Once they had arrived at Claire's apartment, Sam and Dean explained to her how they were hunters and how it was that they'd be able to put an end to Chris, Simon and Shark's reign of terror. In return, Claire told them all about moving to San Fransisco with Chris, and how Simon and Shark had invited their way into his life. She told them how they'd turned him into a vampire, but left out the part about them turning her into one. Though she could tell Dean was taken with her, she didn't know wether or not to test the situation by telling him and Sam the truth. She did however tell them that the three vampires had asked her to join them, to become one of them.

"It's gettin' late." Dean said after she had finished explaining everything. "You should get some rest Claire."

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep all that well now. Besides, don't we have to figure out how to find my brother?"

"Well after what you've told us, I'd say theres a good chance that he'll try and come after you again. Maybe we should wait till he shows up. Hopefully he'll lead Simon and Shark here too." Sam said.

"You really think they'll come for me again?" Claire panicked.

Dean noticed her reaction, "Me and Sam are gonna stay here and keep an eye out for you until the jobs done. You don't have to be afraid. We've come up against worse." he said reassuringly.

"In fact, I was just thinking that one of us should keep watch on the building from the car." Sam said.

"Good idea Sam, call me if you see them." Dean said quickly.

Sam should have realised that as soon as he'd suggested the idea that Dean would be quick to give the task to him. Any excuse for him to be alone with Claire.

"Okay then." Sam sighed as he got up off the couch and made his way out of the door.

The room was suddenly very silent except for a clock ticking on the wall.

"I must look a mess." Claire said eventually.

Dean looked at her and smiled, "No. Actually you look quite beautiful in a 'nearly got bitten by a vampire' kind of way."

"Either way I could do with a shower." she said nervously though smiling at the compliment. She then went off into the bathroom leaving Dean alone with his thoughts.

After a few minutes, he reached for the TV remote that was on the table to the side of the couch, and pressed the on button. A news reporter appeared on the screen and the words 'Serial Killer strikes again' scrolled underneath the live footage. Dean turned the volume up. The reporter Hannah Todd was delivering grim news;

'Police are yet to make a statement regarding the murder of two young women tonight, one of which was found in the building behind me, though it is rumoured that the bodies were found in an identical condition to that of the previous victims who were found drained of a lethal amount of blood before their bodies were dumped in various locations.

'As before, the two latest victims are believed to have been picked at random as they are from different walks of life and were not connected to each other in any way apart from the tragic way that their lives were taken. This happens barely twenty four hours since the last murder, where a twenty five year old prostitute was found dead in a warehouse downtown. Our city is again left in fear of the serial killer, who has been nicknamed the Frisco Fiend. People are advised to be cautious and not to wander the streets alone. Please stay tuned for updates as we gather further information.'

"Oh hell!" Dean said as what he'd heard sunk in.

"It was them, wasn't it?" Claire asked from behind him. Dean turned to see her appear form the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her wet hair draped over her shoulders.

"Sure sounds like their handy work, yeah." he sighed. "If me and Sam had caught them earlier...we could have stopped that."

"It's not your fault Dean. You tried your best."

"Yeah well our best just got two more people killed."

Claire sat down on the couch beside him and Dean again found that he couldn't take his eyes off her. It was all he could do to stop himself from ripping the towel away and do a lot more then just look. It wasn't easy though, especially as he watched a rivulet of water drip from her hair and slither down between her breasts disappearing beneath the the plush white cotton that covered them from his view. How he wished he was that drop of water right now.

He reluctantly tore his gaze away from that particular area and looked up into her eyes. He noticed that she was blushing slightly due to seeing where he'd been looking the moment before. Then to his surprise she leaned her head towards him and touched her soft lips against his, her sweet warm breath tasted good as he pulled her closer.

As their kisses became more intense she straddled him giving Dean the opportunity to let his hands roam around, exploring the silky white flesh on her thighs before slowly moving them higher up, daring to trespass underneath the towel. He felt her shiver at the feel of his caress but no sooner had he done that, then she broke away from him.

"I can't...I'm sorry..." she said as tears started to pour from her eyes.

"It's okay." Dean said gently.

"Theres things about me that you don't know." she sobbed into his chest. He hugged his strong arms around her.

"Ssshh." he whispered soothingly, massaging a hand gently on her back.

She cried for quite some time and Dean really wished that there was something he could do to make her feel better instead of feeling like the hopeless spectator of her personal anguish.


"Can I ask you something?" Claire asked as her tears had finally started to subside. She shifted her position so that she could see Dean's face better.


