Warnings: Yaoi/shounen-ai/boyxboy, Hiei-x-Yuusuke, possible lemon, language, gore, near death, selling of people
Summary: -Sequel, but can be read as a stand-alone fic- Yuusuke's fated marriage to Keiko has finally come, but a series of unfortunate events stops it dead in its tracks, and Yuusuke's stolen away.
Disclaimer: Yuu Yuu Hakusho and all its characters belong to Yoshihiro Togashi.


"How do I look?" Yuusuke asked.

Kurama chuckled and straightened Yuusuke's bow. "How many more times are you going to ask me that?"

"You look very handsome, sweetheart," Shiori chirped. "Don't tease him, Shuuichi."

Shiori wiped at the invisible dust on Kurama's shoulder before waltzing off to rejoin the group of mothers giggling away about nothing. Yuusuke snickered next to his friend. A deadly green gaze slowly shifted over to the husband-to-be.

"Yeah, don't tease me, Shuu-chan."

Kurama smiled blissfully at Yuusuke. Yuusuke's taunting smile faded slightly. Yuusuke decided he didn't like that look a little too late. A hard heel came down on the detective's foot without warning. A jolt of pain shot up his leg, ran up his spine, and rattled the nerves in his brain. His hands flew up to his mouth and covered his lips in a desperate attempt to hold down the shout in pain. A gurgled whine somehow managed to escape through his fingers. People shot him concerned looks. Kurama waved. Yuusuke did his best to smile and wave to them despite his pain. The guests slowly turned away from the duo. Kurama leaned toward Yuusuke slightly.

"Just because it's your day, doesn't mean you can get away with everything, Yuusuke."

"I'll take your word for it," Yuusuke's voice came out in a weird, high pitch.

Everything was perfect. The Sakura trees were in full bloom. The pristine, white chairs had yet to be used. Sharp, decorative bows were strategically placed about the area. Light yellow and white roses were scattered about, matching and brightening the already happy atmosphere. Even the colorless archway above where the bride and groom will stand was ornamented with cheerful green vines and more barely yellow and white roses. Long tables were at the side, creating a border. The china sparkled brilliantly. The three-level cake drew all eyes to it in the middle of the food table.

Everyone wore smiling faces. The few people who had arrived earlier gathered in small groups to chatter amongst themselves. They were dressed perfectly. Tailored, pressed suits adorned the men's bodies. Beautiful, silk dresses gowned the women's. None out-shined the groom or bride, but they looked wonderful to say the least.

Most of the guests were Keiko's family and friends. Yuusuke could see Keiko's mother and father gaily talking (and no doubt bragging) about their daughter's great planning and execution of the wedding. Keiko's friends huddled as far away from Yuusuke as humanly possible. Though they had outgrown all the exaggerated rumors and gossip about him, they were still wary of the former thug. The only people closely related to Yuusuke were Atsuko, Kurama, Kuwabara, Yukina, Shizuru, Shiori, Hiei, and Botan out of the 70 some-odd guests. The fact itself was disturbing.

"Oi, Urameshi!" The undeniable voice of Kuwabara boomed over the crowd.

Yuusuke's and Kurama's heads instantly snapped to the side toward the source of the disturbance. Yuusuke smirked. Well at least he had someone to goof off with before the wedding started! Yukina stood at Kuwabara's side, dressed in the beautiful bride's maid's gown Keiko had so tediously picked out. She waved politely and smiled. Shizuru was already joining the festivities, though she was only off to the side smoking her eleventh cigarette of the day.

Yuusuke rushed over to Kuwabara and gave him a friendly punch in the arm. They began to chatter away mindlessly, trying to best each other at everything, while exchanging awkward 'thanks for coming's, 'your welcome's, and 'congrats!'.

"Oi! Where's shorty at?! Not here yet? Ha! The slow poke!" Kuwabara proudly shouted.

