Stranger in the Night

This thought kept running through her head. Just what was she to Toushiro? Sure he had kissed her a few times, but that made it all the more confusing.

"AHHHHHH!" Karin screamed in frustration. The yell was loud enough that an overprotective big brother came charging into the room, looking like he was ready to put himself in front of a bullet if need be.

"Karin, what's wrong?" asked a concerned Ichigo.

"It's nothing Ich-nii. Sorry if I woke you. I'm fine…I…uh…just got a bit frustrated that's all." Ichigo sweat dropped and looked at Karin.

"Okay…if you're sure…" Ichigo said and Karin just nodded. Then Ichigo left the room shaking his head muttering under his breath something about not trusting her brother with secrets.

Karin sighed. That was a close one. Karin thought.

Yes that was, mistress. A voice said. Karin snapped her head up and looked around. "

Who's there?" Karin asked?

Oh please don't tell me that I've been waiting all of those years to come out and when I finally do, this is the welcome I get. The voice continued. Karin looked around once again and sighed.

Oh great. Now I'm hearing things. Karin thought.

No my mistress...well technically you are hearing me but no it's not your imagination, its real. Right after the voice said that, Karin felt eyelids get heavy.

No I can't fall asleep! Not when there is a stranger in my room… Karin heard a light chuckle and then fell into a deep sleep.


When Karin opened her eyes, all she saw was light. "Where am I? Karin wondered out loud.

You are in what I call your…"dream world". It is only a place for you and me. No one else can be here unless it's under dire circumstances…or if you simply allow another person to come here, but I don't highly recommend it. Now…I have awoken early from my long sleep because something is troubling you greatly. Would you like to share? The voice was very soothing and the voice was sweet like honey.

"Why would I share my feelings and thoughts to a stranger?" Karin asked quite rudely. The voice just chuckled once again and repeated the question at hand, however changing up the words slightly to make the question more of a command then question.

"Will you please share your…concerns?" Karin just looked around and saw nothing but light. Then she looked at her feet and screamed.

"WHAT THE HECK?! IM ON A CLOUD! HOW THE HELL AM I STANDING ON A CLOUD?" The voice just started laughing a laugh that was so soft and gentle, it could put a baby to sleep.

Did you not hear what I said before? We are in your "dream world". You can do almost anything you'd like. Karin thought for a minute and then spoke.

"Well if I can do anything I'd like…then for starters, I'd like to know who I'm talking to. What's your name?" Even if I were to scream it out to you, you wouldn't be able to hear my name.

"Well could you at least show yourself?" Karin asked. I am able to do that much for you…

The wind started to blow around Karin and she had to put her hands around her hair to keep it from getting in her face.

Will you close your eyes for one moment? The soft voice asked. Karin nodded and did what she was told. Okay. You can open your eyes now.

The minute she obeyed, her mouth hung open. Right in front of her was a beautiful silver dragon. The dragon had hazel brown eyes and razor sharp claws. But the thing that amazed Karin was that she didn't feel afraid of the dragon one bit.

"Hello." was all Karin could say. Hello mistress. The dragon replied. Karin didn't know how long she was standing there, but it felt like only a few seconds before her stomach growled.

The dragon laughed and then put her head down so that Karin could get a better look at her. As the dragon was leaning down, something inside Karin made her feel adventurous. Unsure at first, Karin started to slowly move towards the beautiful creature. Then as her confidence improved, so did her movements. Karin all but through herself at the dragon and started to stroke its throat. The dragon made a sound that was half between a hum and a purr. Karin smiled and leaned against the dragon. The dragon sensed Karin's comfort and was happy that Karin had already accepted her without a struggle and an explanation of who she was.

Karin. Do you know who I am? The dragon asked quietly. Karin turned around and looked at the dragon.

"I think so. Are you what they call my…uh…zanpaktou?" The dragon looked extremely pleased.

Yes. I am your zanpaktou. I am glad to finally meet you. Karin just nodded.

"So…why is it that I can't hear your name?"

The dragon sighed and spoke. It is because you are not strong enough to hear it. If you ever get threatened or something along the lines of that, then you might possibly hear my name…but don't you even think about putting yourself in that kind of position. Understand? The voice of the dragon never was harsh, but full of compassion.

"Yes ma'am. I understand."

The dragon nodded and then looked around. So mistress, I will ask it again for the third time tonight. Will you please share what is troubling you?

Karin nodded. "I'm not…sure about Toushiro's feelings for me. That's all."

The dragon nodded and sighed. Well I can only help you a little. I could talk to his zanpaktou and ask him, but I'd rather not if I can help it. Karin shook her head at that.

"No no it's okay. You don't have to do that." The dragon nodded in approval.

Okay, I won't ask him. But I always want you to remember something…I am always here for you no matter what. Karin smiled.

Okay mistress. It is now time for you to return to your room. I will talk with you later. Good bye and be safe. With those words, Karin felt as if she was soaring through the sky, as free as could be. However, the feeling left as quickly as it came and Karin opened her eyes. She was back in her bed. Karin looked at her alarm clock and it displayed 9:15 am. Karin stretched and yawned. Karin felt more alive than she ever felt before. Today was going to be a great day for her.