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.:No Other Way:.

(Pinching Is Not Allowed)

"So we have to go...no other option?" Jon asked.

"No. No other options, no other ways. No nothing. You come with me. That's the only option." Marcuss stated.

"Can we bring anyone?" Jon continued.

"Only the son you mentioned."

"...Alright." Mary stood. Jon stared at her. "What!? We're just gunna do what he says?"

"He said it himself...there's no other option. Let's just get Jackkeh, and go. We don't need to start anything."

Jon huffed and sat back.

"...You're the calm one eh?" Marcuss looked from Jon to Mary.

Mary nodded. "Always." She walked out.

"Meet back at where I landed!" Marcuss shouted after her, not that he really needed to.

"Let's go." Marcuss stood and waited for Jon, who stood slowly and followed behind the red head.

Mary found Jackkeh and Aaron wandering around the streets.

"Mom!" Aaron shouted and smiled.

Mary flinched. Aaron was a sweet kid and she loved him but...she was not his mother and she would never claim him as her son.

"Come on." She spoke sternly.

"Where?" Aaron looked between the two.

"Back to Ray's."

Jakkeh hummed and nodded. "Come on." He pulled on Aaron's shoulder and the boy followed them.

Jon and Marcuss had left already by the time they got back to Ray's. But the man was already home.

"Hey...um about..." Mary held up a hand. "Don't bother saying sorry. This is it Ray...I hope you stay a happy man." She looked back at Jackkeh.

"See ya later." He pushed on Aaron's shoulders and the young one went to his father's side.

Mary turned her back on the two. "Come on." She turned Jackkeh around and they walked out of the house.

"Wait...where are you going?" Ray called after them.

Mary and Jackkeh kept walking.


No answer.


Mary flinched.

Jon and Marcuss were waiting for them patiently.

"Ready?" Marcuss glanced at Jackkeh.

"For...what?" Jackkeh looked up at his mother.

"Yeah we are. Jon could you carry him?"

Jon nodded. "Sure thing. Come on little dude."

"Little dude?" Jackkeh smirked. "That's a new one."

Jon hoisted Jackkeh up onto his back. "I don't even know where we're going." Jackkeh commented.

"Neither do we." Jon replied.

"Just follow me." Marcuss shook his head. "We'll follow the signal."

"What signal?" Jackkeh questioned.

"Just follow me!"

Small cracks opened in the dirt when they left.

And no one saw a thing.


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