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No Matter What

Chapter One: Kerdy


"Girls!" Relda Grimm's voice rang up from the direction of the kitchen. "Breakfast is ready!"

This was followed by the scent of whatever said breakfast was, wafting in underneath the closed door of Sabrina and Daphne's room and to the noses of the two girls inside.

Daphne sniffed the air, then rolled over on the bed, not quite waking up. The smell grew stronger as the food simmered a bit more, and Daphne's stomach gave a growl of interest at the scent.

"Daphne, wake up," The blonde girl did not look amused. In fact she looked tired. She didn't want to go to school, she didn't want to deal with whatever horrible prank was going to be heading her way, and she wasn't sure she was going to enjoy breakfast anyway.

Sabrina reached for her sister, shaking her. 'Yeesh, she sleeps like a log,' she thought to herself, shaking a bit harder. Not much had changed for the little girl since coming to Ferryport Landing the previous year… Had it already been a year?

Between troll attacks, angry Everafters trying to blow up the barrier, nearly losing a friend in a school collapsing, finding out they had an uncle, fighting a Jabberwocky, finding out about Everafters in New York, and searching for a way to wake her parents up now that they had them back, Sabrina wasn't really keeping track of time.

Her birthday was coming up soon—another birthday her parents would miss. The thought put a bit more anger in Sabrina, and she tried not to think about it anymore. Not like her getting angry had ever helped the situation, except when it came to dealing with Puck.

She gave Daphne another little shake when the girl failed to respond. How Veronica Grimm had always woken them both up easily, she would never know.

Daphne rolled over onto her back, flinging her arms out to the sides. She mumbled something indefinable, stirring at the shaking but not opening her eyes. Her mouth had opened slightly while she'd slept.

Sabrina sighed in exasperation, scowling for a moment. While she could have easily headed down without the little girl, Daphne would just end up annoyed with her and probably late for school. Why had she decided making sure Daphne was up and ready in the morning was her responsibility? Probably instinctual from when they hadn't had the option of anyone else caring.

Sabrina exhaled, some of her hair fluttering out of the way with the motion. Then she put her face next to her little sister's ear. "WAKE UP, DAPHNE!"

Daphne startled awake, opening her eyes and blinking owlishly up at her sister. "What?" she asked, her ears ringing slightly from Sabrina's voice. She brought her hand up and rubbed the ear that had been closest to the verbal assault.

"It's breakfast time and then we have to go to school," Sabrina said. "So hurry and get up."

"Breakfast?" Daphne asked, perking up at the word. She sat up in bed and yawned, stretching. Her black hair was sticking out, in dire need of a brush, and she looked like she'd spent the night rolling around the bed.

Her stomach growled again. "I'm hungry," Daphne said, waking up far too quickly for someone who had been as sound asleep as she had been just a moment ago.

Sabrina headed from the room, grabbing a brush and running it through her long blonde hair as she walked. She had worn a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved blue shirt that was very thin and tight underneath a cute looking purple vest that fit her slender form. Her hair was getting longer, something she really liked.

Sabrina figured Daphne would catch up, and she shoved the brush into her backpack when she got to the table for breakfast. One problem with long hair was that it tended to tangle even if you were just sitting still and minding your own business. For this reason (and because Puck was constantly pulling pranks that made her appearance resemble a soggy puppy) Sabrina always had a brush on hand. "Good morning," she said quietly.

"Good morning, liebling," Relda said, dishing out the breakfast - which looked like a cross between an apple pie, a casserole, and sausage - onto Sabrina's plate. "Is your sister coming down?"

Elvis was looking up at Relda hopefully, but everyone knew better than to give him anything involving sausage. That didn't prevent him from trying, though.

There was another person at the table already - Puck, dressed and ready for school, was shoveling food into his mouth so fast that it didn't seem like he could possibly be tasting it. "Mmph ffwoo shof," he said around a mouthful of food.

"Yes Granny--and what?" Sabrina asked, unable to help herself. She hadn't translated Puck's words at all. And she wasn't sure she was going to actually try to eat the food, it made her stomach twist just looking at it. That was pretty common to her. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the taste of Granny Relda's cooking.