Yuusuke rolled his eyes at the scene and walked away from his best friend, leaving him to gloat by himself. But a question came to mind: where exactly was Hiei? Surely, he would show up. Gatherings weren't exactly his thing, but Hiei had never been one to disappoint, especially when Yuusuke was involved. Yuusuke fleetingly wondered if the little guy was alright. Hiei can hold his own, Yuusuke reasoned, but there's always that chance. If he didn't show up, Yuusuke was going to have a little chat with Mukuro. The Mistress of Demon World kept tabs on the half-koorime better than anyone else. She would know where he was and what he was up to.

Everything suddenly went quiet around him. He looked around in confusion.

"Who is that?" The whispers started. "She's beautiful!"

Yuusuke found out very quickly who they were talking about and couldn't help but stare. A beauty of nothing less than celestial descent was waltzing straight toward him. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her shoulders like nighttime waters and molded into the black, silk Cheongsam she wore. Cut-in sleeves gave a glimpse of her pale, shimmering shoulders, and the side-slits of her dress a hint of her cat-like legs. The bright coloring of the peach blossoms blooming on her outfit drew Yuusuke's eyes straight to her chest. His eyebrows went up on his forehead in a rare sign of appreciation. Her hips swayed as she walked. Her breasts had just the right bounce. Her limbs were long and soft looking. Yuusuke wet his lips. If only this wasn't his wedding day.

She stopped right in front of him. Her golden eyes glinted with amusement at the sight of the young man. She reached out and ran a thumb over his lips. She could feel Yuusuke tense under the touch. She let out a giggle when he looked at her in questioning.

"They looked too soft to be a man's. I wanted to see if they were as plush as they seemed," She whispered.

A hot blush flushed Yuusuke's face. His reaction confused him. He'd gotten so many compliments from women before. He could just smirk, take the praise, and move on. Not once had he blushed at any of them. Yuusuke desperately wanted to look away from her, but his eyes stayed glued on her full lips, watching as slow, smooth sentences flowed from those fleshy buds. He saw a flash of teeth only once, and a dangerous image was revealed. Sharp canines lay in wait behind the temptation.

"You're Yuusuke, no?" She asked.

Yuusuke opened his mouth to answer, but cut himself off and nodded his head. The woman smiled.

"I was looking for you. I have a wedding gift."

Yuusuke's eyes were drawn to her neck. A silver chain glinted prettily in the sunlight. She drew the chain up and over her head. From the crevice between her breasts, a cylinder-like pendent slowly slid out. It was dark blue in color with light blue snowflakes dotting its surface. Yuusuke blinked out of his stupor when he felt the cool metal touch the back of his neck.

"Snowflake Obsidian," She murmured. "Very effective as a protective stone, obsidian draws imbalances hidden deep in the body to the surface and helps to release them. To see the inner self is this stone's main duty. Keep it with you."

She laid a kiss onto the gemstone's glinting surface before letting it drop to Yuusuke's chest. Yuusuke was at a loss for words. None of his usual smartass remarks bubbled up. He couldn't be rude to this woman. Yuusuke didn't feel threatened by the beauty. Strangely, just the opposite. A motherly aura radiated from her. The small child in him reached out and stroked it, wanting more and grasping at the pretty cat. He unconsciously was leaning toward her, as if she was the opposite pole of a magnet to his, but he was stopped short by two fingers pressing to his lips. He was barely three inches away from her cheek.

"Don't fall too deep into me," She giggled. "I'm quite dangerous, you know."

The sides of Yuusuke's lips curled slightly. "Yeah? I like dangerous."

She let out a short chuckle. "You'd not like my kind of dangerous. I have a rather vicious bodyguard. Besides," She reached up and cupped his cheek. A look of mock-sadness morphed her features. She sighed distantly. "You're getting married, and I'm certainly too much of a devilish pussycat for a young whippersnapper like you. It just wouldn't work out. Sorry, love."

Yuusuke's smile widened as her fingers trailed down his jaw, his neck, and to his chest before finally lifting and leaving. He watched with curious, amused eyes as she turned and began to walk away. He stepped forward to follow, but stopped himself short.

"Hey!" He yelled after her. "Who are you here with?!"

She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him. She flashed him a peaceful, yet slightly flirtatious smile.

