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Welcome Back Potter

Chapter 16: Return of Harry Potter

"Harry Potter?" gasped almost every member of the Order of the Phoenix, except for George and Arthur, as they recognized the Boy-Who-Lived instantly.

"YOU MURDERING DEATH EATER!" shouted Ron Weasley angrily as he struggled even harder against the binds tying him to his chair as he tried to kill Harry with whatever he could, which at the moment was only a pitiful glare. "YOU …ugh …ugh …vwrolp," continued the angry red head before he all of a sudden went silent as he appeared to be choking on something in his throat before a large slimy slug forcefully came out of his throat and mouth.

"How could you Harry?" shouted an equally red faced Hermione as she struggled to get out of her chair to help her slug vomiting husband.

"Don't speak to me like you actually know me anymore …YOU KNOW NOTHING!" shouted Harry in rage as the magic levels in the room rose drastically before a loud crack of air, and he had disapparated straight out of Hogwarts.

"What happened?" "Where did he go?" "Did he just apparate in Hogwarts?"

These were just some of the questions being thrown around as the Order members realized that they still couldn't escape from their seats. Another loud crack announced Harry's arrival back amongst them reappearing in the exact same place he left from still livid and crackling with magic all around him.

"I hardly think you ever knew me well enough to write this bullshit," spat Harry as he threw a bound stack of parchment on the table for all to see. "And what an appropriate title …'the Life and Demise of the Dark Lord Harry Potter'," snarled Harry as his eyes flashed dangerously and the pages of Hermione's manuscript spontaneously burst into green flames causing several people to shriek in shock and fear.

"Harry my boy, please calm down," spoke the aggravating grandfatherly voice of Dumbledore, which only pissed off the younger wizard further.

"I am NOT yours, and don't ever call me boy again if you want to live you useless old fossil," snapped Harry as he turned his burning green eyes on the wide-eyed Headmaster who shrank back in shock and fear from the anger directed at him. "I learned how you violated my parents will after witnessing it, sealing it, and then ignoring it completely …and I will have my justice soon."

"What do you want Mr. Potter?" asked a fearful Albus as he shrank under the eyes of an angry former student.

"Like I said earlier, I have many reasons for coming tonight," started Harry sharply. "One was of course government related which we have already covered. Two, was to see the looks on your pathetic faces when you saw the man you abandoned and left to die in Azkaban, and I must say it was very much worth it. Third, was to inform you that Kingsley Shaklebolt was a spy and Death Eater, and responsible for murdering both Rubeus Hagrid and Percy Weasley, as well as the trap he set on Fred and George which caused Fred his life at the hands of Lucius Malfoy."

"WHAT?" screamed Molly Weasley hysterically along with several other Order members, most notably fellow aurors Nymphadora Tonks, Hestia Jones, Elizabeth Wrenn, and Xavier Limas.

"Wait, you said he was a Death Eater," added Tonks perceptively after her short outburst.

"That's correct, Mr. Shaklebolt is now dead, hence the past tense," continued Harry regaining some of his composure from his earlier rage.

"Are you certain he's dead?" asked Albus with a pale grave and worried face and broken voice.

"Yes, quite sure," finished Harry, "and he got off easy if you ask me."

"That's impossible, Kingsley was a good man," spoke fellow auror and Kingsley's best friend in both groups Xavier Limas.

"A good man who handed over your sister Genevieve to Lucius and Walden McNair over four years ago as a sex slave after raping her himself," responded Harry quickly and cutting off anyone else who wanted to try and defend the former member.

"No," sputtered Xavier almost lost in shock at what he heard.

"I am truly sorry for your loss, but know that all three men responsible have since paid the ultimate price for their crimes," started Harry sincerely to the distraught auror before switching back to look at Albus all business again. "My fourth reason for being here, is to give my replies to those who were kind enough to write me personally," as he handed letter to George, Arthur, and Tonks.

"I also have something for you and your mother Tonks," continued Harry as he pulled out a shrunken trunk, which he enlarged with a casual wave of his hand and set before the pink haired auror who he then freed from her binds along with Arthur and George.

