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Once Daphne was able, the three moved to New York City. Marge helped them find their feet, and they spent the next several months learning to live in the city on their own. They had a three-bedroom apartment in Marge's building, which was thankfully far enough from Cindy to avoid issues. Sabrina set up a detective's office, and they got enough cases to squeak by, though nothing nearly as interesting as they'd gotten in Ferryport Landing, and, eventually, life started to settle into normalcy.

A few new people would trickle into the city occasionally, from Canada, the rest of the states, Mexico, and once, bizarrely, from Europe. Marge helped those people get settled in, and she opened up the majority of her building as a house for people with no place to go.

And Daphne got better. It was a slow process, and she doubted she'd ever be the person she once was, but she could talk again, walk again, be a human, help Sabrina and Puck with their cases. Her skin was mostly better, too. She still had a grayish tinge, but she wasn't a walking rock anymore.

Sabrina and Puck got married as soon as they were old enough, and adopted a sullen girl named Lindsay from the orphanage where Ms. Smirt still worked. Lindsay was shocked to discover that, however nasty she acted, Sabrina and Puck were always as nice as could be expected, and Sabrina even seemed to understand her, in a quiet, no-nonsense sort of way.

Daphne never married, or even had another boyfriend, but she did eventually move into her own apartment and adopt a baby boy. She and Sabrina continued to work as detectives, though she had a few other part-time jobs.

Sabrina and Puck went on to adopt several other troubled kids, and fostered some, too. They had a boy and a girl each of their own, named Peter and Natalie, who they loved very much and took great care of.

And, all in all, they lived as happily as can be expected for a long, long time.