Puck swallowed his mouthful, and reached for another helping as he did so. "I said, good morning, Grimm," he said - which, of course, sounded nothing like what it had sounded like due to the amount of food he'd had in his mouth.

"Oh. Good morning, Puck," she replied automatically, reaching for a glass of juice. She took her seat regardless of whether or not she planned to have anything to eat, then twisted, making sure Daphne was actually coming.

At that moment, Daphne darted into the room, dressed for school with her hair hastily done. "Ooo, it smells great, Granny!" she said enthusiastically, pulling out her chair and plopping herself down to get some breakfast. "Morning, Puck."

Puck grinned as he ate. "Morning, marshmallow," he said, shoveling more food in his mouth. He was already on this third serving.

Sabrina tried one bite of the food, then grimaced. She forced a grin. "Uh. yeah, tastes great. I'm not really hungry though. I think I'll just get a head start walking to school."

The longer of a head start she had, the less likely it was for Puck to do something horrible to her. He rarely pulled appearance altering pranks in school, and William Charming had threatened bodily harm to all of them if the brand new schools had any kind of vandalism. So far, Puck had limited the pranks and defacing of public property to a minimum.

Puck looked down at his plate. "But I'm not done eating," he said, looking back up at her a moment later.

Relda looked at Sabrina in concern. "Are you feeling all right, Sabrina?" she asked.

"Just feeling a little under the weather," Sabrina answered Relda with a shrug. "And no one said you had to go with me, Puck. I can walk by myself just fine, thank you very much."

Puck snorted, moving to stand up. "Yeah, right," he said. "You go without me and you'll end up falling in a hole somewhere and need me to get you out."

"Trust me I wouldn't hold my breath," Sabrina shot at him, turning away so he wouldn't see her flustered. "Besides, you should wait for Daphne, she's not old enough to walk alone like I am."

"I am too!" Daphne protested, looking at Sabrina. She scrambled to her feet, still holding her plate so that she could keep eating.

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Okay but either way I'm done eating and you're not. I'm going to head out now, Granny."

Without waiting for an answer, she picked up her backpack and headed for the door.

"Have a good day, dear," Relda said, still concerned for Sabrina, especially since she was saying she was feeling under the weather.

Puck stared after Sabrina for a moment, then inhaled the rest of his plate. "See ya, old lady," he said to Relda. He walked around the table and ruffled Daphne's hair, making the parts that weren't in braids stick out. "Don't take too long, marshmallow."

Daphne giggled, grinning at Puck as she devoured the rest of her breakfast.

When she finished eating her breakfast and grabbed her bag, she made a rush for the door. "Come on, Puck!" she called over her shoulder. "Bye, Granny! Bye, Elvis!"

Elvis wagged his tail, still looking longingly at the leftovers as Relda called good-bye to Daphne and Puck.

Puck fell into step alongside Daphne, shoving his hands into his pockets. He'd had a few things in store for Sabrina that morning, but not only had it taken her longer to come down to breakfast, but she'd left before them. Oh, well - he'd have to make up for it later. First they had to catch up with Sabrina.


Sabrina was silent as she left the house, the shadow of a grin leaving her face. She should have been jumping for joy. Not a single prank, she looked normal for once, and her hair was not a mess of goo or slime.

Then again, she was still stuck in Ferryport Landing, she was all alone in the way she felt, her parents weren't getting better, and the ideals of her mother that she'd held onto for so long were ruined. It still bothered her in the back of her mind if she had enough time to just stop and think about it.

While she had decided to stay and be a Detective with her sister, she still didn't necessarily want to be stuck there her whole life. She wanted the freedom to be able to leave whenever she wanted without having everyone look down on her or call her a quitter. She hated feeling caged—and honestly, she knew that must have been how the Everafters felt, and knew that was why they resented her family… But the feeling was mutual and she still resented most of them right back.

And her parents...

She sighed in frustration and walked faster. It didn't help that things with Puck were still confusing. She prided herself on being more mature than most girls her age, so why was the polar opposite on the maturity scale the one who kept making her feel giddy? It couldn't have just been his looks, plenty of people were cute and she kept her cool around them.

