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The world was on fire.

All over the news, warnings flashed: global temperatures rising, unsafe to leave home, fire hazard extreme, water shortages imminent. It happened so much faster than anyone expected. To deal with the climate change, scientists developed a surgery that would allow humans to adapt to the change in temperature and for some time, things looked as if they might be all right again.

That was before the experiments started to go wrong. The people who underwent the surgeries either became horribly sick and died, or forgot their humanity and became monsters.

In a small town called Ferryport Landing, all but two of the members of the Grimm household underwent this experimental surgery. Only one of them lived. She was the youngest, and she was now the most twisted.

In the end, only a handful of people survived the climate change. There were scattered towns around the oceans on other continents, where, as the temperatures were cooler, they had less need of the treatment, so less people got hurt; and, in the Americas, a very few widespread survivors.

The ones who lived managed to survive for a year on their own, mostly not knowing of each other's existence.

That was before the mutants got hungry.