"What is it?" asked Tonks in wonder staring between Harry and the trunk and not really even believing what was happening.

"It's your families share of the Black Family Vault, some jewels and jewelry, and a self updating copy of the Black Family Tapestry," spoke Harry somewhat excitedly, and enjoying the look of awe on the pink haired auror's face as she opened the trunk and examined the vast wealth it contained.

"Am I on the tapestry now?" she asked as she pulled it out and began opening to reveal the many names, dates, and lines that was the Ancient and Noble House of Black.

"Everyone's names have been restored to the tapestry, and yet still only your and my families have survived, leaving the continuation of the Black family up to us," explained Harry, "of course, I've got quite the head start on you with two children already."

"Those are your kids?" Tonks exclaimed excitedly as she read the names Sirius James and Lily Ginerva, "with who?" she continued before freezing at the name of my wife causing her face to pale and her hair to quickly cycle through the many colors of the rainbow as she started open mouthed at the name attached to Harry James Potter. "B-B-Be …h-how?"

"It's a long story for another time I'm afraid," replied Harry sincerely.

"What is it?" "Who's the mum?" "What are the kids' names?" were some of the questions shouted by various Order members, who couldn't see the tapestry from their places bound to their chairs.

"What does it say Nymphadora?" asked Dumbledore warmly, trying to figure out what has the usually happy auror so shocked and finding himself unable to perform legilimancy since Harry threw him out of his mind.

"That's family business Dumbledore," started Harry.

"Oh my!" squeaked Tonks excitedly, "the Malfoy's are all dead … that's today's date."

"Yes Tonks, both Draco and now Lucius are dead, and along with them the Malfoy Family Line," stated Harry in a matter of fact tone of voice, as the erupting noise of the Order members drowned everything out for a few moments.

"Both Malfoy's are dead …when …how?" asked Moody with an excited gleam in his beady eyes.

"Draco was killed almost four years ago when he visited me in Azkaban with Voldemort," started Harry slowly and enjoying the faces of shock around the room. "Lucius however, was only recently captured by me, tortured by my wife, and killed by a friend …all victims of his crimes."

"Who is your wife and friend, and why are they victims?" asked Xavier Limas whose eyes seemed alive with fire and hatred when the subject of Lucius Malfoy arose.

"My wife was beaten and raped several times by both Lucius and Draco, and had every right to torture and castrate the fucker, while my friend lost his brother and best friend to Lucius. I saw every memory he had, every evil atrocity he committed, every thought and action he took, he was judged fairly and completely …and in his death and the end of his family line, the victims of his crimes should feel vindicated …justice was served," spoke Harry calmly and coldly to the wide eyed auror and other Order members.

"You will also find tomorrow that there are fifteen dead Death Eaters, thirteen of whom were members of the Wizengamot at the Hell Hounds Pub in Nockturn Alley," continued Harry evenly. "They had the misfortune of having a meeting scheduled today with Lucius that I couldn't resist attending in his place."

"YOU MURDERER!" shouted Ron between the vomiting of slugs, which was still going on and would for the duration of Harry's time at Hogwarts.

"How could you?" added a yelling Hermione right after her husband.

"Thirteen? All Wizengamot members?" asked a stunned Arthur who had kept quiet until discovering that bit of information, "did they all carry the dark mark?"

"Yes they did, and were accompanied by Lucius' trusted sidekicks who died just as easily as their children did with Draco," replied Harry flatly.

"So both Crabbe's and Goyle's are dead?" asked Elizabeth Wrenn, Xavier's girlfriend and fellow auror.

"Yes, as of right now only a few teams of Death Eaters remain …Severus', the Carrows', and Sheppard's although they probably have another two dozen or so now without an Inner Circe member to lead them so about sixty to seventy in all. Voldemort still has a few giants left probably about ten, two dozen werewolves under Fenrir Greyback, a small clan of almost thirty vampires under Vladimir Resnix and Alexander Carrows, the bastard child of the incestuous Carrows' twins, and an army of over two hundred inferi and over a hundred Dementors guarding his muggle father's home and Headquarters in Little Hangleton," rattled off Harry from the numbers he had acquired from Lucius earlier. "My wife and I are hoping to eliminate these remaining forces in the coming days before I can go after Voldemort himself."