"If you ever found out someone you knew, someone that you cared about had turned into a vampire, would you have to kill them?"

Dean looked confused at the choice of question, but answered it anyway. "If they'd killed someone...then I'd have no choice. No matter how much it would hurt, its my job." he sighed.

Claire got up from his lap and walked slowly across the room keeping her back to him. "What if I was to tell you that they turned me?" her voice was shaking.

Dean sat up straighter, "What?"

"I'm a vampire Dean." she confessed, "One night, Chris, Simon and Shark came here...and they made me one of them." she turned around to face him now. "I havn't killed anyone though. Not yet."

Dean got to his feet and made his way over to where she was stood. "Well I wasn't expecting this." he said blankly.

"I know, and I'm sorry. I lied to you and your brother, I've led you on. I just felt as though I couldn't lie to you any more."

"If you havn't killed anyone then how..."

"I drink animal blood." she answered before he could finish. "I'm a freak. You should have just let my brother kill me tonight. It would have been better for everyone."

"No. It wouldn't."

"It's no good Dean. I can't keep living like this."

"Look, I'll get you through this somehow, I promise." Dean said, his voice soft and genuine.

"But, people like me...we shouldn't even exist. It's wrong." a few more tears trickled from her eyes, "What if I slip up? What if I end up killing someone? I don't want to be like that. I'd rather die..."

"No! It doesn't have to be like that Claire. You've done fine up until now. We have come across other vampires who survive on just animal blood." he reached out his hands and cupped her face wiping away her tears with his thumbs.

"I don't think I'm strong enough..." she said, in almost a whisper.

"Yes you are."

"No. You have to kill me Dean. You have to!" she backed away from him and grabbed the machete off the table where he had placed it earlier, and shoved it into his hand. "Do it!" she yelled, closing her eyes in anticipation, her whole body trembling.

Dean looked down at the machete then suddenly tossed it across the room. It clattered as it bounced off the far wall, then landed on the floor. "I'm not killing you!" he yelled back at her, prompting her to open her eyes.

"But you're a hunter! That's what you're supposed to do!"

"Not this time!"

"Then I'll do it myself somehow if I have to!" she tried to go after the machete but Dean grabbed one of her arms and swung her back towards him. Her body met his, and he pulled her even closer with both arms wrapping tightly around her. For the second time that evening, their lips met with an urgent passion and they kissed each other hard and greedily, desperate for more, desperate for it to last forever.

Dean reached to her front and yanked the towel away in one quick movement, whilst she tugged hungrily at the zip on his jeans. Without unlocking their lips, they shuffled into the direction of the bedroom.


Dean sighed contentedly as he snuggled his muscular naked body closer to Claire who was now sound asleep thanks to their exhausting, although highly pleasurable, physical escapades. The sheets still felt damp from their sweat and clung to their skin intimately. H'ed never thought that he would have ended up feeling this way about anybody. But, he really truly believed what that feeling meant; that he had fallen in love. A power that had gripped him tightly, holding every ounce of his being at mercy.

He knew that falling for a vampire went against everything that he believed in. But for once, he found himself not caring. Throughout his life he'd given enough of himself to others, so wasn't it time that he took something for himself?

Just then, the sound of the main apartment door opening made him jump. He climbed out of the bed and pulled his jeans on quickly. He carefully looked out from the bedroom door, but was relieved to see that it was just Sam.

"Hey Sammy." he greeted him casually.

"Well, I didn't see any of the vamps outside." Sam yawned, stretching his arms out over his head. When he was done, he looked back at Dean and noticed that he was half-naked and dishevelled. "You didn't?" he asked in disbelief.

Dean grinned.

"Dude!" Sam raised his voice.

"Shush! Shes still asleep. Think I wore her out..."

"You know what, I don't wanna know."

Dean knew that he was going to have to tell him about Claire being a vamp, so he sucked in a deep breath. "Sam theres somethin' I gotta tell you." he said in a serious tone.

Sam looked worried, "What is it?"

"Claire kinda has another serious problem...shes a vampire too."

"Dean, I've been up all night, I'm tired as hell, so I'm really not in the mood for jokes."

"Its not a joke Sam. Her brother and his blood-sucking buddies turned her a while ago. She hasn't killed any one though, shes been drinking animal blood."

Sam's jaw dropped in shock, "Just out of interest, Dean. Did you find out about this before or after you slept with her?"

When Dean didn't answer, Sam guessed correctly.

"What were you thinking! She could have hurt you!"

"No. She'd never hurt me."

