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Chapter 1 - Draco.

"I have found the most perfect job for you!"

Draco Malfoy glanced up from his favourite celebrity magazine as his friend and flatmate Pansy came rushing through the front door, her arms laden with bags upon bags from one of her shopping expeditions.

Her face was flushed a rosy pink from having to hike up the 3 flights of stairs that led to their flat.

The building did have a lift - which had been a main priority when Draco and Pansy had been flat hunting because both were too lazy to trek up and down stairs - but it had been out of action every other week since they had moved in due to kids jamming the doors open and such. As retribution for making them exercise, they both took it in turns to throw water balloons down the stairwell whenever they heard the little thugs. The unwitting criminals had yet to realise who it was that was soaking them. Something that Draco and Pansy took much delight in.

Pansy pranced over to where Draco sat, and unceremoniously crashed down onto the sofa beside him, dropping her bags carelessly at her feet as she sank into the soft cushions.

"Christ, I'm so doing the next water balloon attack. I nearly had a heart attack walking up those stairs with all these bags. The little shits won't know what hit them!" Pansy panted slightly, the exertion clearly too much for her.

Draco chuckled slightly at his friend's entrance and shook his head humorously, his white blonde hair falling into his eyes from the action.

"Hello to you too, Miss Parkinson." He smiled, dumping his magazine next to her bags and throwing an arm round her shoulder. Pansy, as he suspected she would, melted against him.

"Hello, Draco." She sighed, her eyes sliding closed tiredly.

Draco rested his head on top of hers and squeezed her into his size in a comforting gesture.

"Tea or Vodka?" He asked her, a smile springing to his face as he anticipated her answer.

Pansy and Draco had lived together for 18 months now, and they had come to know each other inside out. Asking Pansy if she wanted vodka was like asking a fish if it likes living in water. It was pretty much a given.

"Oh, you beautiful man! Marry me!" She sighed blissfully, opening one of her chocolate brown eyes and peering at him cheekily. Her long shiny chestnut hair, that was usually immaculate, had gone slightly awry from her expedition up Mount Staircase and was splayed across the side of her face resembling a bird's nest. Brushing the mess behind her ear with his fingers and kissing her forehead lightly, Draco gazed at her with a sombre expression. However, amusement sparkled in his eyes as he blew out a mock sigh.

"If only you weren't already marrying my oldest and dearest friend…and if only I found you remotely attractive….we would be so happy together. Alas, you are engaged and I am gay." He murmured, placing a hand on his chest as though his heart were breaking, and closing his eyes with a shake of his head.

Pansy sighed dramatically and turned to peer at Draco. She, too, shook her head with disappointment and a martyred frown slid across her face.

"Well, vodka will have to do then."

They abruptly burst out laughing; both used to the dramatic little skits that always seemed to effortless find a way into their day. Shoving each other playfully, they both heaved themselves from the sofa and made their way into the kitchen where a healthy supply of alcohol was stocked in the fridge. They tended to ignore the fact that the absence of food should be an indication that their priorities were ever so slightly off centre, but they brushed off the matter. After all, they were 25. They were Twentysomething's and as rule number 1 in the 'Twentysomething handbook' they were required to be carefree and drunk 70 % of the week. If they needed food…they'd call for a pizza. Rules were rules, and rules must be obeyed.

Draco sidled over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of vodka they had opened the day before, along with a lemon and some lemonade. Pansy grabbed two glasses and they met each other at the chopping board.

"So, this perfect job? Is it perfect like the last one? You know, where I was required to wash old people!" Draco quipped, his nose wrinkling slightly at the memory.

Pansy hopped up onto the counter as Draco began slicing the lemon, and she sloppily poured the vodka into each of the two glasses. This certainly wasn't a household that used such instruments as measuring cups. Oh, no. If you were going to drink alcohol at their place, then you had to consider the possibility of maybe having your stomach pumped at the end of the night. Their motto was 'If you're going to drink it, drink it in large doses!'