"How do you know all this?" asked a perplexed Dumbledore as he learned more in three sentences about Voldemort's forces than he had managed to discover in ten years since Snape's defection.

"For one, Voldemort made the mistake of visiting me in Azkaban to have an unmasking party of his followers hoping to break me …including Severus, the Malfoys, Kingsley, Cho Chang, Pamona Sprout, Delores Umbridge, and Charlie Weasley," answered Harry staring the entire time at the roughest looking of the Weasley boys in attendance and watching as his eyes widened in fear and panic as he renewed his struggling against the binds that held him to his chair from the moment Harry arrived at Hogwarts.

"Charlie?" asked Moody as every eye seemed to have gone to the former dragon handler, and could easily see his panic and fear and wondered if this could really be true.

"Tonks, George, and Arthur as the only three people who had the ability to leave their seats were quickly up out of them and had wands aimed at their ex-boyfriend, brother, and son respectively as they encircled him still trapped in his chair.

George wasted no time and ripped the left sleeve off Charlie's robe to find a long sleeve undershirt in his way that he quickly ripped back with his hands to reveal his brother's forearm. The surprised gasps of the three standing around him was all the confirmation most of those present needed to realize the truth of Harry's words, which were further confirmed when the trio backed away from Charlie and kept their wands directed at him with angry and betrayed looks on their faces. There for everyone in the Order to see was the ugly black dark mark tattoo on Charlie's forearm sending the Order into full-blown panic.

The bound Charlie was quickly given veritaserum, which confirmed his status as a Death Eater for the last nine plus years as well as the many crimes he committed and people he killed in the service of Voldemort. Arthur, George, Tonks, Moody, and several others were calling for his immediate death, but it was put off for now as they stunned him, stripped him of his wand and portkeys, and rebound him in magical ropes to be decided on after the intense meeting.

"So Pomona Sprout and Cho Chang are also Death Eaters asked Elizabeth Wrenn after the commotion with Charlie's unmasking came to a close and everyone tried to move on to other topics for now.

"Yes," replied Harry shortly, and was glad to see after everything else he said his word was instantly taken by ninety percent of the Order.

"Is there anything else Mr. Potter?" asked Dumbledore looking more tired than Harry had ever seen the ancient wizard.

"Actually, I have another gift to give," started Harry slowly, and despite knowing now wasn't the best time, knew he had to do this as well.

He slid a small pendent off from his neck, and kept it clutched tightly in his hand for several seconds showing the most emotion he had since arriving at Hogwarts. He gave a long sad look at the face of the pendant before giving a small smile and saying goodbye to the tiny picture on it's face, telling the first woman he ever loved one final goodbye. The gasps from several of those around him as they heard his words and a soft reply being spoken back to him in a voice most hadn't heard in years caused many to wonder what was happening and knowing it was something big.

He stood and with another wave of his hand released Molly Weasley from her confinement in her chair and walked around the table towards her and Arthur. His sad smile was enough for Molly not to flinch back in her seat as Arthur reached out and held her to him as her eyes began watering wondering what it was. When he reached them he held out his hand holding the pendant and softly set it into the waiting hand of Molly giving her and Arthur another sad smile. Molly took the necklace and looked into her hand as Harry returned to his seat, hearing the woman instantly break down into hysterical sobs.

"Don't cry mum," came the unmistakable voice of her only daughter Ginerva, causing several people to gasp in surprise and Molly to stare at the small picture with tears of sadness and happiness mixing together.

"Ginny?" she choked out softly.

"It's me mum, don't cry," again spoke the voice of her only daughter who had just passed the tenth anniversary of her death, "I'll see you all again …I promise to wait for you all."

"Oh baby …I love you so much …I m-miss you," sobbed Molly as she stared with glassy eyes at the picture of her daughter.