"How can you know that Dean? Vampires arn't exactly the most predictable creatures in the world. Not to mention the fact that its just...wrong!" Sam continued, a look of pure disgust on his face.

"What gives you the right to stand there and lecture me? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wern't you the one who got down and dirty with that demon bitch Ruby?"

"That was different Dean!"

"Different? How is that different Sam?"

"Well for a start, I'd known her for more than five minutes before anything happened! I knew what to expect!"

"So what, your saying that demons can't be unpredictable?"

"You know what Dean, I'm not getting into this with you!"

"I like how you'll quiz me about my wrong doings, but when I bring up something that you've done, its off limits!" Dean yelled back.

Sam paced towards the door, but before he walked out he turned to Dean one last time, "Do what the hell you like Dean! I'm done caring!" he then sighed, "I'm going back to the motel to clean up and get my things." he chucked Dean's car keys across the room and slammed the door behind himself as he left.

"Fine! Be like that!" Dean shouted after him.


Sam managed to hitch a ride to the motel, and as soon he went into his and Dean's room, he grabbed his duffel and started to pile his stuff into it. He was starting to get real sick of the way that Dean talked down to him. Okay, so sleeping with Ruby had been a mistake, but Sam had admitted that to Dean in good faith as a gesture of honesty to his brother, but not for it to be used as ammunition when they got into a fight.

Just because Dean was older, it didn't mean that he got to call all the shots or make him the better judge of who was right, or who was wrong. And right now, Dean was wrong. Getting involved with a vampire was putting him great danger, but he wasn't seeing clearly because love or whatever, was severely clouding his judgement.

Sam huffed as he took his frustration out on the clothes he was squeezing into the bag. When he was done with those, he went into the the bathroom to get his toothbrush and wash bag from the sink, but before he picked them up he turned the cold tap on, collected some of the water in cupped hands, and wiped them over his face to refresh his flustered skin. He then looked at himself in the mirror, which is when he saw the Chris, Simon and Shark standing behind him.

He quickly turned, but Chris lunged at him, pushing him so hard that his head cracked the mirror, knocking him out.


"I didn't mean to fall out with him." Dean told Claire, "He might be a pain in the ass but hes still my brother and I love the stupid sonofabitch."

"This is all my fault. I'm so sorry Dean." Claire said.

"No it's not. I should have took more control of the situation."

Claire looked disappointed, "So you regret what happened between us?"

Dean took her hand, "No, I don't and never will."

Claire smiled. "Maybe you should try Sam's cell again." she suggested.

"No. I'll give him more time to cool off first, then we might have a better chance of having a sensible discussion."

But just then his own phone started to ring. He removed it from his pocket and looked at the I.D. on the screen. "It's Sam!" he said happily, then held the phone to his ear. "Sammy?"

"I'm afraid not." said an unfamiliar voice on the other end.

"Who is this?"

"Its Chris. I see you've been getting cozy with my sister."

"Wheres my brother you bastard?" Dean yelled. Claire not being able to hear the other side of the conversation, waited, worried.

"Hes safe. For now."

"What do you want?"

"I want my sister, Dean. If you don't bring her to me, we'll kill Sam."

"Where do I meet you?" Dean asked desperately.

"Theres an abandoned steel mill about five blocks from Claire's apartment. Be there in exactly an hour or your brother will suffer some extreme blood loss. Oh and Dean, don't try anything stupid, you'll only make things worse." with that, he hung up.

"What's happened?" Claire asked.

"Your brother and his friends have taken Sam."

"Oh my god!" she gasped.

"He said that they'll kill him if I don't take you to him."

Claire started shaking, but she knew what she had to do. "You and Sam saved my life last night Dean, so now, I save his."

"No! I'll work out how to do this without you!" Dean said, already running possible scenarios through his head.

"But Dean, I have to! You don't know them like I do. The're clever. Turn up without me and Sams dead! Theres no other way!" she stomped purposefully across the room and pulled her boots on.

"I can't let anything happen to either of you Claire."

"Look, maybe after they hand Sam back to you, I'll be able to get away somehow." she was trying to sound optimistic but wasn't quite pulling it off.

"I hope so." Dean said un-confidently.


Both Dean and Claire were silent on the drive to the steel mill. Mostly this was because Dean was concentrating on trying to form a plan that would save Sam and also prevent Claire from ending up in danger. But he knew that until they arrived, there was no way of knowing the vampire's game plan, which rendered any of his ideas useless.

Eventually, he pulled up outside the huge building which was boarded up. It must have been many years since the workers had last clocked out.