"It's rather pathetic that you don't know. It's even more so since you didn't ask my name first."

"Maybe I don't care to know. I'm into the whole 'no strings attached,' 'Don't ask, don't tell,' sorta thing."

Her golden eyes glinted with mirth. "I expect nothing less from just a boy. Don't you have to, I don't know, be a bridegroom today? Oh, that's right. 'Don't ask, don't tell,' right?"

Yuusuke's hands suddenly flew to his chest in mock-pain. He pivoted on his heel and faced his back to her. She shook her head and walked off. Yuusuke licked his teeth and smacked his lips in frustration.

"Damn it," Yuusuke hissed. "What the hell was that? You're an idiot, Yuusuke."

"'Damn it' is right. You're lucky Keiko wasn't out here to see you do that," Kurama's voice caressed his ears.

Yuusuke shot him a look. "I was only playing with her a bit, fox boy," He smiled. "Nothing serious."

"Mmm," Kurama hummed. "If you say so."

"I do say so."

"Hiei's here," Kurama changed the subject and motioned to the path.

Yuusuke instantly turned. Excitement bubbled up inside him. It always did whenever Hiei came around. He wore a dark tuxedo, absolute with crimson buttons and cufflinks. His red eyes gleamed with something completely Hiei and indescribable. There was not a wrinkle in his outfit, not a string loose, not a fold undone. Hiei looked, dare Yuusuke say it, sexy. He'd admit, Hiei was good-looking, handsome and from top to bottom masculinely beautiful if he was truly honest, but this, seeing Hiei as he was now, was a wholly different experience. He was very tempting, exciting, alluring, pleasing, and so many other different words. Just as the encounter with the woman just moments before had been.

And speak of the devil. The woman had come back up the path and caught Hiei's attention. She muttered something to him. He coolly shook his head and inconspicuously offered her his arm. She smiled and took the gift. She held him loosely. His grip on her was much tighter. Together, they looked perfect. Yuusuke suddenly felt misplaced. Kurama's chuckling broke him out of his stupor.

"Well, well," Kurama tittered. "I had no idea Hiei had a sweetheart."

"Me," Yuusuke took a pause. "Neither."

Kurama's emerald gaze slyly looked over to his team leader. A look of distance and mislay-ment swirled in Yuusuke's raw sienna colored irises. Kurama's eyes softened at the sight. It wasn't the first time he had seen such a childish, and heart-touching, display of emotions from the Reikai Tantei, but his reaction was always intense. Kurama moved closer to the detective and gripped his shoulder softly. Yuusuke immediately looked to him when he felt the pressure on his skin.

"I could be wrong, you know," Kurama confessed. "We both know Hiei isn't exactly the relationship type."

Yuusuke nodded and sighed slightly to relieve himself of the buildup of emotions inside him. Hiei continued up the path and took a seat with the beauty by his side. Kuwabara noticed them almost immediately. He smirked and rushed over to the shortest member of Team Urameshi's side. Kuwabara elbowed Hiei playfully.

"Nice goin', shorty. Ya bagged yourself a babe! Where'd you find her?" Kuwabara praised.

"She's my mother," Hiei replied crossly with a growl.

Kurama's and Yuusuke's eyes widened slightly at the confession. Kuwabara was the only one of the three to voice his astonishment.

"What?!" Kuwabara shouted. "N-no way! There's no way you came from her!"

"Is it that unbelievable?" Hiei asked, rolling his eyes.

"Yes!" Kuwabara replied.

Kurama couldn't up but let out a chuckle at the turn of events. Yuusuke looked like he was going to scream out in confusion. In all honesty, Kurama was confused himself, but it was none of his business who the woman actually was. If Hiei called her mother, she is mother.

The woman next to Hiei giggled slightly and began to pet his hair. Kuwabara gasped in surprise. In all the years (as little or many as they may be) of fighting by Hiei's side, he would have never guessed a woman could touch him so casually. He half-expected the beauty's hand to be severed from her arm and thrown across the aisle into the crowd of humans by now. The woman held out her hand as an offering to the boys.

