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Last Time:

"Oh I'm not going to kill them," he reassured Mimiko with a genuine smile. "But for threatening us, I will not allow them to leave without their punishments."

That didn't settle well with Mimiko, who was in fact a Compromiser, and normally she wouldn't allow something like this, but she understood. Like the time when they had been targeted and attack by the members of the Coven, Jiro gave the men their punishment via a vicious pummeling. So like then, she watched the Silver Blade bunch and kicked the young punks into submission. Never breaking anything luckily, Jiro just gave them some small cuts, bruises and very sore bodies.

"There…" he droned as Jiro dusted off his gloved hands. "Hopefully if you all are wise and have learned your lesson tonight, you will find real jobs."

Mimiko sighed. "Jiro…don't you think you over did it — Ahhh!!"

Jiro spun. "Mimiko!!!"

This Time:


Chapter 5 – Happenings by Moonlight

Upon turning around, what Jiro found would have been comical had it been under better circumstances. Here was a relatively tall, but skinny human male struggling to restrain one single small statured woman. That woman however, was Mimiko, who was withering, kicking and clawing; anything to get the man to release her. She was certainly giving him a run for his money. Jiro had no clue what to compare Mimiko's movements too, but they were certainly interesting.

"LET GO OF MEEEE!!!" Mimiko screamed out. Bringing up one of her heels, and forced it down on her capture's head and face.

The young man let out an anguished cry, reaching up to his wounded face as he stumbled back. Being so close to the large fountain, not only did the man stumble, but he tripped backwards over the rim of the ornamental feature. With Mimiko's forearm still in his grasp no less; she was going to share her capture's tumble into the pool of the fountain.

With a shriek Mimiko hit the water.


Jiro was instantly there, leaning over the fountain's edge, searching the dark navy water's for his companion.

A brunette head shot up from the water, gasping for breath and startling the Old Blood, all the while sputtering out water. Unknown to her, but upon Mimiko's soaked head was a lily pad that had once been floating in the water's surface.

He was about to ask if she was alright, but Mimiko cut Jiro off.

"That jerk! Where is he; I'm gonna give him the beating of a lifetime!!" she seethed and spun around when said attacker shot up from the water much like Mimiko just had. "You prick!" she cried, grabbing the collar of his shirt. "This dress is dry clean only!!

Much to Jiro's surprise, Mimiko went and punched the man square in the face. Remarkably rendering him unconscious with a bloody nose no less; leaving him slumped over the edge of the fountain. Mimiko's mumbled curses bringing the surprised vampire back from his shock.

"Are you alright Mimiko?" he asked. "Here, take my hand."

Taking the offered hand she made it to her feet. "I'm fine…my hand hurts though; that jerk had a hard head." Climbing out with the help of Jiro, the young woman shivered before her savior. "Thank you Jiro."

"I did nothing; you dealt with your own attacker. I apologize for not sensing him till it was too late."

Mimiko shook her head, unknown to her, the lily pad upon her head flopping humorously. "If you hadn't been here I'd be in far deeper trouble," she said, hugging herself against the cold as Mimiko continued to shiver.

Seeing her so disheveled, Jiro couldn't keep the smile from his face, or the chuckle from bubbling up into his throat.

"It's not funny Jiro," Mimiko shattered out with a pout on her face. "I'm wet and freezing with a bruised fist!"

"My apologies; you're right, it isn't funny." And with a grin Jiro removed the water plant from her unknowing head. Flinging it back into the fountain's pool the embarrassed blush as well as the hint of a smirk on Mimiko's shivering lips, did not go unnoticed by Jiro.

"Here," he said shedding his red trench and placing it about Mimiko's shoulders. "It'll help till we get to the apartment."

"Thank you Jiro," she murmured. "Wish we could get there faster; that water was freezing and it's no longer warm out here."

Smiling, Jiro scooped Mimiko up bridle style in his arms, a shriek escaping her lips from the sudden movement. "If I carry you we can get you home far quicker than any car," and leaping into a run, Jiro began the trek back home without a word from Mimiko.