"Hey--Sabrina Grimm, right?"

Sabrina looked up, startled. She found herself staring up at a handsome looking boy, probably thirteen or fourteen. He had perfect gold hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. There was something very good-natured about him, and he had several inches of height on Sabrina. "Y-yes," she said, stammering. "How did you know?"

He grinned down at her. "I'm an Everafter," he explained. "So I know of you. My name is Kerdy, and no I'm not from The Goblin and the Princess."

She found herself blushing. "I didn't assume," she shifted awkwardly. An Everafter? Her first reaction should have been distrust, but he seemed really nice. And it wasn't like he hid it from her the way others had… "I don't think I know that one anyway."

"It's not a real one," he said, tucking some hair behind his ear. She'd slowed to walk to his pace. "My parents are the Everafters really, but that's not important. I never saw you at school, you're younger than me right?"

"Almost twelve," Sabrina answered, feeling a little embarrassed to be reminded that she was still considered a little kid. What if he was hundreds of years old and didn't age?

"I'm fourteen." He gave her the dazzling smile again, and she relaxed a bit. "I didn't think you'd be walking to school by yourself. You have a sister right?"

"Yeah," Sabrina shifted awkwardly. She and Daphne hadn't been walking to school as much lately, even though Daphne had forgiven her for any of the problems they'd had in New York. "She and Puck'll be catching up."

"Oh man, THE Puck?" Kerdy grinned. "Sorry to hear that. Is he as bad as the rumors? I've never met him but I've heard." He straightened his short-sleeved polo shirt, and for a moment, Sabrina forgot the question. Then she tore her eyes from his cuteness and looked straight ahead.

"Worse," she made a face, thinking to the last prank. He'd replaced her soap with itching cream in bar form. That had sucked.

"Hey, ugly!" Puck's voice rang out as he and Daphne caught up to Sabrina. "You walk a lot faster than I thought you would."

Daphne dashed up to stand next to Sabrina, looking at Kerdy curiously.

Puck was looking at Kerdy, too. He didn't recognize him. Who was this kid?

When Kerdy glanced to Sabrina, she sighed. "That's Puck."

Kerdy glanced at Puck, then shrugged, uninterested. He looked to Sabrina and smiled. "You didn't tell me he was blind. I mean, he just called you Ugly."

Sabrina opened her mouth to respond and found that she couldn't. Her face was red and she looked embarrassed. Was Kerdy really complimenting her? Was he flirting?

Daphne's eyes widened, and she looked at Kerdy, then at her sister, then at Puck. Then back to Kerdy. She looked like she was at a tennis tournament.

Puck's mouth fell open. "Did you just call me blind?" he asked incredulously. "Do you have any idea who you're talking to, peasant!"

Kerdy laughed. He put a hand on Sabrina's shoulder. "Wanna sit with me at lunch today?" He completely ignored Puck's indignant reaction.

Sabrina's blush only got worse. "Wha?" she managed a syllable, though it made little sense. Kerdy kept smiling, not at all bothered by the fact that Puck didn't seem to like him, or that Sabrina couldn't seem to speak.

Puck was bristling, and he decided then and there that he didn't like Kerdy's smile. He moved forward. "Just who do you think you are, kid?" he asked haughtily.

"I'm Kerdy," he said with a grin at Puck. He looked to Daphne next. "Daphne, right? Nice to meet you. I'm an Everafter kinda."

Sabrina stumbled, then straightened, no longer blushing wordlessly. "Uh, yeah, Kerdy that's my sister Daphne. Daphne, Kerdy," she introduced.

Daphne's eyes lit up, as Puck gritted his teeth at the sight of Kerdy's smile still in place. "You're an Everafter?" she asked brightly.

"Yep," Kerdy smiled back down at her. It was a dazzling, pure smile. "More like my parents are, but I count too or something. I was just getting to know Sabrina. You can sit with us too if you want," he winked at her. It wasn't often a handsome boy would chat with a girl half his age without teasing her.

Daphne's eyes widened further, and she could feel herself blushing as she stared up at Kerdy. "Really?" she asked. She looked at Sabrina, then back at Kerdy. "So who are your parents?"