"My name is Yuuka. It is my pleasure to meet you all. Hiei has told me about the three of you in great detail," Yuuka smiled at Yuusuke. "Especially you. He seems very proud of you, dear Yuusuke."

A blush flared up on Yuusuke's cheeks again. He looked away before he did something he might regret. Kurama was the first to reach out and grasp the woman's hand in his own. His lips tenderly brushed against her white knuckles.

"Well then, it's fair to assume that I need no introduction then?" Kurama asked.

Yuuka withdrew her hand sharply. Her gilded gaze narrowed as she looked over the redhead. A whine, like a cat about to strike, escaped her throat. Kurama seemed to sparkle with amusement. Yuusuke swore he saw the tip of a feline tail twitching with anger near Yuuka's ankles.

"None at all," Yuuka replied.

Kurama opened his mouth to speak. Hiei intervened. His hand gently gripped Yuuka's knee, effectively snapping Yuuka and Kurama both from their strike-less battle.

"Kaa-san," Hiei said to her, but looked to Kurama. "Wouldn't you agree that this isn't the time or the place to settle a rivalry?"

What a hypocrite! Kuwabara and Yuusuke thought together. Kurama stood up straight, brushed down his jacket, and nodded with a smile.

"I do agree, Hiei," Yuuka stated. "Not the time nor the place."

"Yes," said Kurama. "Well, if you'll excuse me, my mother seems to be calling me. Excuse me."

Kurama turned and began to walk away. Sure enough, Shiori had been waving to get his attention. Kuwabara and Yuusuke watched in fascination as the pretty fox walked off. Kuwabara turned to Hiei in questioning. Hiei sat completely composed with his legs and arms crossed.

"What the hell was that about, shorty?!"

"Hmph!" Hiei snorted. "Might as well put a kitten and a dog in a room together."

Kuwabara looked Yuuka over. "She ain't no kitt-"

Hiei shot him a nasty look. Yuusuke bit his lip to contain his laughter. Yuuka was a kitten if hiei fucking said she was a kitten damn it. End of story. A few giggles and chuckles pleased the air, but were completely silenced in an instant by a hand placing itself on Yuusuke's shoulder.


The tantalizing scent of an unmistakeable cologne tickled Yuusuke's senses. He turned slowly, taking in the wondrous view of a man he hadn't seen in years. His long, dark ponytail - resting on his shoulder and not exceeding his neckline, his trademark, chocolate-brown eyes, and his height that outranked Yuusuke's brought back a slew of memories that Yuusuke held dear to his heart. The man was beautiful. Not Kurama beautiful, mind you, but beautiful in his own way. A million-dollar smile graced the older boy's features. Yuusuke'd never forget that look as long as he lived. He was the only one that ever got that smile, and it always brought a beaming grin to his face. This time was no different

"Hoshi!" Yuusuke cried suddenly. "Hey, man! Long time, no see!"

Yuusuke didn't hold back in hugging the guest. The man named Hoshi looked stunned for a moment before a euphoric expression passed over his face briefly. His arms wrapped tightly around Yuusuke and squeezed. Hiei's jaw ticked. Yuuka ran her fingers through his hair and whispered directly into his ear. Yuusuke tried to pull away, but Hoshi kept him in a loose embrace.

"Mm, it has been a while, hasn't it? You can't imagine my," Hoshi paused for a moment and searched for the appropriate term. "Unsettled sense of shock upon knowing you were marrying such a fine, young temptress."

Yuusuke formed a grin laced with confusion. "Right. Thanks, man. I'm glad I surprised you."

Hiei's chuckling caught Hoshi's attention. Hiei smirked at the look Hoshi shot him. Hoshi leered as well.

"Well, well, if it isn't Mr. Imaginary-Friend. It's nice to finally meet you face to face, Hiei. I'm Ueno Ho-"

"I know full well who you are," Hiei sharply interjected. "And do not use my name so lightly. We're not on an familiar terms whatsoever. The only connection you and I share is Yuusuke and even then it's a loose connection," Hiei paused to let his smirk deepen. "On your part."

