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Chapter 1-Dreams like Far Off Memories

Destruction. Chaos. Misery and death. All those things were everywhere; the city was saturated in it. He walked the deserted streets that had once been crowded with lively humans. Now at his feet remained only debris from demolished buildings, shards of shattered window panes, and the corpses of the unfortunate. Death, blood and ash filled the air, making his every breath a very unpleasant experience.

Hong Kong was a war zone and the consequences of that war running down the streets in a river of red. The Kowloon King and his children had ruined the once lively and in its own way beautiful city; among other things. The encounter with Cassa still had his blood boiling and his fury was like a pestering monster urging him to demolish everything.

Stopping to stare up at the moon, his grip on his silver blade tightened; clenching his fangs in a pained grimace of memory. Mochizuki Jiro, the Silver Blade would kill every last one of them. He would make sure the Kowloon bloodline would be nothing but ash and a horrific memory.

"I won't stop till every one is dead," he seethed, letting his eyes return to wander down the street and surrounding area.

That was what he was out there for. Tracking down or more so stalking the Kowloon Children. The quicker they were disposed of the less lives taken, and less adding to the list of changelings. Jiro had been hunting this particular group of Kowloon for a few hours, longer then he would have liked. The beasts were proving to be more then just mindless feeding frenzy monsters. They were using heavier weaponry now, and showing their intelligence by evading and using strategy. Course, they were no threat to one as old as himself; they did cause problems however, for the human troops and fatally so. He was steadily becoming more irritated with the Kowloon, and the urge to shed blood and cause his own destruction was becoming harder to ignore.

Smoky-gray eyes swept over the scenery as he walked forward once more.

He took barely two steps before a gunshot and screams split the deadly silent night.

Jiro was flying down an ally before the screams has even faded completely. He wasn't even touching the ground anymore, his brown tattered clock flung out behind him. Upon leaving the alleyway, he found a group of people surrounding a fallen woman and a young girl child. The woman was human as was the girl-child, both covered in blood, but the mother more so. She was dead with her heart was shot out, and an array of vampire bits running up and down her arms. She must of just died, because there was still a light in her eyes and color in her face. The fact that she was not raising again proved that vampires not of the Kowloon bloodline had down this. Seeing the snarling vampires circling the two, they all had normal colored eyes proved his point. None of them had the obvious black and gold eyes of the Kowloon.

He was to fight his own kind this time; they didn't call him the Kin Killer for nothing.

Gray eyes returned to the child. The brunette haired girl clung to her fallen mother, tear filled eyes wide as coffee colored orbs stared fearfully at the surrounding men.

"Time for dinner boys!" called one as he stepped forward.

Jiro stepped silently out from the shadows of the ally. "Preying upon young children and defenseless woman; vampires these days have no morals," he droned coldly with eyes narrowed.

Heads turned, snarling and hissing.

"Either your brave or an idiot for interfering human," spoke the same young vampire before fully turning to him. "But both will get you killed. Get'im boys!!"

"So brash," Jiro thought grasping his sword tighter before charging with a war cry full of fury.

Silver blade raised, he met their attacks head on. Cutting limb from body and head from neck like a hot knife through butter, all in a cloud of ash and accompanied by cries of pain. It would have been wise of them to have back down then, but they did not. The ones that had them fired off their weapons, which did them little to no good against his 'Hide Hand'. Bullets were easily stopped and in one sweep of his blade, Jiro flung them back; more ash coated the ground.

Now only one remained, sprawled on the ground was the vampire that had spoken. Dark brown eyes were wide in horror as ash coated black hair, or smeared across his blood splattered face.

"W-Who…who are you!?!"

He pointed his weapon at the vampire, the full moon's light reflecting off the polished surface eerily. "Why give my name, when you won't be living long enough to remember it."

The man had no time to scream before a sword cut him effortlessly in half. Relaxing his arm, Jiro let it fall to his side as he passively watched the pile of ash float away on the breeze.


Shocked, he went stiff and eyes widened in recognition. Japanese, the girl was speaking Japanese. It had been so long since he had seen his home country; he missed Japan. Even hearing his native tongue was strange; he had almost not recognized the word for 'mother' itself.

"Okaa-san, wake up!!!"

Turning about, Jiro found the possible 8 to 10 year old girl weeping over her mother's body. Shook her limp body to rouse her, but there was no reaction. The half open brown eyes gazed up at the moon with Death's glaze about them now. A frown marred his features as his brows furrowed in sorrow.

It was nothing new to see children weeping over one or both of their parents' lifeless bodies. Even seeing it as many times as he had, never made it easier to cope or make him feel less of the misery. He had experienced lose as well, he could understand, didn't make it better though. So taking a loud step forward not wanting to startle the small he let her know he was there.

