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Recovering What's Mine

Toushiro breathed out a sigh of disbelief. "K-Karin…"

Feeling the sensation of eyes upon her and hearing her name being drawn from someone's lips, Karin turned her head in the direction that she thought was the closest and happened to connect eyes with her "ex-lover".

Having the sides of her mouth twist in the beginnings of a snarl, Karin glared down at Toushiro before twisting off the air she was currently standing on. She plummeted down towards the ground, only to stop a few inches from becoming a smudge on the ground.

"Go…" the baritone voice of Aizen sounded, giving her the command to fulfill her duties as they had agreed, much to the horror of not only Toushiro, but everyone in Soul Society.

"KARIN!" Stephany roared and her silver-metallic dragon wings appeared on her back as she jumped as far as she could towards her own wielder. "What is the meaning of this?" she hissed, sounding more dragon/snake-like by the minute with the rage building in her gut.

"I have done as I pleased. I have broken no rules of Soul Society. I have simply come to pay a visit to all of my… friends." Karin said with a gleam in her eye that made Stephany suspect that Karin was not fully sane.

"Yuki… she is here Karin. You… you wouldn't harm your own daughter…would you?" Stephany asked gently.

"Psh." Karin scoffed. "What does it matter? She's his offspring. Do whatever you want with her." She said heartlessly.

A laugh rang out loud throughout the now soon-to-be battlefield.

"Do you like our new improvements with Karin?" Aizen gently sneered. "It seems that Gin had a hidden ability that none knew about until recently. It brings a person's uttermost hated thoughts to the front so all the person can see is though a blind rage. No way to break it…" he said, not knowing that he had just jinxed himself in a way that could very well cost him his life…

Gin clicked his tongue in amusement to Aizen's taunting.

"Eh… might as well go an' talk with Ran." He said, referring to Masumoto.

"You will go nowhere near her!" Toushiro hissed, clearly disliked being forgotten.

"My, my; aren't we 'he buzz kill of t'day…" Gin said as he used shunpo and disappeared, only to reappear moments later behind Toushiro.

Grounding his teeth together in frustration, Toushiro quickly brought his sword up to parry the attack from Gin's sword, but the force of the attack slightly overwhelmed him and pushed him to the side, just enough for Gin to slice in a downwards motion. Confused, but jumping out of the way, Toushiro was surprised to find that in the downwards motion, Gin altered his course at the last moment and slashed his calf slightly, bringing fourth blood on his leg and slightly slicing through muscle.

Letting out a hiss of pain Toushiro raised his sword up and calmed his thoughts. "Please… Hyourinmaru… please fight with me once more. I will settle the score with everyone once our battle is over but for now I beg of you. Please return to me…" he silently prayed in his head. …You're an idiot… the words floated through his mind. But that's even more of a reason for me to help you… you learn from experience I suppose…

Suddenly a pulse of icy freshness engulfed Toushiro while emitting his icy blue aura of spirit energy. "Rise above the frozen Heavens, Hyourinmaru!" He called out. At once the body of an ice dragon erupted from his sword and charged at Gin, catching him unprepared for the new turn of events, leaving him next to no time to dodge. Ice fangs catching on his shoulder, Hyourinmaru twisted his head as he felt his teeth connect with flesh, causing him to lose his connection, but also seriously wounding his target. Karin… Toushiro thought as he concentrated on his battle.

Meanwhile Stephany charged seemingly at Karin, only to twist out of the way at the last second and head for Aizen, who disappeared within moments of being hit with a strong tornado.

"AIZEN!" Stephany roared. Quickly turning on her wielder, she fired off questions. "Why have you done this, Karin? Don't you know we are your friends? Are you listening to me… can you even hear me? Please, is there any way for you to open your eyes, not with hatred, but who you used to be? Please…" Stephany settled on whimpering.

Jaw set firm, Karin fixed Stephany with a look that clearly said to leave her alone. And with that, Karin also vanished, leaving Stephany and many others to ether search for the two disappearing intruders, or to fight off the never ending stream of hollows that kept appearing one after the other.