They got out of the car, Dean fully alert to their surroundings and looking carefully around as he opened up the trunk and took out his machete. He wasn't sure wether or not the vamps would let him get away with bringing it in with him, but figured he needed to at least try.

They walked around the edge of the building to find a way in. Soon they came across a door so Dean opened it slowly peering around the frame as he did so. Unfortunately the hinges had rusted, so it creaked loudly with every movement.

They found themselves in a massive room, evidence of the production that the factory once did glared at them from every angle. Machines and tools of various shapes and sizes stood in separate stations, whilst rusted fillings carpeted the floor along with papers that had been left behind.

Dean grabbed Claire's hand, and they made their way across the room, still looking around as they went.

Just then there was a heavy clanking sound coming from above. They looked up to see Shark hanging from a thick chain in the rafters. "Hey! You made it!" he shouted down to them. Then he let himself fall through the air. He landed smoothly like an acrobat on his feet just in front of them. He grinned maliciously at Claire as he closed the gap between them.

"Wheres Sam, Shark?" she demanded.

"Hey, hey! Chill babe we'll get to that bit." he replied.

"No. You'll take us to him now you sonofabitch!" Dean shouted, his voice rich with fury.

Shark turned to face him. "First you gonna have to leave your little knife here." he said sarcastically as he placed his hands on his hips.

"It ain't so little when it cuts through vampire neck!" Dean retaliated.

Shark chuckled, "Either way my man, put it down or your bro stops breathin'."

Dean exchanged a quick glance with Claire before placing the machete on the ground in front of him, kicking it away to the side. It slid steadily across the gritty ground and came to a stop under a work bench.

Shark approved of the action. "Okay, I'll take you to you're precious Sam now."

He then led them across the room and through another door where they were confronted by Simon and Chris. Sam was bound and gagged in a chair behind them at the far end of the small room, his face bloody and bruised. He looked so weak that Dean's natural instinct was to run towards him, but Simon tripped him. He fell to the ground with a thud.

"Easy there fella!" Simon mocked, "Not yet." Dean noticed him nodding a silent order to Chris, and he grabbed hold of Claire.

Seeing this made Dean madder then hell, "You hurt her, and I swear to god I'll..."

"What we do to her is no concern of yours now, unless of course you want me to continue beating your brother?" said Simon before punching Sam in the face to prove his point. Sam groaned in pain through the gag as more blood trickled down his face.

"Take her!" Simon told Chris, who dragged her back through the door.

"Please Chris! Let me go!" she pleaded with her brother as he took her. She continued to yell and scream at him as they got further away.

Dean tried to get to his feet but Simon kicked him back down. "You need to stay here with your brother Dean!" he snapped circling around him.

For some reason Shark left the room then, but Simon kept focused on Dean. "I realise that you will try and come after us Dean, but just so you know, I'm going to be locking you in here first. I know that you'll get out eventually, be we should be long gone by then and Claire will already be dead." With that he ran out of the room laughing slamming the door closed before Dean heard the click of a lock.

He got to his feet and rushed over to Sam. After removing the gag, he took out his pocket knife and cut him free.

"Dean....I'm sorry." Sam winced.

"Don't worry about that, are you okay?"

"Yeah except that my whole body aches."

Dean walked over to the door, and even though he knew it was locked, he tried forcing it open anyway. It wouldn't budge. He then turned back around and scanned the room floor to ceiling. "You think you'll be alright to climb through there?" he asked stepping forwards. He pointed to a large vent cover behind where Sam was sat. "I figure we'll be able to get out through there."

"You think we'll have time to save her?" Sam, asked as he stood up unsteadily from the chair taking a look at Dean's proposed escape route himself.

"I hope so." Dean went over to the vent cover, noticed that all but two of the screws were missing, so began pulling at it with his bare hands. Sam took a hold as well and helped him. After some effort the cover pulled off completely.

Dean pulled himself into the dark hole and started to crawl through with Sam following closely behind.

For a few long minutes they made their way through the dark labyrinth, before finally Dean spotted some light up just ahead. "Sam, I think I found the way out!." he shouted behind him.

"Good 'cus its starting to get claustrophobic in here." Sam huffed.

As Dean drew closer to the light, he squinted seeing that it was another vent cover. As soon as he reached it, he bashed at it with his fists and thankfully managed to work it loose and it dropped to the floor below with a crash.

He looked out to see they were slightly higher up now but he pulled himself out, twisting to keep hold of the end as the rest of his body dangled below. He then let go and safely landed on the ground where he waited for Sam. They were in a smaller room now, but as he looked around, he could see that there was a gap in the wall where the bricks had crumbled, leading directly outside.

