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Welcome Back Potter

Chapter 9: Ministry of Magic

Harry woke up relatively late the following morning, which tends to happen when you don't get to sleep until four in the morning but was surprisingly refreshed and ready for another day. His room was empty of his wife and daughter, and Harry took his time with a long and hot shower and shave before dressing and going downstairs to the kitchen for something to eat. After eating a few sandwiches, Bella came into the kitchen carrying Lily while Sirius trailed behind her until his eyes settled on his dad.

"Daddy!" he yelled and sprinted towards Harry, jumping into his outstretched arms and giving his dad a hug.

"Hey little man. Did you have fun with your mum and sister?" asked Harry as he stared lovingly at his two-year-old son.

"Mum took us on a walk this morning …cause I too loud," replied a proud Sirius with a big smile that lit up his entire face.

"I bet that was a lot of fun," responded Harry as he sat down little Sirius and gave his wife and newborn daughter quick kisses on their foreheads.

"How did it go last night?" asked Bella as she stared caringly at her husband's glowing green eyes.

"Great," replied Harry, "even better than expected."

"What took you so long?" she asked somewhat confused.

"I found the perfect prisoner and attended an Order meeting afterwards," responded Harry with a sneaky smile on his handsome face that Bella knew meant he was up to something big.

"Who?" she demanded.

"Kingsley Shaklebolt …he's a Death Eater, Order member, and Head Auror …he's perfect," replied Harry excitedly.

"So what's your plan?" she asked now with a growing smirk.

So Harry began telling her the plan he came up with at the spur of the moment last night after the battle in front of Gringotts, and how he had already gone through Kingsley's mind preventing him from informing Voldemort of his arrival and infiltrating the Order meeting afterwards. He also talked of his plans to use polyjuice potion again and infiltrate the Ministry and eventually the Death Eaters. Bellatrix actually liked the plan a great deal, and thought if nothing else it would get Harry in the proper doors unrecognized, and then he could take care of the rest himself. She didn't doubt his power or ability, and was quite confident that he could remain undetected and work behind the scenes so to speak after training with him for much of their time spent in seclusion on Potter Island.

After he let her perform legillimency on him to witness first hand the Battle at Gringotts, Kingsley's interrogation, and the Order meeting she knew Harry would be capable of handling things himself for now even if she was desperate to help. With Kingsley's knowledge on all three sides of the war, the least of which however was Voldemort's, she knew it wouldn't be too difficult to enact the next phase of his very Slytherin worthy plan. She did complain a bit about not being able to help and watch his back through the next bit, but was satisfied that eventually she would be by his side where she felt she belonged during the fighting that was to come.

"I'll be back in time for dinner Bella," answered Harry to his questioning wife as he kissed her passionately, and left their house to take another dose of Kingsley's polyjuice before apparating to the Ministry's atrium.

"Wotcher Shack, you sleep in too?" asked a still bleary eyed pink haired Tonks lazily only moments after arriving.

"The meeting just went way too late for my liking," replied Kingsley with a shake of his head despite feeling much more awake than the metamorph looked.

"Me too," spoke Tonks with a smile, "well, I'm off to check in with Amelia, catch up to you later."

"Sure Tonks," replied Kingsley, as they both bypassed the security desk and headed to a less filled lift than the one Tonks headed towards.

Harry skipped Auror Headquarters, and went straight towards the offices of the Minister and his Undersecretary knowing he couldn't waste too much time for his plan to work. When he arrived in the circular waiting room for both offices, he met the main secretary for Fudge and Umbridge and fellow Death Eater Jason Brigen who was dealing with a few flying memos for the senior officials. Jason was about thirty two if he remembered from Kingsley's memories with sandy blonde hair and boring brown eyes, but was always very friendly towards Kingsley since he knew of all of their roles among the dark lord's followers.

"Jason, are Fudge and Umbridge in?" asked Harry in Kingsley's very distinguished deep voice.

"The Minister won't be in today, but Miss Umbridge is free, should I let her know you're here?" added Jason.

"Yes, thank you Jason I have some important news she needs to hear," replied the black Head Auror.

"Go ahead Kingsley, she's ready for you," responded the secretary after making a quick intercom type call to the Undersecretary and getting approval, before returning to his work thinking nothing of the usual visit from one of their best spies.