"THIS ENDS NOW!" Stephany bellowed and let a stream of fire and lighting intertwined while being boosted by a large tornado, fire at the approaching enemy blasting at least a thousand hollows at contact. But no matter her efforts, it looked futile as another thousand quickly replaced the missing ones within seconds.

Growling deep in her throat with aggravation, the temperature dropped a noticeable ten degrees.

Calm yourself beloved. The voice of Sterling floated through her head. Taking a deep breath Stephany turned around to see who she had around her. To her far left squads one through three were fighting tooth and nail with the hollows and on her right, squads ten through thirteen were battling their own hollows as well. The other squads were mixed together as one large group to fight and cover each other's backs… Just like a real family should… Stephany sighed to herself as she prepared to continue fighting.

"Unohana!" Stephany called out. Seeing the tall yet smaller women below her, Stephany flew to the ground. "We are going to need everyone on your squad here. This is the battle that settles everything…" Stephany cautioned.

Bowing her head in acceptance she spoke gently, despite the circumstance. "It has already been considered and done." She said with a small smile. Stephany smiled back slightly and fully transformed into her dragon form so that she could be heard over the noise of the bloodshed.

"Kenpachi, you and Yachiru… have fun with Gin. I know you didn't get to finish your battle from a while ago. Here is your chance now. Don't disappoint me. She joked mentally using her mental bond to convey the humor in her words thought. She saw him smirk with crazed happiness dancing in his eyes as he called Yachiru over to him. She happily jumped onto his back in her signature spot and together they ran towards Gin and Toushiro.

Nodding with approval Stephany turned next to Soi Fon, I need you and Yoruichi to destroy all the Menos Grande that arrives; I feel many are coming as we speak. I shall personally go track that kisama Aizen down. She requested in a harsher tone, showing the hatred she held for him at what he did to Karin. Soi Fon bowed deeply in respect and set off to retrieve Yoruichi from the human world.

Toushiro, you and Sterling come with me. Stephany ordered. Then, another thought came to Stephany. "Rangiku…" she called out, "This is your call. Would you rather stay with Kenpachi and Yachiru to fight Gin, since you are probably the one who knows him best, or would you rather come with me and your captain to find Karin?"

Looking desperately between her captain and Gin, Rangiku sighed. "I… but can I…. how will I know…" clearing her throat she began again, a bit more calmly. "With all due respect, I wish to stay here and fight Gin…"

Stephany easily smiled at that notion. "Told you Sterling." She mumbled. "Humph." Was all the appearing-out-of-nowhere Sterling said.

"I thought you would wish to stay." Stephany clarified. "Go, Rangiku." She encouraged and took off in her own attempt to locate Karin with Toushiro and Sterling by her side.

Location: Momo

"What's with all the noise?" she wondered out loud.

"We have simply returned home, Momo." Aizen answered softly to the given question, causing Momo to jump.

"C-Captain?..." she whispered in question, doubtful that he was real and was just another one of her dreams.

"I'm here for you Momo…" he said with false kindness in his voice, but it was enough to draw her into him once more. "And now that I have fulfilled a promise to you by my return, I have something I wish to ask of you…" he whispered in her ear.

"Anything…" Momo said caught in Aizen's snare. Aizen smirked, knowing this and began to whisper something in her ear.

Location: Karin

Walking down the nearly abandoned streets of the 10th squad districts she hesitantly came across the captain's quarters. Sending a glare in the direction of Toushiro's home she hesitantly made her way to his house. Quietly sneaking inside, for the door was unlocked because of the chibi captain's haste to leave, she quickly turned to search for the thing of interest.

Once she found what she was looking for, Karin quickly put it in her pocket and headed out the door to locate Aizen so they could leave the dreaded place where all the hurt from Toushiro blossomed. Memories that were previously lost quickly filled her mind and for a few excruciating moments, all Karin could do was bow her head and wait for the waves of pain to cease. Once it was all over, Karin had tears streaming down her cheeks from the pain she had to re-endure, but was happy in a way to be able to finally connect the dots to some of the questions that had been floating around in her hate-filled mind. Che… that idiot Gin really doesn't know the extent of his stupid spell, does he? She hissed in her mind, mentally seething at him for experimenting on her while she was captured for the second time.