"Oh, no, this one really is perfect! This hot shot solicitor needs a personal assistant/secretary type person, and you would be great at that because you love to boss people around!" Pansy explained, knocking back a quick shot of vodka from the bottle and coughing slightly as it burned a trail down her throat. Cringing, she continued. "I mean, literally, all you have to do is tell him what appointments he has, and make him the odd cup of tea. I guess there would be filing, but knowing you, you'd find someone else to do that for you. Like I said, it's perfect!"

Draco threw the lemon slices into the glasses and poured in the lemonade, a disbelieving frown on his face as he glanced at his over excitable friend. "Pans, there is no way on earth that a job in a law firm is going to be that easy. Besides, the only experience of typing and shit that I've had is talking bollocks in chatrooms. I very much doubt that I can include that in my C.V." he smirked, pulling the bottle away from Pansy's lips and taking a swig for himself.

"Oh, come on Dray! You know that I wrote Blaise such an awesome C.V. that he is actually allowed to teach children. The man just about made it out of school himself. Once I'm done I could make you sound like Bill 'frigging' Gates and Stephen 'bloody' Hawking all rolled into one. And experience? Ha, you have life experience - That's all you need, my darling." Pansy smiled in a self-satisfied manor. Draco had a feeling that she'd already seen his argument coming and had planned her counter attack in advance.

Draco grabbed his glass and hopped up onto the island in the middle of the kitchen, adjacent to Pansy's perch beside the chopping board.

"Speaking of Blaise, oh beloved husband-to-be, where is he?" Draco asked, pulling a straw from the drawer beneath his leg and popping it into his glass.

Pansy frowned and cocked her head to the side. "You know, that's a very good question! 6pm on a Thursday, he knows that it's happy hour…" She exclaimed, holding her glass up for emphasis, and reaching for the phone that was attached to the wall on her right.

"Well, in all fairness, Pans - Any hour of the day is happy hour for us if we are in the mood." Draco laughed as the brunette began dialling her fiancé's number.

"Yes, well, we have to celebrate your new job." She smirked, which turned into a smile when Draco rolled his eyes.

Draco glanced around the kitchen as Pansy began muttering on the phone. It hadn't changed much since they had moved in. Draco had left most of the decorating to Pansy, seeing as it was her forte being an interior designer, and the end result had been surprisingly to his taste.

For instance the kitchen was the most dramatic room in the flat with its bright red cupboards and drawers and black marble work surfaces. Every utensil and accessory was silver, and absolutely nothing was out of place. Both Pansy and Draco, although fond of a party and the odd drink, were both meticulously tidy which kept Pansy's 'visions' as they were originally…well, envisioned.

Draco focused back on the women sat opposite him when he heard the phone being dumped back on its holder.

"He was stuck giving some little shit detention, and now he's behind on his marking! He won't be here until at least 7pm because he has to go home and change. Looks like it's just us kiddo." She announced, sliding off the counter, and in one swift movement had unzipped the back of her dress and slipped it off revealing her navy blue Bra and hotpant underwear. "I've wanted to do that all day. Itchy as fuck that dress is." She complained.

Draco didn't bat an eyelid as she did this, being quite used to Pansy's many states of undress. He suspected that he'd seen the girl naked more times than Blaise had, and not once had he ever thought anything of it. Well, that was a lie. He'd once thought that her breasts looked bigger when she was naked and he had asked her if he could see what they felt like, in which she had obligingly grabbed his hand and held it against it for an excruciating length of time. But that was as far as it had gone. Draco had swiftly gone and washed his hands and had never been curious about her body parts since.

"Ooh, that colour is to die for." Draco announced, staring at the lacy fabric. "That's exactly the colour I wanted my bedroom." He added.

"I know, right. It's gorgeous, isn't it?!" She called as she ran to grab a pair of pyjamas from the laundry room. "I was thinking of redoing the lounge in this, but if you want it for your bedroom than consider it done." She said, wandering back into the kitchen wearing bright pink shorts and a white vest.

