Believe it or not, the hostages have been out of communication :O So here's their reunion! It was supposed to be a party, but… whatever…

me: Party? :D

Riah: Ohhhhh yes. Parrttyyyyy. :

me: Fang may have eaten all of the brownies... sorry...

Riah: ... :c Darn. But whatever. I have soda and that makes me happy.
Rin: orz I wanted a brownie..
Jace: Psh! Womun, make us more! :C
Riah: ; v ; I burn brownies... I can't.

me: my mommy made them yesterday :)

Twila: Brownie!

Riah: I know. : Are they all gone, or aren't they? 'cause I do want. :'D

me: There's one left.

Twila: For me! Jacey! ~runs over and hugs Jace's legs~ miss! ^-^

Riah: ... :U It's miiinnneeeee. ~looks at Twila~ ... :c Fine... ~eats too many sweets as it is~
Jace: ~grins and picks her up, twirls her around happily~ Heya, Twi! I missed you too! ~smiles at her~

Twila: We read your book with the pretty pictures?

Rin: ... What book?
Jace: A gorgeous book. Yes,Twi. Let's go read that. ~smiles and carries her off~
Rin: ... _

Link: ~face lights up~ Rin!

Rin: ~blinks and looks back at him, smiles happily~ Link. ~walked over calmly and hugged~ Hey there, it's been a while.
Riah: Ever since girl scout camp with your 87 children, to be exact. :'D

Link: Ahem... yes... I've actually been gone for the past months visiting them and spending quality time with each one.

Rin: ~smiles at him~ That's good! Getting to know your children is a good parenting skill...
Saku: ~speaking of children(even if she is unbiological), glomps Link's leg and smiles~ Daddy! c:

Link: Saku! I was just about to ask where you were! ~picks up and hugs tightly~

Saku: ~hugged him back and grinned, kisses his cheek~ Yay! I missed you c: ~nuzzles him~

Link: :)
Max: I feel I should go check on Twila... ~hands Ember to Fang~
Ember: Hi! ^-^ ~giggles~

Rin: I suggest you go do that. ~facepalms a little bit~ No telling what Jace is doing.
Riah: Oh, I'm sure they're behaving. :

me: I wouldn't bet on it... Who knows what Jace could be doing?
Fang: Max, get her. Now.
Max: -_- …

I'm going...

Jace: ~went down the hall to a spare room with Twila~

Max: ~goes down and opens door, shielding eyes~ Jace? Could I um... have Twila back now?

Jace: ~surprisingly, reading her a children's picture book~ :C Max. You can open your eyes. I'm being good. ~looks at Twila~ Do you wanna go back to mom then? ~smiles at her~

Twila: No D:
Max: ~blinks in surprise~ Uhh... Well... uh... I guess it's ok... for now... But I WILL be checking in ~glares at Jace~

Jace: ~sticks tongue out at her childishly~ still the same old Max, I see. :P I'm being good today. Mariah told me I had to behave every other day, so... neh. ~shrugs before going back and reading to Twila~

Twila: Love Jace! Hate Mommy!
Max: ... Sure thing... ~walks out~

Jace: ~sniggers before continueing to read~
Rin: ~looks back at her as she returns~ Eh? What happened?

Max: Nothing... ~goes and sits in non-existent closet~

Riah: That can't be good... _
Rin: Wonder what Jace did now..
Riah: He's supposed to be behaving today. :C

Ember: Mama D: ~reaches for closet~
Fang: ~sighs and goes and hands her to Max~

Riah: ~watches~ o_o Get Max to sppiilllll :c If Jace is being naughty, I need to go and punish him.

Max: ~mumbles~ He's being fine...

Riah: ... and you're disturbed by that so greatly that it's led you to sitting in the non-existing closet?

Max: ~mumbles and holds Ember tighter~

Riah: Makes sense... ~goes to get a handful of confetti, throws it around~ Happy partying. C:

Phantom: ~drools and eats confetti~

Rin: Don't throw things that shouldn't be eaten, Mariah.
Riah: ; v ;'' ~goes to sweep up confetti; gives Phantom a cracker instead ~ Don't nom on that.

Phantom: :D ~reaches for Riah~

Riah: c: ~picked him up~ Hi there.~

Phantom: ^-^ ~drools~

Riah:... ~wiped drool off of his lip with sleeve and smiles, pats his head and puts him on couch. gives him another cracker.~ :

Phantom: ~whimpers and reaches out again~

Riah: ... o v o; ~picks him up once more and holds him~

Phantom: :) ~leans on shoulder and closes eyes~

Fang: How come none of my kids like ME?