Then fight his control… a voice whipped through her head. Growling, Karin got on guard for the figures who had approached her. "Stay away." She hissed and got in position to attack or flee depending on the situation.

"K-Karin…" one of the figures whispered to her. The voice was distinctly male and had an edge of anger mixed with… sorrow? Karin narrowed her eyes at the said figure.

"Why?" a women's voice questioned.

"…Stephany…" she breathed out in a hoarse voice realizing who was approaching. Her mind, still painful from the newly recovered memories, tried to distinguish if she was a friend or foe. Friend mistress… the mental voice of Kaze Ryuu rang in throughout her head, calming the pain from the memories, Always a friend to you. I have been by your side since you were born into the human world. Please hear me out. Fight Gin's control on you. She continued in an urgent whisper, pleading for Karin to understand.

The first figure approached while the male remained in the shadows. Holding her hands up in a submissive gesture, showing that she meant no harm, Stephany slowly approached Karin.

"Please… tell us why you are doing this. Why are you on their side?" She whispered out loud to Karin.

"I… I don't… know…" Karin said and suddenly heard another voice in her head. 'urry up will ya? I'm getting' tired of fightin' Ran an' this bumbling idiot. Gin said.

Eyes glazing over, the blind rage took over Karin's senses and thoughts. Springing away from Stephany, she quickly used her version of her light speed and fled.

Resisting the urge to pursue her, Stephany quickly turned to Toushiro to explain the situation.

"Why didn't you go after her?" he asked in an urgent tone of voice that came to stand beside her, Hyourinmaru strapped to his back in its signature position.

"Because… she is being controlled. I understand now! Being part of her, I felt another presence inside our heads… Gin. Aizen had said that Gin had put a spell on her. I think I understand at least some of the effects of the spell. It's something along the lines of causing someone to only feel rage, pain, sorrow, and all of the negative feelings that most people try and ignore. It brings all of the negative feelings to the front of a person's mind causing them not to hear when others try and reach out to you. I believe when Karin entered Soul Society once again she regained some of the memories she had previously lost. Her feelings were mainly angled towards you, which would explain why she regained more memories… we are in your district thus the perfect place to trigger the release. When she first arrived her feelings where centered on the few memories she had but now regaining most of them, the effect of the spell is dangerously stronger. We need to break Gin's control over her, ether by killing him or finding an alternate solution. And…" the breeze picked up and Stephany caught the scent of Karin coming from Toushiro's house. Quickly piecing together something she hastily tried to remember something. "Toushiro, tell me. When Karin was here years ago, did she ever mention leaving something special of hers in your care?" Toushiro shook his head negative. Letting out a sigh Stephany transformed into her dragon form.

I'm going to go look for Karin. Be safe, I feel that the end of our battle here is drawing to a close. She warned Toushiro mentally. She spread her wings and took off as she saw the boy nod in agreement.

Heading towards the first squad barracks Stephany hoped that she wasn't too late.

Location: Toushiro

Watching Stephany leave, Toushiro let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

Boy… something's coming… and its powerful too… his dragon whispered in his head and then fell silent.

Turning on his heel to also look for Karin he looked behind him and jumped slightly. Right in front of him stood Aizen. Eyes narrowing in fury he withdrew Hyourinmaru from his back and held it at the ready. Hearing a chuckle from Aizen drew up even more anger. With a growl, Toushiro launched himself at Aizen, fully ready to kill.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Way." Toushiro seethed and drew his sword up over his head. "Sit upon the Heavens, Hyourinmaru!" he called. At once the sky darkened and the clouds rumbled their worship for the ice dragon. "ARGGG!" Toushiro yelled and began his attacks anew.

Location: Karin

Hearing swords class in the far off distance, Karin's anger melted slightly. It was just enough to realize that as hurt as she was, she never wanted Toushiro dead. Knowing full well that Toushiro was fighting Aizen, she turned on her heel only to realize that she could no longer use her light speed. NO! Kaze Ryuu, give it back! She mentally called out, but received no response to her plead. Growling under her breath she began to sprint and an antagonizing slow, human sprint towards the battle that would change her life forever…

Location: Stephany

As Stephany flew over Soul Society, she scanned the area for any sign of Karin. Sighing out loud she swooped over sixth squad division and came across a shadowed figure running down the street followed by a hollow. Sighing she sent a bolt of fire and lighting at the hollow, quickly killing it. Landing on the ground, the shadowed figure approached the dragon, bowing deeply in thanks. The figure spoke and Stephany, who had transformed back into her human form, jolted with muted surprise.