Hopping back upon the counter she gazed at Draco. "So, this job - What do you think?"

Draco frowned thoughtfully. What did he think? He needed a job, that much was a given. He'd been out of work for weeks now, and living off an allowance from his parents at his age was just pathetic.

His parents didn't mind subsidising him, after all they had more money than sense, but Draco wanted to take care of himself. He wanted to earn his own money, and feel that happy rush when you open your pay packet and know that you worked hard for every single penny of it.

"Well, you haven't given me much to go on. Where is it, who's it for, what hours, and what do they pay?" Draco asked, counting off each on his fingers.

Pansy laughed and threw back another mouthful of her drink. "Well, it's at a law firm. For a solicitor. During the day. For money." She answered smartly, pulling a hair band from her wrist and piling her hair into a messy knot near the crown of her head. "All I know is that it's called 'Aurors' and the solicitor is called Harry Potter." She added with a shrug.

Draco frowned in concentration; almost sure he had heard of 'Aurors' before. It definitely rang a bell.

"Aurors? …Hang on…as in Aurors that represented Theo…" Draco trailed off. An uneasy knot twisted in his stomach as he uttered the name that had been practically taboo in the household in the 18 months they had lived together.

The playful, friendly atmosphere that had been floating around since her arrival home was instantly swallowed by a heavy silence and Pansy shifted uncomfortably as she realised her error. She took a swig of her drink simply for something to do and watched the blonde over the top of her glass. A dark shadow passed over Draco's face. His hands gripped the counter top, his knuckles turning white. His eyes stared at his lap, obviously seeing something far off in the past, and Pansy scolded herself for not making the connection earlier when she had first heard of the job vacancy. Aurors! How many law firms would have such a strange name, how could she possibly forget!

"Harry Potter, you say? Was that….?" Draco asked mutely, turning his gaze back to Pansy.

She swiftly shook her head. "No. I believe he was represented by a woman. Hermione Weasley. I remember because we called her 'Weasel Women'" She replied, a small smile sliding onto her lips.

Draco, who had chosen that moment to drink some of his beverage choked as she spoke.

"Oh…yeah. -" He coughed. "- Weasel Woman." He added with a smirk.

"Sorry, I didn't think. I should've realised…" Pansy began guiltily only to be cut off by Draco.

"No, it's fine. Don't worry. In fact, if anything, it's made me curious. I may have to check it out, see what other criminals they choose to defend." Draco muttered, throwing the remainder of his drink back, and jumping down from the counter. "I guess you may have some C.V fraud to commit after all. I wonder if they'll spot that?!" He smirked. "Hey, what time is it?" He added.

"6:30" Pansy announced as she began pouring herself another generous helping of alcohol. "Pass your glass over."

"No, thanks, I'm actually going to jog round to Aurors. It's only 2 streets away, and as it's late they might agree to give me an interview just to get rid of me." Draco explained as he checked his hair in the reflective oven door.

He looked presentable in grey jeans and a black polo neck jumper. His hair was perfect as always. Yes, he could definitely pass for an experienced P.A.

"That's the spirit." Pansy smiled, already consuming most of her second drink. "Get your sexy arse round there and demand the job!"

"O.K, then." He laughed as he leaned over and kissed Pansy on the cheek. "Save me some for when I get back, yeah?!" he said, nodding toward the bottle which was looking dangerously close to being empty.

"There's plenty more where that came from, besides I deserve more than you because I've had a stressful day!" The brunette whined.

"What, shopping? Oh, yes, stress aplenty!" Draco smirked before gliding from the kitchen.

"I'll have you know that it's very stressful actually!" Pansy called as he pulled on his black shoes and grabbed his keys.

"I'll take your word for it" He called back with a smirk. "See you in a bit"

"Good luck!" He heard Pansy yell as he closed the front door, and he smiled to himself as he thought of the state she'd likely be in when he returned. Pansy was a notorious lightweight.

