Authors Note: Meggie/Dustfinger drabble. Set in Inkdeath.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Meggie's POV



I long for him, day in and day out.

Moe and Resa both are fooled, fooled into thinking I am in love with the boy, Farid. But I knew the truth, I only want him because he is the closest I could get to Dustfinger.

Farid kisses me, oh how he loves to kiss me. Yet his touches don't hold the flame enduced heat that Dustfinger's did.

I could tell by the way that Farid talked about him, that he misses Dustfinger too. But he doesn't miss him as much as I do.

No one does, no one.

I followed Roxanne to where she buried him. It infuriated me to no end that she got the privilege to bury him. She didn't even know him, Not truly. She was so quick to give up hope, just like the first time he left her.

I wasn't a fool, I knew just by the way that Farid looked at me that he loves Dustfinger more than he loves me. But thats alright, because I love Dustfinger more than I love him anyway.

I love Dustfinger more than anyone.

More than Roxanne or Farid could ever hope to love him.

Yet they still pretend, still lie to themselves.

She sickens me by the way she mourns him, as if he actually loved her. It is pathetic, he didn't love her, at least not as much as he loved me.

And he loved me.

They are only kidding themselves. Such fake, laughable lies. It is enough to make me crazy.

I am going to find a way to get him back, even if it means joining him.

Come White Women, take me away.

Take me to my love.

To Dustfinger.