"It's great to see you Auror Shaklebolt, what's the big news?" came the annoyingly sweet welcome of Delores Umbridge, hoping he had some information on the foiled attack on Gringotts that she had been dealing with for most of the morning.

"Silencio …crucio," spat Harry the moment the door was closed towards the instantly wide eyed and then silently screaming Undersecretary before she even knew what was going on as he ensured the door was adequately locked and silenced again.

Harry quickly bound the toad like woman to her chair and again cast another torturing pain curse maybe enjoying her pain a little more than was strictly healthy. He hit her with a few other spells for a good bit, happily paying her back for her role in his torment while in Hogwarts and also as one of those who sentenced him to Azkaban and came with Voldemort to gloat about it seven years later. It took almost a half an hour of torture until his polyjuice potion wore off and he greatly enjoyed her wide and fearful eyes as his own glowing green ones returned.

"P-P-Potter," she gasped in absolute fear at the revelation that the Boy-Who-Lived was in fact still alive and looked utterly pissed.

"Hello Umbitch …miss me?" taunted Harry in a mockingly sweet baby voice, "imperio!"

Delores' eyes glazed over instantly as the unforgivable control curse took affect over her easily. Harry then had her call Jason and summon several members of the Ministry to her office that they all knew as supporters and followers of Voldemort before silencing her again hiding her in a darkened corner of her large office in good view of the door and subsequent action. A few minutes later, and in walked Madam's Edgecomb, Stanley, and Hopkirk who were unprepared to be knocked unconscious the second they entered the Undersecretary's office still without alerting Jason that anything was amiss. Another minute later and three aurors David Shelton, Christopher Green, and Sean McHugh arrived, again only to be immediately silenced, bound, and knocked unconscious by an unseen glowing green eyed enemy hiding in a darkened corner before they noticed anything wrong. He then had to wait for another few minutes until the final three arrived in Walden McNair, Augustus Rookwood, and Exetor Rosier, all inner circle members who had infiltrated or re-entered the ranks of the Ministry successfully several years ago under the assistance of Umbridge and Fudge.

Harry didn't mess around with the inner circle members as they entered the office and had immediately knocked out Rosier and Rookwood before McNair fired off a killing curse. Harry simply summoned the nearest unconscious auror who happened to be David Shelton to take the incoming unforgivable before he was able to counter with a crucio that hit Hagrid's murderer and dropped him instantly before being stunned. The noise however from the unclosed door after the three latest arrivals brought Jason running into the office with his wand out, only to ne meet instantly in the face with a powerful concussion hex that knocked him out as well. Harry quickly resealed the door and cast a strong silencing charm over the entire room now that he had all the important Death Eaters that worked in the Ministry all gathered together, except of course for Minister Fudge.

Harry then systematically went through every unconscious Death Eater and mind raped them of their memories and knowledge leaving them all catatonic before mercifully killing them all while leaving the now absolutely petrified Undersecretary for last. He had acquired a great deal of information on the Death Eater's activities from the inner circle members as well as the names of a few more of Voldemort's servants within the ranks of the Ministry, but knew he could deal with them at a later date. When he returned to Umbridge, she was almost unresponsive in her fear after witnessing his decimation of her fellow Death Eaters with relative ease, and was sitting frozen in a puddle of her own urine looking beyond terrified.

"Don't worry Umbitch, I haven't forgotten about you," spoke Harry cruelly and with a sick smirk on his tanned and merciless face. "But first, I want you to write a confession of every criminal activity you've orchestrated or been a part of …and it better be good because I'll know the moment you lie."

"I'll do anything, please just don't kill me," she stuttered fearfully after Harry recast an office wide silencing spell and releasing the one on her person.

"Then you better get writing," spoke Harry harshly as he waved his hand clearing everything off her desk except a large roll of parchment and a very familiar looking blood quill.

Over an hour later, Kingsley Shaklebolt emerged from the Undersecretary's office looking pristine; with no evidence of the eleven mind raped and dead Death Eaters he left in the now closed and sealed office behind him. He made sure to remove the left sleeves of every dead person so everyone could instantly see the ugly dark mark tattoos that plagued their skin, hoping when they were discovered that the story of Voldemort's hold on the Ministry was larger than the perpetrator of the crime not that it would ever be traced back to Harry anyway. He made his way casually out of the Ministry and to the location that Umbridge and Fudge had been using for the last several years to continue their disgusting affair, hoping he could erase those memories and his earliest convenience.