Sooner than expected the pair was out of the park and Jiro was leaping almost flying over businesses. The cars and people smaller from the height that Jiro and Mimiko traveled at, letting the brunette know just how high they were. The brunette tightened her grip on her carrier's collar, Mimiko felt a sudden fear of heights coming on.

"I-It's alright Jiro, I can walk…"

"It's quite alright Mimiko," he answered leaping down from the roof of a rather tall building, causing Mimiko to cry out and clinging to her guardian's shirt with a vice like grip. "We're almost there as is, and I don't want you sick because of something I could have prevented."

That ended Mimiko's protests, but a blush did grace the young woman's cheeks. So close to Jiro without being in peril, Mimiko noticed how he smelled. Jiro smelled of something old and musky; it was soothing and masculine. The hint of ashes remained, thought not overwhelming. Then there was something else the brunette couldn't really describe in a number of words, but Mochizuki Jiro smelled of night; as if all of the night's smells were in bodied by him. She found it highly comforting and soothing.

And just like Mimiko was distinguishing his scent, Jiro was doing the same to her. The scent of ginger and oranges filled the Black Blood's head but not with an overwhelming strength. Making him think of spring and blooming flowers. The hint of sunlight was underlining the other scents as well, matching the shinning smile that Mimiko was known for. Her scent was a constant comforting factor to Jiro; making him feel at ease much like was around Kotaro or like Alice once upon a time.

Finally, landing safely on the roof their apartment, Jiro made his way to the door to the roof. Unlocking it with 'Hide Hand', the Old Blood descended the stairs with Mimiko still in his arms.

"I'm alright now Jiro," she protested, struggling slightly against Jiro's superior strength; her shivering had decreased and allowing Mimiko more movement. "I can walk you know, and if you hold me much longer the water will soak through and you'll start steaming again."

Jiro grinned down at his charge; seeing her pale face flushed with a light glow of pink. "I'm touched by your concern Mimiko, but it's no needed. I'm perfectly fine." And no later were they at the door, Jiro unlocking it just as he had the previous door. "Here we are; home sweet home."

Finally, the Black Blood let his charge down. Mimiko stood strong on her own bare feet, but still huddling in the bellowing coat draped over her shoulders, shoes still in hand.

"Thanks for carrying me Jiro…"

"It was no trouble Mimiko, I was happy to help. Now you should go change into something warm and comfortable. Then I'll look at your hand for you."

Silently she nodded, and padded off to her room. While Mimiko searched out some warm sleep pants, a t-shirt and zip-up hoodie, Jiro was doing some searching of his own. He was raiding the main bathroom for the medical kit. Jiro and Kotaro may not have needed much medical attention if at all, but Mimiko sure did. The elder vampire always made sure there was a decent amount of first-aid near. With the brunette's knack for getting hurt it was proving useful. Taking out the white box, Jiro returned to the dining room and sat at the table spreading out what he assumed would be needed.

"It's a bruised fist Jiro," droned Mimiko from the hallway. "I don't need a whole hospital."

Looking up, he found the young woman in a pair of black and white checkered cotton pants, an Order of Coffin Company t-shirt and hoodie. Mimiko looked warm and comfortable, and especially dry.

"I like to be safe rather than sorry," he said smiling. "Now take a seat so I can take a look at you."

"Yes mother," she grumbled as she sat. "Here's your coat."

Jiro took it silently to cover up his shock when Mimiko had so easily called him mother; even with the sarcasm. He had thought such things would bother her. But Mimiko was a grown woman, and had had eleven years to heal from the pain of that day.

"Now let's see that hand," he said holding his own out for hers.

Mimiko obediently placed her wounded limb over Jiro's. Carefully with keen eyes, he took in the scrapped knuckles and obvious beginnings of bruising. Flipping her hand over, he saw nothing of possible further injury, but one couldn't be too careful when dealing with Red Bloods; they were so fragile.

"It looks to only be scrapped and bruised, but I'll need to check for fractures just in case," and Jiro proceeded to take his gloves off.

