Twins: a pair of offspring resulting from a single pregnancy who are usually born in close succession…


A figure stood at the gates of Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Konoha was known as the strongest village in all the shinobi nations. It was far from being a joke as Konoha was the only villages to suffer the greatest tragedies but immediately bounce back afterwards.

One such tragedy had been the Kyuubi attack…

Hundreds of shinobi were demolished with each swipe of the great beast's nine tails. Its fur was crimson just like the blood stained across the battle field. Its eyes were like the fires of hell… There was no escape.

Until the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) struck and defeated the beast. The story goes on to say that the Kyuubi was killed that day. It goes on to say that the Yondaime's child and his wife were both killed.

However, this was a lie…

The Yondaime did indeed defeat the beast… but…

The figure stepped towards the gate and stopped at the guards.

"Papers?" asked one guard.

The figure reached into his cloak and handed them to the man.

"…A recommendation from three Daimyos?" asked the guard before his partner let out a low whistle.

"You don't see that very often." said the partner to the first man.

The figure stood completely still.

It was… eerie…

The second guard took the opportunity to look at him while his partner checked the papers.

The figure couldn't have been older than thirteen. He was just over five feet in height. His hair was blond with red tips and was spiky, untamed. His face was covered by a bone-white mask with pitch black markings on it. The markings were arranged to look like a strange smiley face.

His attire consisted of a blue shirt. The sleeve of the left arm made it to his wrist and was loose. The other sleeve looked like it was torn off at the shoulder. His entire right arm was wrapped in bandages. His left hand had a black glove that completely covered it from view. A rusty, metal plate was on the back of it.

He had on loose, baggy pants that were a slightly darker shade of blue. His kunai pouch was tightly bound to his left thigh with bandages. His sandals were black. The most identifying thing about this young man was the blank Hitai-ate (Forehead Protector) that was tied around his waist like a belt.

His skin was tan, from what the guard could tell. His eyes were shadowed by the mask, but, in the right light, he could see what color they were… how odd. The figure's left eye was blue and the right was green…

"Well, I needed the recommendation to come here, neh?" asked the boy.

The guards shared glances.

This kid was a Ronin, obviously. He was a self-taught shinobi.

Ronin are self-taught shinobi. It is said that Ronin don't make it very far in life or skill due to their inability to easily acquire techniques and jutsu like the shinobi of Hidden Villages. The only Ronin who are regarded as being successful are those that were trained by Nuke-nin and even then they usually perish before achieving a chunin level of skill. They are the weakest shinobi in all the Elemental Countries and are often overlooked as threats.

Though not unheard of, they are still excessively rare. The only successful Ronin to ever exist were the founders of the Hidden Villages of the Elemental Countries and, even then, their skills at their prime can oftentimes pale in comparison to current day shinobi from Hidden Villages. They are identified through their blank Hitai-ate…

"Kid, not that it's my business or anything, but… are you sure you want to do this?" asked the first guard.

The boy replied with a nod.

"You know what happened to the last Ronin to compete in the Chunin Exams, though… right?" asked the second guard.

There was a pause.

The chunin Exams are regarded as being a stepping stone for shinobi everywhere. They are held once every six months in circulation around each of the existing Hidden Villages. Shinobi of the Hidden Villages, more specifically genin shinobi, are the only ones allowed to participate without excessive recommendation.

This 'Excessive Recommendation' being the recommendation from a high-ranking official in at least one country. The more recommendations, the more likely it is you can participate. The only shinobi who need these recommendations are Ronin, self-taught shinobi. Furthermore, these recommendations can only come from Daimyos. This makes it excessively difficult for Ronin to achieve a higher official status.

Ronin haven't competed in the Chunin Exams for well over twenty years. The first time Ronin entered the exams, there were no restrictions. Out of the three hundred Ronin who participated, none survived. The second and last time they participated was just after the end of the last Great Shinobi War. Only fifty or so participated and the second results were the same as the first…

"I know." came the boy's cold voice.

The second guard finally stamped the papers, allowing the boy into Konoha to participate in the Chunin Exams.

The boy stepped through the gates without another word.

The second guard turned around just in time to see the boy with his back towards them… and the orange spiral shape on the back of his shirt.

"Who was that Gaki (Brat) anyway?" asked the first guard.

The second guard took a moment to respond as he looked through the papers… and his eyes widened in shock as he paled considerably.

Ever so slowly, the file slipped through his fingers and onto the ground…

The Yondaime did indeed defeat the beast… but…

Perhaps the two who were the most deeply affected though the entire affair were a pair of twins. One would forever be the Jinchuuriki, the Human Sacrifice chosen to hold the Kyuubi. The other… would become a true monster…

"What… what is it?" asked the first guard.

"His name was…" began the second guard.

The boy wasn't far enough away to not notice the look of shock appear on the first guard's face. He saw it… The gates of Konoha finally closed…

"This Chunin Examination… where will I be going, anyway?" the figure asked himself.


End of Chapter 1

I honestly didn't think that I could make this into a story. I'd always thought that it was just some passing idea I'd had. But no, this idea has become a story. Hopefully, it will be a good one…

Forever Signed in Blood,

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