He grinned. "That's a secret. I'm sure the famous Detectives Grimm can figure it out though."

Sabrina shoved her hands in her pockets. Kerdy was probably one of the nicest Everafters she'd ever met. And he was incredibly cute. What was the catch? How long before he turned out to be the enemy, or decided he didn't want to talk to a Grimm?

Daphne's eyes were shining at the prospect of figuring out who Kerdy's parents were. If only she had some clues…

Puck scowled at Kerdy. Just who did this guy think he was, being so nice to Sabrina and Daphne? "Dunno why you'd want to get to know her," Puck said. "She's got a rotten personality. Although she's a lot of fun to tease." He shoved his hands into his pockets.

Sabrina scowled over at Puck. "If my personality's so rotten, you should stay away from me then," she said in a huff. Why did he have to embarrass her in front of Kerdy?

Kerdy shook his head with a chuckle, glancing to Puck while they walked.

"And why would I go and do that?" Puck countered. "You'd probably like that, so I see it as my duty to stick around and annoy you to no end." He scowled right back at her.

"Ugh!" Sabrina threw her hands up in frustration. She started walking faster again, muttering under her breath.

Kerdy glanced at Puck. "So... Do you like her?"

Then she nearly tripped, remembering the kiss, and the moments she'd shared with Puck since. She desperately wanted to hear the answer, but at the same time, she didn't. What if it was a bad answer? She almost sped up to avoid hearing it all together.

Puck stared at Kerdy. "Like her?" he asked incredulously, his voice cracking as he spoke. "What are you talking about?"

Daphne had to cover her mouth to suppress her giggle.

"You know, do you have any intentions on dating her?" Kerdy asked. "Do you have a crush on her?"

Sabrina didn't bother saying anything. She decided to give it three more seconds before she'd run away.

Puck was definitely sputtering. "Who in their right mind would want to date her?" he asked, looking at Kerdy as if he were insane.

Kerdy grinned at the answer. As long as he wasn't stepping into Puck's territory...

As Sabrina opened her mouth to snap, she found herself staring again. Because Kerdy's answer was "Me."

Daphne's eyes widened, and she was back to watching the tennis match.

Puck stared at Kerdy. "Say what?" He couldn't believe what he had just heard Kerdy say.

Kerdy turned back to Sabrina. "Sorry if that's forward of me."

'Whoa whoa whoa!' Sabrina's eyes lit up. "Not at all. I mean, it's not forward. I've never been on a date." She fiddled with her hair shyly. All thoughts of Puck's answer had officially flown out the window by now.

"Want to go on one after school?" Kerdy asked. "We can grab something to eat at a diner, or go to the park."

"Wow! Sure!" Sabrina said. She felt awesome."You've got to be kidding me," Puck said, staring at them. "You've got to be insane or something. You want to go out on a date with that?" He pointed at Sabrina, looking incredulous.

"Oh shut up, Puck," Sabrina said, barely even listening to him. Nothing could ruin her good mood now.

They reached the school soon after. Kerdy took Sabrina's hand and kissed it softly, then did the same for Daphne. With a kind wave, he headed off.

Daphne watched Kerdy go with wide eyes, biting her hand for a moment. Then she released it and looked at Sabrina. "Are you really going to go out with him?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Sabrina looked at Daphne, excited. "Finally, something good happens around this place. I'd have to be an idiot not to go!" Her mind was racing with happier thoughts—instead of wondering when Kerdy would turn out to be an enemy or part of the Scarlet Hand, she was now thinking about all the things she wanted to do for a date.

"Or you're an idiot to go," Puck said snidely, interrupting her happy thoughts. "Or maybe you're just an idiot period."

Sabrina turned to Puck and scowled. "What, jealous?" she jeered. "That's what a real boy should look like, and smell like. Shove off, Stinkpot."
She whirled on her heel and headed into the school with her nose up.

"Who would be jealous over an ugly cockroach like you?" Puck snapped after her, his eyes narrowed.

He spun around on his heel and stalked off, having absolutely no taste for going into the school building at that moment.

