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No Matter What



The little boy scrunched his face up in concentration, both hands gripping the very real sword he trained with. At ten, he was already capable with a dagger and throwing knives. While his father encouraged he learn defensive skills first, his mother would prefer he go play like a normal boy.

They both respected his decision however, and the teacher who promised not to let him get hurt while he trained. Everyone knew the name of Sabrina Grimm, after all. She was a famous detective and a fighter for justice alongside her husband, Puck. The two of them had spent over a hundred years traveling the world and helping humans and Everafters alike. They'd only just recently settled down.

"Grr…" the boy lifted the sword with both hands, then brought it down clumsily at his target. Though the boy was usually well-mannered and sweet, he was also impatient and often broke the number one rule his teacher had put in place.

No using sharp weapons without supervision.

"Will Charming, I can't believe you're using your sword without someone watching you."

Will jumped a mile, yelping and dropping his weapon as if it burned. He whirled around to stare at the disapproving expression on his teacher's face while she hovered over him.

Her dark green wings were beating quickly, but silently, and her long blonde hair was pulled back in a braid to keep it off her face. As always, she was dressed casually in a pair of comfy jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

"M-Miss Sabrina!" Will flailed his arms. "I-I-I um…"

She landed, crossing her arms over her chest. "You what?"

"…I'm sorry," Will said, bowing his head in shame. "I should have waited for you. But you don't come by as often anymore, and I still want to learn so I can impress Miss Goldie!"

"Impress Miss Goldie, huh?" Sabrina pulled a wooden sword from the sheath on her back, tapping him on the nose with it. "Aren't you a bit young to be impressing Goldilocks?"

Will blushed, scrunching his face up. "Miss Sabrina! She said only a man who impressed her can marry her daughter!"

"Oh, this is about Sadie, is it?" Sabrina grinned. "Good. She's closer to your age. But didn't I tell you if you only wanted to learn these skills so you could impress girls, I'd stop teaching you?"

"Miss Sabrina!" Will protested. "I want to be strong and protect people, like you do! Like Mister Puck! One day, when I grow up bigger and stronger, I'll be able to fight for justice like you!"

"You make me sound like I'm Sailor Moon or something," Sabrina laughed.

"Sailor what?"

"…Nevermind. Friggin young people," Sabrina shook her head. "Well, pick up your sword then, and we can start."

Will hurried to scoop the sword up, his short black hair falling into his eyes.

"So how long have you been crushing on Goldie's daughter, anyway?" Sabrina asked, twirling her sword.

"Miss Sabrina!" Will stomped his foot. "Sadie is not just someone to crush on! She is a lady, and she has always had my heart!"

Sabrina snorted, covering her mouth with her hand. "You young people. It's adorable. Have you tried asking Sadie's father for permission to court his daughter?"

"Miss Goldie is always there when I try to ask, and they only pay attention to each other," Will said, blushing.

"Okay. Have you asked Sadie?"

Will's face became a solid red color, mouth firmly shut.

"Ah, you haven't even told Sadie you liked her yet," Sabrina said. "Well, don't worry. I won't spoil the surprise."

"Th-thank you," Will said, ducking his head.

Sabrina laughed again, then took her fighting stance. "I only have an hour, tops today. Let's get started."

"Why only an hour?" Will complained, getting into the defensive stance she'd taught him. "At this rate, I'm never gonna learn!"

"Patience, grasshopper," Sabrina joked. "Remember I have to share my attention. And Puck doesn't know I've snuck out yet."

She glanced into the distance with a knowing grin. "He'll find out soon enough."

Will stuck his tongue out a bit in concentration, then lunged while she was distracted, bringing his sword up for a critical blow.

Sabrina whirled around without any indication she'd known he had been attacking, blocking his strike with little effort. "What do I always tell you? Just because your opponent looks distracted doesn't mean they are. It's no excuse for being sloppy." On the word 'sloppy', she shoved her sword against his and knocked him back several feet.

While he stumbled, she darted forward and attacked, grinning when he just barely blocked her.

