Hopes and Dreams



I can't believe our little guy is graduating.

It seems like yesterday that we got Edward back in our lives.

Yes, we had rocky times, but hey, who didn't…

We still never went to bed angry and always, always told each other how we felt.

Edward was a wonderful father. He was always there for all of the children's events, he might have missed one or two, if there was an emergency, but for the MOST important parts, he was there.

Ireland was 12 and seriously into boys and the one she was currently infatuated with was the detestable Mike Newton's son, his name was Garrett, cute kid, but so much like Mike. He followed her everywhere, called all the time, asked her to every dance (she always excepted, we always chaperoned). It was so funny, Mike and Jessica were divorced and she'd moved away with the guy she had an affair with, so Mike was struggling as a single father, Edward offered to help out and we often picked up Garrett from school, Mike of course was still Mike, he enjoyed flirting too much, but knew he would get nowhere. We were actually trying to set him up with this nurse who was always after Edward, thinking they'd be the perfect pair.

Edward rushed in right before they started the ceremony, apologizing for his lateness, there was an emergency, but found someone to take over, due to today's circumstances. Anthony as we ALL called him now, since he was taller than Edward, we could no longer call him Little E, was graduating with honors, he was class Valedictorian and would start at Yale as a junior, majoring in Law, he always liked to argue and with his deep green eyes and pouty lips, he always got what he wanted, except form Edward. We were proud he chose his own path and didn't feel pressured to become a doctor. He was talented with the musical instruments and could play anything he touched, sports however, were not his thing, that belonged to Ireland, she was great at soccer and basketball, she'd been on the all-star team 5 years in a row for soccer and her middle school team were the state champs. We were very blessed.

They started with the students and when the announced Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, I think half the stadium jumped, because we had so many people cheering for him, we had Emmett and Jake, the biggest mouths in Forks, not to mention Edward, he'd never smiled so wide or glowed so much and then again, it was loud as they announced him as Valedictorian and he also got his 2 year degree for college and he received an award for NEVER missing one day of high school. It was so loud, it was deafening.

After graduation, we had a huge party at our house, every kid from the high school showed up, I think.

They had a great time and partied until 2a.m., Edward and I really knew we were getting older, we were dead tired and crashed as soon as the last kid left, I'm glad I didn't argue with Edward when he insisted that we hire a cleaning crew for after the party, I was never so grateful.


I can't believe it, my little boy was leaving for college.

We left Ireland with Esme and Carlisle, she was throwing a fit about having to go and wanted to stay with them.

We packed all his stuff in his new SUV we bought him for his graduation present. We wanted to make sure he had something safe and reliable, but not to prestigious that he'd get picked on by others, so he decided on a Honda Pilot, we'd buy all his furnishings and what not when we got there, we'd all drive up together, but Bella and I would fly back.

We finally arrived, 3 days later and were dead tired, we checked into our hotel, before taking him to the college.

We got Anthony unpacked and situated, met his roommate, who seemed like a nice kid, took them both to dinner, they learned they had almost the exact same schedule and I think they were going to become great friends, they talked about families and Anthony had told him about his cancer, but he hadn't had a flare up in years, girls were the next topic and I listened intently, knowing where this was going, in that aspect, Anthony was a lot like Emmett, not shy to say his feelings and what he wants in a woman, he described Bella almost to a tee, with the exception of her hair, he really wasn't picky on that aspect, but it had to be long and he looked at me and his roommate and smiled, Bella groaned and told him to keep it in his pants, she was too young to be a grandmother and not to mention she'd kill him.

We had a great time with the boys, told Anthony we'd pick him up in the morning for the rest of his stuff and his roommate was welcome as well.

Bella and I went to our hotel room and opened a bottle of champagne we stopped to get and had a very romantic evening.

We arrived the next morning, to 2 groggy boys, they each threw on basketball shorts and tank tops, brushed their teeth and were ready to go, Anthony had my impossible hair, so it didn't matter what we did, it always looked freshly sexed, as Bella always says.

We took them to breakfast and went to IKEA, bought everything he'd need and even bought them another fridge, so they'd have room for plenty of food.

After we finished unloading everything, I helped put together everything and then we ordered pizza for the boys and gave them money for the weekend to go explore the town. We made sure Anthony had everything he needed and told us to call if he needed anything.

Bella started crying and I had to pull her away, she was so scared of leaving him alone. The school knew of his condition, we had a wonderful doctor that he'd have to go to every month for a check up and I reassured Bella of all those things. She slowly tore away and kissed him goodbye.

Our cab picked us up and dropped us at the airport, we called Esme to let her know of our flight and to ask how Ireland was now. Esme informed us that while we were away she'd became a woman, I shoved the phone at Bella and told her I couldn't listen, she chuckled and took Esme off speaker phone and listened to every detail with a sad smile on her face, knowing she regretted not being there for that. I knew I'd be regretting the next few years, especially if she was as moody as Bella, which I'm sure she would be, she was her mother through and through, without the clumsiness.

I knew I was very lucky though, I had a wonderful family and a blessed life, who could ask for anything more?


Sorry for the long wait on this, I do apologize.

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