Disclaimer: I don't own Camp Rock. Thanks to God, I own my imagination though. And honestly, this is supposed to be an original but I believe the Camp Rockers will fit the characters really well so it turned out to be a fanfic. Enjoy!


Summary: Shane Gray here, do you love Mitchie Torres? If you're girl, she's friendly. If you're guy, don't even think about it! I love Mitchie Torres! So now, anyone knows a shortcut to heaven? Because that's the way for me to find her.

It all started in Camp Rock. But before that, I somewhat had a special connection with this cyber pal of mine. Her code is Msongbook_347. I use Sjerk_101. Wanna know why? Well, a few years after I joined my first Camp Rock, I met this little girl. She's like a childhood friend in New Jersey. It's before Connect 3 performed live for the first time so we really were not that famous back then. I met her in a hospital when I got this very rare sickness. Just kidding, I broke my arm and leg because of craziness. Hey, who can blame a seven year old boy who loves playing Peter Pan and jumping from bed to bed? But I got injured when I jumped from the window to our backyard. I was playing Peter and I was about to fight Hook which happened to be played by our dog. So there, I was in a private room and was rarely visited by friends. One day this girl got lost and found her way to my room. I was really annoyed by the hospital ambiance and I managed to use my anger on her. Instead, she didn't even get scared. She yelled at me and called me a jerk. Can you believe that? I can, because before I was just Shane. We got to know each other and yes, we both love music. But she was just there because her mom was working as the cook. When her mom earned enough so with her dad, they planned to start their own business. And yes, she had to leave. Before we parted, we promised each other that one day when I was already freed, we will compose a duet song and sing it together, live, in front of so many people. That was the promise we never forgot. But kids huh, we never actually thought of how in the world can we even know where each other was after saying bye. From then on, I focused on my life, career, and music. Somehow, I met three girls who called me jerk and made me feel like I was just a person, one who needs to treat people humanly. The first was the little girl, then Msongbook_347, and lastly Mitchie. She's a camper like me before. The only reason I went there for the second time was because I acted like a real jerk and Jase and Nate (my bandmates) thought that me going there will bring back the old me. Blessedly, it did. I met Mitchie. You know what surprised me though? All three of them happen to be just one girl. Her name is Mitchie Torres – the only girl (except for family of course) I'm allowed to say I love you, the girl I'm desperately trying to reach right now.

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