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Chapter 50

The end is only the beginning

I ate breakfast and showered. My mom styled my hair into a loose side bun and placed the flower into it and the veil with it. She curled the front of my hair and let it fall like bangs. I looked like something out of a Jane Austin novel. My dress was beautiful. It hugged my curves and still gave out a full widen out grand entrance. The sash came out with the bottom giving my dress the illusion of a train.

Jackie and my sisters were in my room ready in their dresses. Jackie had her sash on. She was proud of it, it was funny. My make–up was light, just the way I wanted it.

"You look great." called Angela from the doorway. "I just wanted to let you know that all of Zack's siblings are here as are his parents."

"Thanks Angela." I said standing up from the bed to put on my white heels. "Can you check on Parker and Betty?"

"Sure." she was happy to do it.

"Careful with our niece." called Saph as she walked off. "or nephew."

Jackie looked at me. "Althy is something wrong?"

"I was just thinking." I said. "Do you think Zack is ready for everything that comes with being married?"

"He better, or else James and I will kick his ass." warned Jackie and I laughed.

James came in with a hand covering his eyes. "Is it safe?"

"You can open you eyes, Medusa has been killed." said Andy laughing. He looked at us. "We're almost ready. Dr. Brennan and Booth went to pick up the cake." I nodded. "Once they get back we're free to start…the only thing is the pianist isn't here."

"Of course she is." said Mom. "I'm ready." James nodded.

Jack came in and I automatically jumped to fear. "Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, Alths, relax." said Jack. "Everything is fine, Zack's just a littler nervous." I nodded. "Everything is set, if there's anything you need?"

I looked around. "The flowers... and Parker and Betty should be in here." he nodded and walked out in search of the ring bearer and the flower girl.

Peter and Sam peaked in after Jack left. "Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth are here, Althy. Zack's already standing on the grass." said Peter.

"I better go then." said Mom and headed to take her seat behind the piano. "Once Jack brings the bouquets be sure to begin." I nodded and as the three of them left Jack came in with the bouquets. They weren't anything special. The bouquets were simple ivory roses placed together; mine had a bit of blue in it to match the colors of the bridesmaids' dresses.

"Are we ready?" asked James and I nodded. "Then let's line up downstairs."

We all walked down the stairs and lined up. Parker went first followed by Betty. Saph and Andy went next followed closely behind by Jackie and her Maid of honor sash and finally I was standing in the back holding on to James.

Jackie opened the door and let Parker out. He looked adorable in his little suit, holding the pillow tightly. He walked down the rows of white chairs being separated by small batches of flowers scattered around the sides.

Betty followed him sprinkling small petals as she jumped around. It wasn't traditional, but it was too adorable to pass up.

My sisters went next looking beautiful. Saph had her hair curled and partially pulled back, Andy just let her hair down without much finesse because that was kind of badass she was.

Finally Jackie walked down the rows; her hair was pulled into a bun, held together by special chop sticks with one single thread of hair resting gently over the side of her right eye.

Then with my sisters and Jackie already finished it was my turn. The music changed and James grabbed my hand. "Let's go." slowly we walked down the rows as people stood up and starred.

"I feel so awkward." I said. "Their all looking at me."

"You're the bride, sis." was all he replied.

We arrived at the small podium and James removed my veil and kissed my cheek. "Good luck Althy." I smiled as he took a few steps back and sat down next to Nancy.

The woman who had agreed to hold a non religious ceremony was a friend of Dr. Brennan's. She had short blond hair and crystal eyes that seemed to glow from the sun light.

"Welcome all!" she said. "A woman and a man have many chances to meet someone they can spend their entire lives with. For Althea and Zack there was only one choice." A few people, the ones who knew us best, snorted at that statement. "Althea you trust Zack with your life and Zack you love Althy more than anything. This shows me that you are ready for the tough next step." she turned to an excited Parker. "Parker, the rings please." Parker nodded and presented the pillow to the woman. She grabbed the first ring. Zachary Uriah Addy are you prepared to spend the rest of you life with Althea for all the good and all the bad?"

"I do." said Zack and I placed the ring on his finger.

"And are you Althea Liliya Calloway prepared to spend your entire life with Zack for all the good and all the bad?"

"I do." and Zack placed the ring on my finger.

"By the power vested in me by the United States of America, specifically the DC and Virginia area I now pronounce you husband and wife." She said "You make kiss the bride." Zack lifted up my veil and we shared a kiss that would begin a whole new story.

Zack and I walked out and got into the car that took us to the reception hall a few blocks from the house.

