chapter 1 ( Like Whoa)


Ring... Ring... Ring...

Ugh, that stupid alarm. Just the perfect way to ruin someone's night of wonderful sleep. Realization finally swept over me. I, Isabella Swan and my cousins, Jasper and Rosalie Hale, were returning to Forks High School after Christmas break. Looking out my window, I realized that in my 17 years of my life, Forks has not changed one bit. Well guess what neither have I. Here's a little bit of back round information for you. My full name is Isabella Marie Swan. My parents, Charlie and Renee Swan have been happily married for over 25 years now. I have long brown hair, which to me is nothing exciting. I have muddy brown eyes. And I am about 5 foot 4 inches. So I am about average height. My cousins, Rosalie and Jasper, are like the god and goddess of our school. They both have beautiful blonde hair, ocean blue eyes. So yeah, they seem pretty perfect.

Quick suggestion before getting on with my life, never wake up thinking about your life. It puts you in a sour mood.

Quickly, I got dressed in a blue and grey striped v-neck shirt, putting on some dark skinny jeans, and my new brown boots. Now what to do with my hair? Checking the clock I noticed I am running late for school. Finally decided to just put it up in my classic messy pony tail.

Running down the stairs, without tripping I may add, I ran to the kitchen.

"Morning honey, you do know your running late, don't you?" my mother asked me.

"Yeah, I kind of figured that out when I noticed I only have ten minutes to get to school." Sarcastically speaking.

"Ok. Well your dad and I are going out tonight for our anniversary. So that means you will have to fin for yourself, kay?"

"Okay, well I got to go. Bye mom I love you. Oh and happy anniversary."



Upon arriving at school, I found Jazz and Rose. They became even more beautiful over their trip to the Bahamas. More tanner bodies, perfect clothes, you get my point.

"BELLA!" Rose and Jasper screamed instantly spotting me.

"Hey guys, I guess you enjoyed the Bahamas?"

"Well duh. It was amazing, I mean the beaches were amazing. The guys, oh the guys, Bella were incredible. Oh, there is just so much to tell." Rose gushed.

"You might as well go to class. You could be out here for hours listening to her. I mean it took her the whole 4 hour plane ride just to describe three guys that she met. That should tell you something." Jazz whispered in my ear making me giggle.

"You know what Jazz? Just because you haven't found Mrs. Right yet, doesn't mean you have to go raining on my party." Snapped Rose.

"I think you mean you mean parade instead of party, Rose." Correcting I did.

"Whatever, well you two will just have to listen to my story later, we are going to be late for class. Bye." Rose called over her shoulder.

"This is all your fault you know that. If you hadn't said those things then we wouldn't have to go through the torture of listening to her blab on about a guys face." I told Jasper.

"Well, what's up your butt?"

"Nothing. I got to go to class. I'll talk to you at lunch." I didn't even wait for a reply


Nobody has really changed over the brake. Though my friend Angela has started straightening her hair that is about it. Mike Newton still has his old dimples and crazy blonde hair. It is no match for Jazz and Rose's hair though.

"Class welcome back. We have a new student today. Would you please come to the front of the class and introduce yourself Ms. Cullen. Please also tell us a few things about yourself." My English teacher, Mrs. Wertheim said.

A short girl that looked about a foot shorter than me came from behind her. She had short black hair that was scattered in different directions. She has the weirdest colored eyes. They were a blue green color. I also add that she dresses herself nicely.

"Well, Um my name is Alice Cullen. I was born on June 20, 1992. I have a twin brother named Edward. Oh I also have an older brother named Emmett. He is like a giant teddy bear but can be tough when he needs to be. Anyways, I love shopping and designing clothing. Well I guess that's all I have to say, thank you." She said.

"Thank you Alice for delighting us with that information. You can go sit beside Ms. Swan over there." She said pointing at me. As Alice walked over to my desk, I noticed how graceful she was. It was like she was dancing while walking. After she sat down I introduced myself.

"Hello, my name is Bella Swan. It is nice to meet you Alice." I smiled kindly.

"Hi, I guess you already know my name." she said timidly.

All through class we conversed about random things. Finally the bell rang and we all stood up gathering our things.

"Hey what class do you have next. I might be able to guide you there. This school may look small but you can get lost easily." I said

"Oh well I have Biology with Mr. Banner. I'm guessing you know where that is?" She said noting me nodding my head.

Yeah, if you see the building with a giant 3 on it than you there. Oh I was also wondering if you and your brothers would like to sit with my cousins and I at lunch. Only if you want." I said.

"No, I would love to. I will tell my brothers. Thank you Bella so much. I had feeling I made a good choice." she said happily.

"In what?" I asked curiously.

"My best friend." She said matter of fact. She waved and walked away.

I just stood there awe struck. How could someone just meet them and pick as their best friend? I honestly don't know. Maybe she is right. I should let fate guide my way. I too think that we will be great friends. We will just have to see where the future takes us.