Dear Diary,
Ok, I lied.
There's no point anyway in telling truth.
She'd make fun of me, right? Or she'll go miss Speechy on me.
Spike's bad, Dawn.
Like I need that…
Not that I want this anyway.
When did this happen?

Suddenly I heard a noise and became aware I was no longer alone.
I looked right next to me and noticed a strange looking demon. He had two little horns on his head and he was yellow.
Besides that he had two big angel wings and was armed with a bow and arrows.

"Dear Diary…" He started mockingly.

"You!" I got up from my bed pointing at him furiously. "Who are you?"

"I'm the cupido demon" The figure proudly announced himself. He showed off his love arrows. "See?"

"So, this is your fault?"

"Indeed it is. I make the worst love nightmare truth" He chuckled.

"I'll go get my sister. She's the slayer and she will kick your ass!"

The demon now bursted out in laughter and could barely stop.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Dear girl, once you've been hit by the Cupido demon you won't be able to defeat him. And I already had her" He put his arms on his waist.

"Ewww" I react disgust

"Well not me, Angel did. Hell, was that a blast" He clearly appeared to be enjoying every minute of it.

"You were responsible for that?" My mouth dropped open.

"I was!"

"You're awful!"

"I know! Better not provoke me too much and warn your sister."

"Get out"

All of a sudden the demon was gone. All there was left was a big cloud of smoke.
I backed away from the smoke afraid something might explode. "Where did it go?" I asked myself surprised. I paused a moment.
"Well, that was easy" I proudly said. I turned around to bump into another figure. For a second I thought Cupido was back. But I was wrong.
It was even worse. Spike.

"Spike!" I called out panicky and froze.

"Interesting, bit" Were the only words he brought out and his blue eyes kept focused on mine.