"I'm getting faster, Miss Sabrina!" Will insisted, nearly losing his footing. She still had superior strength.

"You are," Sabrina acknowledged. "But are you getting better?"

She pushed him to his limits as always, noting in her mind where he was getting stronger and what still needed work. By the time their sparring session was over, he lay on his back, arms splayed and hair tousled. He was breathing heavily while her sword rested right at his throat, pointed down at him. "Gotta respect the sword, Will," she said with a smile.

He made a face at her, then rolled onto his side to push himself up when she moved it out of the way. "I am getting better."

"You are," she said again. "But don't rush things, Will. We're hoping the world's gonna stay safe for a while longer, ya know? You don't have anything you need to fight for."

"Miss Sabrina, I always have something to fight for," Will declared. "My family and the honor of my loved ones."

"…" Sabrina turned away and hid a smile in her hand. He was so cute. "Well, yes you have things worth fighting for. But you shouldn't have to be fighting at all."

"I know," Will dug his foot into the ground. "But I want to be ready for it. We can't just rely on the grownups to save us all the time if something happens. Mister Puck said you were close to my age when you started to learn stuff like this… And I enjoy learning."

"I know, kiddo," Sabrina said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "That's why I'm teaching you."

A glimmer caught her eye suddenly, making her glance to her wrist. "Well, Puck's looking for me."

"How do you always know?" Will asked, pushing his hand through his hair and letting it fall right back into his eyes. "If you know when he's coming, why don't we go somewhere else to train so he doesn't interrupt?"

"Doesn't work like that," Sabrina said with a wry grin, looking back to him. "He knows how to find me, and it's not like I don't wanna be found. Would you hide from Sadie?"

Will shut his mouth, face red as he refused to answer again. "…"

"Thought so," Sabrina put the sword away, nodding to him to do the same. "I have a lot of jobs to do right now, Will. So be patient, okay? You don't need to rush yourself."

With a heavy sigh, he nodded. "Yes, Miss Sabrina." He picked his sword up, turning and heading back into the house to put it on the special rack he had set up for it in his room. Within moments of him going into the house, Sabrina felt a slight tug on her wrist. She turned just in time to see Puck land near her, scowling with his wrist up to show his bracelet.

"Sneaking out again, Grimm?" He asked with an irritated huff. His hair was windswept, some of it falling just over one green and playful eye.

"You still love me," she teased. "Besides, what's an hour or two without me? I'm sure he was an angel."

"THIS IS NOT AN ANGEL!" Puck grasped the bundle strapped to his chest, holding it up at her.

Big green eyes gazed through soft blonde bangs, cheeks chubby with that baby cuteness most infants had. He had a trickster's grin on his face, which he was trying to make look angelic, dimples showing. The little blue footie pajamas he wore were getting small on him, his pink wings fluttering behind him. As Puck held him toward Sabrina accusingly, he gave a big baby laugh and held his arms up. "Mama!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Puck," Sabrina replied with a snicker, taking the baby from him and tucking him into her arms. "Riley's an angel."

"Riley, why are you only good for your mom?" Puck griped playfully, reaching into the bag at his side and taking out a teddy bear and blanket. The teddy bear had wings too, because Riley had cried nonstop until they'd put wings on his favorite playmate.

Riley smiled at Puck from Sabrina's arms, snuggling his face against her chest and neck. "Daddy," he said. "Mama is pretty!"

"I'm pretty too!" Puck huffed.

"I'm prettier," Sabrina teased, sticking her tongue out and cupping the back of Riley's head. "And I was giving Will his lesson. You know that."

"Tch." Puck scowled in the direction of the house. "I still haven't forgiven Will."

"Don't be a drama queen. This isn't even the same Will, you dork," Sabrina muttered, rolling her eyes. "And he's adorable."

"He lives in the mountains when there's a city and technology right over there," Puck gestured over his shoulder. "Maybe if he had more to do, he wouldn't be obsessed with learning how to swordfight."