Hoshi's eyes narrowed. Yuusuke and Kuwabara looked from Hoshi to Hiei and back multiple times before looking at each other and shrugging. Hoshi abruptly turned and grabbed Yuusuke's arm. He hooked his tightly with Yuusuke's and smiled at the detective.

"Shall we go for a little walk then? We haven't seen each other for such a long time. We have a lot to catch up on and a little time before the ceremony, right?"

Yuusuke nodded cautiously. "Uh, sure."

Yuusuke was jerked forward so hard he almost felt his arm come out of its socket. He winced slightly, but said nothing. He waved to the others as he was dragged off. A hurried "See ya in a minute, guys!" escaped his lips.

"What a looker," Yuuka spoke up. "How Yuusuke resists his allure is far out of my mind's grasp," She chuckled. "How anyone could resist that temptation is amazing."

"Well, Urameshi is one to pull off amazing things," Kuwabara spoke up. He shook his head violently. "What am I saying?!"

Hiei didn't say a word. All his attention was focused on the detective and his cousin.

Hoshi had taken Yuusuke well out of the way of the wedding area. The walk itself was nice, peaceful, and all around pleasant. There was a comfortable silence wafting between the cousins. So much for catching up, Yuusuke thought with relief. Yuusuke knelt down to a lone, yellow rose far out of the way of its home back at the wedding. Yuusuke looked it over questioningly, but never got to finish his thoughts. A hand encased his wrist. He was pulled to his feet and turned to face Hoshi. Yuusuke was confused, disoriented, and slightly angry.

"What's your prob-" Yuusuke tried.

Hard, hot lips pressed against his. Yuusuke's eyes widened as Hoshi's closed. Hoshi became all force. Yuusuke was forced to walk back, and his arm was forced around Hoshi's neck. His lips were cruelly forced apart, and Hoshi's tongue ravaged the scorching, soft inner walls of Yuusuke's mouth. Hoshi's hard body squeezed Yuusuke's between his warm frame and the cool, dark bark of the sakura tree. Hoshi managed to wiggle his way between Yuusuke's legs and pressed against him more. Finally, Hoshi and Yuusuke broke for air. Yuusuke gave a barking cough before glaring up at the older male.

"What the hell is your problem!?" Yuusuke screeched.

"Would you like me to list them alphabetically?"

Hoshi smashed his lips to Yuusuke's once more. His hand went down Yuusuke's back and gripped the soft lump of his ass. Yuusuke's eyes widened to a near impossible size. Yuusuke grasped Hoshi's shoulder with his free hand and roughly pushed. Though Yuusuke refused to use his demon strength on his cousin, he had enough power to easily push him back. Yuusuke panted with mixed emotions. He suddenly growled.

"Don't make me hurt you, Hoshi."

"I know you wouldn't, Yuusuke."

Another growl. "I would if I fucking had to, you bastard! Where the hell do you get off kissing me like that?! I'M GETTING MARRIED, YOU STUPID FUCK! THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO BE COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET! AT LEAST, NOT TO ME!"

"I've been saying it for years. You just refused to hear me. Today you will though," Hoshi smiled. "I love you, Yuusuke, and I've decided that I'm going to object to yours and Yukimura-san's union."

"What!?" Yuusuke shrieked.

"I'm going to object. There's no way I'm going to let you marry her."

Yuusuke growled deeply in warning. His demon side scratched at the human barrier keeping him locked inside Yuusuke's body. He was itching to get out, but Yuusuke wouldn't do that to Hoshi. He was his cousin. He could do the most stupid, worst things in the world, but he would always love him. . . as family. Yuusuke squirmed.

"You will NOT do that, Hoshi."

"But I will."

"No, you fucking won't, you jackass! This is about what I want! Not what YOU want! My happiness! Not YOURS! Did you think about how I feel about you!? Right now I couldn't be more pissed at you!"

"But you don't hate me."

"That doesn't mean I love you in the way you love me!"

"Don't say that." Hoshi said sadly. "Look, I can prove you like me the way I like you."

