Today it Was Her, Tomorrow it Would Be Him

by Valerie Vancollie

valeriev84 at hotmail dot com

Mini-Series: Unbelievable, this is a non-Angst mini-series! But with the prompt works skin, warm, kiss and color, I don't think that's so surprising. As before, there will be daily updates.

Characters: Robin Brooks, Don

Pairings: Don/Robin

Summary: This time Robin's the one to get a midnight phone call.

Spoilers: None

Note: This series was written for the March rewind prompts at the Numb3rs100 LJ community.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Numb3rs characters, items or situations. I only lay claim to the original aspects of the fic.

1. Skin:

The ringing of her cell woke Robin from a deep sleep. Blindly reaching for it, she felt the arm slung across her waist tighten reflexively, pulling her back against her lover's nude body.

"It's okay," Robin murmured, knowing Don wasn't awake, but having learned that he heard it on some level regardless. "Hello," she whispered groggily, answering the phone as soon as her boyfriend relaxed his grip on her and rolled into the area she'd just vacated as she got up.

Robin shivered as the cold night air caressed her skin, longing desperately to crawl back under the warm sheets and Don's embrace, but not willing to risk waking him either as he really needed the sleep.

"Sorry to bother you at this time, Robin, but Agent Harrow's team just uncovered the information you said they'd need to get their warrant," her assistant stated apologetically, whispering himself.

"Just?" Robin questioned, silently cursing workaholic federal agents. "Okay, fine, I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

"Which judge are you going to awaken?"

"Weston, he's always been harsh when it comes to drugs," Robin replied before disconnecting.

At least she was a lot closer to her office from here then from her place.

Yes, yes, neither angsty nor Don-centric. What can I say? I enjoyed exploring things from Robin's pov for once. But don't worry, Donny is in this too, though asleep for most of it.