Mimiko watched curious and intrigued as Jiro pit down on each finger of the glove and pull. With the grace only a vampire had in everything they did, Jiro remove his right glove, revealing pale, agile fingers and unblemished hands. Removing the left one in the same fashion, left Mimiko surprised to find no evidence on why the Silver Blade always wore gloves. There was no scarring, or further blemish of disfiguration. Jiro's hands were perfect; pale and strong.

"Something wrong Mimiko?"

"Huh?" Mimiko said in surprise as she was brought out of her daze. "Oh…no; nothing's wrong. It was just…I've never seen you without your gloves before."

Jiro blinked in slight surprise before smiling. "Is that so? You'll find that my hands are just like everyone else's." And for emphasis he brought his hands up and turned them about for the young woman to see.

"Then why do you wear gloves so much?"

"Mainly out of habit really," he answered taking her hand once more; never looking up to see Mimiko's blushing face. "Long time ago I was in the Japanese Navy, gloves were part of the uniform. Soon I felt out of place without them, so I continued to wear them. They also help when fighting, but not necessary specifically."

Mimiko nodded in understanding.

"I'll have to press down and look for fractures and such so it may hurt a little."


Jiro did exactly has he said; pressing down on the injured limb. What Mimiko hadn't been expecting was how much it actually would hurt. She let out a small pained gasp and jerked her hand back slightly. With his superior grip, Jiro kept her hand from going anywhere.

"My apologies," he murmured, sounding generally sorry.

Mimiko gave a small smile. "It's alright Jiro; no pain, no gain…right?"

He smirked at that. "Very true; there seems to be no fractures or breaks. I'll just apply some antiseptic on the scrapes to prevent infection."

The brunette cringed when the ointment met sensitive flesh. "Will it scar?"

"No, you'll be just fine Mimiko; now we bandage it."

Mimiko raised a brow in question. "Is this all necessary Jiro, it's only a bruised and scraped hand…"

The simple answer was a curt nod of Jiro's head as he began wrapping the ivory gauze about the Compromiser's hand. However, the silence didn't last long, because a question had been plaguing Jiro for a while. It was no better time than the present to ask.

"May I ask you a question Mimiko?"

"Certainly Jiro."

"Until recently," he began, eyes fixated on his work. "I haven't seen you wear any jewelry, but the last few days I've noticed a unique vial about your neck. I'm curious on where you got it; the necklace caught my attention when I first saw it."

"Oh, is that right…" Mimiko trailed her lips forming a perfect 'o' shape when she said the word. Reaching beneath the collar of her shirt, the brunette withdrew said necklace. "This thing…Jinnai gave this to me this when we first met. Said that it was very special and to keep it with my at all times. Called it a family heirloom and the Chief being a guy couldn't wear such a feminine piece of jewelry. That's what he said when he gave it to me anyway, but I never take it off so I hide it under my uniform."

Jiro finished with wrapping Mimiko's hand, eyed the object the young woman held out in the palm of her good hand. "May I?" he asked reaching forward for it, but stopping inches from it.

"Of course," Mimiko instantly answered. When Jiro took the pendant in hand, she had felt his fingers brush her hand, causing a blush to instantly make itself known on her face. Mimiko knew she needed to stop blushing at every little thing; she wasn't a school girl anymore.

The Old Blood gazed intently at the metal vial. In length it ranged to an inch and a half, possibly slightly more. The width of it was similar to that of a pencil. The design was highly detailed; the traditional stylized Chinese clouds with a dragon's head serving as the vial's latch. The mythical creature's jaws open as if waiting for a person to try and open it, only to be bitten by the carved fangs. The piece of jewelry was no doubt worth a fair amount of money, and that wasn't taking in account of its age either, for to Jiro's eyes, the pendant was worn and slightly tarnished with age. But what the Silver Blade was really curious about was what it held inside, if anything. With a thumb, Jiro went to flick the lid open, only to get a glow around the latch that looked an offal lot like the 'Hide Hand'; that alone made him smirk.

"There's a spell on this necklace…done by a Source Blood judging by the strength."

