First Bones fic takes place a week after season 4 finally, but Booth has already regained his memory. This is the story of one girl's determination to help her best friend get out of a bad place and into a better one. Please tell me what you think. I really need some feedback

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Chapter 1

The one that was came back

Well my life officially sucks. This is my third school this year and it's only January. I'm seventeen and thanks to Gunny…or my father I have to go to a new school in Michigan. It's not that I hate Detroit and it's not like I actually left friends behind….It just that I wish I had a permanent place. I know my brothers and sisters wish the same thing…well minus my older brother James who's graduating and joining the Navy at the end of the school year.

I walked into the school, lots of bright colors blazing at me, making me hurl. I adjusted my glasses and walked into the office. The old lady gave me my schedule and my locker number before ushering me rudely out of her office. I didn't care. But as I walked towards my locker I saw something that made me care. There were these two jocks and this really sweet looking boy. These two jocks had him pinned against the lockers waiting for him to do something one was trying to choke him.

"Would you boys please release the boy you are currently trying to asphyxiate or I'll be forced to hurt you?"

"Asphyxia… what?" asked one of them.

"We can't let him go until he gives us our Chemistry homework."

"I see." I replied, "Alright, have it your way…" I kicked one in the…well where it hurt and the other came at me releasing the boy. He tried to grab me but I dodged as I turned and he slammed his head into the lockers and fell to the ground.

"R…thank you for helping me out of that predicament…I'm…" but he was cut off by the Principle.

"What do you have to say for yourselves?" he asked. He was incredibly tall and very in need of a hairpiece.

"Um…we…" I tried

"To the Principles office now." he said. Well as it turned out he was the assistant Principle and I hadn't had the pleasure yet of meeting the actual Principle. So we followed the hairpiece guy over to the office he sat us down and walked into the Principles office.

"I'm Althea…my friends call me Althy…if I had any friends." I said

"I'm Zach Addy, nice to meet you." he replied. "Thanks again for saving me...those football players don't have any respect for an intellectual mind."

"I could tell…so how intellectual is your mind?" I asked

"Is an IQ of 185 telling you anything?"

"Well…considering my IQ is exactly the same I'd say yes." I replied, "Nice to meet you Zach"

"You too, Althy." he replied.

That was years ago, after High School we both went to the Jeffersonian Institute to learn Forensic anthropology and a few other things. Zach got his doctorate first as I had more majors to deal with than him. Zach was living in an above garage apartment paying rent to my cousin Jack Hodgins and living at Jack's place I got to see a lot of Zach, but not as much as I'd have liked since I was swamped with work. So when Zach was taking a plane to Iraq, which made a stop in Egypt we got a chance to catch up as I was on my way to Egypt to help them look for some lost tombs.

Now a year later I am back in DC to not only visit Zach, but to move back in with Jack. I got a hell of a shock to my system when I called Jack and he told me that Zach was in a crazy house because he helped a cannibalistic serial killer.

My first move was to visit Zach. So after Jack picked me up at the airport and I dropped my stuff I headed out the door. I took my yellow beetle convertible and drove to Zach.

I entered the cold and unwelcoming, yet high tech building and found a security guard sitting at the front desk.

"Can I help you Miss?" asked the guard

"I'm here to visit a patient here under the name Zachary Addy." I told him.

"Do you have some ID?" he asked

"Of course," I said taking out my driver's license, "My name is Dr. Althea Calloway…"

"Another doctor?" asked the guard, "Man that Zach Addy must be pretty messed up if only doctors visit him." I wanted to yell at him, but contained my energy. The guard gave me a visitors pass and a paper and I left flaunting my below shoulder length black-brown hair with a small braid in the front. I came through the double doors and scanned the room with my purple eyes.

Just a bunch of crazy people sitting around, a nurse came up to me and I handed her the paper the guard gave me and she led me to a gray room with bars on the windows and a steal table with some chairs.

"Just scan your visitors pass when your ready to leave." said the nurse. "I'll bring Mr. Addy to you. Please sit, make yourself comfortable." She left and I put my bag on the table. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable…was she kidding? How can anybody be comfortable in a place like this?