"Thank you Head Captain. I was scared that it was going to get me." The women said.

Stephany simply rolled her eyes. "Momo, why didn't you just use a spell to get rid of it?" she asked in annoyance knowing full well that Momo was a strong kido master.

"I was caught off guard and ran for it. By the time I summoned my energy, I saw you flying and knew that you would help." She explained.

Stephany sighed. "Alright, if that's all then I have to resume my search." She said as she transformed once again into her dragon form. Turning around she was about to take off before she heard Momo speak again.

"Oh, before you leave Head Captain, have a drink." She said as she pulled a sealed cup out of thin air. "It's a new trick I learned." Momo explained to the slightly confused looking dragon. "It's really good. It tastes like sweetened water, and it has special properties to boost someone's energy at an instant." She explained, knowing that Stephany had already used much of her energy as is.

Stephany growled in frustration knowing full well that she had to leave and continue flying, yet something in her urged her to take the drink. She was getting slightly out of breath by using all of her magic so quickly without giving her body a chance to recover.

Very well, just throw the drink in my mouth. She said to Momo in her mind, missing the evil glint that shone in Momo's eyes.

Momo did as she was told and Stephany allowed the venom in her mouth to melt the material and letting the liquid contents flow freely in her mouth, down her throat, and into her stomach.

Thank you M-. Stephany felt her stomach heave as if trying to throw up, yet for some reason, nothing came up. W-what's… happening… to me…? She growled.

Momo begun to laugh that did not sound as if it belonged to a sane person.

"Oh! Taicho was right, he was right!" she exclaimed forcing Stephany to look down as what the psychotic girl was screaming. "He said that you would rescue me and then take the drink! Oh my taicho is a genus!" she said as she smirked in triumph.

Reality hitting hard, Stephany realized what happened a moment too late for the drug that was inside her had begun to take effect. You… poisoned…me?... with what? I did not know there was such a substance… that my… body couldn't… digest… Stephany said as she returned to her human form. Lying on the ground almost unconscious, she barely made out what Momo said in return.

"Taicho used your own power against you!" she exclaimed in a crazed glee, "He took the Dragon Tear you had given him and infused his power into it. That was what the liquid was that you drank. You never should have crossed paths with me you stupid dragon…" she added as an afterthought.

Stephany managed the faintest of growls and sent one last desperate cry of help before she passed out. S-Sterling… help… me…

Location: Toushiro

S-Sterling… help… me… the voice floated through both men's minds as they continued to fight Aizen.

STEPHANY! Toushiro heard Hyourinmaru roar. Suddenly the icy winds turned sharper than before. Boy, we need to finish this, NOW. The dragon said in barely suppressed rage.

"Understood." Toushiro replied out loud as he blocked Aizen's attack and threw some of his own.

Location: Karin

Stephany? When she didn't receive an answer, Karin begun to worry. Stephany, please answer me. Where are you? Please give me back my light speed. Still hearing nothing in reply Karin gave up and continued her sprint towards Toushiro and Aizen.

After a few more minutes of running, she came across both men, who were both too engaged in the fight to notice the girl's presence just yet. Drawing a deep breath, Karin stood to consider her actions. Her head was once again filled with irrational rage at the white headed boy and she emerged out of the shadows to hurt him for causing her pain.

As she approached, both men saw her coming and broke apart.

"K-Karin…" Toushiro whispered then winched at the pain in his side sent his vision into spams of black and white for a moment.

Karin growled under her breath at hearing her name come from the boy who she was ready to kill.

"Karin." Another voice called her name. Turning her head she saw Aizen appear beside her. "Did you complete your mission?" he asked in sickeningly sweet way.

"Yes…" she answered causing Aizen to smile.

"Good, may I please have it?" he cooed gently.

Alarms went off in Karin's head causing her to back up a step away from Aizen and closer to Toushiro. Aizen frowned at this and froze where he was while thinking of a way to get what he wanted without having to force her.

