Deep Set

What if Aizen's plan all along didn't involve Orihime? What if all he wanted to do was lure two powerful shinigami onto his side? He figured it out all he had to do was kidnap one small child.

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This story may contain spoilers past episode 132 of the anime – so if your not past that point be warned this story may ruin it for you.


The room seemed to have gotten darker since Ulquiorra and the rest of the espada had left. This was impossible as it was always dark in Las Nochas but it seemed to have gradually grown darker and darker since they left, Gin put it down to Aizen's mood it had seemed to have gotten worse over the course of time, He hadn't dared speak up about it just letting him mull it over seemed to work as it had over the last few times Ulquiorra or other espada had brought back news, but if the mulling went on for too long he knew he had to intervene. Find out what was going on inside his head just to alleviate the tension in the room and to bring Aizen out of his head.


This drew Gin out of his own head making his head snap up to see him standing there. The one whose eyes seemed permanently like there crying, the one who's face was permanently scowling. He knew Ulquiorra disliked him its not like he concealed it, In fact he was making it obvious right now fixing his emotionless glare to where he thought Gins eyes where. Gin smirked right back at him not letting his gaze effect him silently calling him many imaginative names hoping somehow the scowling white lump could hear him.

"Aizen-sama I have come to give you good news" Stated Ulquiorra lifting his gaze from Gin to Aizen his face not changing from the emotionless mask.

"Speak then Ulquiorra" Aizen spoke shifting slightly in his throne chair. Gin noted that the lighting seemed to have lifted back to the normal level; Ulquiorra seemed to have drawn him out of his inner pondering. Ulquiorra shifted his gaze to Gin then to Tousen in the corner before staring back into Aizen's eyes. Aizen seemed to get the hint from this and motioned for the two to leave. Gin moved from his standing position to move over to the door Tousen right behind him opening the door for him he took one last glance behind him to see Ulquiorra approaching Aizen. Confused as to what it may involve he thought momentarily about eavesdropping but with Tousen waiting for him on the other side of the door he knew he couldn't get away with it. Sighing he closed the door, eavesdropping had become like a well versed ritual to him now.


"Ichimaru- Taicho… To what do I owe the pleasure? "Yamamoto spoke surprised at the sudden visit from the fellow captain, he wouldn't normally allow a meeting this late but as the other captain rarely visited he had decided to allow it. As Gin approached his desk he noted how strained and stressed the captain looked. Yamamoto put down his paintbrush and raised an eyebrow upon seeing Gins expression which Gin took as an invitation to start talking,

"There's a plan" he started before furtively looking around him as if someone was in the room with them. Yamamoto's eyes narrowed at this observing the other closely

"Ichimaru-Taicho have you been drinking?" Yamamoto asked he wouldn't have thought it quite the time to be on the sake what with the ryoka running about but with the 10th division lieutenant he knew anything was possible,

"No-no-no I haven't" stuttered Gin opened his eyes allowing Yamamoto a rare glimpse of his red orbs, "I have information you really need to know about something" his eyes half hidden under his fringe now looked almost pleading to him so Yamamoto nodded for him to continue interested as to what information Gin could possibly provide him with that he didn't already know.

"Aizen, he's not all he's cracked up to be…" started of Gin spilling everything he knew to Yamamoto, About Rukia the Hougyoku, everything. Yamamoto's eyes seemed to get wider with every piece of information. When Gin had finished Yamamoto took a minute soaking in the information before speaking,

"Does Aizen know you are here?"

Gin looked taken aback before responding, "No I came on my own, I just knew I couldn't let Aizen get away with this, I knew I had to tell someone" he looked at Yamamoto expectantly he had put himself out there hoping the other would know what to do,

"We do nothing" stated Yamamoto answering Gin's unspoken question, Gin opened his eyes and stared at Yamamoto questioningly, "Aizen still believes you are on his side, if we let events unfold as he has planned things would go a lot smoother if you were a spy" Gins hands slammed onto his desk at this

"What? So after I have spilled all this we do nothing?! The Kuchiki still dies for no reason? Explain yourself!" He yelled at Yamamoto loosing his control, Yamamoto was unfazed by this staring back calmly at Gin's fringe.