Yuusuke cocked an eyebrow. His anger faded slightly. He eyed his cousin suspiciously. Oh, really? Yuusuke thought to himself sarcastically. He felt Hoshi shift. He let out an irritated grunt as he found himself pushed further into the tree.

A gasp was ripped from him. The touch was slight, but enough. Hard fingers and palms ran over his clothed chest. Yuusuke gulped and blushed angrily at his reaction. He hated how sensitive that part of his body was. Hoshi's hands cupped and kneaded his chest. Yuusuke's blood thinned into liquid heat. His heart strained to pound out of his ribcage. His legs turned hot rubber. His mouth open and let his huffing, humid pants escape.


Yuusuke winced at the sound of his own voice. Way to go, Urameshi. You hit an all-time low with that pathetic demand. He felt his strength slowly gathering, and when it finally bubbled up, he released it all into one forceful push. Hoshi stumbled back and regained his balance. Yuusuke gulped heavily and stared at the other male. Neither said a word. Hoshi smiled and opened his mouth to speak first. Yuusuke didn't give him a chance. He sharply turned and began to hurriedly walk away.

Hiei saw his leader coming back toward the wedding area. The back of Yuusuke's hand covered his mouth. A barely-there red painted the detective's cheeks. Even with the slight amount of breeze, Hiei could detect the scent of arousal. His crimson irises instantly snapped to the other male as he waltzed happily after Yuusuke. Hiei's eyes narrowed.

That fucking brat.

It was perfect. The bridesmaids were beautiful. The groomsmen were trim. The guests were smiling and happy. They were just waiting, waiting to see the beauty that was Yukimura Keiko walk down the aisle with her father on her arm toward the man of her dreams: Urameshi Yuusuke. As the Wedding March played, Yuusuke feinted coolness. His heart still pounded in his chest from earlier, but a sense of fear and nervousness suddenly seized him.

Kuwabara's hand rested gently on Yuusuke's shoulder. Yuusuke shot him a quick look in surprise and smiled. He nodded his head in thanks.

And there she was: Yukimura Keiko, his bride. Her long brown hair held long curls. The sweet scent of roses wafted from the open blooms placed strategically in those light earthy locks. She was something straight out of a romance movie. Yuusuke couldn't help but slowly scan her over and over and over again as she walked toward him, veil covering her face, but not her handsome smile.

Finally, she stood directly in front of him. A slow smile appeared on his face. Keiko giggled at his reaction. Don't be nervous, she mouthed. If it were any other time in any other place under any other circumstances, he would have fervently argued with her about not being nervous in the least.

"Dearly beloved," The priest started. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the glorious union between Yukimura Keiko-san and Urameshi Yuusuke-san."

It started as every wedding should: a smiling bride - beautiful, if only in the eyes of her prince; a happy groom - nervous, yet excited for the journey ahead; a supportive Maid of Honor - there for the bride at every turn; a mindful Best Man - a best of best friends to the groom; and finally, a joyous audience - waiting with baited breath for the 'I do's.

And finally, those 'I do's came.

"Do you, Yukimura Keiko, take Yuusuke to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Keiko's eyes twinkled as she smiled at Yuusuke. Yuusuke smiled his best back at her.

"I do," She finally said.

"And do you, Urameshi Yuusuke, take Keiko to be your lawfully wedded wife?"


A shiver passed over the sensitive. Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Shizuru, Yukina, Botan, Yuuka, and Yuusuke looked toward the start of the bridal runway. A spiritual tremor shook the ground. A weird boiling, yet freezing, air settled onto their skins. Keiko watched Yuusuke's face smooth and stiffen. She looked about and noticed identical looks on many of the guests' faces. Keiko tugged on Yuusuke's sleeve. She needed to know what was wrong.

Yuusuke's eyes suddenly bulged. His hands flew to cover his nose and mouth. Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara, and many of the others closely related to Yuusuke mimicked the action. Yuusuke fell to his knees and continued to cover his nose. His eyes started to water. He shut them tight.

And then. . . it hit her as well.

