Me: goldfish….
Twin: ……….and frosted animal cookies.
Me: Those make a GREAT combo.....
Twin: …….cheesy AND sugary….in a good way…..
Me: That combination would be as excellent as Edward and Jasper!!
Twin: YUMMM!
Edward: *walks in* OHH SHITT! JASPER THEY'RE BACK!
Jasper: RUNNN!!!!!

A/N: OK! I know A LOT of people have done these, but mine is different. It's got a lot of humor in it after we get past the "They left me, I'm sad" parts. Just give it a shot! Yes, as usual, Victoria is at fault here.

Chapter 1: Desperation

I walked through the forest, stalking my prey, completely invisible. You see, I have the power to change my appearance. I can change my hair color, my face, my body, I can even turn completely invisible. But I don't have the ability to change into animals. So, where was I? Oh, that's right.

I flew through the trees, jumping from tree to tree, when I landed on a rather large grizzly bear. It put up a good fight, it actually threw me off at one point and into a tree, but it was still no match as I sank my sharp teeth deep into its flesh.

I never liked hunting grizzly bears. They tasted ok, but it reminded me too much of my old family.


"Early spring is Emmett's favorite bear season—they're just coming out of hibernation, so they're more irritable." He smiled at some remembered joke.

"Nothing more fun than an irritated grizzly bear," I agreed, nodding.

-End Flashback-

Pain surged through my chest as I remembered the memory, a hole being torn through me. I quickly pushed the thought way deep down in my conscience where I never look at them. I righted myself just in time for Mitchell to come through the trees into the clearing I was standing in, his hands behind his back.

"Hey Bells!! Watcha' dooooin?" he asked.
"Oh, you know, just the usual—brutally killing a bear with my razor-sharp teeth, and sucking out its blood. How about you?" I said, eyeing him suspiciously.
"Oh, you know, I was just—GET HERR!!!" He screamed, pulling a squirt gun out from behind his back. Before I could react, Bonnie and Shane popped up from the bushes, pelting me in water. I squealed and stumbled to the ground and they threw water balloons at me. I regained my stance, and disappeared. Sadly, they could still see me when they threw water on me, so I ran into the bushes. There was a huge puddle of mud behind the bush, so I came up with a great idea. I scooped up mud with my hands and threw it as hard as I could at Mitchell. It flew and hit him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground. "HAHA! No fair, Bella!!" he yelled as he threw some mud in my direction. Some of it splattered onto my shoulder. I scooped some more up, but this time it missed Mitchell and flew into Bonnie's hair. The next thing I know Bonnie and Shane joined in on the fight and we were all throwing mud at each other. When we were done we were all completely covered in mud, laughing.

This is my new family. As you can tell, I am a vampire now. How did it happen you ask?


I was walking through the forest, searching for the meadow. Our meadow. I heard a rustling in the leaves behind me. I turned, but there was nothing. I continued along, until something hit me square in the chest and I flew back into a tree. Searing pain ran through my head. I opened my eyes and looked into the face of Victoria, 2 inches from mine. "Well, hello, Sleeping Beauty," she said with a wicked grin. "You know, I was going to kill you. Just like they did to James. But, I think that after following you around and seeing your pain, you would suffer more if you lived with it for eternity." She said, with a wicked glint in her eye, just before her teeth came down on my neck, sending me into a fire. But the pain was nothing. Nothing compared to living without him.

-End Flashback-

I shivered at the memory. After I woke from my transformation, I was wandering through the forest when I found Bonnie, Mitchell, and Shane. They are vegetarian vampires, just like them. They took me in as their sister. Mitchell is truly like my brother. We look so much alike—even without me changing my appearance— that we pose as twins. We are always teasing each other and pulling pranks on each other. Mitchell has brown hair down to his ears, and is the same height as me. He has the ability to light things on fire. Anything. Without even touching it. We restrict him a lot because he could end up killing us, since sparkly vampires are flammable….(A/N: HAHA! Joke from my other story "Oops, he did it again!")