The brown head shot up none the less, long locks of chocolate swinging about her tear stricken face. Her eyes were blood shot from the still constant tears, ash coated her in a thin layer, whether from the vampires he had slain or others Jiro was unsure. Her tiny fragile body trembled uncontrollably and extensively. He feared she was going to bit down on her tongue from how much her teeth clanked with every full bodied tremble.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward again.

"Stay back!!" she instantly cried and much to his surprise the she brought up a small black pistol; most likely the mother's. "Leave us alone!!!"

Carefully stabbing his sword in the ground, he raised his hand in surrender; even if the gun was spent, magazine empty. "It's alright little one, I mean you no harm," he stated with a reassuring smile.

Brown eyes narrowed as the small hand holding the gun shook severely. She was trying so hard to be brave, even when she was obviously deathly afraid. Jiro admired her for that; the child was certainly something special.

"It's alright," he cooed. "I'm here to help you; keep you safe."

She seemed to ponder over his words, her thoughts evident in her large round eyes. But slowly she understood he meant no harm and gradually lowered the gun. Her gaze left him to return to the motionless body of her okaa-san.

She sniffled. "…she won't get up…" she whimpered out, shaking the woman some more.

Slowly he closed the space between them. Taking a knee he crouched down at the young girl's side, but refraining from touching her for now. She was old enough to understand what death was and that it happened, as cruel as it was. But he was worried, uncertain on how to break her fragile denial with the least amount of damage.

"Onegai!" pleaded the child, breaking his already broken heart. "Don't be dead okaa-san!! Wake up; you have to wake up!!!"

"Gomen nasai," he whispered rusting an engulfing hand on her small shivering shoulder. "But your okaa-san is gone little one." Tears fell ten-fold as she sobbed brokenly into her mother's chest. Reaching over he closed the unseeing eyes. "Come little one," he said taking her slim shoulders. "We have to get you out of here and safely to your otto-san; he's no doubt worried about you."

Sitting gradually up on her legs, she sniffled pathetically and wiped her face on her sleeve. "Otto-san is gone…okaa-san gone too…I'm all alone…" she droned in a whimpering sob.

At that he had no words to say, Jiro had no clue on how to console the small child. What he did know, was that getting out of a Kowloon hot-spot was priority.

"We need to leave little one; it's dangerous here."

Big, round tear filled eyes begged him. "But…"

"Your okaa-san would want you safe, and staying out here at this time of night would be against her wishes."

Still reluctant she nodded eyes still on her mother.

Holding out a gloved hand, and smiling warmly Jiro waited for her to take it. The smile he received in turn held a shine far brighter then the sun in such a situation; even with tears, it sparkled. And slowly, but trusting the child placed her tiny hand in his much larger one.

A snarling hiss echoed from their surroundings.

Narrowing his eyes, he gazed into shadows fangs bared. Mentally cursing he found a group of Kowloon surrounding them. It was a small group, but troublesome none the less. Protecting the girl affectively would be problematic; he gripped her hand lightly as he returned his eyes to her.

"Vampire-san?" she whispered shakily, no doubt frightened by his sudden change in persona and the echoing snarls of the Kowloon she couldn't see.

Jiro would have smirked at the child's words had they been under better circumstances. Instead he said nothing and summoned his blade with 'Hide Hand'. Safely secure in his gloved grasp he glared through his ebony bangs at the advancing black and golden eyed Kowloon. Releasing the fragile and small hand he stood.

"Stay down little one," he whispered softly but strongly, telling her not to disobey; she nodded.

The Kowloon Children were never patient creatures and quickly attacked, from both air and ground. Ready for them and more then just a little angry for multiple reasons, his temper caused the 'Hide Hand' to cause the air to steam about him in a strong gale. Around him and the child curled on the ground holding her head at her mother's side the wind howled. With slashes and stabs the Silver Blade was mowing through the group of Kowloon, reducing them to single digits you could count on one hand. In one fell swoop he reduced them to nothing but dust on the wind. It had all taken a possible half a minute to kill them all with destructive power, but it had settled the need for battle and blood that had once been clawing at him.

Calming himself, Jiro peered down to find the girl still cowering on the ground, hands over her ears and eyes squinted tightly shut. "It's alright now, you're safe child."

Lifting a hesitant lid, she pecked up at him she dropped her hands to sit up. "The monsters gone Vampire-san?"

He extended a hand. "Hai, they're gone now."