The horrid, foul, vile stench of death and decay wafted through the air. She used her fine white gloves to cover her nose. Anyone with the slightest spiritual awareness would have had the reaction Yuusuke did. Everyone else, Keiko's reaction. For Yuusuke and the others, it was overpowering. The terrible, awful, disgusting, nauseating, filthy stink Yuusuke was experiencing wouldn't just make eyes water, but stomachs empty in moments. Luckily for the group that experienced the full power of the stench, they could hold back their lunches.

"W-What is that god-awful smell!?" Kuwabara shouted.

Another tremor. Whatever it was, was getting closer. Hoshi had rushed from his seat and kneeled down in front of his cousin. He gently gripped Yuusuke's shoulders. Strangely, Hoshi seemed unaffected the terrible stink.

"Yuusuke, are you alright?!" He said in a panic.

Yuusuke's eyes widened. A monster of a man, redder than blood and covered with injuries, stomped down the aisle toward Hoshi. Yuusuke moved his hands to speak. The smell overwhelmed him, and he began to dry heave and cough violently. Hoshi was grabbed by the shoulder and ripped back away from Yuusuke. Yuusuke made a weak grab for him.

Hoshi, damnt!

The guests watched in horror as Hoshi was turned in the large man's hands. The man's wild eyes fell upon Hoshi's struggling frame. Hoshi grunted and kicked in a feeble attempt at getting away.

"I finally," A ragged breath was drawn into the man. "Found you, little Sacrifice."

The man's hand was a blur. All that could be seen was Hoshi's eyes widening, blood poured from his mouth and open wound, and his body going rigid then limp. Yuusuke screamed in pain, even though he was never touched. His tears increased. He felt like he was being ripped open tissue by tissue, layer of skin by layer of skin. The man's fingers moved about inside Hoshi's body. Yuusuke gasped. He could feel them just as vividly as if they were inside of him. He found himself gasping for air and choking on it. He distantly heard someone call for him.

Suddenly, Hoshi dropped to the ground. The man held a heart in his hand. A gaping wound in his stomach continued to leak crimson blood. The heart beat steadily. A small cut in the right side of the heart bled down the man's hand. The man smirked.

"Finally," He gasped again. "A heart with a natural hole."

The man's tongue poked out from between his lips. The heart's blood ran down and dripped onto the wet muscle. The man's eyes closed. He savored the metallic taste. His energy swirled about him and began to rise. Kurama and Hiei unconsciously took a step back. Their eyes kept darting to Yuusuke. Kurama, stopping himself from backing away, darted forward to Yuusuke and began to examine him. Yuusuke cried out in pain from being moved.

Finally, a woman screamed from the crowd. The man's eyes snapped open and toward her. Her date reached out and clamped his hands over her mouth. They both froze in place. The man smirked and began to laugh. The stench began to subside. Yuusuke grunted and whined continuously in pain.

"Yuusuke!" Kurama shouted, trying to get a reaction from his friend. "Yuusuke, what's wrong?!"

"Fucking bastard," Yuusuke managed through gritted teeth.

Yuusuke forced himself to his feet. His hand tightened on his lower stomach. The man looked to him. His eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth and triumph. Kurama stood as well and held Yuusuke's arm. The young boy looked as though he was about to fall over. The man's smirk spread over the entire length of his face. He began toward the pair.

"So," The man rasped. "You're the one who punctured the heart."

Kurama moved in front of Yuusuke, determination in his eyes. The man's hand raised up and struck Kurama hard, sending him flying into Hiei and Kuwabara. A series of cracks and shouts in pain rang in the air. The man smirked. His colossal hand found Yuusuke's shirt and hauled him off the ground.

"Yuusuke!" Keiko shrieked and was blown back by a mighty gust of air caused by the man's energy.

Yuusuke panted and coughed. Damn, he was in so much pain. He managed to open one eye and look over the demon. Smoldering, gilded irises greeted Yuusuke, but the intensity of the man's gaze wasn't what startled Yuusuke the most. Winding stitches decorated his head and neck. Decayed skin slipped from the tight bindings of the darned flesh. There were only wisps of hair clinging to the man's head. As much as the sight sickened him, Yuusuke couldn't take his eyes off the man.