Daphne's eyes widened as she looked after Puck, then after Sabrina. A moment later she hurried after her sister.


Sabrina ended up sitting with Kerdy at lunch like he'd suggested, and he even let Daphne sit with them. He figured if he was going to get to know Sabrina he should get in good with Daphne too. Which was why when school ended, he offered to give Daphne a piggyback ride when he walked them home. From there, he planned to take Sabrina out for some fun.

Kerdy was like the perfect little gentleman.

Daphne looked like she was having a great time as she held onto Kerdy during the piggyback ride. "Wow, Kerdy," she said. "You're really nice. But I still haven't been able to figure out who your parents are." Never one to turn down a good Everafter mystery, it had been on Daphne's mind all day.

"It's not exactly a well known story," he joked. "Don't worry about it." He'd given her a few clues involving reindeer and red shoes.

When they got to the house, he set Daphne down. "Same time tomorrow morning?" he asked her with a grin. He planned on walking with them again.

"Sure!" Daphne said, accepting it before Sabrina could. "That would be fantastico!" She looked at Sabrina. "Do you want me to tell Granny you're going out?"

Sabrina tossed her backpack into the yard--she'd get it later. She didn't want to go inside in case Puck had a prank that would ruin her look for her date. Of Puck, there had been no sign of for the entire day - he'd skipped school after walking off.

"Please," Sabrina said. "I'll be home later, kay?" She smiled at Daphne, looking happier than she had since... Well, since she'd realized Puck was coming back with them to Ferryport Landing.

Daphne nodded. "Okay," she said. She looked at Sabrina, then at Kerdy, and then giggled. Sabrina did look happy - and Kerdy was nice.


Kerdy's attitude hadn't been a fluke. He had taken Sabrina on three dates, but all throughout school, he hung out with her and even Daphne. The kids in his age range seemed to scoff at the idea of a ninth grader hanging out with a sixth grader and a second grader, but he brushed it off with his good-natured smile.

By the end of the week, Sabrina wasn't sure if she was incredibly happy or incredibly depressed. Puck's pranks had gotten worse, to the point of sometimes making her cry in secret with her parents. It normally took a lot more to make her cry, and she hoped it was just a combination of hormones and hopelessness over her parents' condition.

Kerdy was incredibly sweet about the fact that her hair was usually gooey and sticking straight up, she had turned blue for a day, she smelled like a stink bomb a few times, fart noises seemed to come from her all throughout the school day once, she had buckteeth from some kind of prank potion for two days, and almost all of her clothes were either way too small or way too big.

It was a fresh Monday, and Sabrina was eternally grateful to Daphne's obsession with her hair. They'd managed to fix everything but her clothing dilemma for the time being, and Sabrina was avoiding Puck like the plague.

Thankfully she had avoided the pranks so far that day, wearing her too-small skirt with her too-small t-shirt. Her midriff was showing, and the skirt cut off above her knees. She was talking to Kerdy, who had something he needed to go to that day instead of walking them home. Daphne was waiting for her, a little sad that Kerdy wouldn't be joining.

Puck was nearby--Sabrina was praying he wasn't planning a prank.

"I'll see you later," Kerdy said to Sabrina, turning and leaving with a smile once they'd finished talking. He could tell she was wary of Puck's pranks.

"See ya," she mumbled, tugging her shirt down a bit.

Daphne looked at Sabrina, staying back a bit to give Kerdy and Sabrina some privacy. It was too bad that Kerdy wasn't walking home with them that day, he was always offering her piggyback rides and quizzing her on less-known fairytales. He'd even given Daphne a huge book of fairytales from around the world, with stars next to the ones that were really real.

Puck was leaning against the wall near the exit of the school, watching Sabrina out of the corner of his eye. He didn't happen to be planning a prank at that moment. Seeing Kerdy and Sabrina together just left a bad taste in his mouth. It was unlike any other reaction he'd had to Sabrina Grimm. He just didn't like her attention being on someone else when it should have been on him.

After Kerdy left, Sabrina sighed and headed towards Daphne. A sudden breeze blew by, dust getting her right in the face. "Ack!" She immediately coughed and started rubbing her eyes.