Mimiko blinked. "You mean a Black Blood put a spell on this? It never glowed like that before…I just always thought it was stuck, or didn't open at all."

Jiro narrowed his eyes in thought. "…it wasn't mean to be opened. Oh well…" he said sighing slightly. He gave off the look of nonchalance, but the mystery of the vial did pester the Silver Blade. "But Jinnai gave you this the day I saved you; like an eternal memento."

Mimiko's brunette head shot up and her chocolate eyes wide. "Huh?! What did you just say!?"

Jiro grinned up at Mimiko's expression in amusement. "Perhaps you don't remember, you were rather young then. But the night your okaa-san was killed in Hong Kong, someone saved you. That someone Mimiko…was me. I must say, you were an adorable child back then."

The human girl proceeded to gap like a fish before finally gaining the ability to speak. "Of course I remember! I thought you didn't remember!! When we were in China Town, you didn't have your hat on, but you did have your sword, it was then that I remembered who you were."

He chuckled. "So you remembered a while ago, but said nothing. I remembered a day ago, but neither of us bring it up till now…how interesting."

"I…" Mimiko trailed picking at her newly acquired bandages. "…I didn't know how to bring it up…and you didn't seem to remember, so I decided not to say anything."

The ebony haired vampire stood with a smile. "I understand Mimiko-san; I felt the same. Had I brought it up without you remembering would have been extremely awkward."

"Now how could I completely forget the man that saved my life?" Standing herself, Mimiko smiled up at Jiro. "And I never did get to thank you Jiro, for saving my life; I always promised myself that I would someday. So…thank you Vampire-san," and with her sincere gratitude, the young woman gave a deep respectable bow to her savior.

To see Mimiko bow so deeply to him, was as touching was it was unneeded. "I was proud and more than happy to save you Mimiko. Had I not saved you, I may not be standing where I am today."

Rising, Mimiko realized that Jiro had made a very disturbing but valid point. Had he not saved her, he and Kotaro would have possibly been on the streets; worse even. If the two of them had managed to get into the Special Zone, there would not have been anyone there to keep Jiro out of trouble and help defeat the Kowloon. Everything no doubt could have very well changed, had Mimiko died that day.

"It seems, Fate has something in store for us," she murmured, staring at the floor deep in thought.

Jiro had to agree with that. "So it would seem. But for right now, I think getting some sleep would be a good idea," he said both of them heading to their separate bedrooms.

Holding a hand up to block her yawn, Mimiko gave a meek nod. "…yea…sleep sounds really good right now. Goodnight Jiro, sweet dreams…" and with that Mimiko was closing her door.

Jiro smiled as the wood door clicked closed, soon following was his own. "Goodnight Mimiko…and sweet dreams to you too."

— — —

Several hours after the pair had gone to bed, the new day came. Sunlight flooded through the curtains, making a certain young woman flip over and burrow further under the covers. The light source never reached the individual hidden within his coffin. Early morning became mid-morning, and finally the newly turned twenty-one year old crawled out from her bed.

Yawning and stretching with her arms above her head, Mimiko rose for the day. It was her second day off; she had no clue what to do with her time though. Kotaro needed a birthday party to remember, so the brunette had a feeling her day would be spent trying to pull that one off. Drowsy still, Mimiko trudge to the kitchen to get her much needed coffee.

"God, I'm tired…" she droned sitting at the dining table watching the coffee pot slowly fill. Mimiko made a mental note to buy a programmable coffee pot so she can have her hot dark liquid of energy right when she wakes up in the morning. "…I'm gonna fall asleep right here…"

"Good morning Mimiko."

"Ahh!" screeched the started Red Blood, bolting up straight. "Damnit Jiro! Don't sneak up on me like that; you'll give me a heart attack!!"

Chuckling at her expense, the said vampire sat at the table. "I would ask how you are feeling, but you seem to be alright, judging by your energy level."

Mimiko glared across the table before finally sighing. "I feel fine apart from feeling slightly sore and my fist aching…"

Jiro grew instantly more serious. "Do you want me to look at it?"