"There's nothing wrong with living in the mountains," Sabrina said, tenderly gazing down at Riley. "Right, Riley?"

Riley stared up at her, then grinned and nodded in agreement, even though he wasn't sure of what she'd just said.

"Miss Sabrina!" Will came running out of the house, nearly tripping. "Are you leaving now?"

She turned to him and smiled. "Yep. Puck and Riley found me, so I'm gonna go with them now."

"Hi Riley," Will said, waving to the baby. Riley waved back, poking Sabrina in the eye.

Sabrina shifted Riley to her other arm. "Be good Will, okay? I'll see you tomorrow for another lesson."

"Okay!" Will looked up in determination. "I'll make sure I'm ready!"

"Maybe I'll help," Puck offered nonchalantly. "I need to see what you've learned."

"But Mister Puck, isn't Miss Sabrina better at swords?" Will asked innocently.

Puck twitched, looking to Sabrina. "Oh really?"

She laughed, suddenly letting her wings out and jumping into the air. "See ya!"

"Get back here!" Puck scowled, taking off after her. "You're not getting out of this quite so easily!"

"C'mon Riley, let's race daddy home!" Sabrina giggled, making sure she had a secure hold on him.

"Yay mama!" Riley cheered, having no clue what was going on. He only knew he was having fun.

When Sabrina landed at their home, she took a moment to pause and look around, grinning. What had started as a secret retreat was now a large and very well furnished home that spanned several huge trees. The field nearby served for the horses they bred—all descendants of her beloved Celeste. Riley thought the 'pretty ponies' were all his, and no one seemed to think he needed to be corrected. After all, he had a way with animals. And though he couldn't understand their thoughts and intentions the way his aunt Daphne could, he seemed to know when it was okay to grab or poke them without getting stomped on.

The guest house was actually on the ground level, built from the base up by both Puck and Sabrina. They'd built it back when they had just finished with their world tour honeymoon. It had been a very fun and irritating ordeal; they'd fought over everything, but kissed over more.

"Feeling nostalgic?"

Puck's voice was right in her ear, which made her cheeks flush and her arms tighten around Riley. "Don't sneak up on me."

He wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing a kiss to her neck. When Riley stared up at him cutely, he placed a kiss on the little boy's nose. "I didn't sneak up."

"Daddy din't," Riley insisted, giggling.

Sabrina snuggled herself back in his arms with a smile. "I wasn't being nostalgic, either. I was just thinking about how happy I am."

"I'm happy too, Grimm," Puck said, nuzzling her.

"Ya know, after being married for over a century, you'd think you could stop calling me that," Sabrina griped with a little smile.

"You'd think that, wouldn't you? But I love you just as much now as I did when we got married, and I called you Grimm then too. So what's the difference?"

She melted in his arms, blushing again. "At least you're still sweet."

Puck grinned, then focused on Riley, who was playing with a lock of Sabrina's hair. It had come free from her braid. "What's up, Riley?"

Riley paused, then smiled. "I wan… a brother!"

"Whoa whoa what?" Sabrina asked, looking down at him. "Where did this come from?"

Riley smiled his best 'I'm an angel' smile, which Sabrina was sure he'd gotten from Puck. "Aunt Daphne."

"…" Sabrina groaned. "Puck, do me a favor and remind me the next time we see Daphne and Kerdy… we're killing them."

"I can't believe they really named one of their kids 'Kerdy Jr'," Puck snickered.

"I think it got sentimental for them both," Sabrina agreed, shifting Riley again. "And it only took them three kids before they got to that name anyway. I don't even want to think about how many kids they plan on having now that the first batch have grown up."

"Well, Kerdy does take after Gerda and Kai," Puck said with a small laugh, hugging her tight. "But ya know, Sabrina. If you don't want to have any more kids right now, I'm fine with that. Riley's a handful, and I'm still not sure if I like sharing you yet."


"But we could always practice," he said cheerfully.

She turned in his arms and playfully slapped him. "Pig. I'm holding your baby."

