Julia ran as fast as her little legs would take her. Since the museum had opened at night she needed to be more careful of the giants above her. Soon she heard Octavius calling after her, she ran even faster.

She knew he couldn't keep up right now. He seemed to be getting slower, and slower as the days went by. Which was unusual, he could usually catch her in a mere few measly seconds,

Octavius heaved, as he tried to chase after his daughter. "Julia! Julia. Slow down! Blasted headstrong girl."

Julia just kept running, she was not going to give up easily. Octavius though soon collapsed to his knees gasping for breath.

'What is wrong with me?'

Octavius slowly got up. He needed to get to Julia before she got herself into more trouble.

He walked back to the empire and saw Julia sitting on the fountain edge. He went and sat next to her.

Still out of breath he could only get out a few words, "Don't...run..."

Julia looked up at Octavius, and her brow furred, he looked awful, 'I guess, I'll give him a break,' she thought.

"Why are you acting so cruel to Sam?" Octavius asked. "I swear I can't turn my back for two seconds without you bothering him."

"Because he is a boy. If I annoy him, he won't give me his cooties," Julia stated.

Octavius laughed, he was not expecting that. "Darling he won't give you cooties," Octavius laughed again causing him to cough once more.

"Yes he will--. Hey why are you coughing so much?"

Octavius kept coughing, and then did Julia notice how really bad her father looked. Dark circles around his eyes, pale, and a sweat trickled down his face. "Father, what is wrong," Julia asked panicked.

"N-Nothing," Octavius replied hoarsely.

"Why don't you just go on and play with your friends and we'll talk later," Octavius watched his daughter ran off.

"Sara? You never told me what happens after you get cooties. What happens to you?" Julia asked, after talking to her father she had been thinking about cooties all day.

"You have a baby," Sara answered.

The group of Roman girls and Julia looked in amazement.

"Really?" they all asked.

"Yeah my mom and dad kissed, got cooties, and they had my baby brother," Sara replied.

Just then Sara's mother came running. "Julia your father is sick!"

Julia stared at her in horror. "What is wrong with him? Has anyone told Jed?"


Julia took off running; Jed needed to know about this.


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