"Why are you backing away from me? I am only here to help you. I am a friend… unlike the boy behind you who twisted your heart and shattered it into many pieces…" he said.

Red swarm in her vision again and she began to scream in pain and agony.

"KARIN!" Toushiro yelled and sprinted to her side, only to get backhanded in the face for touching her.

"Stay away from me!" She hissed through her teeth.

Toushiro saw that her eyes were glazed over and tried talking to her to make her see reason.

"Please Karin…" he whispered, holding his hands out to reassure her of his intentions. "I… I only wish to help… if you only knew the full story of why I did what I did then you might understand better…"

The rage begun to dwindle as her voice found reason in his words.

Seeing that he had Karin's attention, Toushiro continued with his story, forgetting about his fight temporarily. "Stephany's grandfather had always opposed you and I being together… it is strongly against the law for any shinigami to be with a human, let alone a captain. The day you and I married and I was brought back to Soul Society, I was more than willing to give up my place as captain for you. In fact I even said so in front of Head Captain. It was Stephany who saved me and allowed me to keep my spot. However…" Toushiro frowned and thought about how to phrase his next words. Choosing carefully he continued, "Later… Head Captain told me privately that he had found a way to separate Karin from his granddaughter. Had I continued the relationship, he would have done so then killed you Karin… He said it simply wasn't right for us to be together and claimed that if I wanted to save you that I had to prove myself to him that I didn't love you anymore. As much as it pained me to use Momo as a way out, my love for you overcame that, so I married her to try and show that I had forgotten about you. It seemed to work… so he never had a reason to hurt you, but I was unable to get away from Momo to explain what had happened… I really do love you K-"

Toushiro froze as he felt the sword of Aizen positioned at the base of his neck.

"Well isn't that sweet." He said, his words dripping with sarcasm.

"Kisama…" Karin hissed out, all of the rage was gone, only to be replaced with love for Toushiro.

"Ah, such language for a girl of your age…" Aizen chuckled. "Now, you either have the choice of handing me what I want, or the only thing that will be left of your little ice captain will be his heart, saved only for you." He said.

Karin's stomach lurched at the thought of her two choices.

"Don't listen Karin. Whatever he wants, don't give it to him." Toushiro hissed and swiftly dropped his sword, reached his free hand up to pull the blade away from his neck, and then ducked under the sword, picking up his discarded sword in a roll.

Growling with fury that Aizen no longer had the advantage, the two men once again sprang into action.

After a few minutes of the endless fighting, Karin saw that Toushiro was tiring and the battle would end soon.

As if her thoughts were spoken out loud, Toushiro parried an attack, but began to lose his footing. Without thinking, Karin swiftly sprang into motion, not consciously noticing that her light speed had returned slight, giving her just the boost she needed to get in front of the killing blow from Aizen. Reaching down to stop Toushiro's sword from cutting her as well, she moved in front of him right as Aizen's sword descended on her, missing her face and chest, but scoring deeply across her stomach. Coughing harshly at the pain, Karin lunged and grabbed Aizen's sword as it withdrew from her body.

Aizen laughed at the display. "What do you plan on doing little girl?" he sneered at her, and then stopped when he saw the dark gleam in her eyes.

"D-Dragon… venom…" she hissed through bloodied lips and at once his sword begun to shake violently in his arms. However, Aizen found that he was unable to release the sword from his grasp as a painful wave of electricity flared through his abdomen and into his very soul.

"W-Wha… what… have you… done… to me…?" he questioned through pain-filled gasps.

"Easy. I won." Karin said and collapsed, blood pooling around her stomach where she was bleeding profusely.

"K-Karin… KARIN!" she heard Toushiro scream as she fell into welcome darkness.

"Che… damn brat…" Aizen hissed as he too disappeared from sight.

Location: Stephany

"Ugh, where am I?" Stephany moaned. Looking around she saw that she was where she had earlier collapsed. Looking up at the sky she could see that a good twenty to thirty minutes had already passed by.

"Oh no, Karin!" she gasped and shot up, only to sway back and forth on the ground where everything suddenly started to spin. Stephany growled and shook her head lightly to try and clear the dizziness from her head. "Kuso." She swore. "I'll kill that stupid girl for doing this to me." She hissed out.

