Title: Day To Day
Author: PrincessOfQuestionableMorals
Characters/Pairings: Rogue/Gambit, Kitty/Piotr, Logan, Storm, Bobby, Jubilee, Hank McCoy, Emma Frost, the Professor
Genre: Drama
Note: Canon with all four X-Men movies, but uses the alternative Rogue ending for X3.

Note 2: AHHHH, I KNOW. IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I've just been so busy…and this part is not funny, but it is plot important.
Summary: The battle had been won. Peace had been made. And so they started to rebuild, with new friends and new enemies.


"Begin scenario six." Storm's calm voice echoed around the sparse room. All the people currently inhabiting the sparse room fell into defensive positions, with the notable exception of Gambit, who was looking around, obviously confused.

The room's purpose soon became clear as metal around them turned to dirt and people began to appear in front of them, all varying in age, gender, and appearance, but all with the same look of anger on their faces as they began to advance.

Gambit looked to either side, seeing as the laughing people he had spent time with were replaced by serious, grim warriors. Bobby glared at a grinning blond, who was carelessly bouncing a fireball in his hand. Kitty warily circled a red head whose eyes glowed pink with malice.

Gambit was mildly impressed by the illusions, but was still unsure of their purpose. However, the illusions were revealed to be far more than that, as a large man who appeared to be made of rock launched himself at Piotr, who went over backwards, turning to metal as he fell.

That seemed to be the signal for a mass attack, and Gambit found himself fighting a girl with green hair who appeared to be strangely vacant. She raised her hands, but he charged a playing card that exploded near her head, instantly knocking her out.

A strangled yelp echoed across the room as Bobby was hit by a piece of rock. He slumped to the floor unconscious.

"Rogue!" yelled Wolverine. "You know what to do."

The Southern girl nodded, dodging through the fighting, ridding herself of gloves as she went. She reached her boyfriend and put her hand on her face, as Gambit watched with rabid curiosity. He was close enough that he saw her eyes flash blue, but she forced them closed and when she opened them, they had returned to green. She let go of Bobby and turned towards the laughing boy with a fireball, who was now sneering at her.

"C'mon, leech!" the boy jeered. "What's the matter? Worried that you'll kill him. Because that's what happens. Everything you touch turns to dust. Your skin is poison."

Rogue's eyes narrowed angrily. "Goodbye, John." She leveled a beam of ice at him, instantly knocking him out. However, she found herself caught by surprise by something that pierced her side.

Gambit watched her fall. "Logan!" He yelled, running towards her. "LOGAN!"

"Stop simulation," commanded Storm, and the walls returned to steel. Rogue lay on the ground convulsing, with a piece of bone sticking out of her side. About to touch her, Gambit found himself flung back by a growling Wolverine.

Wolverine brushed Rogue's hair back from her forehead, before leaning against her, until their foreheads touched. Almost immediately, the veins in his face began to bulge, and he began to slip into unconsciousness.

Gambit watched amazed as the bone was pushed out and the cut in Rogue's side began to close by itself. As Wolverine fell to the floor, Rogue gasped into consciousness. She stared at Wolverine, and her eyes clouded with dismay.

Wolverine also returned to consciousness shortly after. "Kid, you need to stop getting hurt."

"Maybe I just do it to keep you in my head," teased Rogue. "It's fun to watch you beat up John—" She clamped her mouth shut.

"Good session." A voice echoed through speakers from the control room. "I think that's enough for today."

Storm sighed. "Very well. Emma is right. You should all go, get ready for your classes."

Rogue was the first out the door, eyes still clouded. Her friends, knowing better than to try and reach her so soon after an immersion, let her be, but Gambit caught up to her, grabbing her arm.

"Chere, what happened?"

"My power," said Rogue dully. "Couldn't you tell? I suck the life out of people, and, if they're mutants, their powers."

"That's not—"

"Not what?" interrupted Rogue, glaring. "Not a bad power? You don't get it. I can't turn it off. This is how it always is. I can't touch people for the rest of my life."

"Then explain something to Remy, chere." He gestured at where he was holding on to her arm. "If you can't touch anyone, how come he's touching your arm right now?"

Rogue stared down at the joining, realizing with a jolt that she hadn't put her gloves back on after the Danger Room session. His bare fingers, not covered by his fingerless gloves, were resting on her bare skin.

She gasped, raising her eyes to meet his, hidden behind his sunglasses. Then, she fainted.


"So, what is it?" demanded Rogue, now awake. Dr. McCoy stared at the readings on the chart, blue brow furrowed.

"I'm not sure…" He stared at the results, then at the two occupants of the room currently sitting on a bed, then at the rest of the people in the room. "I do have an idea…"

"Well?" said Rogue, hopefully.

"I'm not—" He looked at the girl. "Rogue, I've never seen anything like this before. It is possible to suppress mutant genes, obviously—the Cure. But I've never seen something that suppresses just one mutant's powers. One idea is that since Gambit's power is one that expels energy, while yours requires energy be taken in, you cancel each other out."

"Giving and taking," said Emma thoughtfully. "That is possible."

"Let's try something," suggested Rogue. "Logan, do you mind…?"

Wolverine came to the side of the bed. Rogue took Gambit's hand, relishing in the feeling of the lack of pull, and then grabbed Wolverine's hand. To her excitement, the pull never came. She laughed gleefully, throwing her arms around his neck, carefully not to let go of Gambit.

"But…why?" ventured Bobby.

"I don't know—the only person who could figure it out is—but he's…" Hank trailed off.

"The Professor, yes," Emma sighed. "Well, that's convenient."

"What?" asked Storm, crossing her arms.

"Well, he's walking through the front door right now," said Emma, smirking.


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