He jogged down the stairs, cursing the lift, and upon making it out on to the street he turned left and headed for Aurors.

The same uneasy knot he felt in his stomach back in the kitchen returned as he made his way to the law firm. He didn't like that it was back after 18 months of living without it. The last year and a half had been a carefree, Nott free existance and he liked it that way.

Plastering a smile onto his face, Draco determinedly shifted his unease away and upped his pace.

Thankfully the lights were still on at Aurors when he arrived outside, and it still looked as though it were a busy working day inside. Draco frowned slightly at this, more than a little concerned that - if he was to get the job - he might be required to stay late, too. When would he have happy hour?

Pushing the door open, Draco made his way over to the large reception desk directly ahead of him. A squat plump woman, who greatly resembled a toad, was sat in the chair behind, and when he entered a look of superiority crossed her unattractive face.

"Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to speak to Harry Potter?" He asked in his most pleasant voice. Most of the time his pleasant voice worked, especially with ugly older women who thought he was trying to flirt, but this toad women seemed entirely unaffected.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asked, her tone suggesting that she was aware he didn't have an appointment and that he was very much below her. Ha.

"No, I don't. I'm here about the Personal assistant vacancy, though -" He began only to be cut off.

"Applicants are required to send their by either post or E-mail to the appropriate address. If you are deemed qualified for the position then you will be notified of an interview by post." The women explained. Her face conveyed her doubt that Draco would be likely to receive such a letter. Affronted as he was by the hideous women, he couldn't help but agree with her. Like he was actually going to be nearly qualified enough.

"Look, I just want a quick word with him -"

"That's impossible. Mr Potter is a very busy man and -" The women began, but the doors opening to her right caught her attention and she swivelled her head round towards the people exiting them.

A man and women in their mid twenties came through the doors, smiling. The man, who was strikingly handsome in his black suit trousers, white fitted shirt and navy blue tie laughed lightly and Draco found that the sound sent a tingle down his spine. He studied the man more closely, taking in his messy dark hair that seemed an indistinguishable colour. He couldn't decide whether it was black or dark brown. The man was wearing glasses that framed the most beautiful green eyes Draco had ever seen, and he felt the tingle in his spine double.

The woman who was with him was pretty but not strikingly so. Her curly hair was pulled back into a neat bun that had a pen wedged in it for safe keeping. Her business suit seemed frumpy compared to what the Adonis was wearing beside her, and in all, her entire being seemed overshadowed by his blatant hotness.

"…go home Hermione, before Ron comes down here and accuses us of having an affair" The Adonis laughed, sternly pointing at the exit.

Hermione. The Weasel Woman. Draco scowled in her direction.

"Excuse me Mr…" The toad like women was trying to get his attention, and he ripped his eyes away from couple and back to the receptionist.

"Malfoy. Mr Malfoy. And, really is it going to be so difficult to ask Mr Potter for 5 minutes of his time?" Draco bristled. It wasn't like asking much.

"Well, I'm a very busy man." A voice from behind him laughed, and Draco turned to face the Adonis - his interest in the job well and truly piqued now. He could certainly handle The Weasel Women if he got to work for The Dashing Harry. He noticed with relief that said Weasel Women had left whilst his back had been turned.

"You're Harry Potter?" Draco asked, disbelief apparent in his voice. If the Adonis confirmed that he was than Draco was having this job!

"That's right. And you are?" Harry asked his face open and friendly, and Draco's stomach flipped.

"Draco Malfoy." He said as confidently as he could, and extended his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I was wondering if I could speak to you about the P.A vacancy?" He added.

Harry wrapped his long tan digits around Draco's and shook his hand.

'Firm grip' Draco thought 'Oh, I could definitely put that to use!' and he found himself unable to suppress the smile that sprang to his face. Luckily Draco had a set of perfect white teeth, so he was more than inclined to show them off.

"Ah, well I'm sure Dolores has informed you that you are required to send a C.V-" Harry asked with a small frown.

