This is a One Shot

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Flack, Mac and Stella. The Coffee

Coffee Stains

Mac was at his usual day at work, in his office, with his usual favourite cup of coffee.

Taking a sip, he hit a few keys at the computer keyboard.

Flack walked in as Stella swiftly strode out while Flack and Stella acknowledged each other.

She smiled.

Something caught Flack's eye upon arrival. Something he'd never dreamed he could, or shall I say would see.

No, definitely not expecting this from the finest Detectives in charge of this crime lab.

They should know better than to leave such viable evidence so close to the heart of home.

You would think, if anybody knew how to get rid of evidence and get away with it, it would be them.

Apparently not!

Smiling with his wide trademark Flack smile, Mac looked up quizzically as he took another sip out of his coffee mug. Flack's eyes were fixated on it.

"Wow Mac, nice shade of lipstick!"

Overwhelmed by Flack's line, he nearly choked on his boiling hot coffee, as Mac's instinctive reflex kicked in. Wiping his lips anxiously, Flack jolted into another smirk and deliberately eyed to Mac the circumstantial evidence that actually provided the dead giveaway to his current relationship status.

And before Mac's constant wiping of his lips, all Flack had in mind were - they shared Mac's cup of coffee.

Flack whispered under his breath, "Killed two birds with one stone."

"Must've been one hell of a coffee," Flack continued his mockery.

Not knowing what to do in such an awkward situation, Mac took a quick glance at the mug and turned it around so the lipstick couldn't be seen from Flack's perspective.

"Tastes like any other coffee I've had," Mac trying to play it cool.

"Wow! That's a lot of lipstick. Now it totally explains why Stella never made me coffee," Flack Grimaced.


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