A/N: This story is co written by daisyduke80! Everything belongs to the people who made NaTM. Sam is the only one we own. Sam is Jedidiah Smith's son. While Julia is Octavius' daughter. This story takes place in the Museum of Natural History, the minitures area. After the second movie.

For Sam Smith, it was a regular night at the museum. People were bustling in and out. His father was working railroad, even though he had a great fear of sand now.

The only thing that ruined his night was Octavius daughter, Julia, annoying him.

Julia smiled as she slowly crept up behind the Jedidiah's son, the wimpy little Sam. Holding on tight to her doll, she waited to make sure he wasn't paying attention. One...Two...Three…


Before Sam knew it a sharp feeling swept around the boys' head. He turned around to find that darn Julia. He turned a bright red, "Grr....Julia," he hissed standing up. A full inch taller than her he looked down at his seven year old enemy.

"What I didn't do anything," Julia replied simply.

"Yes you did!" Sam yelled

"You can't prove it!" Julia yelled back.

"Pa!" Sam yelled

"What is it?" Jed asked walking over.

Sam sucked in a breath of air, "Julia hit me again!"

"Son, are you feeling okay?" Jedidiah asked.

"What? Of course! Why aren't you punishing Julia?!"

"Samuel, Julia is not hear."

"What do you mean she is not here? She is right there!" Sam yelled. As soon as Sam turned around, Julia was gone.

"She was just here!" Sam yelled.

"Son I think you should get out of the sun," Jed commented.

Sam shook his head, grabbing Jedidiah's hand and pulling him towards the direction Julia must have gone in. "Pa! She was here! Come on we can still get her if we just go after her!"

The cowboy took Sam by the shoulders, "Sam we are not going after anyone. Why can't you just get along with Julia?"

"Because she is evil."

"No she is not."

"You're just saying that because Octavius is her father."

"No, I'm saying that because you're over exaggerating,"

"Jedidiah, the boy is not over exaggerating."

Sam and Jedidiah turned around to find a serious looking Octavius who held Julia by her wrist. Julia looked sadly at the ground.

"What you mean?" Jed asked.

"Found my daughter running off towards the Empire when I heard Sam talking then it came together." Octavius pulled Julia towards Sam and Jed, "Julia, apologize this very second."

Julia looked away angrily, "No!"

"Julia, so help me if you don't--."

"Fine....sorry Mister Smith."

"Thank you," Sam stated

Julia got out of her father's grasp and ran away.

"I'm sorry that happened," Octavius told Jed.

"It's okay they're kids," Jed smiled.

Octavius smiled, then started coughing.

"Are you oaky?" Jedidiah asked.

"Yes..." Octavius replied. "Just a tickle in my throat, probably from yelling at Julia."

"You sure that sounded really bad," Jed stated.

"Yeah I'm sure," Octavius assured. "I'll see you later,"

Jed watched as Octavius went off after Julia. Sure he was concerned for his friend, but Octavius told him he was fine. Jed went back to his work.