Wooo this is gonna be my first major story and I'm really excited ( just ignore me I'm a bit hyper at the moment XD) The main of this is angst, but I don't want it to be a total doom and gloom story , so im going to throw in some humour and not make it too depressing. Wells I hope you enjoy XD


The obsidian cloaks rippled as the wind blew threw the trees, the crimson clouds mottled by the overhanging branches. The soft chime of bells mingled with the wind as the two shadowed figures past between the trees.

Sasuke Uchiha's eyes flickered to the sky as the wind flittered through his hair. The quite jingling of bells caught his attention; he strained his ears, before pushing it to the back of his mind and shaking his head, as though to rid himself of the thought. His eyes travelled back to the still water lying under the bridge, the suns reflection glowing back at him. Sighing, he stared at the reflection with a sombre expression on his face. It reminded him of that person, with his golden bang and cerulean blue eyes. He who had a dream and vowed to do anything to achieve it, he had made a promise, and he never broke his promises.

Well, he lied, he broke the promise.

'Sasuke?' a soft voice interrupted Sasuke's thoughts.

He glanced at Sakura, sadness etched on to her face, tear tracks clearly noticeable. Normally Sasuke would have glared at her for interrupting, but today he just didn't have it in him, not today.

'Come on Sasuke, we have to go meet the others,' her voice was barely a whisper. Pushing himself away from the railing he slowly followed her down the path.

Falling in to step beside her, neither said a word. It was the same every year, everyone would meet up, no matter what they were doing or who they had commitments to, they would always be there, on this day. October 10th.

The day he had broke his promise.

The day he left.

The day he died.

The day Naruto Uzumaki ceased to exist.


Sorry that the first bit was so short, but it was only the prologue so I shall try and make chapter 1 longer….so please review it will mean a lot XD

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