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Age 7 - Edward POV

I knew she was around here some place, I could just feel it. I pushed my glasses further up my nose and glanced out of the bush I was hiding behind.

"Gotcha!" Someone yelled from behind me, and I froze up at once, knowing who it was. Isabella Marie Swan. Bella for short.

She grabbed the back of my collar and dragged me out of the bushes, me kicking and screaming all the way. I'd always been small, but my mom, Elizabeth, said that dad was small too when he was little, so I would grow out of it soon.

Bella pushed me to the ground and sat down on my stomach. She punched my chest once, hard, making me flinch.

"You tattled on me! And now I'm grounded for forever and all of eternity! I told you not to say anything you little sneaky sneak! You weren't even suppose to be there!" She yelled at me, catching the attention of the others on the playground. They came running towards us, everybody quiet to see what would happen next.

I looked away, ashamed. I didn't have many friends in school, so I'd followed her and her friends down to old Mr. Clawingtons house. He was a creepy old man who hated kids and weren't afraid to use his rifle to scare us away.

Bella's friends, James, Tyler and Mike had dared her to go into his house and steal something and hurry out again. Bella, always one up for a challenge, went along with it. She didn't know I was there. None of them did.

James and the others were sitting outside of the fence, so if the old fart came limping out of his house, they could run and hide into the huge forest right behind them. While Bella was suppose to go between the sprinklers, seeing as she was skinny enough to do so.

I was hiding up in a tree, looking down on them. I saw when Bella snuck into the house and took something from the table. I saw, and heard, when she started screaming and laughing and came running out the door, the old man limping as fast as he could. James and the others ran into the woods as soon as she started laughing, scared and only thinking about themselves. As fast as my short limbs allowed me, I climbed down from the tree and hid behind it, making sure she came out of there safe and sound.

The old man had stopped, and was now aiming after her with his gun. Everybody in Forks knew that it was only filled with big black pepper corns, but it still hurt like hell. Or so I've been told.

Bella ran as fast as her short legs could carry her, laughing loudly as the old man shot after her. I couldn't understand how she could laugh at a time like this. Why wasn't she scared? I was scared, and nobody knew I was even there.

"Get back here you little brat! That candy box is mine!" The old man yelled, firing off another shot. It hit the back of her thigh, making her fall. I felt my breath hitch. He was going to catch her. This was almost too much for my little seven year old body to handle.

But, being Bella, she got up without even shedding a tear and started running again.

"You have to do more than that to catch me you old fart!" She yelled as she slipped through the fence and into the woods. I stared running too, not wanting to be seen. I didn't want anything to do with this. This wasn't right. She'd stolen something, and my mom and dad said that was wrong. I knew it was wrong too.

But I stumbled on a branch and scraped my knee. I had to hold back tears, because it really, really hurt. Bella heard me fall and the next thing I know she was sitting in front of me, her big, pretty brown eyes staring down at me with a mix of anger, concern and confusion.

"Edward? What are you doing here?" She whispered, glancing around to make sure the old man wasn't following her. Before I could answer, she slipped a candy with blue wrappers into my hand.

"I, I just wanted to see what you guys were doing, I heard you talking in school today and-"

"You eavesdropped on us? That's not nice! My mom says that its really bad to do, and that only bitches and skanks are eavesdroppers, and then she asks me if I'm a bitch." Bella said, her brows furrowed.

"What's a bitch?" I asked, forgetting about my knee and the sticky situation I was in, because I'd never heard that word before. Bella scratched her head and shrugged.

"I don't know. But I know that the lady at the supermarket is one, and that our neighbor, Miss. Willowstone is one and a bunch of other lady's. But that's not the point, you shouldn't do it, its rude, and it will get you in trouble." She said firmly. I stared at her in wonder. I'd never talked this much with Bella Swan before. She was a lot prettier up close, that's for sure.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to be friends with you guys." I admitted, looking down at my bleeding knee.