Bonnie is posing as our older, adopted sister. Bonnie is a short, cute girl, small—as small as Alice. She is very hyper, and has short, cute red curls. Bonnie has the ability to paralyze others. She can paralyze anything. It really helps us girls when we are racing the guys to the remote.

Shane is Bonnie's mate. They have been together for decades. He is posing as mine and Mitchell's older brother. Shane is a little taller than me, with black hair that swoops over one of his eyes. We are always teasing him and calling it "Emo" hair. You could call him that, he dresses in skinny jeans and band T-shirts all the time. Shane isn't built with tons of muscle like Emmett, he's more around normal. But he could definitely take Emmett in a wrestling match. Shane has the ability to become stronger off of Fear. If someone near him is in Fear, he becomes strong, depending on how much fear. He can become way stronger than Emmett, stronger than any vampire—anywhere.

When we got back to the house, Mitchell was about to set foot through the door when Bonnie yelled, "DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT SETTING ONE FOOT IN THAT HOUSE UNTIL YOU'RE CLEAN!!!" We all groaned, and then went to stand in the middle of the yard, as Bonnie grabbed the two hoses and was about to spray us off when Mitchell ran and grabbed one and put his thumb on the top, spraying me in the face with it. "MITCHELL!!!" I screamed, grabbing the other hose, and chasing after him.

After we were finished with our second water fight of the day, we walked inside. I walked up the staircase of our beautiful white mansion, a house with some parts glass walls similar to the Cullen's old place. I walked to the end of the hall to my room that was beside Mitchell's. My room had a huge glass window, and on the opposite wall sat a large, dark blue king sized Bed. Not that we needed beds……The wall the bed was against was a light blue. I had a large stereo system next to my bed, and on the end wall of the room were shelves and shelves of endless books. I walked to my closet and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a tight black tank top. Yes, through my transformation my fashion sense never changed. I did where things that looked better though, just nothing too flashy. Alice would disapprove. I sighed at that last thought. I looked in the mirror at my soggy hair and face as I fixed my hair into a wet pony tail. I may be able to change my appearance, but I just kept the original face I had right after I had changed into a vampire. My chocolate brown eyes were still there, and so was my brown hair. My face since becoming a vampire had become beautiful. I was about the same level beauty as Rosalie—not that I would ever see her again.

I heard a knock on my bathroom door and Mitchell's voice outside of my door, "Hey Bells, we're picking a new place to live, could you come out?" I opened the door and went downstairs to join them.

"Well, Bella……..we were thinking, that we could go live in…….Forks." I heard Bonnie say before I turned invisible. I was jumping up, about to run off, when Bonnie paralyzed me in mid-air, and I fell to the floor with a loud thud. My invisibility disappeared and I lay on the floor visible.

"Shane, restrain her so that I can un-paralyze her. I'm sure she has enough fear in her for you to be able to." Bonnie said. She was right. Fear and ache flooded through my body. The hole in my chest was ripping at the edges. I felt myself hyperventilating as Shane restrained me and Bonnie un-paralyzed me. How could they expect to go back there?! They knew about my past. I had told them EVERYTHING. They know every detail, even about—I won't let myself think of him. They expect me to go BACK?!

I started screaming as Shane held me to the ground, my arms behind my back. "SHANE! LET ME GO!!" I screamed, "HOW COULD YOU GUYS DO THIS TO ME?! NO!" I yelled. Eventually I quieted down and was quietly dry-sobbing.

"Bella, it's ok. We just need to go live in that town, right now it's our only option." Shane told me. I stopped struggling and quieted completely. He let me go and I stood up. Maybe this was what needed to happen? Maybe in order for me to go on I needed to face my fears. It's not like they would be there anymore………..

So we're going to return to Forks, Washington, 60 years later.

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