Shaklebolt arrived at the large seaside cottage and easily entered it undetected due to Umbridge's memories of the place, and spied Cornelius Fudge sitting lazily in the Living Room sipping on a glass of port while staring into the fire. The same man who hurried his trial and destroyed the Ministry by following Voldemort's orders to get rid of their greatest magical and political opposition those ten years ago. Harry still had pretty vivid nightmares about his time in Azkaban and mostly the unmaking and torture Voldemort tried on him when taking control of and then destroying the prison over three years previously. Fudge and Umbridge where two of the hardest for him to get over since they were supposed to be responsible for defending the Wizarding World from the likes of Tom, and instead had sold their souls for more power at everyone else's expense.

"Silencio …crucio," spat Harry angrily after thinking of all the lives the Minister ruined much like his Undersecretary, as he jumped out of the shadows and hit the unprepared man in the chest.

Fudge instantly hit the ground in silent screams of pure pain and torment as his body twitched violently. Harry soon lifted the spell and bound the soon to be former Minister to the chair he fell out of, before he slowly began to torture the man much the same way as his underling only an hour previously. After breaking all his fingers, cutting him up a bit, shattering his knee caps, and even giving him a few good punches to his fat stomach and face his polyjuice potion began to wear off, leaving a glowing green eyed wizard staring hatefully at the portly and now terrified politician.

"P-P-Potter," gasped Fudge with wide and fearful eyes as he witnessed his attacker to be the Boy-Who-Lived whom he and everyone else thought long dead glaring hatefully at him with a cruel smirk on his face that looked so different from when he last saw him both before his sentencing for life in Azkaban ten years previously as well as the unmasking of Voldemort's followers seven years later.

"I'm honored you remember me Minister," drawled Harry sarcastically and with an overly polite bow of mocking respect. "But don't worry, you won't remember me for much longer …concussio."

Harry grabbed the now unconscious and bound Minister of Magic, and side along apparated him to his statue garden on Potter Island. He then chained Fudge up in the cell next to the real Kingsley Shaklebolt and woke him up so he would witness his torture and demise first hand. He then did a full scale mind rape of the portly Minister, painfully tearing through his memories for everything he could to learn about the man he would next be impersonating before leaving the former Minister in the same condition as his cell mate Kingsley, catatonic.

Harry returned home with plenty of time until dinner and after a long hot shower took both of his kids to the Living Room to play in order to hive Bella some time to herself to get ready for dinner. After a long and messy dinner with his family, the Potters returned to the Living Room to read stories of great witches, wizards, goblins, and dragons to a drowsy Sirius who was already half asleep in his dad's lap while Bella cuddled next to them with Lily quietly nursing in her arms. Just after putting the kids down for bed and returning to the Living Room fireplace to relax and spend time with his wife, he felt a familiar buzzing on the two-way pocket mirror in his pocket and a friendly voice calling out his name.

"Harry Potter," came the unmistakable voice of Griphook when Harry fished the mirror from his pocket.

"Hi Griphook, what can I do for you?" responded Harry with a small smile on his face to the smirking goblin and friend.

"I was hoping you could come by the bank tomorrow," started Griphook easily, "We need to talk about several life spheres of a few pureblood wizards and witches which have suddenly expired that I'm sure you know nothing about," he continued with a full blown goblin smile, "and I also have some letters for you that I think you'll want to read."

"Okay Griphook," answered Harry with a shake of his head surprised the goblin leader caught on so quickly, but in no way denying his claims, "when is good for you?"

"Whenever you want Harry, just let the guards at the door know who you are and they'll let you in …the bank is still technically closed," answered the even more smiling goblin after getting no denials from the capable young wizard that had helped them so much.

"Thanks Griphook, I'll see you tomorrow then," responded Harry with a smirk of his own at his first and only goblin friend, before deactivating the mirror and settling into the couch with his beautiful and questioning wife for a long night of explanations and hopefully some quality alone time.

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