"Its fine Jiro," persisted the Compromiser as she scuffled about to get her coffee. "I'll just take some painkillers and it'll be forgotten." And Mimiko did just that, downing two pills with a swallow of her liquid heaven. "What time are we supposed to go pick up Kotaro from Sei-sama's mansion?"

Jiro remained sitting as he thought. "Cain nor Rinsuk said anything about it. They just dropped by without a phone call; I think we should do the same." Raising his head, Jiro eyed the clock on the stove. "Its 10:05 now…maybe we can pick Kotaro up around 10:30 to a quarter to. Kotaro turns eleven today, we should take him out."

"I agree! Something fun and exciting; something he hasn't done before…" tapping her lower lip with a finger, Mimiko went deep in thought as she sat down at her spot at the dinner table. "…has Kotaro been to a theme park?"

Chuckling, Jiro shook his head. "Kotaro and I have been in the Sanctuary for his whole life; we've done nothing else but make our way here."

Mimiko blinked over the rim of her mug. "Wow…that's sad."

"So I've been told," he sighed out.

"By who?"

"An old friend of Kotaro and myself; his name is Crow."

Nodding, Mimiko sipped her brewed drink. "You've mentioned him and the Princess before. Let me get ready and then we can go. Are you hungry Jiro?"

Smokey grey eyes went from the fridge back to Mimiko; Jiro forced a smile. "No…I'm alright Mimiko."

Raising a brow, but not saying anything, Mimiko went to the fridge. Sipping her coffee and opening a separate compartment that resided within the utility, the young woman pulled from it a blood-pack. With not even a bat of an eyelash, Mimiko preceded to hand the transfusion blood out to the vampire. After this long of knowing Jiro, the brunette knew his habits.

"When you ever are thirsty you always stare at the fridge Jiro," stated Mimiko still holding out the packet of blood. "I know you need it and I know you don't like me around when you drink, so have it now when I'm out of the room."

Jiro took it with both an air of reluctance as well as appreciation. The young woman made it so easy on him and Kotaro by not being bothered by what they were. Mimiko understood the need and used her own fridge to store the blood. Jiro may not have liked drinking in Mimiko's presence, but he was grateful to her for just being her. Zelman was right in saying that Mimiko was a rarity, Jiro couldn't agree more.

While Jiro had his breakfast, Mimiko took her shower and got ready; she wasn't long, and was out fully dressed in faded jeans and a tank-top with a white blouse over it. Staring at the waiting Black Blood, she fidgeted.

"I wasn't sure what I should wear…is this alright?"

Letting a smile form on his face, Jiro nodded. "There's no need to dress up, but you look just fine Mimiko."

"Alright then," she said with chirpier persona. "Let's go!"

Side by side they were off; locking the apartment door behind them. It was sunny and few clouds were seen, so Mimiko called down a cab. Once in the covered vehicle the trip would was rather quick and quiet. Stopping before the gates of Sei's mansion, the Compromiser paid the driver. This would be the first trip both of them would be in the Old Blood's home.

Umbrella shielding him…slightly, Jiro knocked.

Mimiko at his side fumbled with her necklace. "…I hope they're home…"

"I don't see why they wouldn't be."

After about a minute of waiting the heavy wood gate doors opened to reveal a young woman dressed as a maid for the young Vampire Lord. "May I help you?"

"I am Mochizuki Jiro; Sei-sama asked my little onii-san over last night. I've come to pick him up."

The maid smiled. "Oh yes, the Master said to expect you. Please follow me; the young Master and your brother are already up and in the sun-room."

"Thank you," spoke Jiro with a bow and both followed the young maid. It was the first time Mimiko and the Silver Blade were on the grounds, being the last time they had been turned away. What the pair found behind the gates was breathtaking.

The front courtyard was of flat alabaster stone slabs, while at the base of the surrounding walls were flowerbeds of blooming flowers in an array of colors. Statues of stone lions and dragons stood proudly out of the foliage; guardians of the garden. At the entrance to the front door two more dragons stood, beautifully carved with life-like detail. They were there to scare off enemies and guard the Master of the house.