"Here," a girl offered her a handkerchief. "You should be careful."

"Thanks," Sabrina muttered, taking it and rubbing at her eyes. Then she winced. "Ow...! I think I just made it worse!" The sting had gone from annoying to sharp and sudden.

Daphne hurried over to Sabrina. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"I got something in my eye," Sabrina said, sounding irritated and pained. "Stupid dust..." She pulled the handkerchief back, then looked up, blinking rapidly. "Ow... Sorry..." She handed it back to the other girl.

The girl pushed her snowy white hair back. It was platinum blonde, and her smooth skin seemed pale, yet delicate. All in all, the girl was very lovely, and someone Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck had never seen before. "Don't worry about it. You should check your eyes when you get home, it's pretty dusty out here."

Sabrina nodded, rubbing her eyes again. "Let's go, Daphne." The sting had reduced itself to a dull annoyance.

Daphne nodded, reaching for Sabrina's hand. "Come on, Granny can give us some water to rinse out your eyes when we get home," she said.

"What's the matter, Grimm, going blind or something?" Puck commented when he joined them. He'd seen the way she had been rubbing her eyes moments earlier, as well as how she was still rubbing them, and had debated on checking on her or teasing her. He'd finally decided to do both.

Sabrina scowled in his direction. "At least if I were blind I wouldn't have to look at you," she retorted. Even though she wasn't sure where he was, she'd had to follow his voice. She lowered her arm from her eyes, blinking to try and clear them.

"You should consider yourself lucky to be able to look at someone such as handsome as me," Puck said haughtily. His concern flew out the window. He hadn't even wanted to keep going to school and watching her drool over Kerdy. He was only there now because Relda had made it clear she expected him to still keep an eye on Sabrina at school whether or not there was an immediate threat.

"Oh, stop, Puck," Daphne said, looking at Sabrina worriedly.

"Shut up, Daphne. I don't need you to defend me," Sabrina said suddenly, yanking away and walking on her own, away from them both.

Daphne looked startled, staring after her sister. "Sabrina?"

Puck raised an eyebrow, uncrossing his arms and putting his hands on his hips. "Huh," he said. That hadn't been expected.

"Well, come on, marshmallow," Puck said. "We might as well head home."

"I guess..." Daphne looked at Puck, and the two of them headed after Sabrina. She was bothered by her sister's reaction - Sabrina didn't usually talk to her that way.


Sabrina walked ahead of them without looking back, her eyes narrowed. She was tired of them all. Tired of how annoying Puck was, always playing with her emotions and never growing up… Tired of Daphne always being so ungrateful and acting like she knew everything just because she got along with Everafters…

She was tired of the whole town. Everyone and everything in it. They were all animals, and they were the reason she was miserable.

And her parents…! How dare they let this happen to them too? They had let themselves get kidnapped, abandoning Sabrina and Daphne to the awful orphanages with the abusive homes. They'd forced Sabrina to grow up too fast. She should have been carefree and happy back in New York where she could fit in and eat normal food, but no, now she was stuck in Ferryport Landing with an old woman and a dangerous Wolf. And an absentee uncle who acted more like a child than Daphne sometimes.

And the nerve! He'd gotten her addicted to magic in the first place, and if he'd never been such an irresponsible rule-breaker with her father's former girlfriend—the thought sent another wave of irritation through her—then that psycho Red Riding Hood never would have gotten out, and they'd never have had to deal with the Jabberwocky…

She clenched her fists as the rage slid through her like never before, along with the hate. She hated them all. It was their fault.


When they reached the house, Sabrina headed for the kitchen and got some juice, looking more annoyed than usual.

Relda was in the kitchen, and she looked up, a smile on her face when she saw the younger girl. "Not going out with Kerdy today, liebling?" she asked. She'd had no objections to Sabrina getting to know the boy. He was very polite to everyone, including Mr. Canis. And Mr. Canis had been in the same angry mood for the past month or so, which made it harder for anyone to be around him. Kerdy somehow managed.

Elvis lifted his head from his paws, looking at Sabrina curiously.

"It's none of your business," Sabrina snapped. "Who asked you anyway, old lady?"