"Well you can't, because your not nice. And you never saw us here, got it? I will beat you up if you tell anybody." Bella said seriously, pointing a short finger in my face. I nodded my head over and over again, clutching my knee.

"Y-yeah, okay." I nodded. She nodded to and got up off the forest floor, before she started running further into the woods, which eventually led to the small town called Forks.


Bella punched my chest again, looking really annoyed. I realized that I hadn't answered her.

"I, I tried not to say anything b-but I'm not a g-good liar!" I managed to stutter out. If possible, her eyes got even more furious.

"Your lying right now! You wanted me to get in trouble because I said that you couldn't play with us! Even a monkey could keep his mouth shut about what happened, its simple! No body forced you to say anything, you just came clean and told on me!" She said furiously, her pale cheeks flushing red in her anger.

"I'm sorry!" I said meekly in my tiny thin voice. Bella wasn't one to break her promises, that was for sure. She started hitting, biting and scratching before the teacher came and ripped her of off me.

"Don't ever talk to me again Edward! I hate you!" She yelled as the teacher, Mr. Tool carried her off the playground and into the school. Another teacher came and helped me into the nurses office.

My nose was bleeding and my lower lip was swollen up into a pout, and my glasses were broken. My sweater was slightly ripped open and my shoulder was bleeding a little from where she'd scratched me, and I had a bite mark on my neck. To put it simple, I looked like someone who crossed Bella Swan's path.

"My oh my, what did you do to that girl?" The nurse asked me as she started to clean me up. None of my cuts were deep and the nose had only been hit hard, but it wasn't broken. I looked down and sniffled slightly.

"I kind of tattled on her. But I didn't mean to, honest! I'm just not use to lying to my parents, so when I tried, I couldn't do it!" I said hurriedly, desperate for someone to believe me. I honestly hadn't tried to tattle on her. The nurse smiled warmly at me.

"I believe you, Edward, don't worry. Your mother will be here soon, and so will Bella's mother." She said the last part with a frown, and I wondered why. I'd seen Bella's mom many times before, because she always had to pull Bella out of school because of her starting fights. I smiled at the thought of my mother coming.

"Here, have a lollypop until your mom comes." She said, smiling sweetly at me. I thanked her and unwrapped my lollypop, sucking on it happily.

Ten minutes later, my mom came rushing in.

"Oh Edward, I heard what that horrible little girl did to you, are you okay honey?" I nodded, hugging her tightly back, because her hugs were the best thing in the world.

"Come on, lets go talk with Isabella and her mother." mom said with an angry face. She hardly ever used it, but it always scared me when she did.

"Okay." I said quietly, taking her hand as she led me out of the nurses office and into the principals office across the hall. The principal was a short, bald and ugly man with a huge mustache, making it wiggle every time he talked.

Bella and her mom was sitting on two chairs already, and there were two more for me and my mom to take. I sat down beside Bella and looked up at her mother.

If I thought my mom was scary when she had her angry face on, it was nothing against Bella's mom. She looked down right terrifying. She had an angry scowl on her tired, young face. She actually looked too young to be anyone's mother, but she was Bella's. They actually looked alike, only Bella was prettier. Her mother looked tired and worn out, with an unhealthy pale face that was too thin.

"Can we get on with this please, I have a job I would like to keep." Bella's mom snapped, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Yes, of course. Your daughter has once again beaten up another child at our school. If you cannot control her-" The principal started, but Mrs. Swan cut him off.

"Excuse me, isn't it you who are suppose to control all these brats? I do my part at home, you do your part here at school. I can't yell at her when I'm not there, so don't give me bullshit like that." She snarled, her eyes going into slits. I flinched at her tone, not used to anyone being this harsh before. Bella looked over at me and smirked, mouthing the word 'wimp' at me before staring down at the floor again.

"Could you please control your language, there are small ears in this room." My mom said, eyeing me and Bella pointedly. Mrs. Swan rolled her eyes angrily.