A few short minutes later Zack stepped in looking just as he did the last time I saw him on that flight…except his hair was shorter then. Zack had a look of pure shock on his face, a rare occasion.

"A…Althy what are you…since when…how…" I stopped his rant by placing my arms around him, pulling him into a hug. He hesitated at first but returned the hug.

"I guess we should sit." I suggested and he sat down across from me.

"I should inquire how you found me, but to ask that question would be illogical since I already know the answer." said Zach "Hodgins told you."

"He did. I just got back from Egypt…an hour ago. Dropped my stuff of at Jack's place, had lunch and went to see you."

"How was Egypt?"

"Ah…pretty boring, didn't find anything, but I did, however get to see a lot of amazing architecture and artifacts." I told him.

"Oh…I'm sorry to hear that." he said and I flashed him a smile.

"Zack...I'm going to cut to the chase." I told him and he starred at me. "I'm going to be strait forward with you. Zach…did you honestly kill that lobbyist?"

"I d….I cannot lie to you Althy…I did not kill the lobbyist, however I plead guilty. Hodgins assured me I would not do well in prison. I feel guilty that I fell for the faulty logic which made me a servant of The Master." said Zack "What is next for you Althy, a job?"

"I was thinking of applying to the Smithsonian."

"I do not suggest it. the Smithsonian is not fully equipped for someone with your intellect, you run a high probability risk of being un-appreciated."

"Oh and what would you suggest?" I asked smirking at him.

"You should take my old position. Dr. Brennan's search for a preferred assistant has led nowhere. Your skills…all of your skills will be very beneficial to the Jeffersonian."

"Zack...I can't take your job."

"Please Althy. You must. It is crucial to help solve cases…as a favor to me…please.." he said giving me his smile that always made me melt.

"Oh…that smile always works on me…..I'm mad at you right now." I said faking a pout. "Alright, I'll apply, but there is no guarantee I will get the job."

"Of course there is." said Zack. "You are one of the most brilliant people I know. If you can't get this job than nobody can."

"But no pressure." I added, then the nurse came into the room.

"I'm sorry, but your time is up." said the nurse.

"Thank you Nurse Silver." said Zack.

"Alright Zack, I'll come back and see you again next week, I promise." I said hugging him.

"I don't want you to feel obligated."

"Zachary Addy, you are my best friend, your practically my only friend. There is no obligation." I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and headed out the door with my bag at hand.

I took the car back to Jack's place and entered my room. As I started to unpack Jack came in.

"Hey Althy, how was your visit with Zach?" he asked.

"Depressing, it's not like he actually killed someone…."

"But Zach killed the lobbyist…." said Jack,

"He told me he didn't kill anyone. He looked me right in the eyes Jack, you know Zach can't lie. He's Zach." I protested zipping up my suite case. "Did anyone call?"

"Yeah, your sister called."

"Which one?" I asked.

"The one in high school, who got a call from the one in College."

"I'll call Andy back, she and mom must be flipping out by now." I said and grabbed the phone. "Hey Adam it's Althy is your twin sis there?...Hey Andora, …yes I'm in DC so you can tell mom to calm down…I…I'll try to send the presents over night…is this why you called so desperately? I thought so…ok. kiss Adam and Peter for me…love you to, bye…" I hung up. Then turned to Jack, "Zach suggested I applied to the Jeffersonian…what do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea. We really need somebody brilliant…who loves my experiments…" he said and I slapped a hand to my forehead.

"I tolerate them, that doesn't mean I love them." I replied. "Do you really think I should?"

"YES!" he said.

"Ok I will." I replied, "You can give them my resume tomorrow. I have an appointment to set up with a Dr…Sweets…is that even a real name?"

"Why are you setting up an appoint with Zach's shrink?" asked Jack "How do you even know him?"

"You mentioned him when I called you. I believe it was right after "That schmuck screwed up the greatest relationship I've ever had." Maybe it was after the rant about him hanging around the Jeffersonian, I forget." I said smiling wickedly at him.

"Ok. Ok, I'll give your resume to Cam and Brennan." he said "Where do you want to go for dinner?"

"You're the one treating your cousin, not me, so you choose." I replied. He laughed and we walked out the door…..

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