After Sam had successfully made it out of the vent himself, they ran through the gap and around the outside of the building. Just when Dean thought they had made it back to where he and Claire had got into the building before, they heard shouts.

"Drop it Claire!" Chris was yelling.

"I can't Chris, I have to kill them before they can hurt anyone else!"

Dean and Sam slowed to take a look through a broken window and saw that Claire had the machete held to Simon's neck, Chris and Shark watching.

Before Sam could stop him, Dean continued running further along until he reached the door and burst through it. "You heard her. the Partys over boys!" he then turned to Claire, "It's alright, you can give me the machete back now. Me and Sam will take care of them." he took a second to smile at her, but Shark leapt forwards and pushed him away.

Sam ran through the door and punched Shark who fell face first across one of the machines. Frantically he then grabbed at a chain saw he'd seen on the floor, and by a stroke of luck, it started. With one quick movement, he decapitated the vampire. Blood spurted from the body as the head rolled away.

By now Dean had managed to get to his feet. He took the machete off Claire, and sliced through Simon's neck as if it were butter.

Chris realising that his days were numbered if he hung around any longer, decided to run through the mill.

"Stay here!" Dean shouted to Claire as he and Sam took off after the escapee. Sam took the chain saw along with him as extra protection.

They followed Chris down the whole length of the building through various adjoined rooms. He was fast but they managed to keep up. Just as they were closing the gap between them, somehow Chris had disappeared from view altogether.

"Maybe we should split up." Sam suggested. Dean nodded in agreement, and they walked off in different directions.

Dean walked carefully down a dirty passage way where thick pipes wound their way around the mouldy walls. A small noise suddenly caught his attention. Whatever, or whoever had made it must have been up ahead. Machete at the ready, he charged forward.

Reaching the end of the passage he entered another room and Chris was there trying to find a way out. But unfortunately for him, it was a dead end.

"Hey! Count Crapula!" Dean yelled.

Chris turned around, and having no other option then to prepare to fight back, he picked a steel bar off a table that was next to him.

Dean raced towards him, but the vampire fought back, hitting at the machete with the bar. For a short while they battled it out like this, but eventually Chris managed to knock Dean's weapon from his hands. It flew across the room, and he hit Dean hard around the back of the head sending him to the floor unconscious.

After dropping the bar, Chris walked away and retrieved the machete. After returning to Dean, he held it ready to attack. "You cut my friends heads off, now I do the same to you!" he yelled at Dean's still body.

Just as he had started to swing the blade towards Deans neck he heard a scream.

"No!" Claire yelled as she ran towards him, but he ignored her.

Without second thought, Claire flung herself into the path of the sharp edge which caught across her neck. The pain was over in a flash.

Chris stumbled back stunned as his sisters headless body collapsed onto the ground next to Dean. He dropped the machete and started shaking. "Claire! I didn't mean to...I never wanted to hurt you..." he sobbed as her blood spread fast across the floor. "I only wanted you to join us...so we could be a family again..." as he grieved he didn't notice Sam sneaking up on him to grab the machete.

Sam swung the blade fiercely, lobbing off Chris's head.


"Dean?" Sam asked as his brother started coming to.

"Sam..." said Dean groggily. His head was pounding like a hangover from hell, but he managed to move slightly, focusing his eyes.

"How do you feel?" Sam asked him softly.

"I'm fine, I think." was the unsure reply. "What happened?" he sat himself up realising that he wasn't in the same room as before. He looked around quickly before meeting Sam's eyes. "Wheres Claire?"

Sam's eyes welled up with tears, "I'm sorry Dean. Shes gone."

"No. She can't be, she was safe..." Dean said, disbelieving what he'd just heard.

"She must have followed you," Sam continued, his words choked. "Her brother was going to kill you, but she died to save your life."

As a trickle of tears ran down his brother's face, the truth of what was happening crashed down on Dean like a ton of bricks. His heart suddenly felt like it was being suffocated as his own tears began to fall. "No Sammy, please don't let this be happening..." he sobbed.

Sam reached out and pulled Dean in close allowing him to find comfort in his arms. But he knew that it would take him a lot of time to come to terms with what had happened, like it had done when he'd lost Jess.

Their lives had been cruel to them, swallowing them into a never-ending pit of misery, but Sam knew something which he hoped that Dean would come to realise and find comfort in one day; that love lived on through those left behind, and as long as they remembered the ones who had already gone, they never die. Not really.