Taking her hand once more he helped her to her feet. Thought dirt, ash and blood covered her, she was rather cute in her traditional Chinese clothing. She wore a light purplish silk shirt that hung down to her knees with puffy white pants beneath. It reminded him slightly of Ryu-sama's clothes only less decorative. On her feet she wore plain black sleepers.

He smiled as he looked her over for any possible injuries; he found none. Not far in the distance he heard hurried footsteps on pavement and the rattle of weaponry on armor. It was the Company no doubt; he let himself relax but not off guard. The child must have heard as well, because she whimpered and hurried to hide behind his legs and brown clock. She was so small for her possible age range, and Jiro had to admit adorable too. He smiled down at her as she in turn looked up frightened.

He laid a hand on her head. "They're friends; you needn't be afraid."

"You with a little girl," chuckle a man's voice. "I would never have guessed."

Looking up he found it to be a smirking Shougo and his unit. "She was attacked," he said taking her hand and leading her up to the steadily rising hero. "Take care of her Shougo; she's orphaned now I'm afraid."

Shougo's eyes wandered from the girl's curious face to the form of the dead woman on the ground behind them. "Alright then, but you owe me one, yea know?"

Jiro smiled and nodded as he stepped back to let the girl and Shougo become acquainted. With her distracted he strode back to the woman; removing his brown tattered cloak he draped it over the body. It wasn't much but under such circumstances it was all he could do. Gazing at Shougo and the little girl he saw them in a conversation; she would be taken care of, he trusted Shougo…mostly.

With a soft smile at her back he strode back into the night from which he came, vanishing entirely; never to see that girl's shining smile again.

Jiro never saw though, the girl turning around with "Arigatou" on her lips, only to see him gone. Never saw her eye her mother's unmoving body eclipsed by the cloak over her. He never saw that sad yet bright shining smile and a determined look in her chocolate eyes.

She would see him again she promised herself. She would get the chance to thank the vampire that saved her; the one that reminded her so much of the moon.

"Wake up onii-san!!" called Kotaro as he pounded vigorously upon his coffin, rousing him from the long lost memory that seemed rather a dream now. "Onii-san, Mimi-chan said to wake up! We have work to do!!"

Opening his gray eyes, Jiro met the crimson satin of his coffin. Groaning he pushed the lid back; the sun was still up, why did he have to be? Still, the dream/ memory as it was plagued him. He was curious on why it had resurfaced now after a good ten years. He set it aside as he gazed up at his sibling.

"Good morning Kotaro," he said drowsily, smiling at the blonde ball of energy with a giant teddy bear in his arms. "You're not taking that with us are you?"

"Good morning onii-san," chimed Kotaro with his giant smile. "Yea I am!"

Rising out of the black coffin, Jiro looked down at his younger brother. "No you're not Kotaro, that thing is way too big to carry around, and I won't be the one carrying it around when you no longer want to. The answer is no."

"Awww, onii-san!!"

A knock interrupted Jiro before he could argue further, and pocking her head in was none other then Mimiko herself. "Good morning Mimiko."

She raised a brow. "Morning Jiro? Try mid-afternoon. But hurry up, we have work to do."

He gave a tired grin and was about to comment that the current hour was much like a vampire's pre-dawn hours. It was Kotaro this time that cut him off before he was able.

"Mimi-chan, onii-san won't let me take Bowwow-sama with us!"

Jiro glared at the ten year old; he just had to complain to Mimiko.

The brunette smiled at the young boy before stepping into the darkly painted and furnished room. "It's alright Kotaro, you can take him along, just be careful not to get him dirty. Kay?"


He mentally groaned. "I really must protest Mimiko, when he get's sick of carrying it he'll make one of us carry it, and that person won't be me. Further to the point, Kotaro is nearly eleven now, and carrying around a stuffed animal is for younger children."

Kotaro pouted up at him. "Onii-san…"

He gave a stern look. "No."

"Oh come on, let Kotaro be a kid," stated Mimiko a smile gracing her face, and Jiro was suddenly remember another smile that was like a ray of sunlight. "Let's get going Kotaro," she said following the child to the door, but stopping at the frame seeing a still dazed and stationary Silver Blade. "Jiro?"

He shook his head to reed it of thoughts of that small child. "Oh, my apologies, I was lost in a thought."

Mimiko chuckled with a smile. "Come on Vampire-san." And she was out the door.

He gasped inaudibly as his eyes widened. "It couldn't be!? That child!!"

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Japanese Vocab. Dictionary:

Onegai – is "please" basically

Okaa-san – is "mother"

Onii-san – is "brother" as most of us may know

Hai – is "yes"

Gomen nasai - is "I'm sorry" really