"Now, let's make you the first victim of the other side of the blood."

The man's thumb sank into the spongy flesh of the heart on the opposite side of the first hole. The hand holding Yuusuke's shirt moved up to his neck and forced his mouth open. Yuusuke's hands weakly gripped the man's thick wrist.

A gleaming hook suddenly swung down. A black and red blur caught the man's eye. He looked over just in time to see his arm as a target. Yuuka swung down with a Shang Gou, intent on cutting the man open. But to her surprise, and many other's as well, his skin ripped open before she could touch him. A foul stench filled the air. Yuuka was hit first with the foul wind. She fell to her knees. Her senses were completely destroyed by the sudden gust.

"Don't interfere!" The man screamed as his skin mended itself with more stitches.

A large foot collided with her chest. She skidded back forcefully, only to be caught by Hiei.


"I'm alright, Hiei." She coughed.

A flame began to burn around Hiei's right arm. He rose. In a flash, he was racing toward the man. The man squeezed the heart over Yuusuke's open mouth. Blood moved down the heart at a snail's pace. A large glob dripped off its tip and hit Yuusuke's tongue. Hiei jumped up high with a deep purple flame radiating from his fist. His eyes widened. A hand reached up and climbed its way up the man's body. A bleeding figure was reaching for the heart.

Hiei was forced to make a quick landing and pushed away from the man and Yuusuke, less he hit the new figure. Hoshi, bleeding and weak, was reaching for the heart. The crimson, thick liquid was forced down Yuusuke's throat.

"K-kaa-san," Hoshi weakly cried as he reached. "Gi-give her back. K-kaa-san."

Yuusuke screamed out in pain. Weakness forgotten, his hands tightened on the man's wrist. The man smirked as he watched the poisonous blood course through Yuusuke's systems. This was worse than anything he had felt before. Combine the pounding from Toguro, Genkai's orb absorption test, and the beating he had to endure from Sensui, and maybe, just maybe, it could compare with what he was feeling now.

Yuusuke was suddenly dropped. The man had turned his attention to Hoshi. Pathetic brown eyes stared at the demon, pleading for the muscle in the man's hand. Hoshi continued to reach. The man smirked down at him. What a weakling! He reached down to Hoshi. Hoshi stared, hoping, and relaxed, but the peace was short-lived. A simple flick to the head sent him flying backwards. Blood smeared down the aisle as Hoshi's body bounced down it. Many could only watch in horror.

Hiei had taken to trying to lift Yuusuke, but the boy's convulsions were making it difficult to keep his grip on him. His body tensed. He looked over his shoulder a moment too late. He got a taste of what Kurama and Yuuka had experienced. The man's blow radiated to the depths of his soul. Hiei's body was instantly bruised. Though he remained on his feet, it was all he really could do. He was sure some of his bones had been fractured. He didn't blame Kurama or Yuuka for not getting up after such a rough punch.

"Bastard!" Kuwabara shouted.

"Don't you even try, idiot!" Hiei hissed.

He fell to one knee. The man reached down and easily picked Yuusuke up. He looked the boy over as Yuusuke continued to twitch and claw at his own body.

"Painful, isn't it?" The man rasped. "Let's see, Urameshi Yuusuke, is it? Hmm, a former Reikai Tantei, heir to Raizen's throne, change-bringer, and a handsome hanyou. There'll be a price for you yet. I wonder just how much? 1,000,000? 2,000,000?" The man laughed. "Or maybe much more! In any case, you're coming with me."

Keiko's eyes leaked as the man began to fade away with Yuusuke. She forced herself to her feet and rushed forward to where they stood despite the pain in her ankle. By the time she reached where they once were, they were gone. She searched the area desperately.

"Yuusuke," She whispered. "Yuusuke! Yuusuke! YUUSUKE, COME BACK!"


Author's Note: Decided to try to give this chapter a make-over and smooth over the transition from my original plans, as seen here, to what it became.