"She will not die, the ryoka that have infiltrated Seretei are strong they will see that she lives" Gin withdrew his hands from Yamamoto's desk staring back at the old man,

"Do ya know everything?" Gin feeling more comfortable suddenly switched to his more informal speech.

Yamamoto smirked at this, "I am the head Taicho- not much passes me by"

Gin sank into the chair opposite Yamamoto which seemed to have only just materialized, maybe during all his stress of coming in to tell all the secrets that he had been sworn to keep since he was younger he hadn't noticed it.

"So what ya wanting me to do?"

--- End flashback---

So that's how he had wound up here, eavesdropping at every chance he got secretly sending messages back to soul society embedded in various hollow. He had no idea if his messages were even getting to the head commander its not like he went out everyday to purify hollows. He knew that no-one else knew of his position as spy so how the messages got to him he had no idea he tried not to think about it too much it hurt his head.

--- Meanwhile back in the room---

"What is it Ulquiorra?" asked Aizen once he saw Gin close the door behind him noting the other moving towards him.

"You remember the menos we sent Aizen-sama? The ones sent to spy on the girl?" Aizen nodded remembering back to when he ordered them out to spy on Inoue Orihime.

"You will not remember however one menos that did not follow is pacific orders, I kept it from you at the time as it did not seem important, however reviewing the data I came across that particular ones viewing it again I noticed something important"

Taking out his eye again he crushed it showing Aizen everything he had learned from his most recent data search which confused Aizen at first but he recognized Hitsugaya- Taicho as to what he was doing it was lost on the former captain. Aizen viewed it all right up until the abrupt ending of the menos at the meeting of Hitsugaya's zanpaktou; he looked toward Ulquiorra asking for an explanation,

"What is the importance of this?" Aizen inquired narrowing his eyes in question looking straight into Ulquiorra's green ones,

"The girl" he projected a mental image of her showing Hitsugaya protecting her from the menos, "She is what drew the menos from his job" Aizen sighed getting more frustrated, "Again what is the importance of this?" he repeated emphasizing the again so Ulquiorra got the point. His bad mood from earlier was returning.

"We would no longer require Inoue Orihime if we took this girl" stated Ulquiorra not at all fazed by Aizen's impatience, Aizen looked quite taken aback by this but the statement did attract Aizen's attention, "Continue" he stated waving his hand in the same motion and settling further down into his throne chair. Ulquiorra bowed slightly before continuing,

"Hai Aizen-sama, She fits our plan perfectly as compared to the Healer, She has connections to both subjects who would react if something were to happen, certainly subject A" Aizen's eyebrows raised at this,

"Why? She doesn't appear to be anything to me at the moment other than a human with high reatsu who had a strange encounter with a Taicho" Aizen frowned at this wondering what on earth was so entertaining about a black and white ball. Maybe it was a new training system worked out since he had left. Regardless he trained his thoughts back onto the subject at hand.

"She is Kurosaki's younger sister" Ulquiorra almost smirked at the look of dawning appearing on his master's face,

"He has a sibling…" Aizen breathed softly taking in this information "Do we know this for certain?" he questioned Ulquiorra wanting to be a hundred percent sure before acting,

"Quite certain Aizen-sama" began Ulquiorra "I looked through the data the other hollows collected and I am quite sure, Having a Kurosaki on our side would be extremely beneficial However this…" Ulquiorra fought for a moment to think of a word to describe the football (soccer) match, "meeting I do not think would solidify the chances of subject B following out or plan" Aizen face dropped at this but after thinking for a few moments a smirk began to cross his features,

"It's a bigger chance than with the healer, plus Ulquiorra you are forgetting our little spy, she has a strong connection with the boy" Aizen's smirk widened and he stood and began to walk toward the door planning to set things in motion as soon as possible Ulquiorra followed him close behind,

"Let our little secret know what's going on so she can act if needed" Aizen spoke suddenly stopping to look at Ulquiorra before continuing to stride on toward the door as Ulquiorra stopped, bowed and vanished using sonido.


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