Jon Hancock grunted and pulled his cap away from his eyes. A small boy was staring at him. "…What boy?" The boy motioned to the screen playing in a store window across from the bench. "Bad guys?" Jon looked at the screens. Then back to the boy. "…What do you want, a cookie? Get the hell outta my face."

The boy shook his head and walked away. "Asshole." He mumbled. Jon glared at him. "What!?" The boy didn't look back. "You heard me!" Jon snarled and picked up his glasses. When he looked back up there was a boy who looked about ten staring at him from beside the store window.

He had wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin was tanned. He was staring at him with a perplexed expression. "What?" Jon asked with obvious annoyance. The boy blinked once and turned and walked off.

Jon picked up a bottle of liquor and cracked his neck before taking off. The bench became ruble. Jon briefly wondered why that kid looked familiar.


"Where were you?"

"I just went for a walk, I told you that."

"You went to see him didn't you?"

"…It's a possibility."

"…Don't go again."

"…Okay…I'm sorry."


Jon tapped the hood of the blue car. The man in the drivers seat looked up. Jon shrugged at him and lifted the car and pushed it back. He leaned to his left and took the impact of the train.

Moments later people were calling at him and trying to insult him. He tried to respond to most of them. "I been drinkin bitch!" "Well you should sue McDonalds…" Next thing he knew the guy from the car he threw was thanking him and yelling at the others.

"You're not flyin by the Valley are ya?" The man asked.


"What's goin on dad?" "I want you to meet somebody. This guy right here dragin daddy's car into the driveway." The boy the Ray had picked up smiled. "Hancock!" Jon nodded as the boy waved to him.

"That's right. Hancock, this is my boy Aaron." Just then a woman in a red dress with blonde hair hurried out of the house. "Oh my god, what happened to the car?" She stopped when she saw Jon. She tuned out her husbands words. Jon stared at her. She seemed familiar too. He looked in the window and saw the boy from before. "This is my wife Mary." Ray motioned to her. Jon nodded.

Next thing Jon knew he was at their dinner table. He must have agreed to a meal. No harm there. He was always up for free food. The boy Aaron talked a lot. Ray was telling him about how they started spaghetti night. Mary wasn't talking much and the mystery boy was staring at his plate beside her.

"This is Jackkeh by the way. He's Marry's." Ray smiled from the boy to Jon, who nodded. The boy didn't say anything. They started eating and Jon was trying to keep up with what Aaron was saying. Mary said his name was Aaron and Jon looked at her and nodded.

Jackkeh snickered when they started talking about the French bully that kept messing with Aaron. Hancock sure had colorful advice. Mary glared at him. "Don't laugh." Jackkeh couldn't get the smirk off his face. "Sorry." Jon grinned at him. "See, he knows what I'm talkin about." Jackkeh chuckled. Then Mary went on saying that everything wasn't about violence. Jackkeh stared at her sadly.

Mary looked at Ray when Jon went to the bathroom. "…Did he just take the whisky bottle in there?" Ray gave her an amused look. "Do you want him to kill us all?" Jackkeh snorted behind a hand. Aaron laughed.


"Please don't stare you guys, he's kinda one of us." Ray spoke as he motioned to Jon who walked to the middle of the street. Jackkeh rolled his eyes as Jon took off. Jon couldn't be any different from those people. And he knew it better than anyone.

Later that night he listened to his mother talk about how bad Jon was. He shook his head. All he needed was a chance. Ray would give him that much at least. Jackkeh had never liked him. To nice to be normal. He freaked him out. Jackkeh sighed and tried to sleep


Jon landed and took off his glasses. He turned when someone called him an asshole. "What's your name?" The boy nodded at him. "Michel." his French accent was strong. "You know Aaron?" "Oui, le petite asshole." Jon stared at him. "Yeah well…he's a good kid. Wonderin if you could give him a break." Michel stared at him. "Why asshole?"

Jon glared at him. "…You're gunna stop callin me that." "Asshole." "That's not my name." Jon was trying to stay calm. "Ass…hole." Jon stared at him for a moment and got in close. "Call me an asshole…one more time." Michel smirked. "Ass…" Jon grabbed his shirt and threw him up. Michel screamed as he went past the troposphere. (I think that was it)

"Hancock! Son-of-a-gun. I had a feeling. Ask Mary. I said he's ready for a change." Ray walked out and motioned him up the walk. "Yeah, well Uhh…" Ray looked up with him when screams were heard. "Shit." Jon mumbled and held out his arm. Michel fell into the crook, badly shaken…but otherwise okay. Jon set him down and Michel went stomping back down the street crying and screaming in French.

"Aww don't be a pussy!" Jon called after him. Ray stared at him. "…Not okay." He turned Jon and they walked to his house. "How do you think that conversation is going to go with his mother?"


Ray looked up at Jon from his computer. "I think I know what it is." Jon gave him a 'yeah right' look. Ray stood. "You're an asshole." Jon's brow furrowed as he turned and went to the kitchen. "It's not a crime to be an asshole." Ray was saying. Jon picked up a bottle of liquor. Ray took and set it back down. "Come on, it one in the afternoon."

Jon hardly heard a word he said but from what he was talking about earlier he got the basic idea. The front door opened and Mary walked in with Aaron and Jackkeh. Jon noticed Jackkeh was a lot more mature than Aaron. Even if Aaron was a kid he could show more control and act like he was tough.

Jon looked away when Ray kissed Mary hello. Jackkeh moved to stand next to him. Jon looked down at him. Why was he so familiar? He nodded a hello. Jackkeh smiled at him and nodded back. Mary sent Aaron upstairs while she made lunch. She turned on the tv saying something about how they had been goin on about something all day. Ray and Jon looked but Jackkeh went to the fridge and got out a juice and went back outside.

Jon must have blanked out again because the next thing he knew he was on a bus to jail. 'I have got to stop spacin out.' He thought to himself as he stared out the window. Whenever that boy Jackkeh and his mom were around he could never seem to think properly. It confused him.

He had his mug shot taken and next thing he was walking through the main jail and a crowd of angry men were pressed around him. "…Oh I get it. I put some…well most of you in here." They nodded. "Well…I don't want to trouble." Jon turned around. "Just wanna go to my cell." They were laughing. "…Excuse me." He said awkwardly. They laughed more. "Excuse me…please?"

Two men stepped up. "…You don't move…your head is goin up his ass. Ya fellas sure you wanna ride this train?" All he needed to hear was asshole.

The other cellmates shouted in surprise and some hacked. He certainly did shove that mans head up the other mans ass.


Ray stared at Jon through the glass. "Did…did you shove a mans head up another mans ass?" Jon thought about it. He nodded. "Yeah." Ray was at a loss for words. "Okay…we're gunna circle back to that." Ray then flipped through a file he brought with him. Jon glared when he heard the number eight attached to the word years.

Ray looked up when he heard an odd screeching sound. Jon cut a hole in it with his fingernail. He tapped the circle out and set down the phone. "It sounded like you said…they want me to spend eight years…in this shit hole."

"Yeah eight years is more like four with good behavior." Ray tried to reason with him. Jon stood up and walked to the door. Ray ran after him. "Hey, hey, hey! Stop!" Jon didn't. "You're being a coward Hancock!" Jon turned. "Who you talkin to Ray?" He walked back to him. "I'm talkin to you!"

They argued and Jon looked disinterested. And ray glared at him and actually seemed angry but calm. "Stop pretending that you do not care. You have a calling, you're a superhero Hancock. Just stay in here. When they call a hero is what we're gunna give them."

Jon stared at him. "How we gunna do that Ray?"


It'll get more interesting!