The music was set and the decorations were fantastic. Zack and I stood outside welcoming the guests.

My family arrived first followed by Zack's then the Jeffersonian team and everyone else that got an invitation.

But as we all took our seats my Dad wheeled into the middle of the dance floor.

"Althy, Zack, I know I'm not the best father or father-in-law and for that I want to apologize to you both. I hope that this makes up for it!" He wheeled over to our table and placed an envelope on the table.

Zack opened it and starred blankly. "You….dad….bought us a house." he said.


"I hope this makes up for all the crap I put you both through." I got up and walked around to hug him.

"I love you, Daddy." I said and let go of him. "Thank you."

The band's lead came on "Welcome everyone to the Calloway-Addy reception." we all clapped. "To start the evening off I would like to invite the bride and groom to share their first dance as a married couple."

Zack and I got up and walked to the dance floor. We had been arguing over a song to play for weeks and finally decided on Only You. It was slow and beautiful and we swayed to it in harmony.

We then took our seats. The table we sat at had Jack and Angela and Jackie and Sweets.

Peter came over holding Sam's hand. "Althy, I don't think you were properly introduced. This is Sam my—"

I cut him off. "Your boyfriend," he nodded. "It's nice to properly meet you Sam. You take care of our little Peter."

"I will." I hugged them. "And thank you for the invitation. The ceremony was short, but sweet."

"That was the point." I said. "I'm not into those long droning ceremonies and neither is Zack." They nodded and walked away to where they sat with some of Zack's nieces.

We ate lovely chicken and noodles and lots of other tasty things. As we finished up Jack stood up to make his official best man toast.

"Zack, all I can say is that with Althy you are in for one hell of a ride." There was some laughter. "Althy came back from Egypt during a really not so great time, to put it mildly. But when this girl sets her mind on something…well we all know what happens. If you had told me three years from now that Zack was going to marry Althy I probably would have died laughing. But I am happy to be wrong…just this once. Congrats you guys."

"That was almost sweet Jack." said Althy.

"It appears that you have found a better way to control you anger issues." said Zack and Jack glared at him.

As the plates were being cleared away for desert the cake was brought in. It was a white first layer with a blue and black second layer with the first layer having a flower design trailing on the side. The third layer was simply blue and on top of all the amazing designs were two skeletons. One had a veil and the other a bow-tie. Everyone burst laughing as the two skeletons were bent over a third skeleton resting on a slab surrounded by equipment that matched that of the Jeffersonian.

If there was one wedding cake that fit us to a tee that was it? With the arrival of the cake Jackie stood up.

"I think we can all safely say that even if we didn't know who's wedding this was the arrival of the cake said it all." laughter. "Althy, you're my best friend and if a girl like you can find a guy then ladies there is hope for the rest of us." my sisters cheered. I just shook my head. "I wish you the best and I hope that your kids don't end up as clueless as the two of you." More laughter erupted as music began and everyone headed to the dance floor.

Soon after it was time to cut the cake.

Zack and I held the knife and just stood there just starring at the cake.

"I almost don't want to cut into it." I said. "It looks so good."

"Althy, it's made of chocolate and pure cream."

"Screw it then." I said and we cut into the cake, pulling out a piece and feeding it to the other.

The music returned and the dancing began again. Dr. Brennan and Booth walked over from the dance floor where Parker and Betty were dancing.

"This is an excellent reception." said Dr. Brennan. "And the cake was well crafted."

"Good luck to you guys." said Booth.

And soon after that it was the moment to leave. Zack and I exited the reception hall and sat in the limo. I popped out from the opening above.

"Single girls, line up." I said and saw my sisters, Dr. Brennan, Cam, and Jackie, along with some of one of Zack's sisters and our cousins standing. I turned away from them and threw the bouquet over my head.

I turned to face them and saw Dr. Brennan and Jackie holding the bouquet. I laughed and all eyes shifted to a frightened Booth and Sweets.

"Revenge is Sweet, isn't it? Dr. Sweets?" More laughing erupted as I sat down and kissed Zack.

"So this is the end." he said.

"End? OF course not, there's the honeymoon and moving into our new house, and getting back to work, and solving murders, and having kids and raising those kids."

"I think I understand. The end is merely the beginning of whatever comes next." he kissed me. "Driver, to the airport, please!"

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed to not only our honeymoon but off on a whole new set of adventures. It would be similar to what we already went through only with possibly diapers and crying babies and a lot of hormones. And I couldn't wait to suffer through every minute of it if it meant having Zack with me.

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