"I love and miss you too mum, but this isn't the end …we'll be together again," added Ginny sympathetically.

"My baby," cried out Molly loudly for several minutes as everyone gave her time to recover, before she turned her red puffy eyes to meet the intense green ones across the table, "thank you Harry."

"You're welcome Molly," responded Harry, "I have a full size portrait of her as well that I want you to have, but I'll have to bring that to you later."

"How did you make a portrait …we never had the money or anything of hers to capture the needed soul image?" asked Arthur almost frozen in shock from the moment he heard his baby girl's voice.

"I used the soul bond we created the day I asked her to be my wife," replied Harry seriously as more gasps were heard throughout the room.

"What …you could have died?" shouted a wide-eyed Minerva as she watched the emotional Weasley parents stare in awe of the miniature portrait they held.

"It was a small price to pay for Ginny," responded Harry seriously.

"But you would have had to remove some of your own soul too?" she continued in absolute disbelief at his actions.

"And I don't regret it for a second," answered Harry. "I was no longer the same person when I left Azkaban, and Ginny understood that."

"Yeah, you're a murderer!" shouted Ron Weasley angrily between spitting up slugs, somehow able to still stuff his foot in his mouth despite everything coming out of it.

"You tactless fuck," yelled George at his younger brother angrily before casting a sucker punch spell Fred invented years ago that shut the idiot up quickly.

"Next time you open your mouth better be to apologize for stealing my father's invisibility cloak and my Marauders Map, or for destroying the only photos I had of my parents …or you will find yourself hard pressed to EVER open it again," added Harry with blazing eyes as the magic in the room quickly became very heavy and oppressive as waves of power seemed to come crashing out of Harry.

"Mr. Potter, stop this nonsense at once and release us," demanded Albus angrily as he unsuccessfully tried again to gather magic in his body to break the binds he was under.

"Or you'll do what?" sneered Harry menacingly as he glared at his former Headmaster daring him to say something else. "You of all people know that there is nothing you or anyone else can do to me while in Hogwarts," continued Harry powerfully after a short pause as he stood up and reached out his left hand and closed his eyes in concentration for a moment before his hand curled around the handle of an appearing object.

Several gasps and shrieks were heard when everyone realized that the angry wizard was now wielding a beautiful but deadly jewel encrusted sword that literally hummed with magic. A sword that had resided in the Headmaster's office unable to be touched since it was used by him to kill the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets fifteen years previously. The air in the room again grew even thicker with palpable magical energy as a reddish glow began to form around the still concentrating young wizard who wielded it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a flash of red light filled the room, and when it faded, a large rectangular stone with ancient runic carvings laid at the feet of the no longer glowing but very pleased Harry Potter. The smile on his face as he looked at the sword and then the stone was somewhat disconcerting to the gathered Order members who had no clue what was happening.

"What are you doing Harry?" asked a confused yet wide-eyed and somewhat fearful Albus Dumbledore as he tried to make out the runic symbols engraved on the large stone at the wizard's feet.

"You'll see old man," sneered Harry who raised Godric's legendary sward above his head before speaking he spoke the fateful words, which would forever shape and change the Magical World.

"I Harry James Gryffindor-Black-Potter, do hereby lay claim to my birthright, my inheritance, and my dominion over Hogwarts School of Magic from this day forth," spoke Harry clearly before plunging the sward of his ancestor and school's founder deep into the runic carved stone at his feet.

Instantly a bright golden light of magic erupted out of the stone and filled every corner of the ancient castle and grounds. The very foundation, walls, and ceiling began to shake violently eliciting even more screams from the panicked Order members, teachers, ghosts, and even the Headmaster. In fact, the only person not going crazy in panic and doubt was the one who started the whole ordeal.

Harry was still holding the sword's handle firmly as the golden light continued to pour out of the runic stone in heavy pulsating waves of magical energy. Everywhere in the castle and grounds, the magic could actually be felt shifting, rearranging, and charging under the power that was feeding it from the legendary Cornerstone of the Founders, and the Heir who now controlled it.

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