"…wow…" murmured the young brunette as they were guided through the sliding front doors. "…the courtyard was gorgeous…if the rest of the house is like this, I don't want to leave."

Jiro chuckled at Mimiko's reaction. "It is very beautiful; maybe Sei-sama will give you a job as a maid Mimiko?"

She scowled up at him. "The Chief would have a field day and I'm not exactly the maid type Jiro."

He smirked but said nothing else on the matter as Jiro and Mimiko continued through the large home. All through the halls, the young Compromiser admiring the décor of the mansion, when the pair finally came to a pair of rice paper sliding doors. The maid knocked and pushed the door aside.

"Sei-sama, Mochizuki Jiro and a young lady are here to pick up Kotaro-san."

The young Lord Dragon and Kotaro couldn't be seen from behind the maid, but they were effortlessly heard.

"Send them in Chi," spoke Sei in his dignified but young voice.

The maid bowed and stepped aside, pushing the doors wide and gesturing for Jiro and Mimiko to enter. The pair strode in and saw the sun room seconded as an indoor garden or greenhouse. Tall tree like bushes and potted flowers lined the walls. Some vine like plants even climbing up the walls and windows. The Black Blood children were sitting at a table eating their late breakfast by the look of things.

Walking up to them Jiro gave a respectable bow. "Good morning Sei-sama, it's good to see you again."

"Good morning Jiro, you look well…and Mimiko, good to see you," Sei spoke softly with a small smile.

Smiling warmly Mimiko bowed as well. "Good morning Sei-sama, did you enjoy your time with Kotaro?"

The Old Blood smiled further. "Yes, it was a lot of fun; more fun than I've had in a long time. I plan on having Kotaro over more often. That is as long as if that is alright with you, Jiro?"

Jiro chuckled at Kotaro's begging eyes. "Of course, Kotaro needs to have friends his own age."

"Yippie! We had so much fun beating Cain and Rinsuk at poker; I can't wait to do it again!" cheered the young blonde bouncing in his chair.

At that everyone laughed.

"So where is Cain and Rinsuk?" inquired Jiro stepping to his brother's side to see him eating an omelet.

Kotaro blinked as he thought about it. "I think they fell asleep in the living room when we watched some movies."

"They were exhausted from losing at poker so much," evenly stated Sei, a small smirk on his childish but oddly mature face.

The Silver Blade smirked at the news as Mimiko snickered from behind her hand. It appeared the young woman was trying to silence her episode of laughter, she was failing obviously.

"We should go wake them!" exclaimed Kotaro putting his fork down. "Cain always likes seeing onii-san!"

Said brother raised a brow, a smirk gracing his face. "I wouldn't exactly go and say that…" Jiro murmured as he and Mimiko followed the children to a new pair of doors.

"Isn't it the opposite…" spoke up Mimiko; smirking as well. "…you two don't seem to get along."

"And that's putting it lightly," Jiro added.

The conversation was interrupted by Kotaro and Sei opening another pair of doors revealing a living room, darkened by the drawn curtains. Bu there sprawled across a large couch was Cain and Rinsuk. The purple haired criminal investigator laid hanging over an arm of the sofa, mouth hanging open as he lightly snored. One leg hanging off the piece of furniture whiles the other rested in the Blue Wolf's lap.

Cain rested his chin in a hand, the action distorting his face and causing his mouth to hang open slightly. On his head was a festive party hat, one would see at a birthday party. His unused hand was resting atop Rinsuk's leg and holding his lax foot. The image of the two exhausted men was hilarious and priceless.

Jiro smothered his laughter into a soft chuckle; the act of doing so being rather difficult. "I wish I had a camera…"

Mimiko gave him a look that said, 'don't you dare', but a smirk grew on her face none the less. She was trying very hard it would seem to keep from bursting into laughter from the slight shake of her shoulders. "Doing that would cause even more problem between you two Jiro."

"Here you go onii-san."