Relda looked at Sabrina, startled, her smile vanishing at the extremely un-Sabrina-like retort. Even when Sabrina was angry, she was rarely so disrespectful to Relda.

"Whoa, that's usually my line," Puck said, stopping in the kitchen doorway with Daphne peeking around behind him. "You that upset about not being able to go out with loverboy, Grimm?"

Sabrina paused, turning to look at Puck. "I hope you die."

She'd never said anything like that to him before, and the look of utter loathing and coldness in her eyes was completely new. There was no joking tone, no 'just kidding' on the horizon. "Then I won't have to hear your stupid voice anymore."

Daphne's eyes widened in shock.

"Sabrina Grimm!" Relda exclaimed.

Puck's expression changed abruptly, the laughing look in his eyes that was always there when confronting Sabrina fading at her words. "Funny, you've never seemed to mind before," he said. His tone was flat.

Sabrina snorted. "Whatever. I'm going to my room."

She headed for the door, pushing past Puck without a second glance at him.

"And you can stay there, young lady, until you've calmed down," Relda said, frowning after Sabrina.

Daphne's wide eyes followed her sister, and then she looked at Puck.

Puck didn't look at Sabrina as she went past him. Then he turned and headed for his own room. "Don't send anyone after me, old lady," he called over his shoulder.
Relda and Daphne looked at each other. For all of Sabrina's moods, she'd never spoken to Puck that way before. And clearly, Puck knew that.

Sabrina hesitated again as Puck went past, then turned to look at Relda coldly. "I wish I could just stay in my room until we could leave this place. I hate it here, I hate Everafters, I hate having to clean up after everyone else! I hate you, I hate Mr. Canis, I hate Elvis, I hate this whole stupid place, and you know what I hate the most?"

She looked at Daphne. "I hate that I have to take care of you, and I hate having to deal with Puck. If you two would just vanish, maybe I'd be happier, but no, you can't even do that. You just follow me around, whining and complaining that people don't treat you like an adult. Wanna know why they don't? Because you're a helpless little baby when it comes to anything serious. You're having fun with all the fairytale mysteries, but that's because you don't know anything! They're not your friends, Daphne, you don't even have any! You just follow me and talk to my friends. You make me sick."

Before anyone could speak, she turned back away. "Maybe you should sleep somewhere else tonight Daphne, I don't want you around either."

Elvis made a soft whining sound, his ears drooping at Sabrina's words. Then Sabrina was gone, heading into her room in annoyance. The slam of the door echoed in the stunned-silent Grimm house.

Daphne's eyes had widened, but to her credit she didn't start sniffling until Sabrina had gone to their bedroom. Her lower lip trembled. "Granny?" she asked, her voice shaking. "Can...can I stay in your room tonight?"

Relda put her hands gently on Daphne's shoudlers. "Of course, liebling," she said softly. She looked after Sabrina sadly. She'd hoped that in time...but perhaps forcing Sabrina into this situation had only made it worse. The girl was clearly under stress and a lot of frustration. With no health outlet to vent it, it was no surprise Sabrina had started snapping at people.

But still, to say such things to Daphne, of all people? The little girl had been with Sabrina longest out of everyone in her life (awake) now.

Sabrina didn't come out of her room until it was morning and time for school. Even then she didn't bother stopping to look at anyone or talk to them, she just headed for the door with her backpack. Her expression was still very cold.

Puck was in a foul mood the next morning, too - there wasn't even a prank to wake Sabrina up. He was doing his best to just stay out of her way. Her words had given him an entirely different feeling from before—he didn't even want revenge. It wasn't a feeling he'd ever had before, at least not that he could remember… He just avoided Sabrina so he didn't have to deal with it fresh.

He only chose to go to school that day because Relda requested that he go - for Daphne's sake if nothing else. Daphne was only depressed at Sabrina's lack of a change in the morning, and she hardly ate anything before heading to school.

"Morning," Kerdy greeted when they stepped outside. He was at the edge of the yard, backpack slung carelessly over one shoulder.

Sabrina completely ignored him, walking past him in annoyance. She didn't really hate him, she just didn't think he was worth the time.

