Just get married."

Sakura kissed him again. "If we tell our mothers, you know they're going to want to plan a big wedding. They missed out with Itachi and Mika. They're not going to take this well."

"I could always fly back to New York with you. We could get married there, spend our honeymoon in some fancy hotel and rent a truck and move your things back."

She smiled. "I like that idea."

This was the beginning of their life together, here where it nearly ended eleven years ago. It was better this way, Sakura mused. It was meant to be this way. And years from now, when they stood on this same shore and looked out over the water, they'd remember the night of her eighteenth birthday. But they'd also remember the night they went skinny-dipping and decided that they might love each other forever.


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