Suddenly it felt as lighting went through her stomach and she went on all fours, throwing up at the sudden pain.

"K-Karin…" Stephany hissed through her teeth and was enveloped in a glowing light, returning to Karin's mind as her spirit.

Location: Karin

"Karin…" Toushiro whispered stroking her cheek lovingly. He positioned himself so that he had Karin's head lying in his lap.

Moaning, Karin opened her eyes, only to have her deadly gray ones meet the piercing teal ones. "S-Shiro…" she mumbled and begun to cough harshly.

"Don't." he said, looking desperate seeing that there was nothing he could do except watch her die. The wound was too fatal to heal for his capabilities. Possibly if Unohana or someone more experienced from squad four was there with them there was a chance, but he and Karin both knew that that was impossible for someone to reach them in time.

A white light shone around them as well as a blue and both Stephany and Sterling materialized.

"S-Stephany… what can we do?" Karin whispered, but Stephany sadly shook her head.

"I cannot heal us mistress…" she whispered dejectedly. "I have no energy and the energy I do have is mixed with whatever Momo drugged me with, so it is unsafe to use. I can, however, make it so that the pain isn't as bad." She said and Karin was enveloped in the dimmest green light before it quickly vanished.

"A-Aizen…?" Karin asked in a whispered voice through trembling lips.

"He should be dead soon Karin. Nothing can really overcome Dragon Venom." Sterling answered gently.

"Gin?" Karin continued.

"Matsumoto and the big idiot should be taking care of him if they haven't already." Toushiro informed.

"Alright…" she said and the four of them slipped into a depressed silence as they saw Karin continue to fight for breath, having been sliced in Aizen's attack.

"Karin…" Toushiro finally whispered, breaking the silence. "Aishiteru."

Karin smiled at him for the first time in many years. "Ai…shi…teru… Shiro…" she breathed out. Her breathing became more and more shallow and Toushiro no longer tried to fight to keep his tears away.

Suddenly, the group heard something approaching and was on guard for the worst to come. A few moments later they were all relieved to see it was only Kenpachi, Yachiru, Rangiku, and Keitaro, who had smartly hidden himself inside Stephany's office after both Karin and she had disappeared. Yuki appeared a few moments later and ran to her mother's side.

"Mamma…" Yuki whispered sadly, seeing there was nothing anyone could do in Karin's dying moments.

"My… baby…" Karin whispered hoarsely, and Stephany smiled sadly. The family was finally together again, only to have the mother ripped away from their grasp by a shadowy evil known as death.

Minutes ticked by and Karin was now barely breathing, yet somehow conscious, with the help of Stephany's dragon powers.

"I… love… you… all… thank… you… for… every… thing…" she whispered and looked to Toushiro one last time.

"Ai…shi…ter…u…" she whispered as the light faded from behind her eyes. Breaking down into even greater sobs, Stephany leaned forward to close Karin's eyes.

Wincing when she moved, yet finishing the task, everyone was too occupied with their own sorrow to notice the faint orange glow in front of Karin until it was almost too bright to see.

"Wha-?" Yuki screamed and took a defensive stance in front of her parents… now only parent.

Calm yourself little one. I only came to see my daughter… a melodic voice floated through everyone's mind. As the light dimmed, everyone gasped at the beauty that stood before them. She stood about as tall as Rangiku, with hair and eyes to match. Her chest however did not compete with Rangiku, but the aura around her easily made up for that fact.

"I remember you… your Isshin's wife, Masaki right? … Karin and Ichigo's mother…and Yuzu's too…" Kenpachi mumbled out.

"Yes… that is my husband and three children." She said looking down at Karin's body. However, I bet none of you accounted for one little detail. She said in a smug sounding voice. Karin was never dead. She was a mortal here in Soul Society, so I believe you shall be seeing her in… three… two… o-

I gust of wind slightly picked up around Toushiro and suddenly you could hear his acclimation of horror that Karin's body had disappeared from his arms, only to be replaced with her in robes fit for a shinigami.

"I'm back." Karin said with a smile in her voice.


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