"...?" Kerdy blinked, then looked to Daphne. "Is she okay? Hey... Are you okay?" he had noticed the change in her. And even Puck seemed upset... What had he missed?

Daphne looked at Kerdy, depressed. "Sabrina's been in a really bad mood since last night," she said. Her shoulders slumped.

"Did something happen?" Kerdy asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Everyone seems upset..."

Daphne bit her lip. It was okay to tell Kerdy, right? He liked Sabrina, and he was an Everafter. Or his parents were.

"She said that she hated it here," Daphne said dismally. "And she said that she didn't want me around. And she told Puck she wanted him to d-die." She sniffled just thinking about all the things that Sabrina had said. Her usual reaction would have been to get mad and just ignore Sabrina, but it was the most hurtful and angry Sabrina had ever been… Especially with her. "She's always complained, but she's never been like that."

Kerdy frowned. He may not have known Sabrina all that long, but through talking and hanging out, he knew she really looked after Daphne. Even though he knew she didn't like Ferryport Landing much, why would she take it out on Daphne?

He pat Daphne's shoulder and looked to Puck. "Did you do some kind of prank to make her act like this?" he asked. After all, Sabrina had been very stressed about the pranks, she complained about it non-stop. It was giving her self-esteem issues at school.

Puck scowled. "What, it's my fault?" he asked, his tone defensive. "I didn't do anything more to her than usual. And I didn't do anything right before she started being a jerk, anyway."

"This is so unlike her," Kerdy said in worry. "Does she really hate it here that much?" He looked back to Daphne. He hadn't thought it was quite so serious… But what if that really was the reason?

Daphne bit her lip. "She doesn't really like it here," she said. "She wants to go back to New York. But she's never outright said that she hates it until recently… I think."

"Maybe she's just having a really bad week," Kerdy said quietly. He gave Daphne's shoulder a gentle squeeze. The little girl was such a ray of happiness and enthusiasm, she was so endearing it distressed him to see her so upset. "Don't worry about it, Daph. She'll be back to her sweet self in no time."

Puck scowled, but for once he didn't make a comment about how Sabrina wasn't sweet. He was too angry with her. Besides, it would just put Daphne in a worse mood.

Daphne looked up at Kerdy. "You think so, Kerdy?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Kerdy smiled down at Daphne… And miserably ate his words for the next few days as Sabrina's mood only got worse. She lashed out at everyone, although she only seemed annoyed with Kerdy, whereas with Daphne and Puck it was straightforward animosity and malice.

Especially when it came to Puck. Any time she saw him or he was around, she felt the need to express how much she loathed him and wished he would go away.

She had also started bullying younger kids at the school, and when she came home on the fourth day since her attitude change, she had quite a bit of lunch money.

Kerdy was extremely depressed that he couldn't seem to help.

Relda was at a loss on what to do about Sabrina, and Mr. Canis was no better off. It was becoming clear that Sabrina's attitude wasn't adjusting - whatever had upset her so much this time had done a good job of sticking around. Not even punishments or threats of suspension seemed to bother her.

Daphne had all but moved into Relda's room, and her grandmother hadn't objected to it, since Sabrina was only harsh towards her sister when she saw her.

As for Puck... even he was steering clear of Sabrina. Every time they were in the same room and she voiced her opinion, it only put him in a fouler mood, which would promptly impact the rest of the house with whatever he chose to break in order to let off his irritation.

It didn't even go unnoticed by Kerdy that Puck was having a hard time dealing with Sabrina's mood swings. The usually cocky and playful boy was moody, moping, and genuinely upset. According to Daphne, even though Puck was often cruel to Sabrina through words and pranks, there was no one more protective and reckless when it came to Sabrina being in danger.

Kerdy had realized pretty easily what was happening… At least with Puck's feelings towards Sabrina. And he was pretty sure the only ones who didn't realize it were Sabrina and Puck.

As the days trudged on, Kerdy tried keeping Daphne entertained by explaining the story of The Goblin and the Princess and how he kept getting mistaken for characters from it, but it was only a temporary fix. After two weeks of Sabrina's attitude, it had felt like a lifetime.


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