Riah: D'aw. c: ~pets his back soothingly and looks at Fang~ Uh... dunno. o v o; because everyone else has a more likeable atmosphere?

Fang: What's THAT supposed to mean? ~glares~

Riah: ... my point exactly. n

Don't glare at people. :c It's not nice.

Fang: ~glares~

Riah: Hey, ~shrugs~ this is why children don't like you. :U

Link: My children all love me ~smiles at Saku~

Saku: c: That's because daddy is nice and lovable. 3 ~snuggled him ~

Link: :) ~grabs Rin's hand and kisses her head~ I missed you guys...

Rin: ~smiles and leans on his shoulder slightly, looking back between everyone from your closet~ We missed you here too... it's been quite dull, really. :\

Link: Well, we're here now :) Well, at least I am...

Rin: ~looks around and sighs~ They'll come around eventually.

Link: ~sets Saku down on couch and wraps arms around Rin~ I don't care about them...

(I'm getting super sappy here... I apologize if it kills your brain...)

Riah: (Psh, it's fine. c: My brain is dead and I could probably use some sweeter things. ; v ;'' I've been reading creepy pasta for the past three hours)
Rin: ~smiles and wraps her arms around his waist, kissing his cheek once before looking back up at him~ Awh.~ You should though...

Link: But right now I don't. I only care about you.

Rin: ~rests her head on his shoulder and smiles into his shirt~ That's sweet of you to say... I really missed you, ya know...

Link: :) I love you.

Rin: ~smiles again~ I love you too, Link.~

Twila: ~runs in and ruins the sappy moment~ Linky!

Link: ~reluctantly pulls away from Rin~ Yeah, Twi?

Twila: Hi! ^-^

Link: Hi, Twi... ~forces a smile~

Twila: Hi Rinny!

Rin: ~looks at her and smiles, patting her head~ Hiya, Twila. How've you been? c:

Twila: Good ^-^ Jace showed me pretty pictures!

Rin: ... ~raises an eyebrow slightly~ what kind of pretty pictures?...

Twila: There was a prince and a princess and they were-
Link: Ok, ok, that's enough...

Twila: But they were saving the kingdom from a dragon D:

Link: They... they were...?

Rin: ... and that's it?... o_o; like... nothing else?... ~seems a bit dumbfounded~

Twila: Well, then the dragon was actually good, and they had to convince the people not to hurt it.

Rin: ... ~still looks a teeny bit suspicious~ okay... if you say so, Twi... glad you enjoyed it... ~smiles a bit fakely before patting her head again~

Twila: ^-^ Bye-bye! ~runs off~

Link: ~chuckles~ It's always crazy here, huh...

Rin: ~smiles slightly~ Always has been, always will be...

Link: ~grabs her hand and walks back over to everyone else~

Rin: ~squeezes his hand and follows behind~
Riah: c: Maybe Jace really is behaving... that makes me happy.

Phantom: ~pats Riah's face and giggles~

Riah: ~closed eyes as face was patted, patted his head in return and grinned *
Saku: ~pulls on your pant leg and looks up at you~ :L Up? ~wants attention. little bugger ~

me: :D A child that likes me? ~picks up Saku and throws her up in the air so she hits the ceiling~ Whoopsie...
Link: ~Reaches out and takes her~ Yeahhhhh...

Saku: x_x ~clung to him~ DDDDDDDD: Ooowwwww...

Link: S'alright, Saku... ~gently strokes her head~ The scary lady can't hurt you...
me: D:

Saku: ; ~ ; ~continued to cling to him~
Riah: ~pats Amy's head and hands you indestructable doll~ Here. ~nods supportively~

me: D: I just wanted to hold her...

Saku: You threw me against the ceiling. DDDD:

me: I didn't mean to D:

Saku: D: You didn't mean to throw me five feet up into the air? A hug would have sufficed.

me: I just wanted to toss you up in a the air a little bit, like on TV...

I has to go D: I have showers to take and math homework to do...

Riah: c: Okay.~ Talk to you later then?~

me: Yes! :) 3

Link: ~teasingly to Rin~ Goodnight, bunny-boo. I await the sound of thy voice at dawn. ~kisses hand~

Riah: Buhbye for now 3 C:

Rin: ~grins slightly~ Oh, you flatter me so. ~kisses the top of his head and smiles down at him~ Goodnight, Linky.~
Riah: ~barfed rainbows this time ~

Link: :)
Night! 3

Anybody catch what Link said at the end? It's from chapter 4 :) I don't think Riah caught it XD

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