"You love it," Puck teased, rubbing his cheek. He gave her a quick kiss, then covered Riley's eyes and gave her a much better, longer kiss that made her melt.

Sabrina broke the kiss first, looking up through her lashes at him. "You're right. I do love it."

"Who wouldn't?" He gave a cocky grin, then removed his hand from Riley's eyes, letting the little boy see again.

"I misseded it," Riley sighed, looking cute. "Mama…"

Sabrina laughed, kissing Riley's head and flying up towards the tree house—rather, tree mansion. "C'mon Riley. Your daddy's being cute right now."

"I'm cute," Riley said knowingly. "I like mama best!"

"Hey!" Puck flew right after them, a teasingly hurt expression on his face. "What about me?"

"Daddy not best," Riley giggled.

"Ha," Sabrina stuck her tongue out. "Riley likes me better," she sang.

"Traitor," Puck teased his son. "Hey, why don't we teach him to do funny stuff to your sister?"

"Because as cute as he looks, he's your son, and if we teach him how to play pranks, he'll end up turning against us some day," Sabrina said simply.

"Oh. Yeah, that's true."

Sabrina landed on one of the many balconies, then held Riley up so she could look him in the eye. "Isn't that right?"

Riley nodded—he always agreed with his mother.

"I love you, Riley," Sabrina said warmly. "Why don't we go visit Grandma and Grandpa after lunch?"

"!" Riley flailed his little arms and legs, and even his wings. "Kay!"

Puck put a hand on Sabrina's shoulder, then kissed her cheek. He knew that she still missed Relda, even though it had been so long since the old woman had passed. She made sure Riley had a very close relationship with Henry and Veronica as a result. Riley had been all over the world—at least once a month, she'd take him on a short world tour to visit all of her friends and family. She cut down her visits to Jake after the still-charming-uncle had taught the boy how to hold girls' hands and tell them they were beautiful.

Sabrina didn't need her infant fairy son to be picking up chicks. All of Jake's sons had been charmers. What girl could resist?

After lunch, Sabrina got Riley cleaned up and ready to go out, tucking him into one arm and meeting Puck at the door. "Ready to go?"

He nodded. "Want me to carry Riley?"

"Nah, I got him," Sabrina said, smiling down at him. "Besides, he likes me better."

"Yeah yeah," Puck rolled his eyes. "You win this one. I get the next one."

"Dork," Sabrina laughed, looking at him with exasperation. "Riley loves us both. Right sweetie?"

Riley nodded earnestly, grabbing his stuffed bear and sticking one of the wings in his mouth to chew on.

"Aw. I know," Puck kissed Riley's head. "I'm just teasing."

"I know," Sabrina told him, grinning. "You're predictable."

They playfully bickered and teased each other for the entire trip to see her parents, not stopping even when Riley slept in a baby carrier on Puck's chest that night. He always fell asleep on the way home, and even the craziest flying (including Puck making loops and flying upside down once to prove he still could) wouldn't wake him.

He slept like a little angel while they put him in pajamas and set him in his bed, which was shaped like a crib to stop him from climbing out.

"Hey Sabrina?" Puck murmured, placing his hand over hers in the dim light while they watched Riley sleep.

"Yeah?" she asked, turning to look at him. They both had one hand on the crib railing now—their bracelets were touching.

"I'm glad we just have Riley right now. I mean, you were a pretty big handful when you were pregnant," Puck said, ducking her hand as she tried to smack his head. "But I was worried about you too. And I don't think we'd juggle kids the way your sister and Kerdy do… this is good right now."

She looked back to their son and smiled. "Yeah. This is good right now. If anything else happens, it happens, but there's no need to try and make another or avoid it either."

"Agreed," Puck said, moving to stand behind her and wrap his arms around her. "I'm glad I married you, Grimm."

"Right back at ya, Fairyboy," Sabrina said, her tone incredibly soft. "I love you."

"I love you too."

He turned her, bringing her lips to his in a sweet, intense kiss that filled them both with warmth. The passion and love would never be gone, would never fade away with time like so many other things. It would only grow stronger and more familiar.



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