Looking down, both adults found the young blonde child holding out a small disposable camera. Kotaro was smiling innocently, proving the fact that he really didn't know what was going on or what Jiro would do with the picture. Sei knew though, from the small upturn of his lips that Mimiko caught.

Grinning mischievously, Jiro took the camera. "Why thank you Kotaro."

"Jiro, are you seriously going to take a picture? It's childish…" Mimiko protested, the last comment murmured more to herself. "…and you call yourself an Old Blood…"

"Come now Mimiko was that comment really necessary?" he said, fawning hurt. "Isn't it typical of men to fight amongst themselves, in a manner of speaking?"

The brunette rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. "Just take your picture Jiro. I want to take you and Kotaro out shopping for new clothes today."

The ebony haired Black Blood smirked and held up the camera, snapping the picture. The bright flash filled the darkened room and waking Cain with a start.

"Wha!?!" cried out the giant man, jerking forward, eyes wide. Cain took in his position and Rinsuk across the sofa, only then taking note of Jiro standing there with a camera in and a deviant smirk on his face. "Greenhorn!! Give me that camera if you want to keep on living!!!"

By the sheer volume and seriousness of Cain's voice Mimiko worried that he was completely serious on that threat. She paled slightly and looked up at Jiro nervously. All she found was a taunting smirk and a mischievous twinkle in Jiro's smoky grey eyes. The Compromiser let out a sigh; the famous Silver Blade was enjoying himself.

"But it's going to be so useful in the future," chuckled Jiro and held out the camera to the young woman at his side. "Can you get those developed for me Mimiko-san?"

She blinked. "W-What?! I'm not getting involved in this; keep me out of your little war!!" stammered out the young woman raising her hands in defeat with a shake of her head. "This is you game Jiro, and yours alone."

The Black Blood gave a soft, pleading smile. "Do you not want to see Kotaro's pictures of last night?"

That got her, and Mimiko scowled up at him. "That's a cheap trick Jiro…"

"I'd do it myself, but I'm unfamiliar with most of your modern technology. Please Katsuragi-san?"

Deflating in defeat, Mimiko reached out for the camera, but Cain's voice haltered her actions.

"Take that camera Compromiser and I'll be having a talk with Jinnai!"

"Threatening a Red Blood now Cain? I thought such a thing was below you?" smirked Jiro.

Rolling her brown eyes, Mimiko snatched the camera from the gloved hand. "I'll develop the pictures but who says I'm giving the picture in question, hm?"

Cain smirked, his deep chuckle ringing out. "That's really a feisty girl you have there Silver Blade."

Jiro blinked in slight surprise then gained an expression that was pouting or a pout as much as a hundred year old could give. The look made Mimiko smile and laugh lightly.

"Come on you two, I want to take the two of you out shopping and we're losing daylight here."

"Yippie!!" cried Kotaro, jumping up and down. Jiro just scowled more, looking dejectedly at the floor. Mimiko swatted his arm lightly. "Oh stop looking so glum; it won't be that bad."

"Before you go Mimiko," spoke up Sei as he stepped forward. "I would like to have a birthday party and dinner here for you and Kotaro. Would that be alright with you?"

The brunette blinked in slight surprise, but smiled at the powerful child. "I would be honored Sei-sama, but you don't have to do anything on my behalf. It's Kotaro's birthday today, he should have a special party."

He shook his head. "You are important here as well Mimiko, do not think so little of yourself. Would seven tonight work for you?"

"Yes, I'll make sure we all find appropriate attire for tonight," she smiled over her shoulder at Jiro. "Looks like its just formal shopping Vampire-san; you're off the hook for today." Jiro said nothing, but the relief in his grey eyes could be easily seen.

A small smile spread across the Lord's face. "Thank you, we will see you later then."

"Yippie!! We're having a party!!" Kotaro cried excitedly as he jumped up and down as the whole group chuckled and laughed; the mirth of the room finally waking Rinsuk who had been asleep through the whole conversation.

"Hm…? What's going on…?" he mumbled out.

Everyone chuckled at the Company man; Cain just scowled at his couch companion.

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