"Whatever. The point is, I can't keep coming down here every time she does something. I have to keep my job. Can't you just put her in a room or something? I don't care, just, stop calling me. Bella, stop being a brat and behave yourself, grow up and get yourself a back bone. God, how old are you?!" Her mom yelled, throwing her hands up in frustration.

Bella's eyes narrowed.

"I'm seven." She snapped, looking down at the floor. Mrs. Swan's eyes widened in surprise.

"But you just turned six!" She said, honestly surprised now. I heard my mom breathe hard through her nose and knew she was angry. Mrs. Swan looked away with a thoughtful look on her face.

"When did that happen?" She mumbled to herself.

"Two weeks ago, Renèe." Bella snapped, jumping out of her chair and running out the door. There was a long silence in the room where Bella's mom put her face in her hands.

"Damn." She muttered, rubbing her eyes. The principal looked at her with disapproving eyes.

"Well there's no wonder she act's the way she does! She's just crying out for attention! How can you forget your own child's birthday?!" My mom yelled at her, standing up. I'd never seen her act like this before. Mrs. Swan stood up quickly, balling her hands into fists.

"Don't you dare look down on me you gold digging little bitch! You don't know anything about me, my life, or my family. So don't you dare, even for a second, judge me!" She yelled, picking up her old brown leather purse and stalking out of the office, yelling at Bella to go get her stuff.

"I am so sorry about all of this Mrs. Masen. We don't really know what to do about that woman. Or her daughter, for that matter." The principal said, frowning. My mom nodded her head, too angry to talk.

"I understand. Goodbye." She said shortly, throwing him a disgusted look before she grabbed my hand and walked out of the office quickly, muttering to herself under her breath.

I was really confused. Why was her mom so mean? And so angry? It didn't make any sense to me. I gathered my stuff and hurried after my mom to the car. On the way out of the school parking lot, I could see Bella and her mother sitting on the buss stop, her mom yelling at her about something and Bella yelling right back at her. She was even pretty when she was mad…

"I'm sorry you had to hear all that honey. But I want you to forget every bad word that woman used and never, ever repeat them. Okay?" My mom asked me gently, stroking my red locks away from my forehead. I nodded, pushing my broken glasses up my nose.

"Why was her mom so mean?" I asked in a quiet voice. I was always quiet, and that's probably why I didn't have a lot of friends. My mom glanced at me with her green eyes, the same green eyes I had, biting her lip.

"She's just very stressed out Edward. She had Bella when she was very young, so she has two jobs and not a lot of free time." My mom said gently.

"Why doesn't she just get one good job then?" I asked her curiously. I wanted to know as much as possible about Bella. My mother smiled at me.

"She had Bella when she was in High School, so she had to quit. You see, if you quit school, you wont get a good job and earn a lot of money, and without money-"

"You cant get anywhere in life." I finished with a sigh. My mom and dad had drilled that into my head for as long as I could remember. Which wasn't long, considering I was seven.

"But what about her dad?" I asked curiously. My mom frowned slightly.

"I don't really know, I've only seen him a few times." She said, and I knew by her tone that this conversation was over.


The next day at school was like nothing had ever happened. People went back to ignoring me, and Bella went back to her bullies. Because that's what she was. A bully.

She saw me looking at her from across the playground. I was sitting on a swing, my short legs sticking out instead of hanging down. She didn't smile, but she didn't look angry ether. She was just, looking at me.

James noticed our staring match, so he started pushing her playfully. Bella punched him right in the stomach and told him to shut up. He did, rubbing his stomach and glaring at her. But they were still friends.

The bell rang and everybody started running inside. I had some trouble with jumping down from the swings, but eventually I managed and when I looked up, I noticed there was only me, Bella and her little gang of bullies left.

They were all taller then me, even Bella. So I stood still and watched them as they all walked past me. Bella pushed me to the ground when she walked by, making the others snicker.

"That's what you get, sneak." She said angrily. She started walking again with the others as they all ran inside. I got up and dragged my feet to the classroom. I pulled the little blue candy out of my pans pocket and stared at it before slipping it back in.

Girls were weird.

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