"Yes, she did." Draco replied, eyeing the hideous Dolores who was eavesdropping from behind her desk. "However, curiosity got the better of me. I had to come round and see, for myself, Aurors and of course - you. Wouldn't want to apply for a job for a firm or a boss that I disliked."

He was aware that he was flirting, and he scolded himself for it. He had to at least appear professional; he needed every advantage he could get.

Harry seemed to be vaguely impressed by Draco's forwardness and his eyes appraised the blonde interestedly as he released his hand.

"That's very honest of you, Mr Malfoy. We here at Aurors pride ourselves on honesty and integrity." Harry said, nodding his head with a smile.

Draco suppressed the urge to laugh in the solicitor's face as he processed the man's words. They prided their selves on honesty, yet they represented compulsive liars and criminals. Made sense…

"I like to know that every member of my team is willing to take chances in order to get the desired result. I see you have that quality in droves." Harry added, his smile morphing into an indulgent grin. His body language open and relaxed with his left hip resting against the Toad Woman's desk almost perching on the edge of it. Unconsciously, he ran his tie between his index and middle finger of his right hand as he gazed at Draco's face.

"So, Mr Malfoy. Upon this mock inspection will we be receiving an application from you?" Harry asked, amusement sparkling in his strikingly green eyes. "If so, I'd be happy to interview you personally…say…tomorrow morning? 10am?" He smiled, turning his head toward Toad Women "I believe I have a free appointment at that time, Dolores?" He enquired, his forehead creasing into a slight frown. Draco felt the urge to reach over and smooth out the frown lines between Harry's eyebrows with his thumb.

"Well, it appears so, Mr Potter. I was under the impression that applicants were to-" The toad women began, her chin rising in self appointed authority.

Harry however was once again focused on Draco, and dismissed her query. "Yes, yes, that was going to be the running order of things; however Mr Malfoy here may be just what I'm looking for. God forbid that I end up with another Hannah." Harry sighed, his sparkling eyes rolling in amusement. He must have seen the curious frown that sprang to Draco's face because he continued. "Hannah was…over excitable. There always tended to be more Tea on the case files than words." He smiled. "When she could actually find the case files, that is"

Draco felt a smile slid across his own face, but one that was for a very different reason. Draco was definitely going to be a 'Hannah'.

"Well, 10am sounds perfect." Draco said as confidently as he could, however, he couldn't help the hand that ran nervously through his hair. How on earth was he going to actually get this job?

Harry's smile brightened, and he stood up straight again, once more extending his hand to Draco. "I'm glad to see Aurors has passed your analysis." Harry laughed good naturedly. His expression turned professional as he continued. "You are required to bring your C.V and appropriate references, and if I feel that you are suitable we can organize starting dates etc. If you sign in with Dolores upon arrival you will be given a visitors pass, and if I'm not unexpectedly tied up with a client, I will come out and meet you at promptly 10am."

Draco nodded; clasping his hand around Harry's and returned the firm handshake. "Thank you, Mr Potter. I really appreciate this opportunity." He smiled.

"You're welcome, Mr Malfoy. Until tomorrow, then - have a good evening." Harry nodded, his smile warm as he released Draco's hand and turned to disappear back through the doors he had appeared from. Draco watched Harry's long slender legs tread their way across the plush carpeted floor until they were out of sight, and he felt a string of butterflies begin to dance in the pit of his stomach.

Good lord, well done. That is one fine creature you've created there.

The sound of indignation interrupted Draco's train of thought and he turned to face the Toad Women. Her face reflected her annoyance at the blonde, and he just smiled widely at her in return.

"Well, Dolores, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Try not to work too hard now." He grinned, before he turned to leave. His heart that was floating about in his chest sank slightly when realised that the likelihood of him actually being suitable for the job was pretty non existent. He prayed, as he jogged back to his flat, that Pansy wasn't so wasted that she couldn't help him lie though his teeth in his C.V.

To Be Continued…


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