When I was walking from the auditorium with my arm around Nikko, I heard Royce calling my name from across campus. Nikko kindly rolled his eyes, but he allowed me to talk to him. He stepped back. Royce said:

"Courtney, I was thinking that maybe you and I could get together tonight."

"Listen, Captain Cardboard, Courtney is my girlfriend," Nikko replied.

"Oh, Nikko. You could come, too," Royce laughed.

"Royce, what are you trying to pull?" I asked.

He waved a random pink flyer in my face. Nikko said:

"What the heck is this?"

"It's Show Choir Poker Night tonight!" Royce announced enthusiastically.

"Uh, what is that?" Nikko asked.

"Show choirs play poker for money and winner takes all," I explained, receiving a quiet "Oh."

"You mean, I actually get to whoop your tail in something and NOT get disqualified for showing up late?" Nikko asked.

"If you got the game, Rock Boy," he replied.

"Wait, Ta-Da has sixteen members, we only have thirteen. That's unfair competition," I interrupted.

"The band doesn't have a show tonight. And since I have them practically begging me to come back, they owe me a favor," Nikko replied.

"We bring ours, you bring yours. You're bringing the cards, Rock Boy. Meet us tonight at the auditorium, 7:30," Royce said.

"We'll be there," Nikko replied.

I could see that this was going to be one long night of competition between Nikko and Royce, and possibly me and Tammi and Amy. Here we go.